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Azusa & Tsubaki Oshino


0 · 245 views · located in Katsudo, Japan.

a character in “The Animal Inside”, as played by Ville.Sunfall


We are one, even if we are different. Our differences complete each other.

Full Name:
Azusa & Tsubaki Oshino γ€€γ€€γ€€



Sexual Orientation:

Animal Spirit:
Azusa - Raven


Hair Color:
Tsubaki Snow White
Azusa Raven Black
Eye Color:
Violet γ€€γ€€γ€€
6 Feet Tallγ€€γ€€γ€€
146 - ish
Tsubaki Both ears priced
Tsubaki Covers his left eye with his bangs
Azusa Covers his right eye with his bangs
Sometimes it switches for them both.

{Quiet, Wise, Observant, Calm} {Outgoing, Positive, Strong, Talkative}
Azusa Quiet yes, but when he talks it's only when spoken to or if he has something he wants to say. When it comes to any situation, you could expect him to be the calm one out of a bunch of screaming or panicked people. Keeping his cool is what he does. With what having a Spirit Raven being his transform, it allows him to be way more accurate and observant from things around him. This also helps with his wittiness, he is able to read people easy by being observant and quiet. Being the book worm like his is. he loves knowledge, if he could he would spend forever learning new things or studying old things. This is how he is able to know about what he is and how he was able to control himself at such a young age.
Tsubaki This guy can hod a conversation without thinking much about what to talk about next. If he holds interest in someone he would stick to them until he found what he needed to find out. He's pretty outgoing to, always into sports and those around him, his easy going attitude is what helps him get so many friends. Always positive, thinking on the brighter side of life and hardly ever does he put himself down. There's no point. His strength comes from all the exercising he does and eating with what his high metastability. All in all he is hardly like his brother at all
The both see no wrong in being nothing alike, in fact the enjoy it. Nothing sweeter than being told apart. As much as they deeply love each other, to be different from one and another is the only way to be connected.

Sports, Makes Jewelry, Reads manga/watches anime
Reading, Collects shinny things, Observing γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€
Pushing his glasses up, Dressing in top shape, Staring at others(It's a bird thing)
Playing with his jewelry, Dressing flashy, Smiling too much γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€
Likes/Loves:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
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Dislikes/Hates:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
Strengths: (What are they good at- at least four)

Weaknesses: (what are they bad at- as many or more than strengths)

(The more detailed and the lengthier, the better; at least two detailed paragraphs, including how they felt when they received the letter.)
Even though Azu and Tsu are twins, they had to grow up in a very strange life. Azu had completely different teachings than Tsu. Unlike Tsu, Azu was born into the life of the Spirit Animal.

Face Claim:

So begins...

Azusa & Tsubaki Oshino's Story


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"Azu! Wake up! Let's go to the water park. It's our first day here, we should start if off with a blast." Tsu shouted as he barged into his twin brothers room with a huge grin on his face and an excited look about him.

Azu rolled to his side a bit, squinting his eyes so he could see Tsu's dorky look. Tsu knew how much Azu liked the water, that was one of the main reasons why he wanted to go so badly. Smiling back at him he shifted in his bed rising up. "Alright, but if I turn, that's your fault. You know how much I love the water."

"Score!" Tsu left the room and started to gather his things, leaving Azu to do the same.

Heading down stairs, Tsu put his bag near the door way and slid his way down the halls towards the kitchen where his mom was cooking breakfast "Did you get the juice for Azu?"

"Oh gosh! I forgot! I'll do it later today when I pick up dinner. I knew I was forgetting something." His mom sulked as she put the cooked food onto plates and in bowls. Placing them at the table she yelled for Azu.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll hold out." Tsu scoffed down everything that was placed in front of him. If he could get away with it, he'd eat everything. His metabolism was crazy high, which was why he always did some kind of sport.

"No need to yell, Tsu already woke me up." Azu fixed glasses as he sat down next to Tsu, eating his own share quietly. He wasn't much for words, which was probably why people thought of his has cold or rude. It wasn't that, he just didn't have anything much to say. Tsu was the one who spoke for them both. It was enough for Azu.

Their morning went by smoothly and like always Tsu was smiling and acting like the fool he was. Talking on and on about the two making friends and starting new in this odd town. Unlike Tsu, Azu knew things, most would say he is smarter than his years. It might have been true, but it's just that Azu saw nearly everything and had amazing hearing, he was also book smart because he took the time to study and learn things. Being what he was, he had to learn everything and anything he could. And if he was to find anyone else like he, he would want to help them, to keep them safe from the harsh world that might lock them up and treat them like a science project.

"We're here." Tsu nudged Azu in the arm softly. "We should change after we get inside."

Azu nodded as the made their way inside. It was amazing looking, the only thing Azu didn't like was all the people that were there. Yet out of all these people only a small group of people had caught his eye right away. To him, the stuck out. Even though they were a bit plain, something about them stuck out. He could help but stare. Grabbing onto the sleeve of Tsu's jacket he jerked on it a bit.

"Something about those kids bother me a bit." He looked away so he wouldn't stare too long and started to walk inside the water park.

"We should try making friends with them then." Tsu chased after Azu with an even bigger smile than before.