Andrea Wilks

A kind woman who will talk once in a while. Though she is easily frightened

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a character in “The Auroran Blight”, as played by Deathslayer!!


Andrea wears her hiar in an Angel style parting at the left side dyed platinum blonde. Having a worn out look on her skin makes her look 32 even though she is only 19. Andrea likes to wear knee-length strapless rayon dresses. That are dyed bright blue with an orange floral pattern. She sports platform heels even though she constantly twist her ankle in them. She also wears a gold pehndant that was her mother's and has stayed in the family from before the great war. She does carry an orange clutch purse around with her mostly for decoration really. Andrea wears her makeup in the hollywood glamor style. This means she wears red lipstick, with mascara, blue eyeshadow, and a light blush to make her skin look lighter.


Andrea is a quiet woman. She looks the comfort of silence because it was always her best friend growing up. When she does talk she is kind and outgoing but she cannot take a joke very well. She has a good temper and does not yell at people. Though she is very persuasive and talkative when the time comes around for her to be.


Andrea keeps .44 scoped magnum pistol strapped to her upper thigh in a makeshift holster. She also carries an old throwover bag which she uses to carry needed supplies when traveling out into the ruins.


Andrea was tormented as a child. Her mother died giving birth to her and her dad didn't love her. Day and night for years she would be struck and beaten and even once shot by her own father. Every night she cried herself to sleep. He'd beat her claiming she was the worst child in the world. She survived on the leftover scraps from Frank's food and filthy water from an old sink that was never cleaned. She saw opputunity when she was eight years old though. Frank went outside to smoke in the snowstorm of the nuclear winter. Andrea quickly went into her makeshift room and wrapped herself in warm clothes and then she snuck out her window. She tried to be quiet going through the ally way and then all sudden Frank yelled at her "Where are you going?!?" She bolted for her life. She knew he was going to beat her. Most likely kill her for this. Andrea was a fast child but hunger and thrist were slowing her down. Frank was catching up to her at every block she passed. Then it happened. Andrea tripped over her favorite ankle-lengthed skirt. She tumbled down a subway station's stairs and was near death but she held on. Then as she lied there with her eyes closed barely breathing she heard the on thing that she thought she would never hear from her father. Regret. Frank was devastated that his little girl the last precious thing in the world to him was gone. Andrea heard him cry that day and then he left to go live out his life in shame and remorse. Then it all went black for Andrea. When she awoke she screamed at the top of her lungs. Standing over the bed she was in was a woman. Though this woman was unlike any other she had ever seen. This woman's skin had fallen off most of her body her hair looked singed and burned. This woman named Karen would know take care of Andrea. For years they spent solitude with each other underground in the subway station's maintenance rooms. Then in 2006 Karen passed away. Andrea was sad to see her go but was grateful for the time they had together because Karen truly felt like a mother to her. Andrea packed up her things into a suitcase and set foot outside the subway. The snow had stopped and water was filling the low streets of Manhattan. Andrea know lives her life in fear and happiness for the major shifts within her childhood.

So begins...

Andrea Wilks's Story