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"There may be plenty of fish in the sea, But I'm a mermaid"

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a character in “The Barricade”, as played by BloodRedKat



"There are plenty fish in the sea, but I'm a mermaid."

[ Alone | Sleeping With Sirens ]

Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #B40B1A || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #2DB133


ImageN I C K N A M E
Some call her Jenn and others will call her Nora, it just depends on the person's preference. However she does not mind which you call her.



Mermaid: When in the water she develops a fish tail and gills on her neck, Jennora can survive underwater like a fish. However when she goes on land it takes two hours for her scales to fall off and reveal her legs. When she wants a tail again in only takes fifteen minutes to grow back her scales and tail.

Helper: Father allowed Jennora to be what he calls a "Helper", because of her race she can do everything there is to do in the city, so she goes around and helps everyone do their job. When the Savagers need her, she is usually asked to go down to the bottom of the waters to look for odd things. When the Collectors need her, she travels through plants that are growing in the waters and cuts them from their root. When the Defenders need her, she scouts ahead, unseen by mutated animals. She reports back to tell the defenders what they need. When the Hunters need her she is usually telling them where fish are and how many are there. Or sometimes she will hunt from underwater and bring them the catch.

Ariel || The Little Mermaid


Potential Interest: Although this is wrong on so many levels, Jennora is head over heals attracted to the Father. Every time she see's him her knees get weak and butterflies arase in her stomach. She can flirt with anyone but this guy and it kills her. She will never admit to him that she likes him.

    Art || When given the chance, Jennora is very good at drawing, and painting. She first discovered paint when she was on a mission with the Savangers, who were sent to a close by abandoned town, she found a room full of art supplies. She was told by the father that she could keep all of it. So whenever she gets the chance she is drawing, coloring and painting pictures.
    Throwing Spears || Daggers are a piece of cake, but throwing spears, that's much harder. You have to time it perfectly, and throw it with all your might.
    Lost Things ||Jennora is very talented at finding something that is lost, even if someone doesn't know it's lost or if it was just misplaced.

    The water || The water gives Jennora many different strengths when she is in it. She moves faster, she can think easier, she can do just about anything, besides throwing a spear underwater, she has yet to master that.
    Stealth || Jennora can be on land or in water and you still wouldn't notice she is there unless she wanted you too. She can be stealthy whenever she is trying to get juice on someone.
    Unlimited ||Jennora does not limit herself to anything, she is unlimited, she can do whatever she pleases, of course she cannot go out and kill someone and get away with it, but she has been to the other side of the wall. Nobody has seen her do so, but she goes back and forth as she pleases.

    Ψ Land || She cannot do everything as good as normal can in the water. Land is her only limit. It is her biggest weaknesses.
    Ψ Secrets || Jennora has many secrets, and it kills her to know so much. But she still manages to keep her mouth shut.
    Ψ Company ||Jennora never knows if being around people is a good thing, but it seems like every time she is not around others, the loneliness seems to take over.


ImageP E R S O N A L I T Y

|| SecretiveFriendlyJokerQuietIndifferent ||

†Secretive† One could say that Jennora is a Fortune Teller, that she just knows everything. But truth be told, Jennora is very secretive, she makes it a responsibility to know everything about everyone, she doesn't have to be friends with them, but she still manages to find out everything about everyone.

†Friendly† Jennora is very friendly, even to the people she doesn't like, however when she is trying to be mean, it still comes out as Friendly. So she really couldn't be mean to anyone even if she tried.

†Joker† Pranks here, jokes there. This one never learns, there is always some prank being pulled or a joke being made about something or someone.

†Quiet† Jennora doesn't really talk as much as the average person should. She finds talking to be annoying, and prefers to be around people but for less conversation to be made.

†Indifferent†It takes a lot to impress this fish, she strongly believes that she has seen it all, and if you can't impress her then your not worth her time.



Jennora was found as a small child under water, she was going to be someone's lunch until they realized she could develop legs above water. So that person gave her away to a family that just lost their child when giving birth. Jennora grew up with her semi human family for a good ten years before they both became very ill and she had to move into the orphanage. She was never taken by anyone because they did not want a 13 year old girl. So she spend the rest of her life there until she was 18 and moved into her own place.


✵Octavia✵ Jennora is best friends with Octavia, she loves to tell this girl that her father is attractive, and just smirks at every remark that comes from this woman's mouth.

✵Minori✵Jennora knows Minori's darkest secret, one that could possibly get Minori in a huge amount of trouble, therefore she will freguenty black mail Minori, but in all relately she loves toying with Minori. Jennora would call Minori a friend that she loves to pick on.

✵Reyna✵There's something about Reyna that Jennora doesn't like, so whenever she is not around Octavia, Jennora is not too friendly with Reyna. However when she is around Octavia she will act sweet and kind to this girl.

✵Father✵Jennora tries to stay away from him, because of her attraction towards him. She would never tell him that she's head over heels for him, and feels nervous being in the same room as him. Jennora will stalk him every now and then but won't ever have a conversation with him.

✵Rico✵This girl is just scary, Jennora tries really hard not to piss her off. Although on other terms she really does like Rico, she's so impressive and you never really know what your going to be doing when your with this woman.

✵Kou✵Kou follows Octavia around alot of the time, and as annoying as she gets at times, Jennora still thinks she's okay for a child.


So begins...

Jennora's Story

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This day was far from average. It had begun with a crash and bang, the cause was an earthquake that rocked the tiny apartment and caused glass to shatter and things to fall out of place. Earthquakes were not unusual in their tiny city, they occurred about one time a month and were usually nothing more then a tremble in the ground so the fact that things actually fell was unusual. Octavia was already gone for work, her bed made neatly as always. Reyna crawled out from under her covers, avoiding the smashed photo of the two girls and Father and going to get the broom. It was her favorite picture of them all that she kept by her bedside. It was rare that Reyna got to see Father these days although Octavia seemed to be summoned by him almost every week. Reyna was jealous of course, but she understood that Father was a very busy man and taking time out of his schedule was most likely not an option.

After sweeping up the shattered glass and finding a new place to hang the picture, Reyna prepared herself a breakfast of scrambled eggs over the little fire in the kitchen. They had an oven and stove, but electricity was scarce and so lighting a fire to cook was the easiest option. Most electricity was used to keep the food in the fridge from spoiling, but everyone used theirs differently. Every house had power shares for each month; if you didn't use all of it your shares would carry into the next month, giving you more. If you used more then your allotted shares then you would have less the next month. Food was distributed evenly and depended on the size of your family and water was something that everyone had and there was no need to preserve. In fact, there was an overabundance of water and using it was encouraged.

Next on the list was preparing her lunch, a sandwich and bottle of juice was what she normally packed but today there was no bread. Reyna made a mental note to pick some up and grabbed a container, then put her leftover breakfast in it and stuffed the container into her bag. Finally she got dressed, pulling off the big shirt she wore as pajamas and putting on a pair of drab olive shorts with a hole for her tail and a white shirt. She laced up her boots and ran out the door, prepared to scavenge near the wall today.

There was even more excitement when Reyna got to work. The fox was minding her own business, doing what she did best when hear ears twitched, picking up the sound of paws on tile. Slowly Reyna turned to see a beast and began to walk backwards inside of the abandoned building, trying to stay silent. Crunch! Reyna looked down to see the bones of a human hand underneath her boot. The beast turned, its hideous maw pointed in her direction. A guttural cry erupted from the animal and it charged, gnashing its huge teeth. The pink haired female hesitated for only a second before drawing out the knife she kept strapped to her thigh. Such a small weapon would make little difference against one of these wolvaines but it would buy her time. She leaped out of the way of the wolvaines attack and ran forward, jabbing it in the eye and dragging her knife down. The beast howled in pain and snapped its mouth open and shut, turning in circles in an attempt to reach her. The wolvain shook its head with the intensity of a hurricane, but Reyna held on. Suddenly the beast seemed to smarten up and ran against the wall, smashing the girl between itself and the concrete. He snapped at her, biting her leg between its huge jaw and trying to crush the bone. Reyna screamed in pain and clawed at the beast, prying its mouth open with her fingers. Its teeth were like razors and cuts formed on her flesh as she pulled herself out and limped to the staircase.

The wolvain was on top of her once more, but this time Reyna was prepared. She jumped up, stepping onto its head and climbing the great beast's back. It jerked, not expecting her to sit on top of it and attempted to shake her off once more. Reyna grabbed her knife out of the beast's eye and tried to stab it through the head. The steel blade bounced off once, twice, three times before she struck a soft spot and the wolvain buckled, sending Reyna flying once more across the ground and straight into a hole. Dirt clouded the air and filled her lungs, causing a coughing fit that made the female curl up onto her side. Reyna had always had a weak heart; Octavia had insisted for her to become something safe like a healer or collector, but Reyna had insisted on becoming a scavenger. No time to pity herself or listen to Octavia's imaginary I told you so's. She had to find a way out of this hole.

The sun had set well below the horizon, the only light Reyna had was coming from the moon. If she could reach one of the vines crawling across the building walls she could pull herself out, but it seems that even the trees were smart enough to grow around the hole with nothing but dead soil. Claw marks were scratched into the dirt, blood was caked beneath her fingernails from trying to climb up or dig her way out. Things were beginning to seem hopeless when an idea struck her. Reyna took off her bag and pulled out a few articles of clothing she had found upstairs then tied them together, making a lasso type loop and swinging it upwards towards a vine with a hooked end. She missed the first time, and the fifth time, until finally she got it and pulled the cloth taught. With aching legs she began her ascent, her work painstakingly slow until finally she neared the top. Tear! Her smile of triumph quickly turned to an expression of horror as her makeshift rope broke and she clawed and scrapped up the last few inches as the clothing fell below her. Reyna pushed upwards, grabbing onto a branch as the rest gave way. A laugh of hysteria and relief rose from her throat, but she wasn't safe yet. Nighttime was the most dangerous part of the day, it was when the beasts were most active.

The fox was outside now, with nothing to show for today's work but a bite mark that went down the entirety of her left leg. Father was not going to be pleased. She had reached the edges of the city when her body could go no further and Reyna collapsed, weak from blood loss and tired from escaping the hole.