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The Bliss of Petrichor

The Bliss of Petrichor


Private roleplay. Feel free to look inside!

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Ignorance is a product of a living being's lack of bravery to accept the truth. People are willing to accept anything so long as it does not disturb their precious peace. While there are a number of things in this world that people may desire, peace is the pinnacle of all hopes and dreams. It is considered an unattainable force, an intangible hope that has long ago been deemed impossible to grasp onto; and yet, it is still desired. It is still sought out and wished for. People will fight for peace. They will shed the blood of their closest loved ones for peace. They will go to war and set the world aflame for the peace they so desire and call it an act of tragic heroism. It is the ultimate hypocrisy.

However, one land managed to obtain this supposedly impossible peace.The continent of Oracle achieved a utopian state of being. The people were satisfied, there was plenty of food. While natural arguments arose, there were no wars, no separations, no major turmoil to take into account. Everything was well within the world. Or so it would seem.

Peace cannot be obtained without consequence. The entire continent was ruled over by a royal family known only as the Guardian Angels. These angelic royals, human in appearance with large, awe-inspiring wings were considered nearly god-like, although, in reality, they were no different than any other living creatures. The Guardian Angels kept the peace instilled within the continent as well as the ignorance in the minds of those they watched over. How can those who have obtained such an amazing, impossible thing be considered bad people? Well, the Guardian Angels kept a dark secret about their ways for keeping peace, a secret passed on through generations, never to be spoken outside of their castle walls. A secret that very well caused the tilt in their precious utopia, flipping the field against them and all the living beings they watched over for so long.


There is a place known only to the Guardian Angels. It is hidden away underground, protected on the property owned by the royal family. The place, referred to in hushed voices at the break of dawn as the Holy Lands, contains a dark magic never before seen by the current generation of people who are blind to the situation they have been born into. In order to keep the peace in their precious land, and the power that they have over the people, the Guardian Angels have been silently feeding this dark power the souls of its own people.

While important, souls are not necessary for a body to continue living. As long as there is a mind to think of basic functions and a heart to pump the blood, the living being can continue to thrive. They can continue to live a life. But the soul--the soul is what makes a person whole. The soul contains the uniqueness of a living being. It's what makes them, them. A soul is what keeps the planet thriving, what inspires the birds to sing in the early mornings, the key item that gives people hope when all seems lost. A soul is free will. And without it, living beings are just empty thoughts, creatures moving about life without a purpose of their own. This is what the Guardian Angels were feeding the being of dark magic.

Is a utopian society worth the lack of free will? Is it worth being a slave to the life handed to you? Is it worth having your dreams and desires floating so close to you, just at the edge of your fingertips, only to float away in a passing thought as you continue to do the same exact thing you've already done every day for your entire life? Some may think so. However, some would be furious to know that all this time, those dreams were actually real, true desires, made intangible only by a single family whose only intentions were keeping power and maintaining an easy peace.


One day, the darkness rose from the depths of the Holy Lands in which it had previously been contained, no longer satisfied by the simple souls being fed to it by mere, selfish mortals. The being, Laufeia, became overwhelmed with rage, enough so to break the chains that had previously kept her locked away in the Holy Lands. She took over all the lands of Oracle, sending it into darkness and despair. However, upon raising from her prison, Laufeia released every soul given to her over the generations. Those who were still alive to have them were given their souls back and the people, although frightened, lost, and confused, had their eyes opened to their situation.

The reason for the sudden outburst came from a single member of the Guardian Angels. Every time a new heir is born, that child, in their coming of age is brought up to the malevolent spirit and considered. There has never been a time when that child has been denied. However, this one denied himself and refused to be apart of this trickery, saying that there should be another way for all the people to live in peace without this kind of thing happening. Laufeia felt disturbed by the Prince's denial and rose up to fight against the promise given to her that she would be destroyed and that the people would be able to live their own lives.

Souls have been returned to all the living beings across the large continent of Oracle, but just because free will has been returned, doesn't mean that there are people willing to stand against the darkness and bring the light. Furthermore, those in the royal family have been taken over, merely empty vessels consumed by the darkness given to them by the Laufeia. There are guards blocking the castle and the more dangerous members have been sent out to do Laufeia's bidding. Nobody seems willing to stand up and fight for the free will they've finally been given. Perhaps...all hope is lost.


Inscribed on the underground walls of the Holy Lands was a prophecy, hidden far away from where Laufeia's dark spirit once lied. It told of these events and it promised that all hope was not lost, not if there were still living creatures willing to stand up and fight for their free will. However, heroism does not come easy. There are steps that must first be taken before ever attempting to defeat Laufeia and her dark reign on the lands. That is for our heroes to figure out on their own.


Character creation. Keep in mind that this is a fantasy world. Character creation is definitely open to creativity! If you would like to make a mermaid who comes out on land, dries out, grows a pair of legs, and walks around, or a fairy who turns into sparkles every time they get hit with something, go for it. I'm fine with basically anything as long as it isn't something ridiculously overpowered. While this is a fantasy world, humans are just as welcome as anything else, as well as rules on magic and the like. If you're unsure of anything, just ask me about it and I'll be happy to help.

Setting. As mentioned, the universe this takes place in is fantasy-esque. There are an abundant amount of forests, villages, small towns, rivers and lakes, and etc. There are lots of places to explore. The continent of Oracle may appear small on a map, but it's very large in actuality. Because it is fantasy, there are no guns and limited technology. Magic is allowed, as well as weapons like swords and bows and arrows, but definitely no laser-shooting weaponry, cell phones, or similar etcetera.

Etc. The Guardian Angels, as well as every other person who resided in the castle, have all been turned into lifeless vessels whose sole purpose is to protect Laufeia. The Guardian Angels are very dangerous and are scouring the lands far and wide working as Laufeia's eyes and ears to make sure that everyone is lawfully obeying her commands and not starting up any sort of revolution. There is also a warrant to bring in the Prince who vowed to end her reign and anyone seen with him, protecting him, or working with him is just as dead as he is. The Guardian Angels, as well as the guards and whoever else put under the dark spirit's control, will be NPCs not strictly under GM control. So if you want to use them, go right ahead.


Ruled by the Sanctum family, also known as the Guardian Angels. These people are angelic in nature, human in appearance with large, stunning wings. All the members of the immediate royal family have the same, pure white wings, while anyone else of the same race living in the castle (all other angels are permitted to live in the castle) have wings of all different sizes and colors. The kingdom, located in the center of Oracle, is the largest in the entire land, the castle standing as a tall, magnificent structure over the rest of the town. Those who live there once felt warm, safe, and close to those they've always considered their religious icons, but now they're the ones closest to danger. Many have fled or gone into hiding out of fear.


Ruled by the Tierney family. This kingdom is full of people who are generally known to be very kind to each other. It's simple in its existence, blindly and happily following the orders of its rulers. It resides beside the sea, but nobody has ever been brave enough to venture out very far in any direction. It's lush in greenery and there are many places to explore. While it appears to be a fairly safe and natural place, there are many dangerous areas surrounding it. Most people don't risk leaving the area at the risk of coming across something dangerous. Because of this, they are generally more cut-off from the rest of the land. It's hard to leave and hard to arrive.

    Forest of the Spirits. A strange forest that lies behind the Kingdom of Fidelis. Many believe that the souls who were unable to pass on went to haunt the forest. The spirits have been known to possess others. There are no edible items in the forest at all. The trees are too large to see the tops of. Any water is white, but not clear, and as thick as molasses, making it easy to drown. It's considered dangerous at all times.

    Shrine of Spirits. Located in the center of the Forest of Spirits is this Shrine. It appears a little out of place and many might consider it just an illusion at first, but it's most definitely there. Inside of the Shrine, the spirits are quelled and calm, gravitating towards a scythe in the back, as if the weapon was the item being prayed to. It does not glow, but those who touch it hear the screams of their ancestors inside of their head, the images of their spirits passing before their eyes until they faint. Those who enter the Shrine are overcome with the feeling of peace and serenity. However, only those pure of heart may enter. Beings made up of, consumed by, or even tainted by darkness cannot step foot inside.


Ruled by the Mubarak family. The people here have always been considered the strong types. The Guardian Angels have always favored them for their loyalty and strengths. They are located around the mountains, spanning from the base of some and going up the narrow length of many. The atmosphere is thinner around the castle and the air has a constant chill about it. They are very rich in many ways. When the darkness came over their land, they started to take it upon themselves to protect the lands and have tried infiltrating the castle, but all that's done is weaken them entirely.

    Castle Cavern. In a mountain hidden behind the mountain that the castle is built into, there is a large, perilous cavern somewhere near the base. Upon further inspection, deep inside the cave, there lies a small castle that appears to have been abandoned long, long ago. It's impossible to tell why it was built there, but rumor has it that inside, there is a book of oracles that hold the power needed to fulfill some strange prophecy.

    Dragon's Den. Almost as if to prove the theory correct, inside the castle in the cavern there is a large, stone dragon. If it's approached, the stone will fade and it will come to life, ready to attack anyone who nears it. It appears to be protecting the book contained in a room beyond its cavern, but the room is an old, large, dusty library. Figuring out which book the dragon is protecting may prove to be hard.


Ruled by the Chimal family. This Kingdom is tucked away into a heavily forested area. While the entire land of Oracle is known to be flourishing with its plant-life, the most notable forests are the ones located in this area. The people here are very nature-oriented and very content with their simple, peaceful lives. They have been known to be both very kind to outsiders, and also very defensive of their homeland. Those who live here also seem to be more in-tune with mystical, other-worldly things, magics, and nature itself. After the land fell into dark magic, they became less friendly to outsiders and much more defensive, refusing entrance to anyone and everyone, attacking anyone who appears dangerous, and making sure nobody leaves.

    Hidden Pathway. This mysterious path lies just beyond the Kingdom of Divinus, even deeper into the forest. It's so well-hidden that it's nearly impossible to find unless someone knows what they're looking for. Where does it lead? Well...

    Harmony Village. Hidden away for decades, this small village has learned to thrive in peace and pleasantries. They have always been very careful about who is allowed in or out of their village out of fear of anyone discovering them and bringing them harm. The village is practically only known through rumor, and that rumor is usually only heard of through the people of Divinus, although they may have been heard of elsewhere. Some believe they're hiding because they're keeping a secret.

    Sacred Sword. Kept in Harmony Village, this sword gives off a very vague glow. It's obvious that there's something mystical about it, but whatever it might be exactly is unknown. While the sword is removeable, the village elder has ordered that nobody touch it under any circumstances. The last person who did turned to stone. Nobody since has dared give it a try.


Ruled by the Berthold family. While the kingdom is large in size, the buildings are spread out far and wide from each other. Most people fend for themselves. Most of the food and nourishment is obtained from this land and distributed throughout the continent of Oracle. The people have always been moderately anti-social and very focused on their work. Those who aren't born into lives of laboring over crops are able to become scholars. The kingdom is split between brains and brawn, but both work well together. Or, they did before the darkness came over the land. Ever since, everyone has decided to be paranoid of their neighbors. Walking on this territory made be dangerous if there are any traps set out. They have decided to stop giving food to the other lands.

    Heaven's Gates. This is an area near the castle protected by tall, looming gates. Only those with special permission are granted access. Those who have gone through the gates and up the tall, stone steps have told stories of seeing strange things and hearing whispers in their ears when there was nobody there. While it's supposed to be a place of peace, it's actually become a place of paranoia. The latter has only become worse with the recent events.

    Guardian Statue. This statue is considered irreplaceable by many of those living in Purgatus. It's not exactly a religious icon, but if anyone who lives in Purgatus is asked about it, they would say that the Statue protects them from harm. There is a waterfall behind it. Those who visit the statue are granted permission to do so by a member of the Royal family who must accompany them until they leave. They usually go in hopes of granting their family luck, wealth, and happiness.

    Sacred Wand. Perhaps the reason the Statue is so carefully watched over by the Royal family is because, behind the Statue, behind the waterfall, there is a small, open den. A wand lies in the center, glowing ever so slightly. This is a secret known only to the Royal family, but those those who have tried to remove the wand have been known to fall ill. Their skin becomes ashy and dry over time and, within twenty-four hours of touching the wand, the person dries out completely and dies a terrible death. The Statue only reveals a path to the den to very specific people.


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[center][font=Vijaya][size=200][i]"Put a quote from your character here about anything in general."[/i][/size][/font][/center]

Your character's name here again, first and last.

Including who uses the nickname and how they got it. Might as well add if they like it or not.

Please put the role you've chosen here.

Anywhere between fourteen to twenty.

I'm sure you know how to fill this out. If you'd like to be creative, feel free.

[font=Vijaya][size=150][color=hexcodehere][u]Romantic Interest(s):[/u][/color][/size][/font]
Your character can have more than one. Might want to mention past flames, if they’re important.

Include whether or not he/she has come out, or who (if anyone) knows. Again, you may stray off the typical spectrum if you wish.

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You should know this.

Again, you should know this.

Is it specially styled, etc. Maybe it used to be a certain way until something happened? No hair-dye, please. Although, with anime, pinks and blues are natural. Hella.

Does he/she wear contacts? Glasses? Maybe they're blind?

Just a general overview of their looks. Include any notable markings, like scars, burns, etc. How do they appear to themselves? How do they appear to others? At least one paragraph.

[font=Vijaya][size=150][color=hexcodehere][u]Preferred Clothing:[/u][/color][/size][/font]
Maybe they prefer something, but usually wear something else? What can they most commonly be seen wearing?

[center][font=Vijaya][size=200][i]"Put a quote from your character here about their personality, likes, dislikes, or anything of that general area."[/i][/size][/font][/center]

Be creative! At least three paragraphs!

Optional. Just things like weird ticks or habits.

At least five.

At least five.

At least three. They don’t have to be big. Some description as to why, please.

[center][font=Vijaya][size=200][i]"Put a quote from your character here about their skills and/or abilities."[/i][/size][/font][/center]

Does he/she have a knack for numbers? Fast runner? Stuff like that. I’m limiting it to three.

Is he/she bad at working with others? Can’t fight to save his/her life? At least three.

Optional. Only fill this out if your character knows any magic aside from the ones they are naturally born with because of their race. Basically, learned magic.

This is where you put the things that your character can do naturally as part of their race. State and describe them. Does your character have the strength of a thousand normal human men? Are their senses above the norm? You are allowed to have up to three.

Optional. Also, if they do have one (or more), mention where they keep the weapon when they aren't using it.

[font=Vijaya][size=150][color=hexcodehere][u]Fighting Style:[/u][/color][/size][/font]
Just give us an idea on how your character generally fights, if they do at all. If they don't, or aren't very good at it, say what they would do in a confrontation.

[center][font=Vijaya][size=200][i]"Put a quote from your character here about their family, history, or race/culture."[/i][/size][/font][/center]

As mentioned in the intro, anything is allowed. Humans are fine, as well as humanoid creatures with bird beaks, wings, and talons. You can make up your own race, and if you use one already in existence, feel free to make up your own rules about them. Give a brief description of their culture and etc.

Mom, Dad, siblings, and the like, or anyone they consider family works too. Maybe there is a loving grandmother, or maybe he/she is an orphan. Include if they're alive or deceased--if they're deceased, add why.

Just what you think might come up/be important. At least three paragraphs.

Optional. Whatever else you think should be included goes here.

Feel free to edit the character sheet to your liking as long as you have all the information required.


The Prince
[taken by H3R0]

The Knowledgeable
[taken by freakofnature]
The Fighter
[taken by Apocalyptic_Tea]

The Traitor
[taken by Monochrome]


1) No god-modding/power-playing.

2) Absolutely NO one-liners. This is a semi-literate to a literate roleplay. I require at least 500 words per post. I understand having bad days, though, so it’s acceptable to have less on occasion, but not every time. On the otherhand, please don't take a thousand words to describe an irrelevant tree your character happened to pass. Quality over quantity!

3) Please try to reply every day or every other day. If you're going to be gone for a bit, let me know in the OOC so we can try to slow down the RP for you so you don't get too lost and drop out. If you ever need help catching up, send me a PM and I'll be glad to help! If you're gone for five days without warning, I'll kill off your character.

4) I want literacy. Don’t type “lyk dis.”

5) I will judge your literacy by your character sheet. If it's set up sloppily, illiterate, and hard to read, I will reject your character. If it looks like there was an attempt made, I will ask you to tweak a few things, but we're really asking for literacy and someone willing to stay with us! Please and thank you~! (▰˘◡˘▰)

6) This is a mature RP. That means there will be cursing and likely mentions of blood, death, and dying. That said, romance is encouraged, but keep it PG-15—any more and take it to the PMs. (Immature mentions are also allowed! Duh!! But keep things within the site rules!)

7) Please try to keep things organized. I really dislike confusion and I'm sure others do as well. I have the right to kick you from the RP and you need to oblige to these rules. Otherwise, if you do follow these rules, we'll always be good here. ^^ If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or ask in the OOC!

8) You MUST reserve the character in the OOC section. Do NOT just make it and submit it. Please and thank you. Multiple reservations are allowed. If more than one person reserves a position, then I will allow both people to submit a character and choose the winner. Please don't be a sore loser. ;n; I hate making the decision in the first place, but I hate having people mad at me over it when they knew what they were getting into.

9) By asking to be a part of this roleplay, you are stating that you’re willing to stay and see it through to the end. Do not join and drop out somewhere along the way (unless your character is killed--which will not be a sudden thing and will be discussed with you, with the exception of rule number 3). If you join, you stay. Otherwise, please don’t bother as it will only hinder the rest of us. Why make the effort for something you’re not going to be part of?

10) Now have fun~ •ᴥ•

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