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Solana Stormcaller

"Mother Nature please guide me."

0 · 70 views · located in Ur'ldon

a character in “The Chosen Few: The Broken Order {Reboot}”, as played by Teddybearhunter



Name:Solana Stormcaller
Rank: Recruit
Birthdate/Age: 902, 4E / 25
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance:Solana is five feet and ten inches tall(5’10). She weighs roughly one hundred and forty pounds (140lbs). Solana is tall and slender, most make the mistake of thinking she is weak because of her body type. However, Solana is strong she has the strength to climb mountains and swim across raging rivers. Solana has lightly tanned skin and long dirty blond hair. She has long black tribal tattoos down her arms and on her back is a large tattoo of a Tree that connects with the tattoos on her arms.

Her eyes are light green and she often wears face paint when she goes out. Her long hair is often braided up into one long braid. Her usual clothing is fur or leather. Her clothing is all made by her and comes from nature.

Personality:”Mother nature has so much to say. If you just open your eyes and ears she will speak to you.” Solana believes that there must be balance in life and she hates war because it adds more death to the world and leaves very little peace. She believes in living off the land and can find everything she needs from nature. If she has to kill an animal for food she uses every piece of the animal and makes sure its death is not in vain.

Solana is a kind soul and has trouble hurting others, but when it comes to protecting nature and the balance of the world she will do what is necessary. Solana has a somewhat primitive outlook on life. She believes in being blunt and honest, she sees that life is short and it should be spent experiencing happiness. If Solana likes a person for whatever reason, she will let them know and won’t hide her feelings. It is the same for if she dislikes a person, she won’t sugarcoat her words and will let them know the truth.


Druidic Language- Solana has an understanding of the ancient language of the druids. The language is most often used to leave secret messages for other druids to find.

Close range combat- Solana is skilled at fighting in close range. She has the skill to hold her own against almost any combatant.

Marksmanship- She is a decent archer; however it is not her preferred way to fight.

Wild Shape- As a druid Solana has a deep connection with nature. She is capable of using the magic of wild shaping; this allows her to change her form into that of an animal.

Nature’s knowledge - She is capable of using herbs to help heal wounds and sickness. She has an extensive knowledge of the plants that can be found in the forests she know what can be used to heal and what can be used to kill.

Nature attunement- Solana is connected to nature. It allows her to listen to the wind and the trees. It gives her connections to the beasts the roam the lands. Animals have a basic understanding of what Solana is saying to them and are more likely to act kindly toward her.

Nature magic/ Ritual casting- Solana is capable of using simple elemental magic freely. However, to use powerful magic she has to perform a ritual. The ritual is dependent on the spell, but all rituals require time and focus. Most of the ritual spells Solana knows revolve around summoning storms.

Weapon(s): Quarterstaff, Shortbow

History: Solana was born into a poor family of farmers. Her parents already had four other children and couldn’t afford to take care of a fifth. Her father decided it would be best if she didn’t have to live a life of starvation and sadness so he left her out in the middle of the woods. Her cries of hunger and sadness attracted predators. However, they also attracted an elf druid named Mytheris. He picked her up and from that moment on he was attached to the child.

Mytheris raised Solana as his own; he taught her everything he knew about being a druid. Her true training began when she was eight. He left her in the middle of the woods and told her she had to put her faith in nature to find her way back home. Solana had learned to listen to nature and hear what the trees were saying. She let Mother Nature be her guide and followed the flow of the wind. When she arrived home Mytheris knew she was ready to become a druid.

At 14 she was allowed to learn how to use the magic of wild shape. She spent months stalking eagles, wolves, and mountain lions. She learned everything about them and what made each of them special. It took time but eventually she was able to take the shape of the animals and walk among them as an equal.
When she was 16 she learned how to cast her first ritual spell. She performed a dance as her ritual and from her dance a storm was summoned. Rain poured down to the ground and lightning cracked across the sky. It was from this ritual that Solana got her name “Stormcaller”.

Solana eventually left her adoptive father. She decided it was time for her to leave the nest and find her own place in the world. She now travels as a nomad looking for a calling.

So begins...

Solana Stormcaller's Story