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Violette Antoinette Williamson

"We'll since I do not believe in quotes I think a blah blah is appropriate for here."

0 · 293 views · located in California

a character in “The Cliques Located In High School”, as played by youloveme?




Violet finds all quotes to be quiet cheesy and the only good ones she finds are from books and they need to have the past story along with them so no quote to say.

General Information

Violette "Violet" Antoinette Williamson


Male or female of course


Sexual Orientation
Sapiosexual but yes she does still think guys can be hot


- Coffee Shops even though she despises coffee
- History and English class
- Poems
- All the shades of green she had a fascination with them
- 80's and 90's music
- Cursive print
- Straw, sun, and floppy hats
- Really anything vintage, vintage clothes, vintage vehicles, vintage movies even Roman Holiday even though it is about the most girly ass, stupid plot ever she didn't mind it.
- Reading. She loves books that really change your perspective on life, which is kind of strange.

- Sad endings
- Coffee, even though she likes coffee shops
- Any physical activity
- Cheerleaders and Jocks even though she's never said to out loud
- Cancer, she missed her brother
- Rap music

Oblivion- She doesn't actually fear forgetting herself or others and she does not fear that people will forget her.She fears that we will in thousands of years people will forget what mattered now and that maybe our thoughts the things that make us happy (by us she means all human beings) will be forgotten. Even if she know that someday this fear will come true she still feels it.

She fears that when she dies part if other people will die too. That they will never be able to love again. Even though this fear could be mistaken as vain or conceited it's not. She has seen other people die with the loved one that has died. She's not saying that someone loves her that much she just fears it. Not that fear is kept a secret.

She always fears ending the book she is reading. After she finishes a really good book it changes her thinking which she enjoys but she hates the empty feeling she gets after finishing some books. It makes her want to cry she hates crying. Such a small fear.

She likes to relate things in high school to historic events. Like her cliques relating to the Civil War theory located in the personality part.

Sometimes, actually more like all the time she starting thinking her her mind like a winter and will talk in third person in her mind about what she is doing and thinking. It's the only way she can think.

Most preps give off the impression that they disregard everyone that is not from an affluent family. Violet is incredibly different. She despises the fact the she originated from wealth. She acknowledges the fact that it does not bring happiness which most preps have grown to believe that happiness can truly be bought. Violette may be the same if she had not witnessed firsthand that money cannot save a person or a family. Violette does still hang around with the preps. Where else is she to go? No free spirt or wallflower group would ever except her they would be prejudice against her just like the preps would be towards them. The ideals cliques made sense to Violet, she understood how they where like the North and the South in the midst of the civil war. Brother could be turning on brother during that war over the fight to free the African-Americans. It in smaller portion was like that in High school. One brother could be amongst the jocks while the other could be a wallflower. They would despise each other during the school day and go back to brothers after school while still having a flagrant, fervent, impassioned dislike for each other due to the cliques at school. They would fake peace with each other just to convince there parents that this dislike for each other was nonexistent. Preps where a tad bit different from every other clique. They of course where popular, only for there money of course. What set the preps apart is that they where all assorted people. Everyone divers in the preps, some could be intelligent, some could be athletic, some could be snotty, yet we all mutually got along due to one thing, money.

That was high school cliques through Violette's eyes.

But on to more inmortant things. She is kinda obsessed with metaphors. So obsessed in fact that when she dies she has no doubt that whomever is speaking at her funeral will say, "Damn that girl was so obsessed with metaphors." She hoped they would at least, it would have to become her dying wish. She already knew that after death wherever she goes, she would attend her funeral, she would sit in the back row listening to all the bullshit people pulled out of there ass for what they had to say about her. But that is if should could attend her funeral. After her brother died she thought a lot about death, where she would. At first he was so gone she truly believe him, his personality, his life was just rotting away in some goddamned hoe, in some god damned grave that he actual,y picked out for himself. She thought religion was just something made up to make you feel better about your loves ones passing and you dying. Then as his scent went away and as quit being able to picture him perfectly she realized she also wanted to know that somehow he was still alive, somewhere, maybe not even alive but she didn't want him rotting int the grave, but she didn't quiet know what to believe, that was fine at least she believe there is something.

She is also a thoughtful girl, very aloof. She has this little world in her mind that is her own and it just goes wild. She her mind is constantly moving thinking all theses theories on life death and everything inbetween. She does seem like she had a slightly mysteriousness about her, mostly because he mind is a mysterious place to most people. If you ask her what she's thinking she'll tell you but no one ever really bothers, so neither does she. Her latest thought is on the gait of people. People always, well at least people she know say that your posture when standing help determine who you are. Doesn't that go hand on hand with your way of walking? And if so, Violet sways her hips while walking. Des that in fact make her a bitch if you where to judge her bother cover which most, of not everyone does? Of is someone walks with a limp, does it mean that we feel bad for him or her because of the possibility that they lost it during the war to to an illness? So we give that person whom we do not know out sympathies because of our assumptions? That just confuses the hell put of her.

Though from what you have already read you would thinks eh sounds likes fairly good person, but also possibly easy to fight with. But truth is Violet has a very meager attention span unless it involves a book. She is constantly jumping g form one subject to another. She if you talk to he type can defiantly ensue having many different conversations. But if she wants to have a long and thoughtful conversation then god help you, you better shut up and listen. If you don't you will get a myriad of insults for not listening to her.

My Life




From a young age Violette had a vivid imagination. She had created this ethereal world in her mind. It was truly heavenly.
Her life was truly ethereal, oh wait that is a different girl. Violet did not have the perfect upbringing. She did originate from an affluent family. They came from old wealth, from past politicians on her mothers side, and successful businessmen on her fathers side. She grew up in the high society. Living in upper east New York, Manhattan. She was obliged to have proper etiquette. Manners where expected to come from her mouth. She was always told to dress in classy and fancy attire.

Pressure was put in her to be perfect. More pressure was put on her brother, he was the eldest of Violet and him and was expected to be a role model to Violet and put on a show when guest where in there presence of a perfect child.

No there is no breaking point for her brother in Violets story. Well no suicide breaking point. They just continued there life with the monotonic behavior of being perfect in front of there parents.
With not in the sight of there parents Violet and her brother Jonathan whom also went by John but Violet preferred Jonathan just as he preferred Violette, they would hang out and laugh till they cried. John was Violets best just as she was to him. When going to a school John was two years older, but always ate lunch with Violet and Skylar whom was Violets best friend and seemed to have a thing with John, though it was never revealed.
They lived in there two faces, happy, sad life making it though just fine.

Then tragedy struck like a lighting bolt. Sticking the perfect t faced life of Violet.

She does not remember exactly how they found it, she just remember the treatments.

When Violet was 13 which made her brother 15, cancer was found in Jonathan's lungs. Violet felt and still fells like the doctors could have done more, should have done more. She feels like they just gave up, she remembered vividly the conversation she was aloud to sit in on for some odd reason where the doctors told John that they really couldn't do more. John argued that they could try something new and the doctors said it could be risky, John wanted to anyways. Then there dad stepped in saying enough pain has been cause Jonathan will live out his last days in the serenity of his own home. Violet felt like everyone had give up on him, the doctors, her parents, even Skylar quit visiting him very much.

Then one morning in August, she remembered it was humid, it was so goddamned humid. She remembered John falling unconscious. She remember no ambulance was called, he just died, just like that, the greatest most thoughtful, funniest person she had ever met just died.

At first it felt like some sort of daze, like soon she was snap back into reality and John would be there breathing. She felt like that for a while. She never even saw John dead, at his funeral it was a closed casket. Somehow she felt like they all did to trick her. Then after a month she stepped out of the daze into the real world. She finally realized that John wasn't coming home he was dead. After that she tried to be normal again, she tried to go back to school eat lunch with now depressed Skylar. Nothing ever felt right like something big was missing. Jonathan. So Violet locked herself in her room, started online schooling and lost 20 from her already petite figure.

Her mother saw Violet's problem, but when she tried to bring it up to her father he shrugged it off. Since Johns death he had an alcohol problem. Her mother lightly dissuade him to stop but didn't really try that hard. Well until now. I guess something clicks din Lily whom is Violets mothers mothers head that said, "Hey this guy is a complete utter dick and I really should just leave him," so she did, just like that. She packed up all of hers and Violet's things and they just left. With a note taped to the refrigerated saying, 'Sober up then find us.'

They left for California. They of course didn't leave broke,they had money lots of it, Lily came from riches since birth. So Violet and Lily started a first class perfect life.

Of course it wasn't for Violet. John was in New York. His boxy buries 6 feet deep just rotting there. His spirt was there too. His scent was there,his room was there he was there. Once they got there he started to slip from Violets mind. She still remembered that he always smelt like freshly mowed grass but in a different way which she forgot how it smelt. Then she couldn't picture bs hand anymore, or hear his laugh, and she had no clue what he would say in certain citations. It was like he was ceasing to ever exist. Which made Violet feel like her world was ceases to exist. Even if he tired so hard to keep in alive he just wasn't. He needed him back.

After awhile she took up the habit of smoking. A very bad habit, but somehow it made everything okay. She still to this day she still smokes.

So when Violet started her new school she seemed to kind of rule it. She was popular. The Violet that sat in the corner of the lunch room with her brother and Skylar ceased to exist with John. She had turned into vapid bitch, who had this monotone rude yet boring personality.

One day something happened, and no not some bullshit ghost thing where John reappeared. She just had this feeling of warmth, and just thought of him. She still had no clue what he would say about her or if he had nice fingernails or not, she just remembered him as whole. She remembered that he hated people like she had become, though he never said anything or really ever actually hated them because he was too busy being him.
I guess Violet changed then, not dramatically but slowly, little bay steps at time.

Now she is still popular, no one would even doubt that, but she is thoughtful and caringish. Well she's working on it.

It turned out the lung cancer disease that her brother had was a trait. It ran in the family. Both of Violette great grandpa and grandma on her mothers side died of it and her grandmother on her mothers side died of it. The trait just seemed to skip over her mother. It just happened to fall on her brother. The trait could also be located in Violet, but amidst her stubbornness she refuse to get tested. I think her exactly words where, "If I do happen to have. Lung cancer trait I really don't want to do anything about it right now, if I'm going to due from launcher cancer I will die. God will me when he believes Im ready." Those are just Violets angsty teenage thoughts speaking. She is intent on not getting checked for the trait.


Theme Song
Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
"All I can taste is this moment."
"Sooner or later it's over I just don't want to miss you tonight."
"And I don't want the world to see me cause I don't they that they'd understand, when everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am."
"When everything feels like the movies yea you bleed just to know your alive."

Superman (It's not easy)- Five for Fighting
"I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find the better part of me."
"It may sound absurd but don't be naive even heroes have the right to bleed."
"I wish that I could cry fall upon my knees."
(Mainly its just her favorite song)

Anything I missed?

Wallflowers Shall Unite


So begins...

Violette Antoinette Williamson's Story


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"We live in a world full of wonderful, magnificent things, some bigger than the whole world, universe combined because they evolved over a myriad number of years. The world is also full of hatred, hatred that can only be made from a myriad number if years. So I you took a jar and put bright yellow sand at the bottom and dull gray at the top and leave it there, long enough for you to forget its meaning then you look at let's say 100 years from now, which sand do you stare at? Which on catches your eye? Or would you look at the median? Well April would have stared at the median, where the sands meet and they become entwined, specks of both sands together as unity. Then she would glance away because she was not the type of person to ponder on the past, she lived in the present, she has no future, she lived her little forever. I'll never forget her."
Violet closed her book then sneaked a look at the clock hanging from her wall, she had an old fashioned one she didn't own an alarm clock. It was 3 am and she had spent the whole night finishing that book. "Ohh," said Violet realizing she would be a zombie the next day. She set the book called "What The Emptiness IsTelling Me " by some author she had never come across before.
The book was about a girl, Lara, and she has a best friend April. April went missing when they where 15. Lara searched for her, police searched for her, it seemed as though everyone was searching for the one person, April. Well eventually like every unresolved missing case, they police quiet searching, like somehow April was unimportant which was thought by Lara. So for 10 years Lara refuses to give up on April, she continues to spread her days searching, never really growing up or falling in love because she's so focused on what has happened. Then one day they find April, 10 goddamned y ears later, dead. It's then that Lara realizes that she'll never forget April but she has to let go.

Then Violet fell asleep. She dreamt of she was in the middle of the desert smoking a cigarette then for some reason she just drops it aflame and all. The desert begins to road up into flames. All around her flames flicker and she just talks a seat un the hot sand as the flames eat her up.

Violet jolted up the the sound of her mother knocking on the door, Violets voice mumbled, "Im awake, possibly." Then she fell back into bed.

After awhile she finally arose. She striped out of her clothes then rinsed herself in the shower. Violets thoughts roared to life most because, what else was she to do? Showering honestly took no effort. Then she remembered something a teacher said in just her young years, maybe second grade. He said: "You think best while laying in bed or taking bath." She didn't remember why, but it had now just stricken Violet that maybe he was a perv.
Violet finished her shower and clothed herself in some jeggings which are just very tight skinny jeans because they where made out of legging material but resembled jeans. 'Like me,". Violet thought. Then she slipped into a baby blue blouse with a Peter Pan collar. "Hmm.." she hummed. Then she slipped on a golden bracelet that was twin golden chains twisted around each other. Then also plopped a pair of diamond stud earrings into her ears.

Next was make up and hair, she thought that it was unfair and sexist that girls where expected to have to spend forever on there hair and make up to be consists red pretty by others while guys didn't. So she just attempted with the result of failing to detangle her messy mess some may refer to as hair. So taking an elastic form her messy bathroom counter she swooped her hair in the pony tailing in one swift moment. Then instead of spending 3 hours on make up she just pinched her cheeks and smiled a goofy smile. "Eh who cares?" She asked her mirror as if it would answer.

Before leaving her room she packed up her a enrage durable school. Ad with the essentials, her Biology book which she cared nothing about, her Trig book, some paintings from her art class, and then a stack of books.
She placed each book in her bag, which she would book the books in her Locke once she got to school. The books?
- The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
- The Catcher in the Rye by Jerome David Salinger
- It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
- The Blood Of The Lamb by Peter De Vries
- Every Day by David Levithan
- Infinite Jest by David Foster(Which has over 1000 pages)

Then she zips up her backpack which let me tell you it wasn't even kinda easy. Then Violet quickly looks at herself in the mirror even though its so covered in clippings of pictures from Vogue magazine because they have cool pictures in there, she couldn't even see her face.

Then Violet grabbed her bag and raced down stairs. Her mom was reading this medical school book since she was going back to college to become the type of persons handles ex rays. "How's the book?" Asked Violet. "Interminable." Said her mom with a sigh. "I just really want to be done with schooling."
"Well that's nice too bad schooling is inevitable," replied Violet. Her mother stared off into space but nodded anyways.

"So thought of the day?" questioned Violet. Ever since they moved to Califorina her mother started doing a though of the day. Just any thought.
"'Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.' Said who?" questioned her mother?
Violet rolled her eyed remembering Remember Me the movie, the movie that her mother was in love with. "Gandhi."
"Means?" Her mother shot out another question.
" My first thought is that it means that even if the insignificantness of what we do might want to hold us because well it won't matter if 5 minutes to a hundred years we must do it it anyways because if it everyone does it won't it make it significant?" Her mother just nodded so Violet continued, "But if you want me to wane it down a bit so that it is more of a smaller effect then I also think that it means that on life we all have a role and yes they will Be insignificant on the grand scene of things but that does not mean that we neglect our duties as humans because we feel it will now matter." Violet had drained herself of every idea on the topic and was now sick of talking about it. She had to quickly add though, "That would all be true but I don't believe in quotes." Her mother rolled her eyes then referred to Violet as intelligent. "You don't say!" Violet commented on the intelligent comment. Even before she could roll her eyes at her she ran out the door bag in tow. She ran to her Jeep Wrangler Sahara from 1980. 33 years old her car car was. It was a bit of a boy car, well at least in the cheerleaders option, but honestly Violet loved it. The top was on today though, do the the fact that she didn't want to freeze her ass off.
The thing about Violet is wherever in her personal space whether it be her locker, her room, and even her car are covered in books. She had books piled in the back seat and in the shotgun seat she has about 10 books piled there all of them she had read except '13 Reasons Why' by Jay Asher (I'm not sure if that is the right author I just said his name my memory)' Violet picked it up whole driving and set it on her lap, telling herself that she would read it.

Finally she arrived at school, it was actually really early, 7:30 early but the school doors where open. Once inside Violet made her way to the library where she sat down to start her book.


Jakes house was three doors down from the only coffee shop in this little town. S every morning people trying to get coffee before work go past his white picket fence house, with a small little rose garden in the front of his house grown by his sister Natasha.
Inside was a sleeping young male boy named Jacob. He was sprawled across his bed limbs lying is all different directions. He awoke by his iPhone blaring some random loud ass song that he didn't know, mostly because his shut is alarm off before he could listen to any of it. Ten he looked at the time seven forty five which is fifteen minutes before school would start, but he strolls in late most days so it does not really matter.
Jake rolled around onto his back, groaned and stared up at the ceiling. He stared at the ceiling util his fell into a semi sleep for the next five minutes, though it felt like five seconds.

After a fight with himself about doing what's right and getting up or doing what he wants to do and sleep, plus a few knocks on his door from his mother Jake reluctantly got up and stumbled into the bathroom. He looked at his messy locks of hair and then just ran his hand through it. After that he just brushed his teeth. Jake then preceded to head back to his room.
Jakes locker pretty much consisted of just plain tee shirts and faded jeans. That was exactly what he wore today too, a navy blue short sleeved tee and a pair of faded jeans. He's style was nothing special, he really doesn't give a damn.
It took about 3 minutes total for him to get ready then he grabbed his faded moss green JansPort backpack that he had since he was in the sixth grade, and headed down stairs.

His sister Natasha was waiting for him to take her to school in his car. But first he got a piece of toast and put a fair amount of butter on it. He slowly began to it, which made his sister give him a pissed look. For which he held his hands up in serenader.
He quickly kissed his mother on the check and mumbled, "Bye," in her ear and walked out the door behind Natasha.

Jake entered his Ford truck that was made in the sixties and had more rust then is normal. The truck was a fire truck red. He slid into the drivers seat and Natasha slid into the passenger seat. The first thing she did when she enters the car was blare this pop bull shit that was probably sung by some candy colored hair girl who was as dumb as rock. He just rolled his eyes as she sang along. Which for the rest of ride Jake could have been happy beating his head against the window.

After a while they finally pulled into the parking lot of the high school. Natasha waved and jumped out of the car without really saying anything to him. "Bye to you too," mumbles Jake as he also got out of the car and started walking towards the school.

His locker was only about 3 down from the entrance of the school which really was quiet convenient. His locker was also a crimson red color, nothing really that appealing to look at. But once you opened his locker, you would see a big jumbo of things, nothing in ral order because Jake really has no means of organization.
He quickly grabbed just about every book in his locker and stuffed it into her bag which he was one strapping. He also navigated several pens and pencils from his locker and just dropped them loosely into the big pocket of his bags with his books.
After getting his bag ready he proceed to close his locker and just lean up against it will looking at his phone but not texting. It was in cool guy in a movie pose, which he did realize was lame so he got up and stood up straight.


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Violette sat at one of the round tables in the library, she just sat there for a minute pondering about something that was really nothing special. After a while she decided to indulge in '13 Reasons Why' a book by which was recommended for her to read my her mothers family friends daughter named Isabella, or Izzy for short who was 13. So starting the book, even though she never doubted the power of thinking to anyone younger then her, she honestly did not expect that great of a plot line or a wide range of vocabulary. So even if the book was sub par it would still be considered good in her mind from the standards she had set.
The book started off a bit odd, with no clue of the situation that he is in the book begins. At first this guy seems like a tired jackass. Then it skips to what is titles Yesterday, which should mean that it should be written in past first person POV but it was written in present form. Violet continued reading though, minding the error, or at least what she thought of as an error. Then she thought that maybe it was like taking a time machine so the tense was right.

She got quiet far in the book. After a while she closed it though. 13 Reasons Why was about a girl, Hannah, who had killed herself and left tapes explaining why she in fact killed herself, and her blaming other people for why. Then this guy Clay gets it, this guy whom was madly in love with Hannah and he's like SHIT! What could I have done to like piss this girl off so she'd kill herself. So throughout this he's like hating on other people for being asses to Hannah and worrying about what he did. Violet hasn't come to the cassette tape abut Clay yep but she quit reading anyways.
Violet thought back to a fact she had heard or read some where that in the United States in 2012, 8 or so in 1000 people died. Weird right? Like you outlived 8 people. Then she tough that maybe 4 of those people killed themselves, even though she wasn't sure of the statistics. Then what? It's not like it couldn't happen that of those 1000 people 4 killed themselves it was just a loose thought.

After shaking the book thoughts Violet got out her homework for the science class. It was about Charles Darwin and Evolution, nothing all that interesting, it didn't even spark up that many tonights in her mind. Teachers had beat at the idea of evolution for years. She honestly had thought out all her ideas of evolution by the seventh grade.
Violet already had her homework done for the class but reviewing it seemed like a good thing to do, so that is just what she did, she reviewed. But it all seemed way to easy to be for juniors, so she just closed the book and took out her itinerary.

The thing about Violet is, she hates focusing on one thing for long periods of time, she just didn't. Her itinerary talked of every destination she wants to go too. Pages and pages where just filled. They also talked about the places she wanted to go this spring break on a college road trip, even though she was not quiet yet sure who, she was going to invitee, she hadn't gotten that far yet. She was writing in there about this place. It was a country but a small one and she wasn't sure where she specifically wanted to go. She was writing about Montenegro.

While writing a boy came and sat opposite of her at the library table.he introduced himself and Stephan and then some praise thing after. "Violette," mumbled Violet giving the boy a skeptical look. He was wearing this Buddhist outfit. Finally it clicked, he was the new kid that some cheerleaders where telling about about last week. But he also looke d,Ike someone else, like she had seen him before.

“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection,” the boy, Stephan, read aloud. Then said something about how to live your destiny perfectly and if there is such thing as perfect.
Violet hummed, not the bee humm which was like bee but more like a himmmmm like a thinking person.

"Well I don't believe anyone could answer the question about how to love a perfect destiny, it has been something contemplated for years." Violet paused. "But I think I do believe in perfection, it's just that society has shrugged it off as non existent.


Jacob was in his own little universe when Indigo walked over. She said morning so Jacob replied with the exact same thing, "Morning." Then the girl decided to slip sandals on her feet, which Jacob knew was only because the dress code told them all that they must wear shoes. "One of these times your barefoot feet obsession is going to get you in trouble," Jacob said. That statement was anything but a lie.
Jacob and Indigo where friends, same clique and she was cool. Not really I'm with the popular crowd cool but more, I'm a legit person cool. Plus she surfed so that was a big up. Actually from the sounds of it she surfed more then he did.

That was was when Ian Butler who was known as the class nerd walked in. Jacob didn't mind him, they even talked from time to time.

Then the big thing went down. It was actually quiet typical to happen in the halls but still. Ian who was friends with Mikaela up until middle school when she decided that she was too cool for him or whatever. Well anyways Ian who was distracted just by Mikaela presence, managed to fall, ON. HIS. ASS. Now Jacobs first reaction was to laugh because seeing people fall was just in general funny, but he held it back feeling bad for poor Ian.
Then to top the shit cake of the situation the cheerleaders started teasing him and Mikaela just walked away.

So because witnessing this just made him feel embarrassed for Ian, Jacob turned back to his locker rummaging through it with really no purpose but to get out of the awkward situation from which he had just witnessed.
After sometime consisting of a few seconds Jacob turned to Indigo and said in a murmur, "Poor Ian, really some people at this school can be big assholes to him." Which was true it wasn't even the cheerleaders, it was also the jocks and the preps too. The worst part was he was friends with some of them when he was younger. Things change in about middle school or junior high.

Jacob sighed. Them he noticed Ian came over. Jacob quickly mumbled a "Hi," but didn't get to say anything else before Ian started talking about some new kid who dresses weird but looks just like him. For some odd reason Jacob found it hysterical that someone was his so called twin. "Really?" He asked. Jacob already knew he had to see this guy.


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"Well I don't believe anyone could answer the question about how to love a perfect destiny, it has been something contemplated for years," the girl, Violette paused before continuing, "But I think I do believe in perfection, it's just that society has shrugged it off as non existent."

Stephen nodded in agreement, pausing for a moment to think. He thought about his parents and their crowd, but also about his own generation and the many people he had come across. His father certainly believed in perfection, but he was sure that he was reaching out for the wrong kind. As much as he and his father were estranged, it hurt him to see the man that had raised him in the best manner he could fall so hard again and again.

"People have become disillusioned with seeking perfection because, often, people sought the wrong kind of perfection in the past. They had an imperfect vision for what perfection would be like and failed to reach that imperfect vision of perfection. Others, I think, give up too easily on perfection because they do not want to face the hardship and work it would take," he mused as he turned a page in his book.

"What is a clique? I was part of one in my old school, but I didn't consciously make the decision to join one, if you know what I mean."


"Ian, are you....alright?"

Ian sighed. He might have distracted both Indigo and Jacob for a moment with the news he gave them, but Kaycee had been here to see what happened and he could feelt Indigo looking at him expectantly. He shrugged as if it was no big deal and gave the others a small smile.

"I'm alright, thanks. I appreciate it, but I should have known better than to cross paths with a group of cheereleaders. Too many failed government experiments among them," he joked. He sighed slightly.

"I don't mind too much. After high school, it's all downhill for them. That bitch that tripped me will have to use even more chemicals to make herself look pretty, but she'd still look plastic compared to you two," he told Indigo and Kaycee with a grin.