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The Dark of Oz

The Dark of Oz


A dictator, a mad sorceress, a power struggle, a failed uprising, a pointless war, a girl whose luck ran out, a pair of red shoes, and the Land of Oz. You are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

681 readers have visited The Dark of Oz since VitaminHeart created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

based on the wizard of oz and further oz books by l. frank baum, which are now public domain.



For Dorothy Gale, it should probably have been the end, sheltering in a run down old shop with her dog during a tornado, and the whole thing getting torn to bits. That'd be it, right? She certainly thought so, her only regret being that her faithful dog had had to share in this fate. The building collapsing around her, she accepted her fate as the end of a long series of poor decisions.

Then, there was a crash, and the noise of the storm abruptly stopped.

Toto following, she made her way out of the crumbling doorway, to be greeted by...


A village, nothing like what they had walked into the night before. A run-down, grey looking place amid a fall of rain. Shapes moved within the hovels, but nothing seemed to be approaching her. And it was not until she saw the blood seeping into the puddles and caught sight of the body, half crushed under the building that she worked out why.

Dorothy Gale had just landed in Oz. She had just killed a witch. And she'd just re-ignited a terrible power struggle.



All manner f strange creatures dwell in the realm of Oz, there are plenty that resemble ordinary humans, but also talking animals, faeries, number of strange things. However, Oz is changing, and it;s a change that is not welcome news for many of the creatures within.

Oz is split into four quadrants. Since the new order, they have been known as Red, Violet, Blue and Yellow. In the centre sits the Emerald City. Emerald City serves as a hub and is highly technologically advanced and industrialized. The people there are rich, materialistic and out of touch. They enjoy lives of luxury and frivolity because of the work of the folks out in the rural areas of Violet, Red and Blue, who farm and mine and cut lumber to fuel the automated factories of the Green City.

Yellow is under the Wicked Witch's control and as such is not densely inhabited. Those that remain there serve as her guard, though whether willingly or by fea,r it's less than clear.

Blue was a much disputed territory, with the Witch of the East constantly trying to pull it back into her grasp, and keeping the troops there busy constantly....that was until a building fell on the Witch of the East, killing her.

Oz once existed as a simple society in which the lower class respect magic above all else, and the magic users ruled the land. It was not until a strange man appeared and began using technological marvels to accomplish things folk had once only thought magic could do, that the tide began to turn. They called him Wizard and the people flocked to him...and rallied behind him as he murdered one of the four siblings who governed the quadrants. What followed were years of war and strife and misery for Ozians. Things had reached some sort of uneasy equilibrium.... two major powers on the side of the Wizard, two Witches standing firm... but with the death of one of the witches, the conflict stands to flare into renewed ferocity.


The Yellow Road Group

And odd assortment of individuals whom Dorothy seems to gather up on her travels along the yellow road. They're all very different, and yet their histories seem to tie strangely together.

ImageDorothy OPEN

Dorothy Gale, preferring to go by 'Dot' was a girl whose luck finally ran out when she and her best friend, her dog Toto, were caught in the storm of the century. Admittedly, her luck had always been a little dubious though. Dorothy has learned to look after herself, thanks to not having many people to do that for her. It's that kind of self-sufficiency and pragmatism that leg her to pull a pair of ruby red shoes off of a dead woman. After all, she wasn't going to need shoes where she was going, but Dorothy certainly did.

She'd always had the feeling that she attracted freaks into her life...and pretty soon she started encountering some new friends...

The Scarecrow TAKEN

Up over the town, overlooking the yellow road stands a scarecrow. A scarecrow tied to a cross-post, with a sack-cloth head, straw hands...and a sign with the word 'TRAITOR' pinned to its chest.

The scarecrow is not a scarecrow, but a person.

Once known as Crow, they were a leading figure in the freedom movement who eschewed both the Wizard and the WItch, and wanted the Ozians to rule themselves. They tried to demonstrate but were chased out of the Emerald City by the Green Storm and were forced underground, working to rescue magic users and creatures from the Green Storm, and liberate and rehabilitate the Darkhats' experiments. Unfortunately the TIN men, the Green Storm's secret police caught onto some of their operations, and caught a good many. Most were executed quickly, but Crow, the head of the division....was reserved to be made an example of to remind the rural dwellers of their place as farmers providing food for the city. The TIN men, while lacking in emotion, had a great streak of creativity as far as cruelty went.

Crow was tortured relentlessly for information on the location of the rest of the group, and finally, when they got nothing, Crow's agony was both drawn out and used to warn others of what rebels faced. Crow was trapped inside a scarecrow and tied to a cross-post in a field a little outside the village. Given food and water insofar as the once reel remained alive to see all the people leaving them to suffer there.

UNsurprisingly, this eventually cost the prisoner their sanity. Crow started to think of themself as a scarecrow rather than a person, and violently resist any attempt to pull the misshapen sack mask off their head.

ImageThe Tin Man OPEN

Order in the Green City has to be preserved, and when people start becoming agitators they have to be dealt with. That is where the TIN or Tactical Intelligence Network comes in. The TIN men are constructs made by the Wizard to act as his secret police. Made, rather than born, they never tire, and they feel no emotion or empathy. For lack of a better term, a TIN man has no heart.

One particular TIN man was sent to help deal with a rebellion in the blue quadrant, and was part of the group that exacted cruel and terrible punishments, torturing their then leader, Crow, and tying them up inside a scarecrow as further attempts and interrogating them for information. Unfortunately though for this particular TIN man, on its way back from tormenting the scarecrow one day, a certain soldier known as the Lion of Oz has deserted his post, and the TIN man had been set upon by some angry locals, who set upon it and tore out some of the parts that allowed it to move before leaving it a copse of trees.

Perhaps it was the long solitude, or perhaps the attach had caused something to malfunction, but the TIN man began to gain some semblance of sentience. It started to think for itself. While still heartless and cold, it started to reason out that helping the Green Storm had done it no help. It should, perhaps change sides...if only it were not trapped in some forgotten wood.


The Cowardly Lion OPEN

Once, the Emerald City has a great commander known as the Lion of Oz for his bravery. The Lion would race into battle without any sort of concern for his own safety and was a ferocious opponent in combat. The people loved him. He was a noble face on a perhaps not so noble authority.

Things changed however when he ended up posted to a rural location to deal with an apparent rebellion, and he saw how the TIN men dealt with any dissenters they saw, as well as the horrid fate of Crow. Horrified by some of the atrocities he saw in the name of the Green Storm, Lion walked away, deserting his post. The people were told by the Green Storm that he had run when presented with rebel forces, and the Lion of Oz was given a new title the Cowardly Lion.

He ended up wandering into the woods, with one of his close friends, known as Tiger. They had intended to try and find some of the remaining Free Peoples of Oz and pledge their services to try and stop any more bloodshed.

But the Witch was waiting for them. Lion and Tiger were caught and taken back to the Witch's castle in the Yellow Quadrant, and subject to her wicked magical experimentation. In her idea of irony, she turned Lion into a part-beast, part-man. Eventually, Lion was able to escape his imprisonment and flee into the woods, but he was deeply scarred by the experience. Losing any kind of desire or motivation to do good, he just hid from everything.


Image The Green Storm

The army under the Wizard, the Green Storm seek to retain order in the chaos of Oz. They embrace technology, commercialism and keeping the strange creatures under control at all costs. The hatred and mistrust of magic has only been drawn up by the conflict with the witch. Their great difficulty in controlling the Blue Quadrant in the east was changed when the Eastern With was killed, and has spurred on a new military movement from the Emerald City.

The Wizard OPEN

A technological genius, the Wizard is not native to Oz, but he had brought technology to the land, and seeks to make the best use of it. Not physically strong or impressive he tends to hide behind these things, and has created a holographic projection that makes him appear strong and intimidating, and as such, most of the people see him this way. He has the people of the Emerald City almost wholly in his sway, but does not trust those outside it, especially not magical creatures, most of which he would happily destroy.

The Good Witch OPEN

The power-hungry sister of the Wicked Witch, she allied with the Wizard early on in his rise to power. She is a propaganda figure, keen to tout the goodness of the Wizard's regime and the 'evils' of the witch and the Free Peoples, but she is quite capable of violence if needed. She does however, prefer to let others do her dirty work. She thinks that they will be able to manipulate Dorothy into killing the Witch of the West, their last major enemy.

Other Green Storm Members:
[Original Characters Will go here!]


ImageDarkhat Army

The Wicked Witch of the West - OPEN

The Wizard's sworn enemy, the Witch is the 'righful' ruler of Oz. Her father was once king, and her siblings all saw to inherit one of the four coloured quadrants. Then the Wizard came and took over. He killed one of her sisters, and saw that another joined him and turned against her, calling herself the 'Good Witch'. This effected West's mind to some degree and she began to become obsessive, fixated on revenge. She began to practice disturbing magical experiments, taking people and animals and combining them into grotesque Frankenstein-esque abominations. With the death of her sister who rules the East, the Witch has become fearful and paranoid that she will be next, and fixated on avenging the death....which has set Dorothy square in her sights.

Hungry Tiger - Reserved for Ula

The Tiger was once the Lion's closest friend and fighting companion, and even when he left the forces of the Wizard, Tiger loyally followed. However when they were caught by the witch, and subject to her dire magical experimentation, Lion was able to escape...and Tiger was left behind. Changed into a monster in much the same way Lion was, Tiger has been manipulated by the Witch into becoming her lieutenant. He/she hates and resents Lion and seeks particularly to destroy its former friend, partially for abandoning them and running away.

Wicked Witch's Minions:

[Original Characters Will go here!]


ImageThe Free People (And Creatures) of Oz

A group established some years previous by Crow and several other Ozians who were sick of both of the main powers in Oz. The group wished to try and free Oz from the control of either and mend some of the wrongs created.... as such they accepted any creatures without prejudice. Sadly though this led to their undoing, as one of their kind betrayed them and handed their location off to the Wizard's TIN men. As a result they lost many of their members.

The remaining ones fled to the woods, and have been living in secret, not daring to step out again for fear of another betrayal, embittered towards the other people of Oz.

(The Free People group is pretty much all going to be made up of original characters so, go crazy.)

Free People Members:

[Original Characters Will go here!]


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Character Portrait: Cygnus
0 sightings Cygnus played by EvoPrime
The strange dictator known only as The Wizard

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Re: The Dark of Oz

I love this roleplay :) I saw it a couple days ago, and I was like 'huh, that sounds cool.' and then I clicked on it, and now i'm just like HOLY SH*T. There have been many different takes on L Frank Baum's most famous work, but this is new and fresh and original...and just fantastic :) I love it.

Anyway, is it alright if I reserve Dot? I can have her up relatively soon.

Re: The Dark of Oz

VitaminHeart wrote:Emerald City starts moving around and Scarecrow is gonna lose it.... XD

Just wait until a malfunctioning TIN man named after a bird starts tromping around.

Shrike's my favourite character, though.

Re: The Dark of Oz

Emerald City starts moving around and Scarecrow is gonna lose it.... XD

Re: The Dark of Oz

Makes it all the better when you do find another reader! All we need now is moving cities, hmm...

Re: The Dark of Oz

Hi there! Glad you like it! I first started thinking up the idea ages ago when I ended up drawing a kind of assassin-Tin Man, and only recently hav I kinda worked out how to expand the idea.

Haha, yes the Green Storm title and logo is an homage to Mortal Engines. I don't run into many people who've heard of the series.

Re: The Dark of Oz

Hhello there!

I'm not a very big fan of the original WoO, but this roleplay creates a very unique and interesting twist, and I like it a lot! +1 creativity point

Also, am I wrong in assuming you got the Green Storm from the Mortal Engines series?

The Dark of Oz

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Hi folks, I'm Vit. Feel free to post on here if you're interested/ want to share some ideas.