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Alistair Razoredge

Harpy spearman... and sometimes disguise artist.

0 · 310 views · located in Norr

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Machina Ex Deus


Full Name: Alistair Razoredge

Age: 67

Gender: Male (no really...)

Race: Harpy

Class: Vanguard- accustomed to being the first man in and last man out of any battle, Alistair has cultivated both close-up and ranged skills to ensure versatility and survival. His preferred weapon is his trident, a three-pronged spear advantageous for its better-than-usual ability to trap swords, enabling Alistair to disarm opponents with a deft twist of the metal pole. Because the hit-and-run combat of harpy guerrilla warfare, he's also learned to use a bow- but though he's a good-enough shot, he far and away prefers the unique spear. Generally medium-armored, but can switch to heavy if necessary. This, obviously, exchanges mobility for defense, something he would prefer not to do.

Physical Description: Alistair is, in a word, androgynous. It's something that's caused him no end of grief, though on the other hand it's made quite a bit about his life a little easier as well. He's tawny-skinned and white of both hair and plumage. His features are far too delicate-looking for most people's taste in men, but if forced to take a guess, most people would get his gender correct, if only for his aquiline nose and sharp, light blue eyes. His arms, not attached to his wings, are rather human-looking, the talons a bit on the subtle side, and only his forearms really having that slightly-scaly texture to them.

His legs are a bid more obviously birdlike, and wearing boots is both impossible and pointless. The talons make walking somewhat awkward, though you'd never guess it by the way he comports himself. His knee-joints face the opposite direction from a human's, more suited for perching in trees than anything. Out of respect for the conventions of other species (and a notable desire not to be impaled), he is most often fully-garbed, and even pulls the mass crowning his head (a mix of hair and plumage) into a tail of sorts, where it trails down his back. His trident is kept slung between his wings, along with his bow and white-fletched arrows.


Perhaps contrary to the reputation that harpies have garnered for being more than a little savage, Alistair is quite civil, polite, and the consummate gentleman, if aloof and perhaps a tad too detached. He's been jaded by long years of near-constant combat, first in the Primah/Civee war and now against the dragons and the Children. Still, he refuses to let it make him rude, and so he does believe wholeheartedly in courtesy and manners. Often enough, this veers over the line into out-and-out kindness, and he lacks the rough edges or gruffness that characterize other mercenaries.

He's uptight, for a soldier, and as a veteran of the old war, he still does not readily trust those who fought on the other side of it, but understands the need to lay such concerns aside in favor of dealing with the more immediate problem that the Children present. Even if he patently dislikes someone (which does happen), he will behave civilly, and he does not actively seek out conflict, despite being well-suited to it and having no qualms with killing people.

Despite being largely unruffled by anything, there are ways to fluff his feathers, so to speak, and one of them is to lay on the innuendo too thickly. To say it brings up rather unpleasant memories is an understatement, and he swiftly becomes uncomfortable in such situations. He's also wary of magic; though the caution stops short of actual fear, he doesn't really trust it either.


Starting Armor: Alistair's been with the legion for a while, and presently wears heavier live leather armor with metal plates molded over his abdomen and chest.

Starting Weaponry: He carries a trident with a metal pole, and an oaken recurve bow with a heavy draw weight to it, as well as a quiver containing twenty-four arrows fletched with white feathers of some kind.

Fighting Style: He's been at it for a while, and Alistair is generally completely unfazed in battle; it's almost impossible to provoke him into anything. Unlike himself at any other time, he goes about the business of killing as efficiently and callously as possible. Flying helps his generally kill-em-and-leave approach, and he has been known to unexpectedly dive out of nowhere.

Weapon of Choice: Spears

Other: Basic combat med supplies like bandages, and a whetstone. That's honestly about it.


Alistair fought with his people in the war between the Primah and the Civee, making something of a name for himself. "Razoredge" was the stereotypically harpy-like moniker he earned for himself there, though the people on the other side generally called him much less polite this, usually riffing on the fact that he could pass for a woman if he tried to. He has, in fact, done so before, on two occasions. One was to attempt to seduce a guard holding himself and the platoon he was in prisoner (which, awkwardly, worked).

The second happened much later, and at the time, he was attempting to escape the confines of an entirely different prison- the kind run by the much more numerous females of his species. He knocked one of them out and stole some loose clothes, trying to pass himself off as female to escape. That one, perhaps even more awkwardly, did not work quite so well, and he had to fight his way out of it instead.

Since then, he has abandoned the fighting force of the large clan his mother rules and taken up with the Legion of Ashes. He fights simply because it's necessary for the survival of his people and others- no vengeance or anger required.

So begins...

Alistair Razoredge's Story