Elane Marcus

Headmistress of the Guild of Sanguis

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a character in “The Guild of Sanguis”, as played by Mischief Managed


Headmistress Marcus is beautiful, smart, cunning, a little snippy but she means well. She's also a trained mercenary that has fought in 4 wars around the globe. All she wants is to protect her girls and show them how a sister of Sanguis should be. She loves all the students as her own as she was never able to have children.

So begins...

Elane Marcus's Story


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Headmistress Marcus

Making a quick once over of the present students I estimated them to be about 120. About 60 from each of us, Lewis and I. I cleared my throat to gain the attention of the children and the moment they heard it through the microphone they all went silent. I could have simply held up my hands if it was just the girls, but the boys don't reply to that. Too rowdy.

This is why I teach girls.

"Boys of Mortem, we welcome you to Sanguis as this is your 29th time joining us for our annual games. I hope that this year we can continue to have our friendly competitions."

A few cheers went off in the crowd, I flashed a smile before continuing my speech.

"This year we will be beginning our competitions at dawn tomorrow morning with a friendly game of capture the flag. All I can say is," I let out a cheeky grin before continuing to my girls," Show them how we do it at Sanguis, Ladies."

All of my girls shouted and whistled at that while the boys let out mixtures of groans and laughs. Some remembering what happened last year, others were new, most pretended they had a chance.

"Do you have anything you'd like to add, Headmaster?"

"I do, actually," he stepped up to my place at the pedestal and I moved aside," Tomorrow we will be having Jason Montague and Renee White as our team captains. I have faith that they will make it a fair, clean game. As for my new boys, I fully expect a win tomorrow. We can't let these ladies beat us two years in a row."

I let out a chuckle as I reminisced in last years win. They'd had a lot of new boys last year that had taken the bait with my girls, going easy on them because they had pretty faces.


"Thank you, enjoy the dinner that Headmistress Marcus has provided for us and get some good rest tonight."

"That was an interesting speech, Elane," Lewis said as he took a step towards me.

"Gotta keep the kids entertained, right?"

He rolled his eyes at me before we went off to talk about old times in the field and new students.


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Next Day


I yawned and stretched out my back as far as it could go. I was sore from falling asleep on the floor rather than my bed while talking to Mia.

For a girl who doesn't talk much, that girl could talk for hours.

"Something wrong, J?"

I turned and smiled at my team captain and one of my close friends.

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks for asking R."

"Good, then get started with your warm up laps."

"Can't let those Mortem boys win, can we?"

"Not on your life," she replied as she started to jog backwards in front of me.

"What's your game plan anyway?"

"Figured we'd go with the classic," she shrugged," You, Mia, Jane, Michelle and Headmistress Marcus stay to guard while Selena, Darlene, Jamie and I go get their flag."

"You're no fun."

"I know, but I'm all the rage," she smirked before her eyebrows pulled together," Why are you so tired anyway?"

"Stayed up last night with Mia," I glanced at her before shaking my head," Some guy caught her staring at him and she was wigging out about it."

"On a scale of 1-10, how bad was it really?"

"About a 7, maybe an 8."

"That's bad."



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Headmaster Glass

It's hard.

It's hard to lose someone you care about, it's almost harder to witness someone lose someone they care about.

But here I am, watching Elane morn the loss of one of her beloved students. She treats them as her own. The same way she treated Lilly. I had to clear my throat thinking about her while I glanced at the lifeless body of Miss White, the dead student. Her hair is stained with the blood seeping from her head wound, a butcher knife through her skull.

It's perfect.

The knife is inserted with perfect precision, her eyes aren't even rolled back because it killed her so fast, her body must have crumpled from beneath her considering the way it lays on the ground.

This is a perfect murder.

Elane looked up at me from her spot, kneeling next to the deceased girl. Her cheeks are stained from the tears and her face filled with clear anger.

She knows it too.


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Sezona and Moici walked in, eyes widening at the corpse laid out in front of them.
"Ah-- What the hell?!"
Sezona stared in surprise as Moici tapped her chin.
Moici soon took a glance at the Headmaster and frowned.
"I thought-- I thought we were safe from things like this?"


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Headmistress Marcus

I looked into the fearful eyes of my other girls as I held back the tears threatening to spill out. Clearing my throat, I replied to them as calmly as I could.

"It seems that someone has breached our security. Please, don't worry girls. Just go back to your rooms."

I turned around and walked back to my office, not wanting to continue with the conversation with Sezona and Moici, but dreading the phone call that I would have to make to Mr. and Mrs. White. They are dear friends with me, I practically watched Renee grow up. Now she's gone.

Just as I opened the door to my office Lewis put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a sad smile. He knows what I have to do. He's offering to do it. I return his smile as much as I can before going off to my room so I could cry in peace.


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It wasn't long after the scream sounded off in the cafeteria that we were all sent to our rooms. I spent the half hour we were stuck in there pacing the floor and listening to my roommate tell me to chill.

How the hell can anyone chill after someone screamed bloody murder loud enough to go over the sounds of 120 people talking then be excused without an explanation?

What is wrong with her?!

Words cannot express the relief I felt when we were told to gather in the great hall for an announcement.

That was before I heard the announcement.

Headmistress Marcus was standing at the pedestal with Headmaster Glass behind her, they both had a dark atmosphere around them and grim looks on their faces.

What's wrong?

"Students, I'm sure you're all wondering why you were excused so rashly earlier," she cleared her throat," One of your classmates, Renee White, was found murdered."

Loud murmurs and gasps went off in the crowd. I didn't really know her, I searched for Jenna because I know they were friends and I wanted to comfort her.

Where's Jenna?

"Until the killer has been found, I'm putting our school under lock down. No one leaves or enters until we find out who did this. And we will find out who did this. What the first rule of Sanguis?"

"Protect the secrets of Sanguis, protect the guild and protect your sisters," we all said in unison.

Headmistress Marcus looked at all of us with tired and sad eyes and flashed us a sad smile before leaving the room with a tissue held over her mouth. I kept up my search for Jenna while the rest of the students went off to do what ever.