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The Hunters' Legacy

The Hunters' Legacy


Tales of the Shepherd Republic's Hunters

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The world that contains the Shepherd Republic consists of floating islands and a large sea of clouds beneath them all. No one but a select few know the secret to the world they inhabit, but many are content with life on these masses of floating land. The two races that live in the world are the dog-like Caninu and the cat-like Felineko. Several years ago, not just the Republic, but the entire world as everyone knew it was threatened with annihilation through an ancient procedure known as Operation CODA. If Operation CODA was successfully activated, the islands would sink beneath the electrically charged clouds, wiping out all life. However, thanks to the help of the Hunter Red Savarin and his allies, Operation CODA was stopped, and the world was once again safe. People went on with their lives, and with the recent catastrophes, Hunters are busier than ever to assist in restoration efforts across the Republic. Along with the restoration, some Hunters still fight in the Arena and race across the skies to entertain and lift the spirits of the people.

The large influx of work for the Hunters Guilds have increased productivity for many that are already considered to be qualified Hunters, but it has also inspired many newcomers into the business. From the port town of Airedale to the sprawling capital Pharaoh, work is plentiful and employment is skyrocketing. In this new golden age for the Republic, anything becomes possible...average people today may become tomorrow's legends. History will be made, heroes will rise and fall, and new stories will be made during this era of the Shepherd Republic.


Hunter is the name for a freelancer who takes jobs of varying sorts for payment. These jobs could range from protecting a V.I.P, helping move cargo in the ports, to mercenary work. Hunters often form small crews to get the job done more efficiently and split the pay amongst each other. Large groups of Hunters who gain enough recognition can officially be classified as a guild, which most of the time means they're reliable enough to get the job done and they have the people to do it. In each city, there is a Hunter's Association office who handles the distribution of jobs.


These are the cities of the Shepherd Republic, each unique with different job opportunities.

Airedale: Located in the central western part of the Shepherd Republic, Airedale serves as a convenient stopover point to other islands and has prospered as a thriving distribution port for merchant ships from every city. The island has many harbors, as well as warehouses that store and sort the unloaded cargo, resulting in a lot of jobs using Robos for handling the goods in the port area. It is said that there's always plenty of work in Airedale, even for inexperienced Hunters.

Since Airedale is a port with many vessels of different nationalities, they use international standard airline signs for traffic control to accommodate ships from all countries. There are also souvenir stores for out of town visitors; something which is only available in Airedale.

Spinon: Also known as The City of Water, Spinon is a beautiful metropolis with a towering cityscape and crystal blue canals. It is famous as a resort location and is visited by many tourists from abroad, which makes tourism the main industry for the island. In order to facilitate this, they put emphasis on their city beautification campaign. In addition to tourism, there are many ships that visit the city for its purified water, which is aided by the large, umbrella-like plants in the city that cleanse the water around them.

Multiple canals run through the city, and the water is controlled by floodgates for periodic cleaning to maintain a clean water flow. The beauty of Spinon is maintained by the citizens' efforts and hard work.

The food service store, "Star Dogs Cafe," is known for their delicious hot pie which is favored by tourists and locals alike.

Vizsla: A city where enormous plants called Shroomdandis cover a majority of the island, and the citizens live in harmony with nature. They make their homes by carving out the insides of these plants and living inside of them, making the floor grass-like. The main export of this city is the honey produced by these plants, which is harvested by using local insects.

Shetland: A mining island abundant with mineral deposits. The inhabitants make a living in the many mines of the city, using ships with giant drills to dig their way further into the island. The island itself is getting smaller due to extensive mining, but when the island has run out of materials, the inhabitants will migrate to a new mineral rich location.

Samoyede: A sacred island for the Anju religion, one of the most prominent religions in the Shepherd Republic. This nature-rich land is where many saints are buried, as well as the tombs of followers and many ruins. Many practitioners of the religion come here on pilgrimage. The city strictly enforces a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Samoyede is also home to the Sleeping Forest, which is sealed off and is only open for rituals.

Basset: Basset is an island born as a result of the 2nd Incantation War which took place long ago. There was a battleground not too far from the island, and giant ships and weapons that were destroyed in the conflict drifted along the current and eventually covered the entire island. Due to this, most of the island consists of these derelict artifacts. Basset citizens collect useful parts, equipment, and materials from all the abandoned ships throughout the island and export them to other cities for their livelihood. However, the abandoned ships that form this island have degraded to such a point that much of the island is considered unstable, and unwary parts scavengers have met with constant accidents.

Mau: The island where the Oshilasama religious faith is practiced. This religion is only practiced by the Felineko in the remote regions, and the use the power of nono to cast powerful spells. Mau is well-known as a training ground for those studying this magic. Once one is able to use magic, they are considered full members of the religion. Once students prove their skill, the chief will certify them with a card that authorizes the use of high-level magic. The card itself contains a design pattern that assists in channeling magic.

Sealyham: The Nano-machines that collect the moisture and fragments of crystals floating around the island diffuse the sunlight, giving the island a dark atmosphere. Due to this unique eco-structure, there are many fish and coal leaves that only exist on this island. Additionally, when the nano-machines in the atmosphere deteriorate and start to break down, the use the energy from the nearby crystals to reformat themselves. When this happens, the crystal fragments release a flake-like bubble that makes it look like it's snowing.

The flying fish that are indigenous to this island are nearly completely covered in the crystal shards that suffuse the atmosphere and, as a result, there aren't many parts of the fish that can be eaten. However, the small portion that is edible has a very unique taste and is considered a delicacy. Due to this, the citizens of Sealyham catch the Sky Fish or raise them for their living.

Davren Islands: An archipelago made up of tiny islands that are too small for mass habitation. Major vessels avoid these islands due to the abundance of raw crystal stones on the islands which interfere with the ships’ crystal drives making it difficult and dangerous to sail. However, it’s the perfect place to live for those who prefer solitude. It’s also a popular place for racing for there are several special areas where there are air pockets suitable for the sport.

Pharaoh: The capital of the Shepherd Republic and the center of politics and culture. An abundance of rail tracks make trains a convenient means of travel to anywhere on the island as the daily transportation method. Since Pharaoh is the capital, people are able to find the most popular music, movies, fashion, and entertainment here.

Many artists also come to Pharaoh. The music album sales in the capital are tallied up and announced for the monthly sales chart, and the multitude of broadcast stations and concert venues make it a great place for entertainment activities.

The train stations do not have ticket gates. When using the train one must purchase a ticket from the railroad official on board and hand the ticket back to the official before getting off the train.

Character Profile Layout

Race: Caninu or Felineko
Occupation: Hunter, mechanic, etc.
Robo: The name of the Robo and its skills
Robo Appearance:
Other: Optional things such as theme song or voice actor for the character. Just a fun optional part of the profile.

Toggle Rules

1. I will not tolerate god-modding or any sort of unreasonably ability/power. I'll message you if I have any questions about your character.
2. Romance is allowed, but if you want your characters the deed...keep it to PMs, please.
3. Absolutely NO killing another character unless it's approved by the players involved.
4. The Caninu and Felineko are anthro only. If you can’t find a good picture, text descriptions are allowed. For Caninu, domesticated dogs are the norm. Most Felineko are domesticated breeds, but some wild cats like the lynx are around as well.
5. Beneath the islands is a sea of clouds. Do NOT approach the sea of clouds. They are charged with enough electricity to destroy nearly anything.
6. Constructive criticism of another person's post is fine, but only if you can give an example on how to improve it.
7. Rules can be changed if I feel there needs to be more.
8. Have fun! :)

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