Ashkar Hivaxi

"I may not show range, only support to them do I allow"

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a character in “The Impartial Prejudice”, as played by Syaqeera


Ashkar Hivaxi


|| Age ||

|| Race ||

|| Sexual Orientation ||
he keeps this little information to himself

|| Personality ||
Ashkar, also known as Ash by only those who are close to him, is a very self-efficient man who can support a group of 30 on his own. Depending on who you are, when a first acquaintance with him would be indifferent and rather cold experience at first until he gets the idea of the kind of person he is conversing with, having many sides to his personality, it ranges from authoritative figure to a very well hidden Casanova, his activities behind close doors only rumours to be heard and nothing but awe in many believers.

|| Background ||
Has training and experience as a hunter and certified leader for when an attack and war to emerge, Ashkar will lead the group of troupes that he has been appointed to. Father is a smith and mother a weaver.

|| History ||
Ashkar was born of average family and grew up relatively average, though apart from a few misdemeanours on his part, he came to be a reliable yet somewhat distant adult. As a SerBaron, ones physique held status in his race, the Varthdon often been ridiculed as weak and emotional race, he took those words into heart and the scaffold of his upbringing. Emotional outburst was a sign of weakness, even anger if the one who had the outburst was seen as weak by many, resulting in him training himself to be physically able and mentally strong, since the Varthdon have a much greater control over brain power, which can easily manipulated the weak-willed ones.

During those rigorous training and exercises, Ashkar learnt to hunt with various weaponries, archery being one of his specialty due to his greater control and muscle strength over his arms and upper body. Still young and reckless, Ashkar had underestimated his target during a hunt with various other hunters, the struggle between him and the beast's aftermath left marked on his chest, which he took as a reminder that he will always encounter someone strong, no matter how much he has prepared his body to withstand and attack.

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Ashkar Hivaxi's Story