Damian Spates

"There's something about seeing the smoke drift from a perfectly rolled joint. It's beautiful."

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a character in “The Killer on Spearwater Campus”, as played by TheJesusParadigm


Damian Michael Spates

Biography: Spates is from old money. His parents, billionaires. His uncle, a billionaire. And him, at the end of it, the sole heir to the money. This has led him to slack off in all aspects of life, making his own money by buying drugs in bulk, then selling them to the students of Spearwater. He samples his own products, except the hard stuff. As his parents practically own the school (making many, many generous donations), he basically has free reign. Acquaintance to everyone, friend to few. Annie's death wasn't especially hard on him, as he only knew her by association.

Appearance: Full, thick head of blond hair, wind blown back. Straight, square, sharp jaw-line, small goatee. Sharp, green eyes topping his visage off. Six foot five inches, with a chiseled body from hours of working out and training. Everything he wears is tailor made for him, fitted to the highest of standards that his money could buy him. He was a modern-day adonis, except his personality wasn't all there.

Personality: Selfish is the word that comes to mind. While his parents are sometimes the generous billionaire, for the media, of course, Damian is not. His deals are barely fair, his portions small, he sells as he lives. He only wants the profit. In all, he's a dick. Even to the few he calls friend.

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Damian Spates's Story