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Maen Raboc

0 · 616 views · located in 30th Century Earth

a character in “The League of Origins”, as played by Arctic Fury


Maen Raboc


Gender: Male
Age: 38
Physical Appearance: Raboc is a tall (6' 6") white male with short, often unkempt, blonde hair and blue-grey eyes. He maintains a well-toned physique with distinct muscular features and a relatively high voice tone.
Warfare School and Class: Long-range marksman, sniper/support.
Team and Role: Red Lancers: Being an adept sharpshooter, Raboc functions as the team sniper. His situational awareness and his ability to go undetected in most environments has also landed him in many scouting roles. Abilities: One of Rabocs' most notable talents (besides talking) is his outstanding marksmanship. Though he often denies it due to his more-or-less modest attitude, he is capable of picking off extremely distant targets with relative ease. When commended for his performance, Raboc will often reply with something along the lines of "It was an accident."

Maen Raboc is an extremely carefree individual. His happy-go-lucky attitude is as apt to irritate someone as it is to make them like him. He displays a deliberately feminine persona, usually around people who think they're tough, as a form of both play and mockery. To add to this, he often feigns an unintelligent and slow demeanor, though in reality he is incredibly intelligent in "all things but math". When questioned on this, he simply stated that it "makes things more fun".

Underneath his 'out there' eccentricities, Raboc holds a gentlemanly side. He firmly believes that women should receive the utmost respect, and will often rush to open the door for them. He also believes that a true soldier should never complain. On this note he has always showed unwavering loyalty to his superiors, though some may mistake his outspoken nature as disrespect.

On a darker note, Raboc is a complete supporter of the "Might makes Right" philosophy, believing that the way things are done should be decided by the few with the willpower to do it. To this end, he shows a significant dislike for 'beggars' and anyone who openly displays weakness of will.

Raboc carries a specially customized sniper rifle that was hand-crafted by his father and lovingly given the name "Gravy" after his late dog. The rifle sacrifices accuracy for firepower, though with Rabocs' marksmanship it is still capable of hitting even the most distant targets. For personal defence, Raboc has equipped himself with an antique M1873, which he claims to have 'found'. In addition, Raboc also carries a Bowie Knife that was also given to him by his father.
In terms of armour, Raboc deliberately chose style over efficiency, though the armour is perfectly capable of basic defence. He wears a light armoured chest-plate, as well as maneuverable spaulders and gauntlets. Though his favorite article is his helmet, which he is almost never seen without.
Beneath all this he wears varied, and often a bit too casual, clothing.

Maen Raboc was born into an upper-middle class family consisting of a father and a dog. As a young boy, Raboc never questioned his "gruff but lovable" father, and followed all his instructions to the letter. Spending most of his time exploring the Dome with his canine companion, he naturally took to things in a manner of levity and enthusiasm, to this end he never had any cravings for alcohol or drugs of any sort, maintaining that his pure joy brought him all the joy he needed. Despite this, Raboc did have a tendency to get irritated around people with opposing viewpoints and opinions, indeed, he never quite got over this habit, but instead switched from outright arguing to simply remaining silent or giggling when someone said something he disagreed with.
Raboc was often seen as the "Leader of the pack" by the adults in his area of the dome, as he was seemingly the indisputable leader among the local children. Raboc didn't know it at the time, but he was gifted with a natural affinity for leadership, capable of motivating others into performing even the most menial tasks with glee. The most notable case of his leadership was on the playground, when the supervisor fell asleep and awoke ten minutes later to find the other children standing in a disciplined (though sloppy) formation before Raboc. However, as the years went by Raboc became increasingly lazy, sometimes sleeping for days on end. His concerned father sought psychiatric assistance, and it was determined that Raboc simply suffered from a lack of motivation. His father knew immediately how best to get him back on his feet, and brought up the Aequitas Combat teams. At first Raboc showed no interest in joining, but after thinking it over thought it might be worthwhile. After many years of waiting Maen Raboc finally enlisted, with the intent of becoming a short-range combat specialist. However, due to his incredible natural talent in marksmanship, he was practically drafted into a long-range role so as to maximize his efficiency. With his position within the teams secure, Raboc took to his new standing with his typical joviality.

So begins...

Maen Raboc's Story