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Dorcas Meadowes

"We are all alone now. It's just us... we have to keep going."

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a character in “The Marauders Era”, as played by helldaydream




โ€œSeldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised or a little mistaken.โ€ - Jane Austen


{Full Name}
Dorcas Meadowes

Dork - only Remus can call her that

September 1st, 1960

{Sexuality and Romantic Interest}
Has a secret crush on Remus and eventually develops a hidden romance with him

Not much is known about her family, but she possibly came from a long inheritage of purebloods.
The name "Dorcas" is derived from Greek ฮดฮฟฯฮบฮฑฯ‚ (dorkas) meaning "gazelle"

{House & Year}
Gryffindor, 7th year

Murdered by Lord Voldemort in 1981


Dorcas lived a short lonely life indeed. Her premature death at the age of twenty-one would often shook people but during the Wizarding War that was unfortunately common. Although it is correct to say that it was too soon to be gone and that she still had so much things to experience, Dorcas had a happy life, surrounded by friends and loved ones, that made her feel worth living.
She was adored by Lily and Marlene, the three of them were the best friends someone could ever ask for. Dorcas also had a huge crush on Remus Lupin, whom she spent a lot of her time with, as well. The girl barely herself only found out about her feeling for him at her last year on Hogwarts, only a few months before she died.



{Height and Weight}
5 ft 4 | 110lbs

{Hair and Eye Color}
Black hair | Light brown eyes

{Distinguishing Features
Dorcas has fleshy lips and freckles on her nose and cheeks that she often complains about or try to hide with makeup,
but without succeeding.



Dorcas was a kind soul trapped in a porcelain fragile body. She loved to read about anything related to the universe; the stars, the moon, the infinite. She was always seen with Lily and Marlene or, if not, with her best boy friend Remus.
She is very compassionate and artistical, which means the brunette is always writing poems or taking photos of landscapes or anything she wanted to "immortalize". For being a very impulsive person, Dorcas was the first of the group to join the Order of the Phoenix and used to go around hunting Death Eaters all by herself. Indeed, she did a very good job while a part of the Order, being one of the most importants and efficients members. Maybe that is why she was also the first one - among Marlene, Lily and the Marauders - to be murdered by Voldemort.

{Likes and Dislikes}
Astronomy, helping people, fighting for her beliefs and friends || Death eaters, crowds and Transfiguration

{Strengths and Weaknesses}
Courageous, kind, generous and spontaneous || Impulsive, sad and reckless

Dorcas hates to admit it, but she enjoys smoking once in a while. Her parents used to tell her that cigarettes killed but what a sarcastic plot twist they've had when smoking was actually the only thing that did not collaborate to her death.

Her worst fear is dying completely alone with no friends to hold her hand or stars to look at when she finally leaves this world.



"Brilliant girl she was. Very brave, an admirable loyalty. She saw you born, Harry. Dorcas and your mother were inseparable. Died so young, poor thing. Dorcas Meadowes had a terribly painful and slow death. Voldemort killed her personally..."



{Face Claim}
Adelaide Kane

{Character Sheet Created By QuinSun}

So begins...

Dorcas Meadowes's Story