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Starlet Cariana

A kitsune who knows she has what it takes to win it all

0 · 244 views · located in The Arena

a character in “The Monster Games”, as played by RosexXxStarlight


Starlet Cariana is the equivalent of kitsune royalty and looks every part of it. She has long, silver hair that falls down to the small of her back in perfect waves and the most brilliant red eyes any creature has laid its eyes on.

Starlet currently has four long, silvery fox tails. Where a usual fox's tails change from orange to white, Starlet's have a black ring. She also has black tips on her ears and a pure white star on the right one from when she visited a woman at a magical spring.


She isn't extremely valley girl and can be devious and smart. She often seduces people into following her by using her looks before she takes hold of them with her demonic powers. She is often acting seductive and doesn't think that anyone can resist her charm. She has a very dark sense of humor and is often narcisitic. She only ignores her looks when she is fighting, which is one of her favorite past times. Untill recently, Star had been a daddy's girl that listened to her parents' every wish. She would never argue and would never dream of breaking the rules. But that has all changed...


Starlet is strong and swift, but not as fast as a vampire. She can entrance any man by just looking him in the eye, but she can seal the deal by kissing him. It can put him into a trance that makes him think all he wants is her.

With great power comes great responsibility, but Starlet wasn't prepared for it. Ever since she found out she was a kitsune, Star had started snacking on souls and spirits. She had never actually needed them to survive. Now that her powers are elevated from an incident that almost cost her her life, she has needed them to live. In order to take a soul, she has to kiss the person. Because it is such a harmless gesture, Star can often seduce men easily just by kissing them. Once they kiss, there are three options Star can take: make the man her slave, steal his soul to feed the hunger, or just piss off her boyfriend.


Raised by one of the most respected covens in the demonic world, Larian, she is normally treated with admiration. Her parents were the leaders of the coven, both of them extremely beautiful. The entire coven had black hair, so when Starlet was born, they thought of her as an abominaton. Her powers developed at a young age when her father found her playing with a small white rabbit. The rabbit wasn't real, but made of shadows. The shadows were a strange white color so her parents took her to the council. They found her amazing and as soon as she could, she was sent to one of the best schools, Carnes High. She was raised to beleive humans were inferior, so when she discovers humans going to the arena, she will not be ahppy.

Star believed that she was a white demon up untill a certain wtich (Arabella) pointed out that she was actually a kitsune. Star didn't know that she was a kitsune for her life untill that point and couldn't believe that she wasn't a true white demon. This led to Star being insecure at times and not wanting to talk to other demons.

Star went on a journey with group of friends to find a spirit that supposedly granted wishes. Starlet had looked for the spirit since she was young because her family owned the island, but it wasn't untill now that Star finally found it. She wished for the powers of a true white demon which was granted and she now feels even more superior to everyone else, but with becoming a demon, she faced problems.

So begins...

Starlet Cariana's Story