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"May the shadows cast my path. my heart is as cold as the blades in which i bring my justice"

0 · 226 views · located in Corridor B

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Cyprus Valgardd


Daechir is a dark elf that stands about 6' 5"

Black short hair

pale white skin

Genetically modified super soldier

coal black eyes


retractable curved talon blades attached to his metal bone structure in his fingers. (main)

two curved sabres both enchanted to be soul reaping blades

browning skeletal throwing knives

a high power magnetic bow-rifle with scope

theme song: can't remember the name

bio: Thanks to the Scientists who modified him, he is now somewhat mentally unstable and insane. also he doesn't feel pain. he can jump a great deal higher and can fall a great deal farther than any normal being. because of his claws he can attach and climb onto almost any surface. suited best in the darkness he is a highly trained assassin for hire. can be found usually in Gambits Bar.

So begins...

Daechir's Story