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Elliot Days

An aimless wanderer from Orre

0 · 100 views · located in Academia Everia

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Medi


Elliot on one of his 'clean' days.

An 'outdoor cat' in his own words, Elliot's skin is tough and weather worn. Numerous scars and burns cover him, although they have faded over time, remaining as reminders of his past and his homeland.

He tends to walk bare foot, his soles more then solid enough to walk across sunbaked metal - plus it means he doesn't have to buy shoes all the time (although socks are nice in winter). His clothes have faired no better then his calloused hands and poor textiles skills with botchy patches a shade off the original colour trying to hide the wear and tear of time have added the 'hobo' air he has (new clothes are expensive!).

Health wise, he is lean and wirey - due to his wandering status and constant lack of money, he has to take what he gets food wise, even if it means going without for days at a time. No doubt if he had more nourishment he would be stronger - as he lives now, he is only good at running away, which he has mastered. He is not fussy about what food he eats, although sweet food tends to make him gag.


Generally a quiet and self contained person, he is more of an observer and commentator then a real participant in life. And that's how he enjoys it, drinking in the surrondings and discovering how the world around him works.

His homelife and environment made no attempts to instill in him any morality - it has only been through his travels that he has began to develope a (weak) sense of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. Good and evil are not important concepts to him, and although he does have a strong sense of pride and duty this does not automatically translate to right and wrong.

It is hard to attack him personally, although new environments, people and pokemon can easily confuse him if he is not given enough time to adjust. Anyone who teaches him without being condescending will gain a steadfast friend, especially if they say nothing of his illiteracy. Heck, if you don't point out he can't read he'll like you.

Years of harsh Orre sun has made him more or less heat proof. The same desert background has made him extremely appreciative of water, and he comes close to worshipping water pokemon. He adores greenery, growth and healthy environments, never tiring of the greens and blues of plants and water.


As far as items go, he has no sort of carrying item. The closest he can get is the many pockets of his pants, and his belt for his pokeballs.


Born and raised in the sweltering hell hole that is Pyrite Town of Orre, Elliot's upbringing was filled with... shady... events. Pyrite Town, even by Orre's standards, is a cesspool of human scum. Elliot's family was near the bottom of the grimy ladder of "Pyrite Life", with his parent struggling to keep their own bones together, let alone a child's.

Most of Elliot's time was spent being out of the way or fighting when he was not. Pokemon were almost as scarce as water, the only regular one-on-one interaction Elliot had was with the family's old dingy Sandshrew. Any battles in Pyrite were vicious and usually also involved the trainer fighting - Elliot had been on the recieving end of many a pokemon attack, both on purpose and by accident (spectating, whilst interesting, was always dangerous).

Elliot's average looking life of being beat up and barely surviving day to day took a turn for the better when he was given a 'scholarship' to another region as part of the 'Make Orre Less Crap' (unofficial name) scheme headed by local do-gooder Duking and his newfound contacts with the outside world.

Basically he got a free Abra Teleport to a region to start his grand pokemon journey without any prior information.

So begins...

Elliot Days's Story


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