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Hana Nakamura

0 · 197 views · located in Wing City Lake: Beach

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Liquidus


Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Eye Colour: Born with Heterochromia, her right eye is a honey brown, the Right is an ice blue
Hair Colour: Black

Appearance: She is a typical high school girl with a beautiful face, and eyes that attract much attention. Her hair is kept clean and tidy and she is one of the well endowed girls in her school. She isn't very athletic and she has an average body to show for it. Her hair is a jet black that falls just past her shoulders.


Clothing: She usually wears the specific sailor uniform of her school, and casually she wears whatever fits the weather.


Personality: "Beauty hides the fox within' a woman..." This quote is too true. Hana is a gambler at heart, she has the luck of the goddesses themselves, which earned her the nickname "Little Lady Luck" She is not a sly or shady person, she just loves to push her luck. Even if she loses, she usually can come out of top. Her is a calm, collected person, but in stressful situations, she'll break down over time. altogether she is street wise, and decent at her studies, making her a pretty good strategist for the most part. She rarely angers and if she does, things get ugly.

Family: Mother and Father, Living with grandmother in Tokyo
Hobbies: Playing games of chance for cookies and pocket change, Checkers.
Strengths: Quick witted, Lucky as hell
Weaknesses: Luck isn't everything, Naive
Likes: People who like gambling and fun, Puppies
Dislikes: People who think gambling is all about addiction and lost
Favorite food: Chicken pot pie, Fresh noodles
Least favorite food: Grapefruit, Onions
Favorite Color: Silver and Gold


Superhuman Abilities: Tenchi no Unsei "Realm of Luck"

The realm of luck is her special ability, which manifests as a harlequin green trimmed black orb extends 20ft away from her in every direction, and once inside of the realm, everyone within' range must play by her rules. Her lucky number is 3 and her 3 abilities are as follows: ((Note: She has no combat training, only self practice and fighting hollows that attack.)) This ability also increases her overall strength, speed, stamina and durability for the most part, just like any other superhuman power.

Kotoba "Word"

To activate this rule she will speak a word, while in the realm the affected opponent cannot do this action ((Example: She says Bankai--Bankai CANNOT be used while in the realm. This defensive technique can be use once every 3 minutes ((3 posts)) This also restricts her from doing the same action. This technique works by using her reiatsu to suppress the body down to the nervous system, outside of the realm anything can be used, once it enters the realm it is bound by the rules she sets.

Taimuauto "Time out"

This technique is luck personified; her can slow down attacks and movement to a crawl by compressing her reiatsu inside of the Realm. This can allow her to seem almost untouchable at times, but opponents with higher levels of reiatsu may be able to resist the defensive technique. She can use this twice per day because of the strain on her body.

Gyanburā no kagami "Gambler's Mirror"

This technique allows her to use enemy techniques, weapons and abilities, albeit having them be ALOT weaker overall. Example: In combat with a hollow she can fire cero, but they are incredibly weakened. She typically carries a wooden sword around to mimic weapons. This technique is more passive than needed to be activated. It allows her a variety of options. Overall the effects wears off if her is getting tired.


She was born to a Lawyer Mother and a local Casino owner father, which may have an influence on her activities as a person. She was taught to use her smarts to her advantage, and count on her luck to get her out of tight situations. She grew up a normal girl with a rare stroke of luck that has saved her from harm a plethora of times. She has been able to see spirits since birth, and she has been able to lead a pretty normal life despite this fact. Her powers manifested from a surprise hollow attack. The hollow was about to step on her mother's car, and in a act of desperation, she drew her reiastu from deep within' her and successfully killed the hollow. She soon became curious and decided to locate the town shinigami and get some advice. The shinigami trained her to bring out her abilities at her own whim as well as some light combat training.

So begins...

Hana Nakamura's Story