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Jonathan Hunter

Mercenary and terrorist-for-hire

0 · 217 views · located in The Infinite Void

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Loxley


Shortcut, unkempt black hair, handsome but unshaved face, usually wears henley shirts with dark and black suits, and always carries a shoulder holster made out of leather under his left arm, hidden by a costume jacket. His eyes are amber-coloured, and usually cold, dispassionate, distanced and callous, giving him the appearance, not of a murderer, but of a predator. Hunter is 1,83 tall, and slenderly built, weighing in at around 70 kg. He's physically fit, and in as good shape as he was when he served in the South African Army, but he's no bodybuilder giant slab of muscles, either.




Hunter is a cold and dispassionate loner. He can be extremely ruthless, and it seems like killing is second nature to him. Even when in the face of mortal danger, he keeps cool, and maintains his stoic, silent appearance. He's got few friends, and fewer yet who know him intimately. Hunter rarely speaks, and when he does, he does it in short, low-voiced sentences. He speaks with a South African accent. Even though he never seem to smile or joke, he's got a twisted, almost delinquent mindset which takes sadistic pleasure in destroying expensive property, especially with explosives. As such he also favors using explosives when it comes to getting rid of evidence from a crime scene, and has been trained in the use of it. But to Hunter, there's only one thing that he truly loves, and that's his home continent of Africa.

While Hunter claims to work in his line of work for the money, in truth, he works in his line of work because he thrives in his work, and in the tension of combat. Though ruthless, calculating and cold-blooded, he prides himself in being loyal to those who employs him, and will go through great lengths and pains not to betray them once he's accepted a contract. Exceptions are when they betray him or fail to pay him for his services. In those cases, he will respond with ruthless violence, which indicates a deep-seated but rarely manifested mental instability, which makes him extremely dangerous, even more-so than usually. He also has a penchant for torture as a method of information extraction, for which he received training by South African military intelligence during his days in the Special Forces.


Glock 20 (10 mm pistol, carried in a leather shoulder holster under his left arm), Vektor CP1 (Waist holster, 9 mm back-up pistol), cell phone, brass knuckles, knife, FBI-, NSA-, and CIA fake ID's, several fake passports and identity cards in various names and identities from several different countries.


Jonathan Hunter was born and grew up in Walvis Bay, South-West Africa (Current day Namibia), the son of a South African Army lieutenant and a local nurse, during the last years of Apartheid. His father and mother were both killed by SWAPO terrorists during the 80's, and the young Jonathan found himself taken to an orphanage, where he would spend his next seven years as a troublemaker. His attitude, already back then cold and slightly arrogant, caused him to often get into trouble with the other kids. Since he was a loner, he often ended up in fights with several others, but rarely lost a fight. In fact, the fights usually ended with the young boy being sent to the orphanage director for a chat.

When Hunter turned seventeen, he ran away from the orphanage, and joined the South African Army, claiming he had lost his birth certificate so as to be allowed entrance earlier, and succeeded. He spent the next three years in the South African Infantry Corps, rising in rank from private to sergeant, and doing two tours of duty abroad as a peacekeeper under the UN and the African Union. When he returned from his second peacekeeping operation, Hunter decided to apply for the Special Forces Brigade ("Recces") of the South African National Defence Force.

He passed the selection course at his first attempt, the youngest person ever to do such a thing, barely having turned twenty-one. Hunter would go on to spend the next six years of his life in the Recces, and make it to the rank of major, before retiring from the service. When he retired at the age of twenty-seven, he did so after being wounded in combat during an operation in Central Africa, when he was shot in the chest, and with another bullet barely grazing the corner of his right eye, almost robbing him of his vision on the eye. Both wounds left scars on his chest and face.

After leaving the Army a decorated soldier, Hunter moved to America, working as a bodyguard and freelance mercenary. In time, he joined a private military company operating in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, subsequently, was deployed to Iraq to provide security for the US State Department. He later served similar contracts with the company in both Iraq and Afghanistan. His connection to the PMC lasted for a couple of years before Hunter cut ties with the corporation to once again become a freelance mercenary. This marked the beginning of his career as what would best be described as a terrorist-for-hire.

During this latest period of his life, Hunter worked with arming and training various rebel groups in the third world, as well as carrying out political assassinations for various extreme groups in exchange for money. Many of the assassinations were carried out by means of explosives, which caused him to be marked as one of the most dangerous terrorists in Europe. His activities also earned him the attention of Interpol, and a place on FBI's Ten Most Wanted List. Finally, in 2010, Hunter returned to the United States and moved to New York, where he, under the guise of a false identity, lay low while waiting for a new contract.


Hunter is trained in hand-to-hand and close quarters combat, as well as advanced urban warfare and infiltration techniques. He's also received advanced training in small arms, explosives, torture techniques, military intelligence, and wilderness survival and tracking. During his career as a mercenary and terrorist-for-hire, he's also acquired the skills necessary to blend in, not just in the wilderness, but in civilization, through the use of fake identity documents, theatrics, and an ability to adapt different accents and persons. He's got channels in the underworld allowing him access to large amounts of weapons and military grade equipment if necessary, and have a broad network in the mercenary and criminal worlds.

So begins...

Jonathan Hunter's Story