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Marionette Yuko Bellinda

"Poets write about death in a beautiful way, but death isn't beautiful. Death is nothing but sadness and cold nights. You keep falling... You want to cry, but you just laugh. You spiral through darkness, forever and Ever."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Raize


Marionette Yuko Bellinda
"Beware the tainted flower. For it may look absolutely harmless, but it's scent could be more deadly than poison."

Name: Marionette Yuko Bellinda.

Nickname: Marionette detests every single thing about her name. She feels that it pins her down to something she was before, and something she is not now. She feels free when she forgets about her name, so she prefers the nickname, "M". Just M, simply, M.

Age: 19. Nineteen.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Race: Human.

Nationality: M's ethnicity/nationality is half East Indian half Korean.

Eyes: They are a deep brown, almost black. It is only if you look very closely that you can see the tiny black dots, which her pupils are hiding in the darkness of her iris.

Hair: Strands of onyx bliss, tendrils that are able to blow in the wind perfectly. They are smooth, shiny, and are almost always tangled. But no matter what, you will never find any knots in her hair. The texture is somewhat silky, and usually you can thread your hands in her hair and wonder whether she wears a wig made of silk threads instead of real hair. But her hair is not very long anymore, when she died and came back to life in Ever she hacked it all off, it is about shoulder length now, but it continues to grow very fast.

Height/Weight: Her height is not her strongest point, being very petite at around 5'3". Her weight is even less, making her around 95 to 105 lbs, though she isn't quite sure anymore.

Skin Tone: Her skin tone is a very light shade of brown which would contrast being Korean any day, but having been half East Indian, it changes the way she looks drastically. Her eyes are almond shaped, but they do not half the exact shape of a Korean's, and her height IS shorter than an Indian's, but that is the Korean side of her laying down the land. Now her skin tone seems to be the perfect mixture between both of them, adding the creamy, light affect to the darkening skin. It's like a bronze, except with a pale, chalky under coat. If that sounds unappealing, it's really not I promise. Her skin is also a little rough, I will explain about that in history as well.

Build: As you would know, her build is slender, and slim. But she is not willowy; she does have muscle beneath her coarse skin. She has a very built body because of being petite. She is definitely toned, with short, but strong legs and arms that could lift quite a lot for a small woman like her that only weighs 100 pounds. She is very limber, which means that she's more flexible than most, her hands are quite long, with fingers that taper at the ends. Her feet are small as well, and she could bend and twist herself into a glass box as though it were no big deal.

Body Markings: Ah, bruises, callouses, tattoos, scars... She has a number of these. We'll start from the top. Behind her left ear is a white puckered mark that indicates she was sliced behind her ear. You have to look very closely to realize that this is not simply a white mark, but a scar from the serrated edge of a kitchen knife. body, despite how delicate it looks is scarred and marred with many things you wouldn't want to know about. On the back of her left shoulder blade is a marking etched in a deep rusty red ink, a tattoo to be exact. Though the rune is not quite as well-known as you would think, she knows what it means, because she was branded with it by the Master. It means, "Poison Flower". On her right shoulder there is another mark, it is a snake coiling around itself. The snake is a beautiful work of art, with deep shimmering greens, cerulean and indigo blue, and dark scarlet eyes. It hisses at you and seems to slither around her shoulder as though it were alive, this is the mark of the Geisha House, "The Beautiful Serpents".

Dipping low, almost between her breasts is another tattoo, she was required to keep this one for the rest of her days, it is actually a mixture of a tattoo and a scar. It is as though a knife's tip was plunged into her skin and pulled through it, causing it to pucker much like the one behind her ear, except this one looks as though it was carved into her flesh. It looks to be in the shape of a rose, and forever will those lines stay as red as the blood that seeped out of those cuts as they were sliced into her skin. There are so many scars that I cannot even count them all. But those are the only ones that you would be able to see without her stripping down to nothing... But there are two more that she prefers no one would see, but alas... I know what they are, and where they are.

The marks that Griff gave her, she still bears. These marks are a part of her now. They are stretched across her wrists, and they are gruesome. Once upon a time her skin was white as snow, as the blood drained from a single slice across each wrist. The cuts are deep, and obviously they are deep enough that the thick veins in her wrist were destroyed as well, as the blood flowed out, it did not stop, it could not coagulate when the veins would refuse to stop pumping blood out of their ends. They are gruesome looking, the blood that she shed stained her arms like the tattoos that lay across her body. There are drips that run down her forearms, making the scar look fresh when really it is much older than she is today. She fears them immensely, more than anything else in the world. But she is also fascinated with them at the same time.

Voice: She was required to be able to sing when she was made a Geisha, her voice has the sweetest sincerity about it, like a trilling bird in the distance. It is said that she had the most beautiful voice in the Geisha House like a nightingale singing in the starlight. But it is not always so sweet. And people will barely hear it anymore; she laments her death, and mourns her life. She cherished her voice among all other things, and now she cannot sing anything but haunting lullabies, and tunes she does not recognize that still come out of her lips in that soft, sweet voice. Sympathy and a yearning to help her will control you when she sings, so she does not sing, nor does she speak unless she must.

Description: With her slender, small body nearly split in half, she closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Raising a single, perfectly balanced leg up towards the palm of her hand, she grasped her ankle and bent her straight leg, locking her knee at a ninety degree angle; she closed her eyes and took yet another deep breath. Bringing the leg that was clenched in her right hand; she brought it over her head and bowed. There was no audience, no applause, but she did not mind. As the silence washed over her, she brought her leg back, forming the shape of a small circle before finally lapsing back into what looked like a normal position. Kneeling below the dark brown branches of a cherry blossom tree, she saw one lone pink flower fluttering down towards her. Holding out her hands, she caught the flower. It was perfect, each petal was round and whole, and the scent was sublime. Cupping it in her hands, she let it go with the wind once more, watching it spin, she was almost bewitched by it.

The same wind that had taken the flower away ruffled through her dark hair. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze caress her face for a single moment, before going on its way. Opening her eyes, her lashes fluttered for a moment and she stood. Taking a step closer to the tree, she touched a single finger to its bark and smiled, full lips twitching upwards. Her skin seemed to glow bronze in the last light of the day, as the golden sun had set in the horizon. It was perfect, this time of the day. The blue sky had begun to dim, and she could see the first star twinkling near the sun as though bidding it good bye, and telling it to have a good rest. She felt peaceful here, so peaceful in fact that she did not want to leave. She wanted to capture this moment in time, and keep it sacred to her heart, her dearest wish was to stay here forever, and to never have to go anywhere again. But wishes like this didn't come true... Sadly, she lowered her head, bowing to the blossom-laden tree, was it her imagination or did the branches and the entire tree bow back towards her... It was her imagination, to be sure.

Quirks: Her quirks are quite extensive, silence being only one of them. She refuses to speak, as I mentioned before in the description portion of her profile. Yet another one is tracing around the general area of the scar along her wrists. They don't itch, nor do they even feel like anything at all except skin, but still she will trace it as much as she can, unless someone notices what she is doing, she will then stop immediately. She has a bad habit of tearing apart her skin in stressful moments. She's very cautious and suspecting, which means that she'll have to study you for a long period of time before she really trusts you, she trusts Griff though, she'd trust him with her life.

Fears: As I said before, she fears her own beautiful voice... She doesn't know exactly why, but she does. She also fears becoming something she transforms herself to be, she doesn't want to be stuck in a different person's body, with a face that is not her own anymore, nor does she want to become a cat that has the intelligent mind of a woman. Another fear is opening up to people. She has trouble communicating with others already, but actually talking about her past, or her desires? She'd prefer to keep those in private, she doesn't like it when people approach her and ask her questions like that. There are many more things she fears, but she would prefer not to talk about them.

Likes: Painting, Drawing, Bright Vivid Colors, Paintings, Drawings, Beautiful Art, Piano Music, Classical Music, Blue Skies, The Moon, The Sun, The Stars, Clouds, Whispers, Whistling, Glass, Snow, Sunshine, Rain, Words, Poetry, Tigers, Snakes, Dragons, Eagles, Ice, Marbles, Pencils, Pens, Paper, Gryphons, Water, Fairies, Laughter, Kings, Velvet, Silk, Satin, Pearls, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Laughter, Music, Sharp Objects, Stained Glass, Crystal, Dreams, Wishes, Clouds.

Dislikes: Shattered Glass, Muted Colors, Her Own Voice, Sarcasm, Speeches, Rebels, Death, Blood, Mutations, Children, Ghosts, Fire, Books About Other People, The Color White, Milk, Orange Juice, Bears, The Color Brown, People In General, Inexperienced Dancers and Acrobats, Clowns, Immaturity, Confessions, Socializing, Dirt, The Color Puce Because She Finds It "Pukeable", White Bread, The Color Yellow, Racist Asian Jokes, Those Old Fat Hobos That Try to Grab Her Ass, Unibrows, Scotch.

Personality: She is a strange creature; a creature of night, light, and everything in between. She is a fanciful thing, she believes in many things that people don't even talk about anymore. She is like a mirage, gleaming and swirling in the distance, ever elusive. On the outside, she is hard and cold, all business. On the inside there is a world full of laughter, of light, and of night. There is a world with water that shines like cold, jewels that sparkle on flower petals, where everyone is beautiful. Where there are trees with a thousand different colors and butterflies with wings made of spun gossamer above your head. Where there are dragons, roaring and causing the earth to tremble. Her dreams are beautiful, but fragile. It’s almost as if a whisper could break through it, when really it is as strong as iron. You can't understand the way she thinks, she grows easily distracted, but when you have her attention it will seem like she's completely focused on you. She is always thinking of new things for herself, but she is willing to help anyone that she trusts, which is only Griff.

You'd be surprised to know how smart she is on the inside as well, she looks to be naive, or rather frail, but she is strong as an ox and will work harder than a mule. She's also strong headed, and she isn't afraid to fight someone if it means gaining more status for her. She has been with Griff a long time, perhaps longer than most people. She trusts him completely. She remembers vividly how he killed her, murdered her, and yet she still loves him in a way that she will forever be loyal to him. Her eyes betray nothing that which she feels, and her mouth will not open to coax words out. She will only speak if she has to, and usually she doesn't. She'll take orders from those she is loyal to, but the other people that are helping her will not be able to penetrate the inner layers of her mind. She has created a foundation of blocks against people with telekinesis, you have no idea what goes on in Ever, nor how many people could get inside of your brain, and she knows this to be true.

Despite her almost angelic and innocent look, she is angry inside. Always angry at everyone, and the world. Her silence only fuels her anger, and that makes her more and more furious. Someday it will burst, and she will go insane, she will go crazy as she hunts for Griff, and only Griff. She has never found anyone she can talk to simply because she is already on the brink of insanity. Always drawing pictures, always writing in the black book she keeps at her side. That book holds all of her thoughts, every single last one. She will never cease to write in it, and it will never run out of pages for her to write in.

Future Armor: Well, with her ability she does not always need armor, but she finds that it is better to be safe than sorry. Beneath any kind of clothes she wears, mainly her casual clothes... She wears a skin tight suit made of fibers that will repel any type of metal. I mean ANY type of metal. Bullets, daggers, anything to an extent. It will cover her entire body like a jump suit. Even though it is skin tight, it is still extremely comfortable, it will feel almost like a second skin to her. It doesn't cover her face, nor does it cover her hands or feet. Her eyes are probably the most vulnerable thing about her at this point. It can be penetrated, of course. It just holds better protection than any other type of clothing. It is like a bullet proof vest.

Casual Clothing: Her casual clothing would consist of simple, muted colors. She resents her casual clothing, but she knows and understands that it can't be flashy, at all. She wears a black full-body leotard beneath darkly colored jeans so as if she needs the means to a quick escape she can shed her clothes easily and flip away. Her shirts are usually very loose, though they fit her very well. Most likely she'll be wearing her long-ish hair in a low pony tail, and have some type of hat on. Be it a baseball hat, or some other hat in an assortment of different but muted colors. Her shoes are always comfortable, because she doesn't really care much for what she looks like at all. She does have an assortment of shoes as well, though. Sneakers are what she usually wears, but sometimes she'll opt for converse when she feels safe enough to.

Her coat is almost always the same; it's a black hoodie with fur lining beneath it. She finds them strangely comforting. Seeing as she's shorter than the average teenager, she figures that if she dresses this way no one will suspect anything of her at all, she finds it easier to blend in with a crowd if she wears clothes like these; there are never any colors on them, EVER. But her hair is the main thing that irritates her, people seems to stare at it all the time, so often she'll pull it beneath her hat instead of a pony tail. She also usually wears a pair of shades that keep her eyes hidden from view. She is able to regulate whether they are clear, or completely black, they will shade whenever she is in the sun, when it is night they begin to clear up.

Carried Items: The only thing she carries with her is a black notebook with plenty of pages to spare and a black pen that never seems to run out of ink. She hasn't had to replace these two objects yet, these are usually the only things she carries with her, but she has taken to adding a Swiss army knife to the mix, and a sleek custom made cellphone in a special pocket in her hoodie.

Main Weapon:
β€’ Name: When she acquires the weapon, she'll deem it, "Asshole."
β€’ Type: An interesting choice for M, but she has chosen a rather slender butterfly knife.
β€’ Made of: Surprisingly the blade is made of titanium alloy, and the handle is made of pure steel, coated with a deep black mixture. The substance is unknown. There is also a rather thin lock pick that she keeps hidden in the knife as well, there is another button on the tip that will cause that to spring out rather than the knife, it is your choice.
β€’ Length: The length is actually quite long for a butterfly knife, it's about six inches and it retracts into its case with a flick of the button on the handle. The blade is about six inches, and fits perfectly into the handle as there is a small slice in there that keeps the knife safe. The button is extremely sensitive, and it can spring out by simply brushing against the button.
β€’ Weight: The specific weight is unknown, but the steel and titanium alloy was tempered to perfection, so it most likely weight less than a pound.
β€’ Description/Info: It's quite beautiful if you think about it, and it fits perfectly in the palm of her hand. The switch blade is shiny, and it gleams with soft silver light, as though it were made from moon beams. But this beautiful weapon is deadly in the hands of M. Despite its meager size, she is able to dodge and hold her own in a fight with this butterfly knife. Because of the hardness, and her fast reflexes she is able to get in through chinks of someone's armor and she is able to stab vital organs even through some people's armor. You never know what will happen when M is there. The butterfly knife also has a lock pick, which makes it easier for M to get from place to place, even in places she knows she's not supposed to be in. She learned a few things when she was in the business of selling her body; she is not innocent, not at all.

β€’ Flexibility/Reflexes: One of her attributes that she was born with is a limber, very flexible body, along with just the slightest bit faster reflexes. This makes it easier for her to fight people with brawn and brutal size, so as she doesn't get crushed. Because just because they're bigger than her doesn't mean they're smarter at all. She strategizes at the most about where to strike and what exactly will bring them off balance, while she is so low to the ground that she can't be moved.
β€’ Dancer's Body: She learned to dance when she was very young, which caused her to have a good rhythm, and a steady sense of patterns. She will study her opponent as they fight and slowly become the opposite of what that person is, making it harder for them to understand what she is doing. Say her opponent always flings out his left hand before a strike in a flourish; she will analyze this and attack his left hand when he attempts to punch her with his right. And if there is a certain style the other person is using, she'll use their strength against them. If someone is patterned with their attacks, she'll be wild and unpredictable. She doesn't tire easily, which makes this possible.

β€’ Mass: Even though she is fast, that doesn't mean she doesn't have handicaps. She can be caught, even if it is extremely difficult to do so. If someone were to catch her, they could kill her just as easily as anyone else could. If you manage to disarm her she'll usually get her weapon back. But she favors her right arm to her left for an odd reason; she'll always protect her right side. She realizes this, but sometimes it happens subconsciously.

β€’ Rationality: Sometimes she dares too much, she risks too much. She feels adrenaline rush through her and she does something that could really hurt her in a fight. She'll forget that she doesn't have the advantage sometimes, especially if the person is bigger than her and she'll begin to daredevil everywhere, being less cautious. Being wild and unpredictable will often work for her, but if the other person is suspecting that this is teh case, it could potentially kill M. Again.

β€’ Powers: The abilities to transform, or morph into anything she wishes. It does have quite a bit of a weakness to it at times, but it is there all the same. It is simple to understand, let me explain. In order to do this she must have the right mindset. Her power consists of imagining something, and then becoming what she imagined to become. Anything, from inanimate objects, to people, to things she's written down in words, to creatures she's drawn on paper and in her mind. This is the reason for her black journal. This calls for an intense amount of concentration, if she does not concentrate on every single detail of what she is becoming, it could turn out very... Very… Badly for her. If she is creating something she can become, she must think about it for more than a few seconds. It doesn't just go. BOOM! I'm a unicorn! She has to think of the weight, the height, and every single physical feature. It is easier for her to turn into things that are already created, like humans that are alive, or already have pictures... If she stays in the guise too long, she'll begin to forget who she is, so she always makes sure to stay in it for only two days, forty eight hours (most likely she CAN keep it for longer, maybe even become the person but she's too wary and skeptical of her abilities to actually go past two days). Her journal is her way of becoming things she has created, if she loses it she'll have to start all over again, it is extremely precious to her.

This is a very complex power, for some reason it doesn't take a lot of energy out of her. If she is holding an inanimate object, or anything near to her she can morph it into herself as well, using things like lamp shades, and stone and such. It'll be quite a task to find her, because she doesn't like being found, and she's an expert at hiding. If someone else is a shifter, it means that she can resist what they're trying to turn her into. I'm sure you've heard of witches that are able to transform people into toads, well, M is resistant to that. She can usually only imagine things for herself, but as her powers keep growing stronger they'll eventually develop into the gift of pure transformation. Right now, she can change only her physical appearance, she still retains her own ability to see, hear, touch, smell, all of those senses. When her powers continue to grow and ripen, she'll take on any of the senses that the animal she has created contains. Such as a bird, maybe a vulture. She'll have a thirst for blood and flesh, but she'll have much better eyesight. If she turns into a dog, she'll have a better sense of smell and direction. You understand, yes? Good.

Family: She remembers little of her family. She was an only child, and the one thing that she remembers was that her father's skin was darker than her mother's, and that her mother had the most beautiful smile in the world. His name was Sebastian Dominic Bellinda.. And her mother's name meant, "Beautiful Desert Flower Flying on the Wind". She does not remember her mother's actual name, only the poetic meaning it states.

History: Her parents did not stay together, when she was born. Her father, Sebastian had been on a business trip in Korea when he met her mother. When the meeting he had had ended early, he had begun to roam the streets of Korea in search of beautiful things, when he laid eyes on M's mother, in her white silk robe with purple satin beneath it, he fell in love. He called her a delicate maiden, the snow queen. She fell in love with his dark eyes, and deep brown skin. He was beautiful to her, as she was to him. He made love to her that night, but when she told him what she was, he fell away from her and ran away in disgust.

She was a prostitute, trying to earn her living by selling her body to men. It disgusted him to even think about it. He flew back to India, and married another woman and had many children with her. But he had impregnated his snow queen, and she gave birth to a baby daughter, Marionette is what she called her. For Sebastian gave her many gifts, and the last one was a small doll that had a name that sounded exactly like "Marionette". She raised her daughter, but the house of Geisha did not permit their prostitutes to have children, she was chased out onto the street and continued to sell her body there. She died years later, leaving Marionette to fend for herself. She tried to stay with her aunt, but her aunt had not wanted her either, soon, her aunt sold her to people in the prostitute trade, she cried for her aunt to take her back, but the aunt cackled and walked away, counting the coins that that slave traders had given her.

They sold her to the Beautiful Serpents, and she was put to work as a Geisha. She was a perfect specimen, they dressed her up in provocative gowns, and painted her face, they did her hair and scrubbed her until she smelled like jasmine flowers. She would work here for the rest of her life, until her bones creaked and her face lost its beauty, until she died... She was taught that the women were a lowly race, and that the men held all the power. She was beaten over and over, every night. Her body had begun to fade already. She was taught to sing, to dance, and to please the men that paid for her to have sexual relations with them. She learned to write English, and to speak English and Chinese. She was cornered in her own life, she couldn't take this anymore, but she had to.

She made friends with some of the other prostitutes, they told her that the manager of them cherished her above all others, she got the best gowns, and everything besides that. They told her that everyone thought she was lovely, and that she would always get the best jobs. Sometimes the patrons would give you jewelry, little things like gold and silver rings, or pearl necklaces. They were all very perfect to her, in fact it was too perfect... A patron that M fell in love with was a young man that came very often, just to see her...

His name was Sang; he had dark black hair, and beautiful eyes. She fell in love with him, something that Geishas were not supposed to do. He fell in love with her as well, but the bond between lust and love is exquisitely fragile. He asked her to run away with him, and she said that she could not. In a jealous rage, he thought that perhaps she was in love with another man, another of her PATRONS. In a fury, he paid for a night and brought two friends. The two held her down as he carved a rose in her chest, telling her that this was a memento of his love, and that he knew she was as delicate as a rose. She cried out, and the manager threw the boys out into the night, they were never to be seen again. She recovered in two months, but the red blossom would stay on her chest for all eternity... She would never get rid of it. She was tired of this place. She could not stay here any longer. But she did... Until the night came when she wouldn't be able to anymore, because someone would murder her.

Where/How Griff Approached You: She had had a quiet night in the house, the wind whistled through her hair, and suddenly the door sprang open. The manager screamed at her to get going, as there was a patron that he was putting her in charge of. She slipped out the door, her heavy skirts weighing her down as she entered the designated room for her clients and sat herself on the bed. The man's gaze was thick but unreadable. Flashes of emotions charged in his eyes- rage, lust, woe- but most of all, guilt. It was frightening and alarmed her, but she had a job. She smiled at him seductively, and whispered to him softly, "What do you wish for, master?" But he said nothing. He sighed, running a hand through his hair like he was contemplating whether this whole thing was a mistake or not, but did not give a reply. She was confused, now. "You're too fuckin' beautiful, ya know that?" he said clearly, approaching her with a new found resolve. Intimidating, horrifying. Fear crashed over her, though she wasn't sure why. (He was using his "Torment" power) It was like a new presence had entered the room and fright wrapped itself around her neck. When she did not answer, he scowled, apparently angered and outraged, though she couldn't understand why. "She never answered me, you know. Never called my name back. Do you know my name, woman?" he asked, too close now. "Well, the name's Boogey. Pleasure to meet you." he sneered, pinning her against the wall. The next thing she knew, he was slicing his wrist with a talon-like finger and from it the blood, a fan appeared. In moments, the fan became metallic and sharp and he sliced them across her wrists in one easy movement, sadistic frown across his face as he growled. The fans shattered at her feet as he stalked out. She could faintly hear him puking in the next room, but it could have been her imagination.

The loss of blood was already making her light headed. All she could see was his face, turning and morphing in her thoughts.

The pain was too much for her to bear; she passed out, baring thoughts of darkness... She could do no more.... But wait... And then, she was gone. Her beautiful figure lay in a pool of crimson blood that slowly stained the floor, it was poetic... The geisha died as her scarlet life bled away, she was whisked away to Ever, to await her master's return.

So begins...

Marionette Yuko Bellinda's Story