Nulli (Imperial form)

Imperial Form

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by TheEliteVOID


Fade Out
Shift Colors

Shadow-melding - The ability to meld into the shadows. Often, this ability means that Nulli can reappear in any other shadow in the general area.

Silent Stride - Nulli's footsteps are silent, no matter what it does, so long as it wants to be silent. It can be tap dancing upon dry leaves and still manage to make no sound if it doesn't want to.

Telepathy: Emotion
The ability to 'speak' mind to mind through the use of emotions to convey desires and feelings

Corruption Immunity
Nulli is immune to the effects of corruption

They become a living shadow, able to douse the light in the area around them. They are insubstantial and cannot be harmed except by light magic. They will then revert to Nulli's forms and be unable to change back until they've rested.

The ability to feel and respond to the emotional states of others.

Photokinesis - Can manipulate light

Thermokinesis - Can manipulate heat level

Kinetic - Can manipulate elements

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