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"You should know that the lies won't hide your flaws.."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ashes



We get some rules to follow
That and this, these and those
No one knows;


We get these pills to swallow
How they stick in your throat
Taste like gold;
Oh what you do to me
No one knows


â™ĸâ™Ļâ™ĸ Name:Talvikki 'Talvi' Vuorela
'You want my name? Talvi. I go by T sometimes. Full name? Nah, that ain't none of your business, and it ain't somethin' I'm wantin' everyone to know.'

â™Ļâ™ĸâ™Ļ Age: 16
'Piss off with this shit before I knock out them pearly whites. Eheheheh. Just messin' with you. But I'll be keepin' that information disclosed, end of story. Now you can piss off.'

â™ĸâ™Ļâ™ĸ Species: Finnish drug-dealing Elven Witch Midget.
'That's a complicated subject. I guess I'm a human. Me Nana was a pretty little human girl, long gold locks and blue eyes. One of those Marilyn Monroe, diva, "Look at me!" types. Well she met my grandpa, the drunken Elf, on one faithful night. He boned her, and ran out the door; that's what she says anyways. So I'm like a third Elf or somethin'. Ain't nothin' special 'side from havin' a great ass and pointy ears.'

â™Ļâ™ĸâ™Ļ Appearance: Talvi is 9 inches shy of five feet, she wears her long, strangley hair up in two ponytails with fuchsia bows; her pink eyes are always set in a melancholy stare or an evil gleam. Which sadly, when occupied by a slight smirk, gives the girl a malicious expression that scares the bravest of warriors! Whenever she's seen outside of her house, or the H.Q, she's in a school uniform, carrying a purple bag with her attention set to her phone. Legend says that she's never worn the same knee-highs twice. She wears a new pair everyday, along with her favorite black boots.
'Uhh.. Well you can see. So I'm guessin' you wanna know what I got, yea? Alright well lesse, in the bag, a few notebooks for school. Can't forget my studies! Phone charger, iPod- Charger for that, of course, three boxes of strawberry Pockys, and enough drugs to kill like.. 10 horses. Whatcha got in your pockets?'

â™ĸâ™Ļâ™ĸ Personality: The midget is a kind soul, with a wrong way of seeing and doing things. Towards friends, and even new acquaintances, she seems 'normal' and almost sweet. Unless you happen to be buying drugs from her. Then she turns into a 'thug' or a 'hoodlum' (She tries to anyways, but it always ends up with the buyer dying of laughter).
'I act like me. The hell I gotta explain somethin' like that for? Oh my god... You're retarded. That's why. I'm so sorry, here. Take this twenty bucks and go buy a hooker, sweety. Poor thing. I will pray for you.'

â™Ļâ™ĸâ™Ļ History: Talvi grew up in a Finnish home, where the only thing Finnish was her mother's Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie, duh). Her mother, father, and three brothers all speak like the sterotypical New York 'Mobster'. They enjoyed beating the shit out of each other, large amounts of alcohol, and bad drugs. Talvi is the youngest, and despite her age, she's the only sibling with any kind of education, or job. Eeli, Jimi, and Otto, the retard triplets all dropped out in the third grade. They used Soap Operas and Sesame street to become adult morons, as they currently are. Which would explain why they never once had a job. Instead they mooched off of their mother for 24 years without ever muttering a thank you to her. Over a span of 30 years, Talvi's mother has slowly gone bat-shit crazy. She starts her days off at 3:30 a.m with a 12 pack, makes burnt toast and raw scrambled eggs for dinner, and then disappears into her room until she needs more booze. They have had many complaints of her screaming at the T.V, and throwing beer bottles at the neighbors for being 'Demons' or 'Satan's Whore'. Before Talvi left home, her mother was stable enough to keep them all fed, and not dying. Her father was, and still is a 'Manly Man'. He has things his way, and every woman that back talks him should be placed on a stake and fried to a nice burnt crisp. To put it short, Talvi was apart of a broken home until her 14th birthday. She moved on, got her own place and has over 75,000 dollars tucked away for her future. She spends her days in school chatting with friends who all happen to be customers. The nights and weekends consist of selling drugs for her 'True Family', and or gang, or hanging out at 'teenager-like' shops trying to sell said dope.
'Well ain't that a personal question. You really think I'ma just open up to some stranger. My friends don't even know nothin' about me. And that's how I like it. Don't need no one lookin' down on me. And-... Well, yeah everyone does already look down on me but-... Nevermind. Piss off.'

♕ Powers ┈ Abilities ♕

â™Ļâ™Ļâ™Ļ Spellbook of Dark Magics & Necromancy: Just as it sounds. The book isn't seen often, due to her leaving it at home. (She has them all copied in her notebook. She thought it looked more kawaii) Only the high-ups in her gang, and a handful of close friends know that she dabbles in Dark Magic. Mostly because whoever she does said-magic to ends up rotting from their core. Flesh peeling away, organs decaying, and that ass breath. Turning into a zombie is a very terrible thing. Don't try it at home. Her powers also consist of teleportation, portals, and a few other more lethal things:
â™ĸâ™ĸ Black Ether â™ĸâ™ĸ
â™Ļ Caster calls upon the Spirit of Time, receiving an empowerment stone used to fulfill the spell. (Caster keeps several in possession) The Caster begins the spell, the ground quickly becomes cast in shadows, said shadows growing taller and wider; creating a dome around the target. If no action is made by the target, the dome will decrease in size until the target's form is covered in shadow. As spell is read, the target first loses the ability to breath. The shadows tear away at the targets skin, inflicting it with a poison weakens the target's energy and will, should the former attack fail. If the target continues to resist, and the Caster has the means to kill, the shadow expands again, only to collapse on the target; the shadows break past the skin, layers of tissue, muscles, and bones, until nothing is left but Ether. Which is returned to the Spirit of Time as payment. Should the target not be killed, the Caster loses a piece of their essence as payment.

(If the Caster wishes to kill in a slower manner, the Target will merely be inflicted with a poison that rots their body, and retrieves their essence (or Ether). It depends on the Caster's preference, on how long they rot. So, she gets to keep zombies chained in her basements. She feeds them the clients that don't pay up. She's named both of them. Kilinvittu: (Cunt of Goat), the woman who tried to rob her a while back. It was over a pack of gum and a sprite. Pallinaama: (Dickface), former boy toy who fucked her best friend for a cheeseburger or something. They may or may not have gotten out and almost started the Zahmbie apocalypse once or seven times.)

â™Ļâ™Ļ Shadow Step â™Ļâ™Ļ


Gorillaz ○ DARE
Every You Every Me ○ Placebo
DJ Shadow - Six Days
Chamillionaire ● Ridin' Dirty

So begins...

Talvi's Story