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Shane Foley

Candidate for Poseidon

0 · 599 views · located in Olympus Academy

a character in “The Olympus Academy”, as played by Belynta




Candidate for POSEIDON



Name: Shane Foley

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Ethnicity: Australian


Occupation: Lifeguard



Height: 6"2

Weight: 190 lbs

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Skin color: White but with a strong natural tan

Scars/markings: None

Clothing Style: Casual clothing mostly jeans, t shirts and open shirts over the top, shorts if its really hot. Wears several beaded bracelets.


Shane is probably the most relaxed, laid back person you are ever likely to meet, very little gets to him and if something does bother him its not for very long. He is pretty much friendly and happy most of the time and as such is easy to be around. He accepts people regardless of what others say and it will take a lot to put him off someone. He is a positive, up beat person for whom the glass is always half full and he just finds it easier to laugh at things rather than let them get to you. He is usually the peace keeper or joker in a group always diffusing tense situations or making a wise crack at just the right time. The one downside of him being such an affable/likeable person is people take his good humour for granted and assume that means he can't get angry or upset. This isn't true, it just takes more to rile him up. But on the rare occasions he has lost his temper people know to run for the hills.

Likes: Water, surfing, beach parties, whales, hot weather, sketching, swimming, horses

Dislikes: Cold weather, ignorant people, being bored, reading, horror films,

Hobbies: Scuba diving, horse riding

Positive characteristics: Optimistic, Relaxed, Friendly, Helpful, Generous

Negative characteristics: Doesn't take things seriously, too trusting, unorganised, impulsive,

Background: Shane was born and raised in Australia and he grew up with the beach literally behind his house, he and his twin sister Sasha spent most of their childhood on that beach and both shared a love of the sea. His parents were successful enough in their day jobs that their children grew up in a comfortable if not rich home. His childhood and teen years were spent studying, surfing and partying on the beach as most kids in his neighbourhood did. When he finished school he enrolled in college wanting to be a marine biologist having always been fascinated by marine life. He knew of the Olympus Academy, having heard the tales from his parents whilst growing up, but had always assumed Sasha would be the one to go as they both had the same affinity for water and the life in it and she was much more interested in the legends of Poseidon.

But when Shane was twenty his parents informed him that his twin had died in an accident at sea, devastated by the loss of his twin Shane quit college and returned home becoming a lifeguard at the local beach. But although he maintained his positive outlook and cheery demeanour he missed his sister constantly and felt her loss everywhere he went. After many nights spent at the beach soul searching he decided to join the academy as a fresh start but also for his sister.



Powers: Shane's abilities are below but some are as yet unrealised:

Communicate with marine life - Shane can effectively 'talk' with most marine life though how much would vary on the species, he is as yet unaware of this.
Control water - Shane has complete mastery over water and can control it to do whatever he wishes, he has begun to experiment with this but currently he struggles with controlling it.
Creation of storms - Shane has the ability to summon storms (over water), he has never knowingly done this
Breathe underwater - Shane can breathe underwater and he has become quite adept at this ability

Skills: Expert swimmer and diver, horse riding, first aid, knowledge of behaviour/anatomy of marine life,




Family: Sarah Foley and Brad Foley (parents) Sasha Foley (Twin sister - deceased)

Other connections:


So begins...

Shane Foley's Story