The Head of PAB, Half Human, Half Reptile

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a character in “The Paranormal Anomalous Brueau”, as played by VergilSparda


Description: Half human, half reptilian*

Age: Unknown, Possibly over 200 years old

Height: 5'8"

Eyes: Pale Grey, pupils almond shaped

Skin Colour: Light black with a greenish tint

Sex: Male

Darkrax's personality consists of many personalities only known are two (Kai, Dreznark)

The equipment that Darkrax uses on a regular basis are as follows, the full extent of his abilities other than rapid regeneration are classified:

1. A pair of twin 357. revolvers, a twelve inch Gladius machete, and two bowie knives holstered in his boots.

Abilities: Rapid regeneration, photographic reflexes, adaptation, greater pain/damage threshold

Background: Darkrax was created in a lab sometime around 200 years ago or so stated by him, by insertion of *Gila Monster genes into a fetus still inside the womb. He was the only test out of twenty six that were a success. At the age of 35, in the desert of Habithia, he discovered a creature massive in size that was pure white and had four wings, upon approaching the creature he heard a voice saying "Prepare". He then felt a sense of fear turned around and ran. He never forgot what he heard. From there on out he form the Paranormal Anomalous Bureau.

So begins...

Darkrax's Story