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Sage By'rill

"Peace first starts with acknowledgement."

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a character in “The Reign of Dragons”, originally authored by Siryn, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Sage By'rill

Dragon’s Name and Color: Rin, Blue Dragon

Appearance: Image Her armor is light weight leather made from the animal skins of the forest where she lives. The tanned leather covers her chest, leaving her shoulders and arms bare. Long leggings are tight all the way down until the boots cover them at mid shin. Small gloves cover her hands only because she needs them for using her bow and riding her dragon. She has deep sea green eyes and blue hair, an oddity among her people.

Age: 120


Strengths/Abilities: She is a skilled archer and dragon rider. She is quick with her bow and has deadly aim on moving targets. Along with being flexible and fast on her feet, she can wield a short sword. Sage has some natural magic, but it's mostly used for healing. Otherwise, her magic is mere illusions that don't last very long.

Weakness: Though she can use her short sword well, she cannot last in a fight for long without having some distance between herself and her target. Her use of magic is very limited, and because of this it takes a lot of energy to do simple things, like healing small cuts, thus leaving her with a terrible headache and a need for sleep for some time.

Personality: Sage is sweet, nice to most anyone she meets and very helpful. She tries to keep a smile on her face no matter what and looks to the bright side of things often. She enjoys company of most anyone, and dislikes being alone. She hates to be far from her dragon for long periods of time, but deals with it if she has to. Friends are highly treasured to her, and she would do anything for them. She isn't easily angered, but threaten her dragon and she'll kill you without a second thought. She dislikes drunkards, people who think they are better than her and the hierarchy, especially the Red's and the Blacks.

Orientation: Lethandril, though she likes to travel among the cities often

Equipment: Her bow and arrows, her short sword

History: When Sage was very young, sixty years of age, she was given her first dragon egg. She was excited, never leaving its side as it lay on heated rocks. She did this for a half a year, sleeping, eating and practicing around her egg. One day she had to leave its side, having to witness the coronation of Queen Fae. That night, when she was finally able to return to her dragon egg, she found that it had cracked opened. The dragon was no where to be found though. Unsure of what had happened, and devastated by the loss of her dragon, she was grief stricken for some time.

During one of her journeys to the neutral city of Yeveen, she encountered a baby blue dragon that was wounded. She quickly took him into her care, carrying him to the city and getting help for his wounds. The two bonded very closely afterwards and have never been separated. They have flown all over the lands, enjoying the freedom they have. Flying into the Black and Red territory always proves to be a little dangerous, but both rider and dragon enjoy the thrill of danger.

On one such flight, they both went as far south as they could. But they didn't stay there long. A cold dreadful feeling filled the air and Sage didn't wish to stay there any longer. Rin agreed and they flew back to Crystacia. They haven't been back to the southern edge since.

So begins...

Sage By'rill's Story


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#, as written by Siryn
City Kingsburrow

Raiyn reeled backwards at the sound of her voice, grabbing at his shirt. His fingers curled along the edge of a throwing knife, the only weapon he had left on his person. The short sword would be too obvious to grab hold of. He was crouched down in a position ready to fight, but as he watched her, he realized how very harmless she was. And quite pretty as well...

"Raiyn..." Vy's voice held a hint of impatience. The Assassin straightened himself, standing a good couple of inches taller than the elven woman. The woman looked out the window, waved to some children and continued on cleaning the mess he'd made of the bed and table. He moved silently to the bed, let go of his shirt and sat down, still watching her. Raiyn wasn't particularly hungry, but he took a piece of fruit anyway so that he wasn't being rude.

"You are the one who healed me?" He asked softly. Then he remembered what else she'd said and raised an eyebrow, "Supernatural spiders... I wonder..." he let his thoughts go. Perhaps the magi who he had encountered the night before were connected to that occurance. It would make sense at least, they were using foul magic.

"It's a high possibility. I don't like the sounds of this, Raiyn. Something very strange is going on."

"There's always something strange going on. Especially between those three." Raiyn replied through their connection.

Vy huffed, "No, it's more than that."

The Assassin to another bite of the fruit he held, wondering what could possibly be going on. Vy seemed to be agitated about something, and it was a little more than just the three higher dragons feuding with each other all the time.

"What's your name? So I can properly thank you, lovely Lady." Raiyn asked having finished his fruit. He leaned down to grab his shirt, but the pull on his shoulder was too much and he quickly straightened, grinding his teeth and glaring at the layers of cloth at his feet.

City Crystacia

"There's some dark magic going on lately," an older woman's voice caught the elf's attention. She slowed her pace so she could eavesdrop on the conversation going on behind her.

"Yes, I can feel it too. I heard a scream in the dead of night last night, right when the moon was mid sky. Something terrible is going on."

"Do you think Queen Fae knows about this?"

"She should, she's the Queen!"

"Rin," Sage called to her brilliant blue dragon.

"I've been feeling like something awful is about to happen. It's hard to explain..." Rin replied slowly, her voice holding a sense of uncertainty. Sage understood why her dragon never told her about the feeling. It was just barely present, like a pesky dull ache that can be easily over looked or forgotten. The elf continued on her way, she had stopped in Crystacia for supplies before leaving again to Skyfall. It was a long flight, and she didn't want to be out of food or water before the trip was over. Though she loved Crystacia, she didn't care to stay for long. She wasn't too inclined to fight for the White dragon's war, though they were probably the least violent between the three. Queen Fae tried to settle things via talking, but most of the time it only ended in fighting anyway. Sage frowned.

"We should find Gwindor."

"What? Why?"

"Because he can help us to figure out this feeling. He is much older and wiser. Then we can go to Skyfall."

Sage finished buying her supplies and headed to the gates of the city. Once outside, she met with Rin, the large blue dragon lay out on the open grass, allowing the sun to warm her brilliantly flashing scales. "Then it's a plan."


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#, as written by Siryn
City Kingsburrow

He let her touch him, pushing magic through his body to keep the pain of the wounds to a minimum. Raiyn almost forgot that she'd asked for his name as well. It wasn't until she'd gotten his shirt mostly put on that he remembered. He'd been busy admiring her. The Assassin sat quietly for some time while she worked with the layers of cloth. A simple white shirt went on first, then covered by a long red cloth that wrapped around his shoulders and torso. Over that another red cloth, thicker than the last and lacing up the front, finally a black tunic like material to cover it all and hide his weapons. The last portion of his clothing was a long white strip of silk, clasped onto the top of his shoulder by a gold clip. It was the mark of an Assassin. That he took from her hands and put on himself, standing as he did so.

Raiyn grabbed his gloves in one hand and took hers in the other. He raised it to his lips, all the while keeping eye contact, never looking away. He kissed the back of her hand gently, bowed before her and released her fingers, "Thank you, Aella, Dragon healer. I am Raiyn V'lyn."

"Why don't you tell her your an Assassin while you're at it, Raiyn," Vy said, his voice stuffy. Raiyn smiled at his dragons words, he didn't reply knowing why the dragon was giving him a hard time. He couldn't help it, he always treated women like this. To him, they were all beautiful and deserved such treatment. Once he straightened and pulled on his gloves, he took his weapons that were on the table.

"Don't worry about the spiders. My fath-"

"Raiyn!" Vy was alerted by something, his fear and worry flooded the Assassin. He stopped in mid sentence, directing his attention completely to where he knew Vy was perched outside the city of Kingsburrow.

"Vy," he whispered aloud, his throat tight.

"We have to go, now! Something's happening in Skyfall... your Father, Raiyn," the dragon left the sentence unfinished. Raiyn finished strapping his short sword to his hip and turned to leave. His quick movements jarred his shoulder, but he ignored the burn as Aella's magic slowly faded from his system. The Assassin was out of the room silently in a matter of moments. His thoughts completely on getting back to Skyfall. He rushed out of the house and into the street. Following his dragon's presence, he ran up the side of one of the buildings and was on the roof. Using the rooftops to his advantage, he moved faster through the city. The city wall loomed closer, and beyond it he could hear Vy's wing strokes.

Raiyn rushed across the last rooftop, then used all of his strength to jump and reach the top of the wall. His grip on the wall almost slipped, but he pulled himself up over it and jumped off the other side into thin air. Vy flew right under him and they took off quickly towards Skyfall.

Sage By'rill

Her and Rin had landed in a forest far from any of the cities or towns. She had heard that Gwindor's last known area of residence was somewhere in that forest. All she had to do was find him.

"Because finding an old elf in a large forest is something I do all the time," she muttered. Beside her Rin made a coughing sound, but Sage knew that her blue dragon was laughing at her. She turned her glittering eyes on her dragon, made a face and then continued into the forest in search of the elder elf.

City Skyfall

Mr. V'lyn felt the strange presence before he could see it. Several of the guild's Assassin's were already with him, so he left the large house and went into the street. What he found was astonishing. It washed away all the worries he had about the feud between the three powerful dragon races. Magic was being used all across the city, screams were beginning to fill the streets of Skyfall. Overhead tons of dragons circled, their cries joining those of the humans.

A large group of black cloaked figures were moving about the city, raining their power down on the innocent people. Mr V'lyn had been suspicious about the magic users that had entered the city three nights ago. He had yet to hear from his son, but at the rate the city was going, he may never hear from him. The Assassin raised his hand, anger clear on his face. He wouldn't allow this evil to destroy his city. Two gloved fingers flicked forward and with the signal, his Assassin's moved into the streets, engaging the enemy.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

He had finished writing the message when he felt a bump against his leg. Looking down he caught sight of a very beautiful purple dragon bouncing around his boots. The boy who he'd brought into the home called to the dragon. It's name was Sedrik. Raiyn remembered vaguely when Vy was that small, but it didn't last. Within two months, the silver dragon had grown to be the size of a small pony. Three months after that he was nearly full sized, but still considered a baby. Now, several years later, Vy was a full grown dragon and had matured beyond Raiyn.

"Sedrik, the name suits him," Raiyn said as the dragon scurried over to his companion, "I'm Raiyn V'lyn. Skyfall was attacked by a group of magi. I don't know the full details, but I intend to find out their true intentions. Do you have anywhere you can go?"

"If this is something bigger than just a feud between Laowlee and the other cities, he won't have anywhere to go. No place will be safe, Raiyn." Vy said softly. Raiyn could feel his dragons sadness and discomfort. It hit him hard over their connection and he stood there watching the boy trying to ignore his own grief. The Assassin realized that with his father gone, he was now the one in charge of a crippled guild in a city that was defeated. It almost seemed to be too much. Vy, realizing what had happened, reigned in his own emotions, "Keep him with you. Also I was able to speak with the elf's dragon, they should be on their way soon."

Raiyn nodded though he knew his dragon couldn't see him, "Never mind. Stay with me. What's your name?"


The Assassin's moved through the city quickly, searching for Rayma. It shouldn't be hard to find him, but he was the top Assassin in the guild, the most skilled out of them all. Mr. V'lyn had put his full trust in the man and Rayma had always gotten the most difficult assignments, all of which he completed perfectly, all the time. With that in mind, the Assassin's moved as quickly as they could, searching every nook and cranny as they went. It was a full city sweep, and it was slow going, especially since most of the guild had been wiped out.

While they searched, one of the men found a young girl kneeling in the street. Several black cloaked men lying on the ground around her. She looked out of sorts, dazed and unsure. The Assassin knelt next to her, put his gloved hand on her shoulder and got her to look at him. The girl looked tired and possibly a little scared. He tried to get her to stand, but when that failed he pulled her against his chest and lifted her easily.

"I'll take her back to V'lyn," and off he went, the other Assassin he had been with only nodding.

Sage By'rill

The forest was calm and quiet. The smells of the trees, the earth and the wind filled her senses. It was peaceful and she was reveling in it. The peace in the forest was a great contrast against the agitation Rin was feeling. However, with Sage's body and mind filled with the calm of the trees around her, Rin had calmed slightly as well. Her blue dragon was circling lazily in the sky above the forest because there was no where for her to go. The trees were too tight for her to walk in without destroying anything or getting her wings stuck.

"I think you're getting close," Rin said. Sage looked up through the canopy, just barely able to see through the leaves to the sky that was slowly growing darker. The elf hoped that she would reach Gwindor's place before the forest was pitch black. Not that she minded the darkness, but the quicker the better. She picked up her pace and moved silently through the trees. It was a little while after when she picked up the smell of something cooking. She started towards it, hoping that she was about to stumble upon the older elf rather than any bandits in the forests.

"Sometimes you have an interesting way of thinking, Sage."

The elf smiled at her dragons words. She raised her eyes upwards for a moment before looking back at where she was going. She was moving at a half run, leaping over fallen logs and dodging bushes. Sage was completely silent in her advance, and soon she was upon a small area where a small home had been made and the smells of the food were much stronger. She cautiously moved into the area, her eyes watching the piece of cloth that flapped gently in the wind. After a moment, Sage stood at her full height (which wasn't very tall) and called out.

"Elder Gwindor? Are you here?"


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

The boy did seem to have a good handle on his sword, the hit Raiyn parried was strong. He twisted back around on his lead foot and met Drake's next attack. The blades clashed together, sending sparks. Drake flew at him once again, his cutlass scrapping across the long knives as he rushed by with Raiyn sidestepping only a few inches. When Raiyn turned around he found himself staring down the barrel of a pistol.

"I'm sorry, it's an old habit..." Drake said.

Raiyn smiled at him and lowered his long knives just as the boy lowered his gun. The Assassin gave him a short nod, "Don't apologize." Now that he knew the boy was more than capable of fighting, he sheathed the knives and made his way back into the room where he'd written the note to the palace.

"I'm going to Laowlee when Aella is ready," Raiyn said softly, he pulled out more paper and began writing out orders to his men. They were to keep searching for information and rebuild the city in accordance to the viscount. There was more, but it was mostly general orders that his father had always given out. He stopped writing and stared at the paper for a while before finishing his work.

"Don't let yourself fall into grief."

"Thank you Vy."


"Mmm," Vy hummed in agreement with Deimos, his voice much deeper than the smaller dragons, a slight growl to it as well. "Mortals do not appreciate it like we do." Vy shifted on the stone rooftop. His long tail curled slightly, his wings stretching out to gather more heat from the air around them.

"Tell me more about your lovely lady elf, Deimos. I wish to know about her," Vy asked after a long while of silence between them. The larger silver dragon shifted his head to look at the other, his spikes and scales glinting in the dying light.

City Crystacia

Sage had left the forest, disappointed that she hadn't found elder Gwindor. Rin tried to assure her that perhaps she had missed him and that they should try again another time. The elf nodded her head, feeling a little better. So, she would have to stay in Crystacia because it was closest to the forest where she wanted to see Gwindor. Rin's sense of dread had come back after several hours of being back in the city, however, and Sage wasn't feeling as happy as usual because of it. To make matters worse, the gossip she heard around her didn't help the situation.

"Queen Fae's returned from Laowlee. I hear the talk with the King was less than pleasing."

"I heard that one of the magi there is going rogue from the King's rule."

"The King denies everything that's going on in Skyfall! Everyone know's he's lying! How could he just lie to our Queen? I say we go to war with him."

"Going to war would be a serious mistake," Rin told the elf.

"Yes it would. Not only would all of Draakon be plunged in death, but I don't think we'd just be fighting the Red's and the Black's.

"I'm afraid you'd be right in that account."


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

The doors opened and the large outcast walked into the room. Two Assassin's met him, one with her hood up over her face and red cloth covering her mouth, the other dressed in red and gold cloth much like V'lyn had always been dressed in. The man dressed in red and gold took a few steps forward, approaching Rayma.

"Raiyn V'lyn left this for you," the Assassin said in soft tones. He handed the larger man a piece of paper. The writing inside was simple:


Come to Laowlee if you can.


The Assassin watched Rayma for a moment before speaking again, "My dragon is willing to take you where ever you need to go."

City Laowlee

"No," Raiyn answered Drake's question shortly. He wasn't there to kill black cloaks all day, he was there because he needed information. The problem was that the True Dragon's had chosen a terrible time to start trouble. If the other cities were confused, they would be even more confused now that Laowlee was seemingly under attack by their own people. He only hoped that his message to Queen Fae had made it in time and she would be wise enough not to launch a full out attack on the other cities.

Raiyn ducked a swing of one of the True Dragon's blades. As he came up, he shoved his long knife through the mans stomach until the point of the blade came through his back. Pushing off the dead man, he twisted around, ducking low and tripping another of the black cloaks. Raiyn used his forward momentum to pounce on the man and drive his blade through the others neck. He rolled off to the right as a swipe of long claws just barely went over his back. The Assassin looked up into the eyes of a very large black dragon.

The one that had taken him and Drake down into the streets no less. It growled at him, showing yellowed teeth and a forked tongue. The dragon snaked out its neck to wrap around the Assassin, nearly trapping him in a tight circle. Raiyn glared at the beast, waiting for the opportunity to strike. It struck out fast, jaws snapping at him. The Assassin barely got out of the way in time, throwing himself into a roll underneath the lowered neck of the beast. The dragon began moving, trying to get Raiyn back out into a spot where it could attack him. Raising his daggers, he drove them as far as he could into the thick neck of the creature.

Rearing back in pain, the dragon screamed, its wings snapping out and sending a hard rush of air down into the streets. The wind blew dirt and debris all around as the dragon danced backwards, thrashing about and tossing it's head up and down in pain. It only took it a moment to recover, and the beast was growling in rage at Raiyn as he backed away.

"Drake, find Aella, get to the palace," Raiyn ordered the young boy, trusting that the pirate could do so without fail.

"Get down, Raiyn!"

The Assassin took off at a dead run towards a building and threw himself up onto a pile of rubble to get to the top. He was just in time as Vy came crashing down with a black dragon underneath him. With the dead dragon dispatched, Vy turned to the one that had tried to kill his companion. Raiyn took one look at his dragon before running across the rooftops to make faster time getting to the palace. The silver dragon had blood all over him, his jaw especially was black and dripping with it. Raiyn ignored the gruesome image and continued on.

Down in the streets below, the men in black cloaks fought with the citizens. Many of the people in Laowlee were seasoned warriors, people who had seen their fair share of steel riding against steel. More than Raiyn ever had probably. His being young, and less skilled made his purpose to seek out what the cult was all about, a whole lot more difficult. For the third time that day, he hoped that Rayma had gotten his note and would find him soon. He was going to need as much help as he could get, and Rayma could teach him more than the Assassin's ever could.

As Raiyn took a jump between buildings, a black cloak materialized out of thin air in front of him. He dropped down, sliding to the left of the man and letting his blade slice into the enemies leg. Cloth, leather and skin tore. The True Dragon swore and dropped, clutching his leg. Raiyn turned over onto his stomach, pushing with his boots to stop his sliding and rushed the man while he was down. Putting the dagger across the man's throat he pulled back and leaned forward so his mouth was near the True Dragon's ear.

"Why did you attack?"

"It is our cleansing," The man replied angrily.

"No. Why do you attack the people?"

"You are not a True Dragon."

Raiyn's eyes narrowed and he pulled the knife harder across his throat. The True Dragon laughed, the sound was that of a man who had lost his mind to utter lunacy. Raiyn was taken aback by the sound, anger at not getting anything from his captive, he drew the long knife across the man's throat, ending his life in a pool of blood. The Assassin stood, his chest heaving from the long run and from his anger.

"You are becoming a problem," the familiar, scratchy voice mocked behind him. Raiyn's heart jumped, his eyes widened and he whirled around in time to take a blast of black magic right into his chest. Flung right off the rooftop, he landed hard into the midst of people fighting in the streets and fire. Boards of a broken house flew all around him as he landed in the wreckage. Hot copper in his mouth splattered his face as he coughed. Damn... magi... he thought as he struggled to get to his feet.

The moment he stood he was facing the True Dragon who had shot him off the building. Clawed fingers wrapped around his throat, power humming through the air. The man smiled at him, the hollow skin stretching in a sickening way across thin bones. Dark eyes glittered from sunken eye sockets.

"You wish to know why we attack? Why we kill? I'll show you, personally."


City Crystacia

"Did you hear? News from Skyfall. The Assassin's guild has been crushed!"

The gossip of the town was centered on Skyfall. Sage had been listening to it for two days. It was growing bothersome, the more she heard the more uneasy her and Rin became. The latest that she'd heard was all about the Assassin's guild and the letter that Queen Fae had gotten. Some say that the guild was destroyed, others say that there were some survivors. Refugee's from the city were coming to Crystacia in search of shelter, and many of them spoke of black cloaked men destroying everything in their path. Sage wasn't sure what to believe. She had seen the messenger as she'd flow over Crystacia that morning. He had looked pale and worn from his flight.

"It's funny what people will make up to keep things interesting," Rin said.

"They could very well be right on track too, Rin."

"They could, but I doubt it."

Sage bit at her lip and twisted a lock of blue hair in her fingers. She was tired of sitting in Crystacia waiting for something to happen. With a heaved sigh, she started towards the cities gates. She wanted to find out herself what was going on. Listening to gossip and half truths wasn't getting her anywhere and the more she stayed, the more Rin became distressed. Something was going on and she wanted to know what it was.

"We're going to Skyfall, Rin. I want to see for myself."


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#, as written by Siryn
City Laowlee

Raiyn looked to Vy as Rayma spoke about the mana that was shared between him and the great silver dragon. For as long as he'd been connected to Vy, he had never known about that part of their connection. Vy whirled in the air as he looked for the other two of their company. The dragon's thoughts were clear as he turned his head slightly to look down at the Assassin's.

"I wasn't aware of this either, but it makes sense, Raiyn. You'll have to try it to see what it's like."

Raiyn nodded and turned his attention back to Rayma. The bigger Assassin did something that threw Raiyn off completely. He knelt down in front of him, placing his forehead on his beautiful short sword.

"I pledge to protect and serve you, until our war is finished or death takes me. I cannot promise your safety, but I will do my best to ensure it. I ask that you take me as your Guardian... Do you accept?"

The Assassin knelt down in front of Rayma also, putting his blood stained glove over Rayma's that held his sword. Raiyn gave the man a small smile, "I accept your Guardianship," his smile faded as he spoke again, "but you don't 'serve' anyone, Rayma, you're an Assassin, not a servant."

"Raiyn, if you wish to get to the palace, you should go now. The streets are cleared. For now," Vy advised.

"Alright. We are going now."

"We must go quickly, I need to find the one who's behind all of this."

Raiyn stood slowly and let go of Rayma's hand and sword. With the Assassin right behind him, Raiyn took off down the street, one hand holding his ribs as he ran trying to ease the sharp stabs of pain that pulsed through his entire side. The palace was straight uphill, making the run even harder. He only hoped that he would make it to the palace in time to meet up with Aella and Drake. Then he would get answers for this random act of massacre.

City Laowlee

The claws of his gloved hand scratched deep into his chest as he doubled over. Pain laced through him from his heart and spreading outwards. Air burned as it entered his lungs. The agony was short lived, but it was enough to make a point. Thane growled softly as he slowly stood straight again. Behind him, he heard the woman who served him shift slightly.


"That boy..." he growled

"What about him?"

"He's managed to kill one of my creations."

There was silence, "He killed your copy?" Her voice was cold and almost emotionless aside from the slight surprise.

"That's not all, he's on his way here, and he's not alone."

"I will take care of him," the woman replied quickly.

Thane turned to see her gripping her sword, a smile on her pale face. With one hand she reached up and undid the tie that held her black cloak on her shoulders. The heavy cloth fell off and she was clad in black leather. It covered every part of her body aside from her face. Turning on her heel, she left the room. Thane glowered at the empty doorway. He thought about staying, he was far more powerful than any of his copies, but the touch of the one who killed his copy sent shivers down his spine. It wasn't the boy who had done the deed. It was the other Assassin, the one he'd heard much about. The outcast was the only one that could possibly cause Thane to hesitate.

His eyes narrowed and he raised his hand. Dark shadows of his magic swirled around the room and he disappeared in the midst of it. It was too early for him to face such powerful company. He would have to wait. It wasn't going to be much longer, then Barthomel would be raised again. The dragon who had god-like power. That dragon would bring a new era and the True Dragon's would serve him loyally. Thane was smiling by the time his magic faded. Taking one look around and he knew he was in Ro'ell, city of the Reds.

City Skyfall

Rin landed with Sage in the middle of a destroyed part of town. The elf could hardly breath as she looked at the destruction. Skyfall had burned, the city was lucky it hadn't fallen.

"Who could do this?" Rin asked breathlessly, at least as breathlessly as a dragon could manage.

"One who wields extraordinary power."

"What do we do now?"

"We should find out what happened exactly. We should start with anyone that's around here, they should know."

Sage dismounted and Rin took off into the sky. The elf made her way through the rubble in search of anyone that was still around. She hoped to get some details soon so that she would have something to do rather than just sitting around waiting.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

Sage felt the presence rather than saw it first. In a fluid motion she drew her bow off her back, knocked an arrow and pulled the string back to her nose, her gaze settling down the shaft and at the presence that she felt. The aura was dark, twisting in the shadows of the fires that still burned in the streets. It didn't move, though, and didn't look like it meant to move for some time. The elf watched, curiousity fueling her instead of her immediate reaction. Slowly she let down, and aimed the arrow to the ground between her feet.

"And what do you think that is, Rin?"

"Can't say for sure, but it's in the form of a woman. I've never seen anything quite like it before."

"Do you think it's... safe?"

"I'm not sure."

"You're such a great help, Rin..." Sage said sourly, rolling her eyes skyward.

Rin huffed in reply, "Whatever you say Sage."

"Hey there, what are you doing just standing in the street? It's still not safe!"

Sage turned to the voice, her eyes softening as she saw three people moving into the street. Two of them were carrying baskets full of debris as they were trying to clear an area, the third had his hand on a sword and was addressing her.

"What do you mean?"

"They could still be here!"


"The black cloaks, they call themselves the True Dragons. Bastards nearly sacked Skyfall! Come, girl, you can't just stand around here all day. Who know's when they'll come back," he held his hand out towards her.

Sage turned fully to look at him, "What makes you so sure they'll come back?"

"They were talking about a cleansing, they didn't finish. Thanks to V'lyn and his Assassin's, may Reina put his soul to rest, they saved the city from further destruction."

"V'lyn? Where can I find him?"

"He's dead, girl."

Sage sucked in a deep breath, "Where can I find the Assassin's?"

The man shrugged, "Not many of them left, and those who are still alive left Skyfall already."

"Don't worry about me, sir, I'll be fine. I'll find my way," Sage smiled at him and turned to face the shadowy aura that hadn't left yet. The man hadn't seen her, or he just didn't notice. Being human he might not have had the senses to pick up on the woman. Sage started towards the figure as the three men left her in the street.

"You're an interesting one," Sage said, addressing the darkness directly, "Don't suppose you know anything do you?" The elf smiled.

City Laowlee

Taking the steps two at a time, Raiyn reached the double doors of the palace shortly. With the doors wide opened, he was sure someone had already entered, or left. One of the two. He hoped that Aella and Drake were inside. With his long knives in hand, he rushed the doors and pushed inside. It was dark inside, utterly quiet and the air was heavy and still. The Assassin looked around, slowing his steps as he let his eyes adjust. He moved forward, a set of stairs looming up ahead, their shadowy outline wavering in and out with firelight that flickered on the second story.

From the darkness, sounds of fighting reached his ears. A sharp laugh echoed as well and the feeling of magic pierced the air. The familiar sound of shattering wood came next and from the second story two bodies came crashing down. Raiyn's throat clenched as he recognized the mop of yellow hair that belonged to Drake and the slender form of the elf Aella.

"I'm so happy you could join us, Assassin's. Enjoy the darkness, it will be your last," the feminine voice called from the top floor.

Raiyn rushed towards Aella even though there was a shout not to do so. The shadows writhed, moving to cut off his advance. The firelight danced above, making it hard to discern what was shadow and what was devil. The woman laughed over head. Raiyn glowered, lowering his body into a defensive position and preparing for a fight. The first shift of shadow to attack him came faster than he was ready for. Sharpened claws cut right across his chest, knocking him backwards.

"Raiyn! This is magic! Remember what Rayma said, you've got to relax, calm yourself."

He ducked another swipe, twisted his body and avoided another. His long knife lunged forward with his momentum and cut into the shadows. They parted, fading away into nothing more than flickering darkness across the wall. Raiyn felt his anger driving his actions rather than pure instinct. He came up from his dodging and thrust the blade into another shadowy apparition. Turning he met the claws of another, this one tearing at his neck and shoulder.

For a quick lesson, calm your emotions and soul. You are bound to your Scales [your dragon] and with that comes an inherent, albeit minor use of mana. You focus on your dragon in times of need when magic is cast against you, and you can avert it with your own mana. A simple deflection is all you need...

The Assassin reeled backwards, avoiding another slice of dark claws. He took a deep breath, trying to steady his breathing and his anger. Dropping low he twisted, fingers reaching into his clothing to get two throwing knives. When they came free, he launched the projectiles at the shadows. Both hit their mark, dissipating the enemy threat. Raiyn lunged forward, his knife leading and he ran it through another beast of the dark. Overhead the laughing slowly stopped. The woman was obviously sensing the threat from the room down below.

"The more we kill, the more the true God gains life. Your efforts are futile, Assassin. He will be raised and he will crush you!"

The air became stuffy, hard to breath as it heated. Raiyn knew to take it as a sign of some very powerful magic being readied to cast. He looked up at the balcony, his gaze catching that of a woman in black leather. Both her hands raised. The darkness was swirling between her palms, a wicked grin on her pale face. Raiyn felt his heart jump and he looked for Aella. Just as he was about to call her name, the witch above them released the power.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Laowlee

He had just barely finished explaining the situation to Aella and Drake. The elf was finishing her work with Rayma, the Assassin wasn't sure what she was doing but the moment she stopped, she dropped over the large man. Raiyn leapt forward and pulled her off of the Assassin, his heart in his throat.

"Aella?" He shook her gently.

"Deimos tells me that she's just unconscious. She's used too much energy. She needs sleep," Vy said.

"Alright, we should find a place for the night."

Shifting the elf to a better position he laid her gently on the floor, his eyes lifting to look at Drake who had been patched up by her. Relief filled him when he saw Rayma stir slightly. At least she had been able to give him enough energy to wake. However, they were in a very dangerous situation. With the palace destroyed and obviously the King dead, no one held rule over those who were allied with the Blacks. Raiyn only hoped that the sudden attack on their 'own' city would keep many of the people from attacking each other needlessly.

"You know as well as I that that isn't going to happen."

"Wishful thinking."

"Once Rayma's up, we will leave," he told Drake.

City Skyfall

Sage didn't move as the apparition got closer to her. Overhead, she heard Rin's soft growl, but there wasn't anything else that told her that this shadowy woman was a threat to her.

"You may find this inconvenient, but I know as little as you might. I came here from curiosity. But, I have heard of these True Dragons you speak of. On the way here, I witnesses them threaten an elf to join their side. I attempted to handle the situation, but I was traveling here before I observed the results of my actions."

Sage frowned, she was hoping that this being would have some insight on these so called 'True Dragons'. She took her arrow from the string and replaced it in the quiver on her back. As she strung the bow across her shoulder, she eyed the being before her, "Do you have a name? What manner of being are you?"

"Sage, isn't that a bit rude? What if she's dead?"

The elf blushed slightly at her dragon's words. She hadn't thought about that, "I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean... I just... uh..." Sage put a slender finger to her lips, took a deep breath then smiled at the woman, "I'm Sage. Maybe we should go and see if that other woman needs any more help?"

City Crystacia

"My Lady, I have terrible news," the messenger knelt down before her, his hand clenched in a fist against his chest. He looked up at her, long blonde hair falling across his shoulders and framing his sharp elven features. She leaned forward, eager to hear his words and he didn't hesitate to tell her.

"Last night, there was an attack on one of the noble's estates. His guards were killed."

"How did they die?"

"Magic. Powerful magic, my Lady. Some say it's dark magic, necromancy. The strange thing is that nothing was taken."

"Did anyone see anything?" Queen Fae asked sharply, her heart pounding and her fingers curling into a fist on the arm of her throne.

"The noble escaped with his life, he reported seeing men in black cloaks attacking some strangers that were in the Manor. He is demanding that we find who ever entered his house and-"

Queen Fae raised her hand, the messenger silenced, "You won't find the men who killed the guards. They are the same who attacked Skyfall. I received word from V'lyn about this cult. They work in the shadows and they are very powerful. The people who were fighting these cultists, I want them found and brought here. I have some questions for them," she said softly. The messenger bowed his head, got to his feet and left the palace. Several of the guard went with him. Turning to the few guards that remained in her audience, she raised her hand to them. They came and dropped down in front of her.

"Bring Admiral Xenith to me, I need her."

The four of them filled the room with their voices saying 'My Lady', then they stood and took their leave of her. Reaching under the decorative belt around her waist, Fae brought out the letter that she'd received from Raiyn V'lyn. It detailed the attack on Skyfall and how he was planning to figure out what was really going on. He would keep in touch with her as often as possible. That had been a day in a half ago. She worried where he was and what he'd found. Her sense's told her that there was something sinister at work, and she couldn't fight off the feeling. She was going to send Xenith to Laowlee to see if she could help. The one's who were at the manor that night she hoped could help her as well.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Crystacia

"Does anyone look like them?" The guard asked the Noble who stood right next to him. The inn was crowded and rowdy. The Nobleman searched through the faces for quite some time, much to the annoyance of the guard. They moved slowly through the crowd until finally, the Nobleman stopped a ways from a table and watched them with a look of recognition.

"That's them, or at least, the one with the ale in his hand looks like the one I saw that night."

"Go back outside and wait with the other guards, I'll bring them and we will go see the Queen," the guard ordered the man. The Nobleman left and the guard made his way towards the crowded table. With his gloved hand, he tapped the man on his shoulder, grey-green eyes turned to look up at the guardsman, "You're presence is requested by Queen Fae."

He proceeded to wait for the man to finish his ale, and with a few others from the group at the table, they left the inn and made their way to the palace of Crystacia. It was a large group that walked into the throne room where Queen Fae sat waiting for her guards to return. She watched carefully as the Nobleman and a small group entered with her guards. Brushing back locks of blonde hair, she stood and welcomed them.

"I requested your presence because you all saw something the other night that is very important. The name 'True Dragon's' has come to my attention and I believe that they are what you encountered. I need to know if you found out anything during your fight with them," she was blunt and straight to the point.

The Nobleman took several steps towards her, the guards parting to let him through, "My Lady, they were cloaked in black and used dark magic. I don't know what they wanted but these brave men fought with them. Without them," the man stopped, a smile slowly twisted on his lips as he watched the Queen who waited. Two guards slowly put their hands on their swords as they watched.

A moment later and black magic swirled around Queen Fae. The throne room resounded with a sharp crack and a startled gasp of pain. When the darkness faded away, Fae's eyes were wide, her mouth opened slightly and blood all over the front of her dress. A large, black spike was protruding from her chest, the crystal like weapon swirled with dark magic. As the Queen collapsed on the steps up to her throne, the guards men drew swords and pointed them at the group.

"Thanks to them, I wouldn't have been able to get here."

"No one leaves!" One of the guardsmen shouted as he moved forward.

The Nobleman laughed, "No, no one will leave," the same black mist swirled around him and his form of high class clothing was replaced by that of black robes and a cloak with the hood up, "You all are going to die in the name of the True Dragons." Several of the guards around them turned their weapons on each other, changing into their true forms.

City Skyfall

"Sage, you better get out of the city," Rin called.

"Why, what's going on?"

"Black dragons."

Sage flipped around and looked up into the sky, her gaze was sharp, but even then, it took her a while before she spotted the inky dots of flying dragons. They were moving fast and they were heading right for Skyfall. Rin's worried voice was enough to get her moving quickly. The elf turned to the darkness called Noctus.

"We have to leave Skyfall, their coming back. Where's the woman that you saw? If she's headed towards Skyfall, I need to warn her. I have to go back to Crystacia. Warn the Queen about this attack and hopefully get enough dragon riders out here to stave them off," Sage said all of this quickly as she looked up into the sky looking for the familiar form of Rin's purple body.

"I'm sure you could manage to meet me in Crystacia, right Noctus? I'll be there with our friend," Sage turned and smiled at the shadowy female figure.

"Rin, time to go."


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#, as written by Siryn
City Skyfall

"Rin, I think that's the woman that Noctus was talking about," Sage said as they flew low over the city and out into the open. Down below, the elf's eyes caught movement. A small woman dressed in robes and a staff on her back. Behind her, a little dragon scuttled along, gold in color.

"I think you're right."

Rin proceeded to dive then, pulling her wings close to her body and leaning forward. Sage was used to the feeling and even enjoyed the thrill of falling at an amazing speed down towards the ground. The purple dragon snapped opened her wings before getting close to the ground. The sharp feeling of being stopped in mid fall always put Sage's stomach in her throat. She swallowed several times before she was able to speak. Rin landed gently and turned so that the woman could see the elf perched up on the large dragon.

Stretching her hand out, Sage called to the short woman, "Please! Come with me! Skyfall's about to be attacked again! I'll explain on the way to Crystacia!"

City Laowlee

Raiyn put his fist against his chest and bowed as best he could to Arine, "Thank you for helping us," he said softly. They entered the house and Raiyn seated himself at the table, resting for a bit before he asked Arine for paper and ink. Once it was given to him, he set about putting his orders on paper. He was determined to get as much information out as possible to them. Once he finished the orders to his Assassins, he pulled another paper out and began writing again. This time it was for Queen Fae. He had told her he would keep in touch with her and let her know anything he found out.

So he sat, engrossed in his work, writing down everything he'd learned since landing in Laowlee. Raiyn was so intent on his work, that he forgot about his injuries and when he finished, he stood too quickly. The Assassin stumbled, barely catching himself by the edge of the table. He stood there for a moment before he was able to keep the room from spinning. He folded the papers, and went to find Drake. He would have the young pirate go and send the birds to the cities. The coops were on the other side of Laowlee, close to the cities walls.

"Drake," he called once he found the boy, "Take these to the coop and send them. This one is to Skyfall, my Assassins, this one is to Crystacia, the Queen Fae," he placed them one at a time in Drake's hands as he told the boy which one went where. He gave the pirate a pat on the shoulder and a smile before letting him go.

"I will follow him and make sure he gets there alright," Vy said.

"Thank you."

"What do you plan to do now?"

"Get a little training from Rayma."

"Raiyn, you should heal first," Vy's voice rumbled through him, the tone said that the large silver dragon was less than pleased at the Assassin's plans.

"It's just a couple of scratches, they will heal."

"And how about those ribs of yours? One solid hit from Rayma and you'll be unconscious."

"Aella's too tired right now. Stop worrying."

Raiyn was on his way to see Rayma, hoping that the older Assassin would be inclined to spar with him for a while. It was better than sitting around doing nothing.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Laowlee

He hadn't gotten as far as the door before the beautiful elf Aella planted herself firmly in his way. He frowned at her, but it was in an attempt to fight off his smile. He was happy to see her up and about even though she had done so much. Her energy had obviously come back because the next thing he knew, he was being put through her interrogation.

"Raiyn V'lyn. You are in no condition to move. You get in that clinic room and sit on a bed or so help, I will use magic to restrain you again!"

His frown turned into a smile, a glint in his eyes as he listened to her, "Will you now?" he whispered. She didn't seem to hear him, or she just ignored him because she threatened to hunt him down if he didn't go into her clinic right that minute. Then he was assaulted by the children of the house who latched onto him and led him into the room. Raiyn sat down and found himself under guard by the overly excited children.

He waited for the elf to return and treat his wounds, all the while the twins hopped around him, playing with his clothes and the sheets on the bed. They laughed and giggled, completely oblivious to the destruction that had happened not moments ago outside. Laowlee was destroyed, the city sacked with the loss of its king. It was going to take weeks, months even, to rebuild it to it's former glory. Even then, he was sure that this city and the others weren't going to be the same ever again. He sighed as he watched the children.

Aella soon returned and she set to treating him, slowly removing the cloth that he'd taken from the palace to wrap his wounds. The 'bandage' he'd made was rudimentary, as she peeled it off, he tightened his jaw. The blood from the wounds he'd received had dried and caked onto the cloth, making it stick to him. When she'd finished removing it, the wounds were bleeding again. His armor was torn apart and he looked at it sadly as she removed each piece. Soon he was shirtless once again and she was working her magic across his chest and shoulder. His side was bruised from having his ribs crushed, but it was all cleaned up and repaired in a matter of moments.

When she finished, the elf looked tired, but satisfied. He reached out and took her hand in his. He brought it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand, a smile on his face. Then he stood up, his eyes lowering as he was much taller than her. Without letting go of her hand he leaned forward so that he was speaking in her ear.

"Thank you, Aella, Dragon healer," he turned his head and kissed her cheek. Only then did he release her and grab his clothes. Pulling the simple white shirt over his head, he turned the rest of the cloth in his hands. They were blood stained, torn and in desperate need of repair. Taking the belt that she'd removed, he put it back around his waist, the daggers resting on his lower back.

"I'll return later. Drake will be back soon. I'm taking Rayma with me," he told her, smiled at her and left the room. Outside, he spied Rayma sitting on a barrel, his large arms crossed over his chest and staring at nothing. The Assassin looked to be in deep thought, so Raiyn approached him silently. After a moment, he reached out and touched the man's shoulder, drawing his attention.

"Will you walk with me?"

Raiyn was interested in the older Assassin's knowledge and would welcome any wisdom that he had. He was sure that if he sparred with the man right after being healed, Aella would have his head, so he decided against it. When they had gotten rest, Raiyn would see about training again. The last couple of fights with the enemy had hit home on the fact that he wasn't in any way ready to face the True Dragon's on even ground.

"First repair your armor, talk with Rayma, see what he thinks about these 'True Dragons'. Then wait for a response from either Queen Fae or the Assassin's. We will make a plan from that. Drake is on his way back, the birds have been sent," Vy said to him, his voice soft as he was some distance from Raiyn.

"Thank you, Vy."

City Crystacia

"Yes, Skyfall was attacked already, about three days ago. Rumor has it that it was by a cult. I don't know the details, but I'm sure that in time we'll find out exactly who it was that did it. I'm glad I got to you when I did, the city was about to be attacked again. Who know's what would have happened."

Rin was flying fast, diving through the sky as she beat her wings hard against the wind. The woman was seated behind her, resting easily in the nook of Rin's neck. Soon the purple dragon was lowering herself underneath the clouds and once the white mist cleared from Sage's face, her heart was in her throat. She gasped as she looked down upon the city below.

"No..." she whispered in fear and anger. Crystacia's buildings were flickering orange and red from fire. Black smoke billowed into the air reaching her nose with the stench of burnt flesh and wood. Her heart hammered in her chest as she choked on the air.

"It look's like the fighting is over," Rin said softly.

"Lets see if we can find any survivors. We might be able to find out what happened. Start with the Palace, Rin. I need to know if Queen Fae is still alive. Keep an eye out for Noctus too."

Sage leaned forward, her eyes squinting as they dived down into the burning city. She hoped that she could find anyone that would be able to tell her what happened.


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#, as written by Siryn
City Crystacia

"Rin! Set us down!" Sage projected her thoughts at the purple dragon in a near shout. Her fear at what Noctus was doing overwhelming her. She hadn't thought that the woman of darkness was going to go into such a rage when she appeared in Crystacia. Something must have provoked her. Sage needed to calm the mystical woman, get her back under control of herself before she leveled the city.

Once they were on the ground, Sage leapt off her dragon and drew her bow, knocking an arrow. She didn't draw back though, but kept the arrow pointed downwards. She didn't wish to invoke even more wrath from Noctus.

"Noctus! You must calm yourself!" The elf shouted, trying to reach the woman and get her attention. Rin moved, her steps rumbling the earth as she did so. The large purple dragon slithered her body down against the ground, twisting her tail to make a half circle around the three of them. She gave a soft growl that vibrated in Sage's chest.

"Noctus!" Sage yelled again, tightening her hold on the bowstring, drawing it back slightly and lifting the weapon a few inches.

"If she does not calm herself, you need to go to the palace and assess things there. Nadia and I can handle her on our own."

Sage nodded to her dragon and waited for the dark woman to reply, hoping that she would get a hold of herself.

City Laowlee

His fingers gently picked up a piece of armor in a shop that had not been hit by the attack. Most of the damage to the city was centralized near the palace. There was still a bit of chaos going on as the citizens of Laowlee were at a loss at what to do, especially since their king was dead. It didn't surprise Raiyn that the city had come to a near standstill. Skyfall was the same after the attack there. He ran his other hand over the engravings on the bracer. Metal covered leather and it's craftsmanship was beautiful.

"Rayma," Raiyn's voice was soft as he spoke to the older Assassin standing with him, "Ro'ell, or Crystacia? Which do you think is the next target of the cultists?"

Both cities are powerful, they are large cities with many people. If what that woman said was true, and they are trying to kill as many people as possible, then the cities with power is where I would think they would go. But to which one first?

Raiyn's eyes narrowed as he gazed at the bracer. The merchant owner was watching them carefully, waiting to see if the Assassin wanted to purchase anything. The part of the city Raiyn had wandered into was calmer than the central area.

"Also, you should ask him about the nega-rune he spoke of before. If I'm not mistaken it would be used to transfer my energy to you more effectively. But that's all I know, learn as much as you can, Raiyn."

"I will."

Raiyn set the bracer down and turned to look at Rayma, waiting for his response. He was itching to leave Laowlee and do something but he couldn't. He had to wait to hear from Skyfall. The few Assassins he had left would get information for him soon enough he was sure, however, Raiyn wasn't one for waiting around. Then there was Crystacia, he had to wait to hear from the Queen as well, if he left Laowlee, he would never get her reply.

The setting changes from Draakon to City Skyfall


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"You are right," Nadia whispered, stepping down from the dragon. "You are no monster." She watched as the woman - Noctus, as she now knew - fell apart through her words. Her eyes became sad and lost, replacing the fire that had burned just moments ago with sheer despair. "Dark magic is venomous, is it not?" Nadia's voice was hushed, gentle. "The more you use it, the harder it is to control," she said, "and the faster it will spread."

Nadia sat in front of Noctus, crossing her legs. "You are not an abomination," she said quietly, looking into her eyes. "Your power is a gift. There are few like you, Noctus - few that, with dark magic, are still able to hold onto their conscience. It is much easier to just let it go," she explained, "so much easier to give into the power." Nadia's eyes met the scorched dirt, her expression now bitter and almost resentful. "It is a constant fight," she paused, "but it is also a worthy fight. Do not let it consume you."

Looking back up, Nadia took a silent breath. "And thank you," she added, "for saving me today."

The setting changes from City Skyfall to City Crystacia


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#, as written by Siryn
"Nadia, I'll leave this to you. I must go to the palace, I need to find out if everyone is alright inside. The Queen especially," Sage said as she put her hand gently on the dwarf's shoulder. She left after, Rin moving out of the way so the elf could easily get by. Racing across rubble and passed fires, she kept an eye out for anything that would be an enemy. Her fingers were tight on the string of her bow, the arrow resting lightly on the handle.

In a matter of moments she was taking the stairs two at a time that led up to the large palace. She pushed opened the double doors that had been slightly opened already. Silently stalking the hallway down to the throne room, she maneuvered through fallen stones from the walls next to her, broken glass and overturned furniture. The upper level of the palace seemed to be intact still, but she didn't go up the stairs. Sage kept going until she could faint sounds coming from the throne room up ahead.

Steel scrapping across steel urged her to go quicker. Still silent, she rushed down the hall, leapt over a large stone, and was in the throne room shortly after. Her bow came up, drawing the string back to her nose. She remembered what the man in Skyfall had told her. That they had been attacked by strangers in black. Sage saw several men in black cloaks fighting with guards and a couple other men. She turned, her bow aimed right for a man in black and released. The arrow whistled slightly as it went, a second later and a thud resounded in the air. Before that thud had sounded, Sage had drawn another arrow and let loose to a second target. Then a third, and a fourth, all within quick succession.

What remained of the guard's and the others, finished off the attackers before she could get another arrow loosened. Lowering her bow, she scanned the area and her heart came up to her throat. Lying on the stairs that led to her throne, was Queen Fae. A huge black crystal like spike in her chest, with blood all over her. Sage dropped her bow and ran to the elven Queen. Kneeling next to the beautiful woman, she gently pulled her up onto her lap.

"My Lady," she called softly. Fae took a slow, shallow breath. With a hand covered in blood, she pressed something against Sage's chest. Her eye's barely opened to look up at the woman who held her, her lips parted to try to say something but only resulted in the last bit of air escaping her. The Queen weighed heavily on her lap, her hand slipping from Sage's chest to fall heavily across her stomach. A piece of paper slowly fell from Sage to rest on the Queen's throat. Reaching out, she took the paper and tried to read it passed the blood that stained it.

All she could manage were a few words, and a name at the end, Raiyn V'lyn