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Sierra Narramore

"There's more to me than you think..."

0 · 235 views · located in The Island

a character in “The Resurrection of Magic”, as played by crystalrain


Sierra Narramore


My name is... Sierra Harlow Narramore.

But people call me... Sierra. If we're close, you can call me Sia.

I am... eighteen years old.

And was born on the... 25th of November.

My special power is... Reactive adaption. I can adapt my body to protect me from environments and situations. For example, if someone were to punch me, I would temporarily make myself hightly resistant to pain, so it wouldn't hurt. The adaptations I'm best at are pain resistance and superhuman stamina. Growing gills when I'm underwater is definitely the one that I need the most work on. The longest I've kept them is for fifteen seconds...completely unhelpful for long distance swims. But, I'm working on it. Another big flaw of mine is that sometimes when I'm distracted it's difficult to perform magic.

When I perform magic... the ends of my hair turn a color representative of what I'm currently feeling. For example: if I'm angry, the tips of my hair light up in a threatening red; if I'm sad, they gleam a deep, pensive blue.

I quite like...
-Autumn and the leaves changing colors
-Guys who treat women right
-Being outside and exercising.

I don't much care for...
-People who are full of themselves
-When people think I'm weak
-Being alone
-Being inside for a really long time

My biggest fears are... panthophobia and being hurt emotionally. Panthophobia is the fear of suffering or disease. My powers can protect me from diseases and what not, but what happens if they fail me? I'm just as vulnerable as everybody else... And the thought of being hurt emotionally scares me. I can't use my powers to make that kind of pain go away.

Don't tell anyone, but... I put up walls and mostly stay quiet like the rest of my family does, but secretly I'm just dying for someone who cares enough to break through my walls. Someone I can trust with all of my secrets, someone who can trust me with theirs. Someone who won't judge me before they really know me and my story. Someone who will care about me and all of my opinions that I keep inside. Someone who knows how strong I really am. Someone who won't ever break my heart or leave me.

People say I'm... shy. They're only half-right though. I pretend to be, but really I'm just dying for someone to see through my mask. I want someone to know who I really am. I really am intelligent. I have a great memory, and fantastic science skills. However, I have an obnoxious habit of getting annoyed when others are wrong. I won't correct them to their face, but I do it in my mind. I'm a pretty opinionated person as well. If I believe something, nothing you say or do will change my mind. I'm not a mean person, but I'm not overly kind either. Let's put it this way, I treat you how you treat me.

I'm a bit of a romantic at heart. I dream of the perfect guy--good looks, intelligence, treats me right, and will never break my heart. Another dream I have is to have a family of my own. I want to be a mother someday. I love kids and though it doesn't seem like it, I do have a maternal side to me. I can be very caring and nurturing.

Before the island, I... was at college. I had just moved in a few days ago. My roommate and I had hit it off well, and we were both settling in with ease. It was weird being away from my family for so long. I called my mom, Maragret, almost every night just to talk. I made me think to back to when I lived at home.

When I was little and I got cuts or scratches, they never hurt me. I rarely ever got sick, too. My dad, George, realized that my power must be some kind of resistance or abilty to adapt. My first distinct memory of my power is one day when I was getting a shot. The needle looked threatening to me, and I cried and screamed at my mom and dad that I didn't want to get it. When I finally calmed down enough for them to give me the shot, I didn't feel any pain. I was confused; people always said shots hurt and others were afraid of needles. I started training with my dad and older brother Kyle, the day after my tenth birthday.

I was at a Back to School party, when I began to feel overwhelmed. I stepped away from the party and slipped into a bathroom. I took a few deep breaths and splashed a little water on my face. A gust of wind danced over my cheek and I shivered. The next thing I knew, everything went dark.

Also... I have this tattoo on my ankle.

So begins...

Sierra Narramore's Story