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Description / Appearance:

Long and elegant, graceful and fluid Fraener is quite the sight. His scales are a emerald green, packed tightly together in a mosaic like fashion. Fraener's eyes are small and decisive, the glow a steadily red with a single narrow iris in each. A pair of long wings sits on Fraener's back, fashioned aerodynamically as if designed for perfect flight, his tail is long, thin and narrow. Fraener's size due to being a hatchling is roughly as large as a small calf.


Fraener at heart is a kind, warmhearted but naive individual, if he was told gullible was written in the sky chances are he'd look up. Fraener is quiet and gentle, preferring to let his actions speak for him. Fraener is also fiercely proud, due to his prideful nature he hates asking others for help or humbling himself. In hand with his pride is his honor, Fraener follows a code; such as not stabbing others in the back or betrayal, he would rather face people head on. Fraener is idealistic and very opinionated about the world. He views the world through a haze of black and white: either somethings good or bad, Fraener can be quite righteous at times and will often help others. Like most other Dragons Fraener is fiercely protective of his rider.

Short History:

Fraener doesn't recall any of his past.


This isn't really an active power, perhaps its due to rider's connection to light but when the sun is clear in the sky he gains a boost, a small boost, one that increases his strength and speed giving him a slight advantage. The sun however has to be clear in the sky for this boost to work and if a single cloud covers the sun it won't work.

Weapon of Choice:

Tooth and claw.

Dragon / Rider:


So begins...

Fraener's Story


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#, as written by TheFlag
Sunlight trickled through the window pane somehow managing to pierce Maximilian's closed eyelids. Maximilian stirred for a moment, turning on his side, he let out a deep yawn and his eyes reluctantly opened. Although his eyes had opened he still remained in a sleepy stupor, he felt relaxed, no worries, no nothing and he wanted to enjoy it just a moment longer. Minutes passed as his consciousness became increasingly more aware and awake. Maximilian pushed himself off the edge of his bed, his legs touched the floor.

Maximilian's eyes drifted around the room half-heartedly examining it: it wasn't much, it was a modest room, the floor was made of cheap wood and stains of previous occupants' messes were splattered around, the bed he laid on was simply a hay-stuffed bag on a wooden frame although there was a nice woolen quilt, a desk with a small mirror sat opposite the bed but apart from that it was quite empty but it fulfilled its purpose all the same. Leaning forward he pushed himself off the bed walking towards the desk, he examined himself in the mirror; his hair bedraggled was an absolute mess but apart from that he looked refreshed.

Clothes were sprawled on the floor, his clothes specifically; he picked up the white tunic off the floor sliding into it, next was his linen trousers, they were a malt green yet very soft almost silk, next was his coat, it was a leather duster, he slid into it and began doing up the buttons, lastly he picked up his pair of leather boots which sat next to his bed. One brief look in his mirror followed by a simple nod and he was off. He made sure to grab his sword which lay in its scabbard, attaching it to his belt.

The door to his room creaked open and he stepped out, a long staircase stretched down in a straight line. He walked down the flight of stairs and into the bar that lay beneath his room, he avoided contact with the innkeeper, he still had the room for another night; not that he was going to stay again, he was going to continue wandering, he thought about asking for some money back but one gaze over the innkeeper told him he was greedy and that his it'd be a waste of time. A sigh escaped his lips and he walked towards the exit.

The air was cold and crisp despite the sun hanging heavy in the air, the people of Anchor were busy at work, living their simple lives, How futile... Maximilian thought before continuing to head north. The environment began to change, the small path had evolved into a small trail and trees surrounded him, he had entered a lush forest. Maximilian's hand drifted towards his sword, though beautiful he had heard the forest was bandit-country from the innkeeper. Though he undoubtedly viewed himself better than a common bandit it was best to be prepared.

Venturing deeper into the forest all signs of civilization had disappeared by now, he had long forgotten about bandits, he was in too deep, bandits usually attacked close to villages where a safe income of villagers and merchants passed through, he on the other hand had stepped off the path and was just walking north through the overgrowth.

In the distance a small hut appeared, Maximilian paused for a second uncertain, a hut out in the middle of nowhere how... ominous. He heard some ruffling behind him, he turned immediately, drawing his blade gracefully from the scabbard and in a slicing motion held it beneath his hips. A man appeared before him... his eyes adjusted; no not a man, it had the body of a human but its head was of a deer, Maximilian backed up generally startled, never had he seen such a creature, the creature said nothing but slowly walked towards him. It held a crude sword in its hand and it raised it silently... it gurgled a ear piercing shriek and lunging towards him.

In an instant Maximilian pistoned his sword up deflecting the lunge skillfully, the creature stumbled back; it fought with no skill but it was fierce and had no regard for its life. Maximilian swung his blade at the undefended side as his opponent stumbled back, it connected slicing into the beast's flesh, it screamed loudly and thrashed, Maximilian continued furthering the blade into the beast's gut. It grabbed Maximilian's other wrist in a death lock, it was then Maximilian noticed it had claws, his eyes widened as they dug into his wrist going as deep as the tendons, Maximilian gasped but held the blade firm. It took a few seconds but it slumped over dead finally releasing Maximilian's wrist, which now was bleeding profusely. He held it for a second before wincing in pain.

It was the beast dead on the floor that caught his attention, he crouched down ignoring the pain in his wrist for a second. It lay there dead, he examined its neck to find a small searing between the beast's human body and animal head. Perhaps it was a shaman of nature? Maximilian's mind mused, he had read about rituals of the sort but he never fathomed something like this, he picked up the beast's discarded sword, it was rusted and old of no value. The whole event felt mysterious, was it protecting that hut? Curiosity beckoned him as he stepped away from the beast and towards the hut.

As he entered the dark shack he began looking around. There were books lined up, small titles of a language he could not understand, some woodland creatures also lay at the desk, dead. Then he turned and directly at the corner of the room it sat, a large green stone, it was surrounded by two small obelisks and was decorated with plants and berries, it seemed like a... shrine. Maximilian approached, the stone radiated some energy, he could tell just from looking at it that this wasn't an ordinary stone. Who was the shrine too? Maximilian thought absentmindedly, Maximilian's hand reached out and gently brushed the stone, it felt smooth... maybe it held value and was rare. That was just as much incentive Maximilian needed to take the stone with him.

Just as he was preparing to lift the stone from its place he heard a crack and a large jagged crack mark appeared over the stone, something was rearing its way out of the egg, Maximilian recoiled in surprise. He held out his still unsheathed sword, his other hand held the creature's blade, but it was too painful to move it. The stone continued to crack and a green head reared through the cracks. Its an egg, Maximilian observed dumbfounded, he focused on the creature, now free of its shell two small wings reared behind it. "It can't be..." Maximilian said aloud, it was a dragon obviously but they had all died out. Forever lost to the world.

The dragon's red eyes caught Maximilian's gaze, he stood in a calm bewilderment. A few anxious seconds passed then he felt a presence enter his mind. Hello. The greeting was accompanied by a nod from the dragon, I'm your dragon! It called happily. Maximilian stood there his gaze wide a look of confusion covered on his face.

"You can't be a dragon..." Maximilian spoke simply and in a matter-of-factly tone, "There are no dragons... they're extinct."

The dragon looked confused and then spoke again more sure of itself Your my rider and my only rider, so I must be a dragon.

Maximilian shook his head, still confused but more curious now, "Rider... you mean like in the stories?" His tone was amused as he continued look at the small dragon beneath him. The sheer ludicrousness of this situation felt unreal.

I've never read the stories, but your my rider as I am your dragon. The small voice beamed in his head, politely and somewhat excited.

Maximilian still couldn't grasp the situation but the dragon's words rung true. He did feel connected to this dragon, it was strange and Maximilian didn't like it but he also felt more... complete? He couldn't put his finger on it. Staggering back Maximilian felt a little lightheaded, he breathed deeply before locking eyes with the dragon again. "Okay then..." He took a breath, stumbling for something to say Maximilian then said randomly "What's your name then?"

The dragon bowed its head in some sort of courtesy before announcing proudly, I am Fraener.


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#, as written by TheFlag
It took a second for the newly dubbed Fraener to hop off the shrine where his cracked egg sat, he bounded towards Maximilian. The world seemed to spin in a surreal haze for Maximilian and he had trouble comprehending it, just thirty minutes ago he was making his way through the forest travelling north, lo and behold he had spotted a hut and now this... it was all too much. He felt a nudge and noticed Fraener was nudging his ankle, Maximilian looked down his gaze meeting Fraener's eyes, I told you my name, what's yours? Fraener inquired timidly.

Maximilian paused before stumbling, "Uh... I'm Maximilian." He had only noticed he still had his sword raised, it was also covered in the beast-man's blood, using his sleeve he wiped it with his other hand, doing so reminded him of the injury he had sustained and he winced; the wound had stopped bleeding but it still hurt. After he wiped the blade clean he twirled it in his good hand before sliding it back into the scabbard. All the more Fraener watched curiously, he couldn't help but notice the wound on Maximilian wrist.

Are you alright? Your hand looks injured Fraener spoke softly, worry was evident in his voice.

Maximilian raised an eyebrow before shaking his head, "No it's completely fine, don't worry about it."

The dragon seemingly pouted, But it's bleeding! He then shook his head, Can't you do anything about it?

"Yeah... now if you'd be quiet and let me do it." Maximilian leaned forward hushing Fraener. He bent one knee and adopted a crouched position, he put the beast-man's sword on the ground and rolled up a blood encrusted sleeve. Using his other hand he pulled out a small pouch while Fraener watched intently. Opening the small pouch he delicately dipped two fingers in before pulling them out, a grey mud covered his two finger tips. Letting out a sigh Maximilian brought his mud-covered fingertips to his injured wrist, he began gently massaging the mud onto his injury. The pain was sharp and Maximilian couldn't help but gasp.

What are you doing? Fraener said breathlessly as Maximilian continued massaging the mud into his injury.

"Well... I think I'm preventing chance for an infection." Maximilian noted coldly, he had never tried this mud before but the alchemist he bought it from endorsed it vigorously. The burning sensation on his wrist indeed told him it was having some affect, it hurt but it wasn't too hard to bear. Picking up the beast-man's sword off the floor again he stood up, he had only noticed it but the iron was cold, perhaps the blade wasn't so useless after all.

The sound of thunder echoed in the distance and rain began to hit the roof of the hut, Fraener glanced around uncertain. Maximilian rolled his eyes and sighed, Great... stay here in the witch's house or whatever the hell that thing was... or brave the storm and look for shelter Maximilian's thoughts echoed.

Witch's house? Fraener asked innocently much to Maximilian's surprise, Where exactly are we anyway? The young dragon asked.

Maximilian's eyes widened, his thoughts didn't seem that private anymore. "In the middle of nowhere... lets leave it at that." Pausing he then continued "I don't like this place..." He cast an eye over Fraener, he looked small, to small to walk, Maximilian offered his shoulder and the dragon climbed up perching itself there. Maximilian found an unspoken partnership was formed, although he strongly wanted to leave and say this never happened he couldn't. The two just assumed they'd be traveling together and that was that, there was no need to bring it up.

The pair left the small hut, the beast-man's corpse still visible in the overgrowth, rain softly pelting the pair then they began walking vaguely north. Trudging through the forest, deeper and deeper felt strangely quiet except for Fraener occasionally trying to spark a conversation there wasn't really much noise. The rain continued heavily, Maximilian felt soaked, he stopped when he saw a small opening in the rocks, a small but visible cave. Even though it was still morning, it'd be a nice resting place to wait while the rain stopped.

Fraener hopped from the perch on Maximilian's shoulder and onto the ground of the cave, Maximilian was doubled trying to start a fire. It didn't work, no matter how long he rubbed the twigs together, finally he turned to Fraener "Can't dragons breathe fire or something?" He whined obviously annoyed at his lack of success.

Thrusting his neck forward Fraener shook his head , No, not until we reach maturation anyway He circled the makeshift fireplace in a curious awe. Falling over defeated Maximilian sighed, sitting here cold would have to do he supposed. He watched Fraener circle the cave, So curious about the world Maximilian thought. Turning from Fraener he set his gaze outside the cave and sighed at the continuous rain.