"Old Gods I swear to you, today, that until I will not exterminate the vampires, I will not die. Did you hear me? I will not die"

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Name: Zion/Silver Cross
Race/Role:Human/Bad Guy


Personality: Calm,doesn't speaks very much,.Self-confident,can be wise but he keeps this for
himself,Zion was an great hate toward the vampires and so whenever he ecounters one he will change
from his calm personality to the personality of an animal which gets nervous extremely easy and is obsessed with
hunting his prey.Also sometimes remembering what happened years ago including the death of his parents he will be sad and will most probably drinking until he will go drunk.


Equipment: His silver,armor,helmet and an cross with sharpened edges wich has the size of an sword.


History:Zion was borned into a family of proud and rich humans.They had felinus slaves and were
also at the same time knowed vampire hunters.Still one day they were attacked by vampires,an surprise
attack.The felinus slaves took advantage on what was happening at revolted attacking also his
parents and him.His father and mother died in that night but he escaped,watching his house
burning.But in that day he gained not only a scar on his chest,Zion also learned an humiliating
lessson.The humans were never superior in fact they were weak,very weak depending on the
situation.Shortly after this incident he joined the Order of the Dragons to revenge on the vampires.1
year after he joined the order,Zion managed to stole a silver,armor,helmet,and a cross with sharpened
edges which he uses as a weapon,directly from the most important hiding of the vampires,in which their
queen lives. After he stoled those items Zion became a reall threat to the vampires as he started to kill
them one by one but his scope was to kill their queen.The Silver Cross,that is the nickname he gained
in a short time because of the items he stoled and because he started killing vampires.One night a few
years ago he meet with a Dark Elf which killed an werewolf.Seeing that scene he already thinked that
she was just like him,with an scope and told her"Death is not a choice death means giving up.I choose
to live slowly and painfuly,as a human,knowing that someday i will die."Then he leaved as strangely as
he appeared.He meet with her several times again the last time telling her "Watch your back as you may
becom the prey.Also i hope that we shall never fight as enemies."He told to the elf woman then
leaved.As he meet with the Queen he was prepared to kill her but it was only him against her and an
army of vampires,Zion decided to leave but not before he told her"Don't hate me for what i am doing.I
already hate you too much,whenever i think at you i think that my heart will explode."Zion spent his
last two years in the temple of the order training every day in order to be able to archive his scope,to
kill the Queen of Vampires.

Opinion about other races: The vampires and their Queen are his enemies and so he hates them from
all his heart,he has a neutral behaviour toward the werewolfs just because they are fighting with the
vampires,the dark elfs,since he meet Dreya his opinion about them changed considerably thinking that
every dark elf is an interesing and mysterious being.About the Light Elf he considers them to be
powerful and dangerous foes.Years ago he believed that the felinus area creatures which are on this
earth only as slaves but he changed his opinion about them in the night they revolted against his
parents and tried to kill him.About the Sacred Ones he would really like to see how they are different.Abou the Demons he considers them to be excelent foes when it comes to battle and so he always speaks only what must be told around them.If an human will be attacked by an vampire he would help them thinking that he must also protect peoples from the vampires.
About the Old Gods he considers them to be superior and divine beings which mus be approached very carefuly.

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Zion/SilverCross's Story

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"Time to kill."Zion said prepared for another battle. Another day in which he could slay vampires, their death was something that was offering him the sentiment of revenge even for a short time. But still this was his path to kill every vampire and their queen obtaining revenge for the death of his parents."Sir!"A member of the order shouted scared, A vampire dared to enter into the order's base.

Zion was shocked and amazed by the courage of the vampire to appear in this place alone thinking that he could kill the Silver Cross. As Zion put his armor and helmet on him he thought of what kind of enemy he will meet, and if he really knew that he would not get alive from this fight. Taking the silver cross he leaved toward the garden where the vampire was waiting him.

"So here you are human"The vampire said then rushed toward him. Zion didn't believe that the creature would start attacking him almost immediately after showing to him. As the vampire touched the armor he felt an intense pain in his body than his enemy taking advantage of the current situation stabbed the vampire killing him."Too easy."

The Silver Cross started thinking why a vampire would go after him and would start attacking him immediately. Maybe he even didn't know with whom he was fighting or why he was fighting. Maybe the vampire was just a bait, or he was sent here to deliver a message that could not be told.
"Grandmaster Frederick I will leave the base. I am going to the forest to see if there are any vampires."He said to his superior then left in a hurry looking for other vampires who could wait the perfect moment for an ambush. After an hour while he was in the forest Zion heard something, a thick and distinctive voice which was trying to provoke him. Wanting to find out who was that person and what was happening he started following him.

Then from nowhere a vampire jumped from a tree toward him trying to grab him from the neck. Unfortunately the vampire didn't know that he was fighting with a man in silver armor, and not normal iron armor. The creature's mistake gave Zion the chance to kill him by penetrating it's head with the silver cross."Wait a second. The order."He said scared while running back to the base.

Zion realized that all of these things were planned, so when he reached the order's base he was shocked to find ruins and bodies everyone. Trying to find a survivor he saw Grandmaster Frederick how was killed by a vampire. Full of rage he ran toward the vampire decapitating him. The anger in his heart was so big"Queen of the Vampires I will take your miserable life, you creature!.
"He screamed. This day was a disaster for him as it was the end of the order. The order and the vampires had many battles in which they were killed one after one, this base resisted only because the Silver Cross was defending it.

But when the vampires distracted him they gained the chance to finally exterminate this old order of 200 years."No, Grandmaster Frederick, soldiers."Zion shouted while tears were falling on the ground. I hate you from all my heart!."He shouted referring to the Queen of Vampires. Now he was alone again as all the knights were killed and the building was on fire.
Looking at the building once more he said to himself that he will revenge them then left toward the closest city his heart being full with hate and anger again. The Silver Cross swore to him the second time that he will not die until the queen will not be killed. He blamed her for the death of his parents, for the scar on his chest and now for the death of the other members. Now Zion was going to a human city not knowing what he would do next but knowing what was his scope to kill the queen of the vampires.