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Canowicakte (Good hunter of the forest)

"Man's heart away from nature becomes hard. "

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a character in “The Tribes of Imos 2”, as played by SergeantJWhite


Name: Canowicakte (Good hunter of the forest.)

Titles: Mato (Bear; fiercely angry), Howahkan (In a very strong/sacred voice), Akecheta (Soldier)

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Theme:((I'm sure you all saw this one coming.)) The Gael:
Irish Tavern Music:

Soul Animal: A large, Brown Bear (Otherwise known as a Grizzly Bear). He is 32 years old, and is a giant of an animal, easily bigger than any other bear.


He is, like most male bears, a solitary animal with a large territory. He only comes into contact with other bears during the mating season to compete for females, or if there is a scarcity of food. He defends his territory and human companion, Canowicakte, fiercely. He can often be seen accompanying the man on his travels or hunts, or sleeping in one of the many caves dotting the mountainsides near to where the Shapeshifter Tribe makes its home. At night, it is often possible to spot him and his human sitting on the slopes of the foothills, watching the stars and moon.


Name: Enapay (Roars bravely in the face of danger), Wanahton (One who attacks; charges; charger)
Canowicakte gave his spirit animal two names. One when they first met, the other after their first battle together.

Tribe: The Shapeshifter Tribe

Position in the Tribe: Chief of the Shapeshifter Tribe, Warchief in times of battle and believed by the tribe to be the embodiment of their deity, the Great Spirit.
Negative Traits:
Isolationist: Canowicakte believes that for the culture and ways of his people to survive, they must remain independant of the other tribes. He does not favour any above the other, and holds them all in equal wariness. That being said, he is more readily positioned to assist the Earth Tribe in times of war, due to their shared love of nature.
Distrustful: Unless you are from his tribe, it is very difficult to gain Canowicakte's trust.
Fiery temper: Even though he is a usually calm, docile person Canowicakte can often find it difficult to control his temper. Like his spirit animal, he can often succumb to rage if he feels threatened, is backed into a corner or when protecting his tribe. This makes him very dangerous, but also prone to making mistakes in battle.

Positive Traits:
Loyal: You will never find a man more loyal to his people. He will defend them with his life, and will never cease to hunt down those who harm any Shapeshifter. He may not seem all that friendly, even to his own, but if he likes you, you shall never find a more faithful friend.
Spiritual: Canowicakte honours the spirits of the world, particularly of animals. He also honours the high priestess of the tribe, and will usually do as she asks.
Strong-willed: It is very difficult to sway his mind in things. Whilst some might view this as a negative trait, it actually means that Canowicakte can only be persuaded of something, or brainwashed, with great difficulty.

Above all things, Canowicakte fears the death of his spirit animal and companion, Enapay. He also fears that Enapay will be taken by other means, and he will be left alone.
That through his inaction any harm should befall his tribe and their ways and culture be scattered.
The loss of his ability to commune with Enapay, and to shapeshift into a bear.

Son of the previous chief, Canowicakte's place amongst his people was assured from birth. His childhood was spent learning to accept the mantle of responsibility he would inherit from his father. He was taught the ways of hunting and bush-craft, and how to lead men in battle. He was also taught the rituals of his people, and how best to preside over them as well as the art of delegation and diplomacy. In his fifteenth year, he travelled into the foothills near Northpass, and there met Enapay the bear. Their bond was immediate, and they have been inseperable ever since. Throughout the next twenty years they became as close as brothers, though Enapay still does not enter Northpass himself unless war is coming, or the borders of the tribe are disturbed. This is often a good indication to the people of Northpass that trouble lies ahead. As a young man, Canowicakte became one of the tribe's hunters and warriors, quickly earning the title Akecheta (meaning 'Soldier') after displaying an awesome ferocity in battle.


During this period of his life, Canowicakte retired from the village to a cave in the foothills, so as to be nearer to Enapay. This cave is where he sometimes repairs when he is in need of counsel from the spirits of his ancestors, as the tribe believes that in this place one can more easily commune with the other side. No outsider has ever been to this shrine, or seen the rituals that take place there, and as such no documented evidence to support this belief has ever surfaced.

Upon taking the chiefdom at the age of twenty-eight many reforms were made. Trade was established with the Earth Tribe, though no alliances were formed. During the last war between the Earth the Fire Tribes, Canowicakte personally led a small group of Shapeshifter warriors into battle to the aid of the Earth Tribe. Even then, he would still make no formal alliance. Of the Water tribe he thinks little, though sometimes traders from their lands arrive in Northpass. He greets them kindly, but advises them to stay no longer than they need to. The Wind Tribe are his closest neighbours, and sometimes this has led to boundry disputes concerning territory. Several times in the past there have been skirmishes and clashes along the respective frontiers, though all-out war has thus far been avoided.

He had a wife and child, but they way taken from him during a famine. He is not currently seeking another spouse at this time.

The hunting has gone poorly this year for his people, and Enapay has reported that many of the herds have travelled elsewhere, or else not been seen at all. Lean times are ahead, and perhaps it is this that will pressure the Chief into seeking aid from the outside.

The Earth Tribe
The stars and moon
His bow
Knapping obsidian to make arrow-heads
Making a clean kill on the hunt
The outdoors
Stone buildings (they remind him of caves.)

Any place of communal dwelling that is larger than Northpass
The Fire Tribe leadership and belief structure.
Metal weapons and armour
Percieved nobility
People who hunt bears (for sport or fur, it doesn't matter to him.)

Canowicakte's only wish is that his tribe survive to the next spring. He hopes too that one day his people will be able to find a land all their own, and finally remove themselves from the troubles of the old world, and the tribes they share this current land with.
One day he hopes to sire a son or daughter to replace him, but currently there are more pressing matters to attend to.

Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

Scars on his back, chest and arms from wrestling with Enapay, hunting dangerous game and his time as a warrior. He often wears warpaint to help camouflage him when he hunts, or to frighten his enemies in battle. He also paints his body during the religious ceremonies he helps preside over, during festivals or when meeting important guests.

Canowicakte stands a a height of six feet.

Brief Appearance Description:
Canowicakte is clean-shaven, like most of the men in his tribe. His features are sharp and rugged, but not altogether unattractive. His hair is long and he ties it in different ways, sometimes in a mohawk, sometimes in braids or long strands falling over his shoulders. His clothing is made of leather, predominantly deer hide. He sometimes wears a wolf-pelt cloak, the head pulled up over his own. He uses this mostly for hunting or during ambushes in battle.





Canowicakte carries a bow and a quiver of knapped obsidian-tipped arrows, a skinning knife, a fishing line and bait and a sled that he pulls himself to transport the produce from his hunts back to the village. He also often carries a large, two-handed war-club with a ball carved into the end with an obsidian blade protruding from it.


Good hunter: Tracking, bush-craft, the processing of hides and meat. All these things and more are second-nature to Canowicakte. He excels in the use of the bow and the meat, furs and hides he brings back from the hunt are of unmatched quality.
Able to fend for himself in the wild without any assistance.
Hardy constitution: Having spent most of his time living out of doors, Canowicakte is a tough, sinewy young man. His body is well-conditioned for his duties as a warrior, and he is able to keep up with and bring down the prey he brings in for the tribe, and he is very rarely ill.
Camouflage adept.
Moves silently.
Good swimmer.
Excellent horseman.

Does not like large towns or cities.
Cannot use metal weaponry or armour.
Is easily distracted when confronted with something unfamiliar that he finds interesting.
Will not back down from a fight, even if prudence dictates he should withdraw.
Can sometimes go berserk with rage in battle.

Other: N/A

So begins...

Canowicakte (Good hunter of the forest)'s Story


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The stars shone like diamonds. Peppering the inky blackness of the night sky, the distant points of light were like beacons or campfires viewed from a long ways off. Canowicakte reclined against the rock outcrop, arm behind his head. He loved the night sky. If you were lucky, you might catch the glimpse of a shooting star, or see far off the fabled aurora. Up here in the mountains all was peaceful. The quiet was only broken by the heavy breathing of his hulking companion, Enapay. The great bear was seated on his hind legs beside the man, his head also turned skywards.

"What do you think they are, two-legs?"

This was a well-versed conversation. Often in their youth the pair had discussed the origins of the stars and moon, what they were, or meant. Sometimes they would find an answer. Other times they would not.

"What makes you think I know? They are too far off for us to fathom. Besides, what would you do with the information?"

The bear was silent, pondering. Eventually he stretched himself out on his back, looking at his human.

"I would do nothing with the information. I would simply keep it to myself. Wolf would think little of it. Fox would only laugh and claim it for himself. Hawk would say it was what kept him flying. In my mind, the stars are just there. Always have been, always will be."

Canowicakte chuckled. He enjoyed these talks. They reminded him of when he was young. In all his years of chiefdom, he had never found a wiser companion. The bear was his best friend, his brother. His confidante. They knew eachother as well as each knew himself, and more.

"The hunt has gone poorly this season. We will have need of food before the winter is over."

This fact had been weighing on both their minds greatly the last few months. The herds of deer and bison had moved away, or simply not arrived during the late summer. The Shapshifters were likely to go hungry. The bear uttered a low, coarse growl, which Canowicakte had by now understood was a sigh.

"Perhaps it might be prudent to ask the Air tribe for a share of their stores? They are outsiders, to be sure, but they are farmers also. Their stores must be great. Trade them furs and knapped obsidian. I am sure they will enjoy these comforts and offer food in return?"

Canowicakte laughed softly.

"Ever the diplomat. You are becoming less fierce in your old age, brother bear. When we were cubs you would have opted to raid them for food."

Enapay sat up, shaking his shaggy head in laughter.

"Perhaps! But now I think it is best we don't go to war for scraps! We need food. The rivers are fish-less, the plains scarce of food. The Air Tribe lie to our south-east on the border. We have had differences in the past, to be sure, but never so bad as to warrant a deficit of aid. Do not forget the aid we lent to them when last their lands were threatened."

The bear pushed himself to his feet and turned away, heading towards the mountains. He called out over his shoulder as he went.

"Remember, you must do the utmost to save your people! It would be bad for all of us if we do not find the food we need!"

Then he was gone.

Canowicakte sat a while, deep in thought. Eventually he turned his gaze towards home. The fires of Northpass burnt fiercely against the darkness of the night, a small bastion of humanity. Perhaps the last. The other tribes were warlike and expansionist. Ever more their hunters encroached on Shapeshifter lands. The chief frowned. Perhaps the Earth Tribe would give food. They owed their long-time friends for the aid lent in the last war. The Air Tribe also. Yes. Enapay was right. Delegates would be sent the next morning to both peoples, with news of the dire circumstances. One could only hope they would be met with favourable words and deeds.

"Perhaps it is indeed time that we made ourselves known as a people worth mention again."

Pushing himself to his feet, Canowicakte, chief of the Shapeshifter Tribe, made his way back down towards his village. He would summon the elders on his return and tell them of his plan.


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Helina Dynaris

"I'd like to gain your opinion on things, along with giving you some jobs. You think you could do that?"

Helina bit her bottom lip as she pondered his words. She of course had no problem giving her opinions, sometimes she had to restrain herself from doing so, but the jobs could potentially be troublesome. She had a few apprentices but, and not that she was bragging, but she was far superior to them, and there were some wounds only she could heal. But she was not about to turn down the tribe leader.

“I will do whatever you ask of me, my lord. Uh, within reason, of course,” she couldn't stop herself from adding. It was true, though. She wasn't about to go frolicking through the streets naked just because he told her to. She saw a chair nearby and automatically went to sit down, but changed her mind in case it would be seen as disrespectful, and settled for placing her hands on the back of it.

She remembered that it was his governors had retrieved her, and a question sprang to her mind. “Is this about the war, my lord? Are there injuries I need to attend to?” It hurt her to know that people getting hurt, or worse, dying in this war, but she knew that it was sometimes necessary. Sometimes children needed to be punished so they'd behave, and she supposed nations were no different. It was just a shame that men were killing men when they should be helping each other survive natural dangers, like disease, deadly animals, and natural disasters.

Sholeh Kanaka

When Lord Vinicious finished his speech, the room exploded with cheers and clapping. The crowds' excitement got to Sholeh, who screamed and clapped, and even jumped and shot sparks from her hands. The joy at having a new leader again after they lost the last one was enormous. Celebrations began immediately, the people mingling, talking and laughing, servants walking by with trays of wine. Sholeh did not hesitate to take a glass of wine in each hand and scurry over to her family, who looked so out of place and uncomfortable. Well, except Serafina, who had snatched a glass of her own and was flirting with some noble man.

“Having fun?” she asked her parents, who looked they were trying to merge with the wall. They shook their heads at her and gave her looks that could only be described as guilty.

“We're sorry dear,” her father said, “We just don't belong here. We're going to go on home now.”

Sholeh was taken aback. “You're not even going to stay long enough to watch me pledge my loyalty to the new tribe leader with the rest of the soldiers?”

“We really are sorry,” her mother said. “If only your brother, Vukan, had been here.” Sholeh watched her parents push through the crowd and the door as fast as they could. Her excitement dampened a little bit, She downed both of her glasses of wine, set them on a nearby table, and went back to stand with the soldiers.


Kala sat in her hut at the edge of the village, sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and Lnoli napping on her shoulders, communicating with the spirits. Or rather, trying to communicate with the spirits. They weren't being particularly chatty at the moment.

“Spirits, I seek guidance. I seek to know if Lami has your blessing in letting all the livestock loose in the outsider village that tried to steal her spirit animal last week.” Kala went silent, waiting for a sign. When none came, she cried out in frustration, “Spirits, why won't you answer me?”

“Perhaps because you ask them a question every five minutes. Maybe you've them into silence,” she heard Lnoli say.

She snorted. “Perhaps they mistook your snoring for a demon and fled.”

She heard a wheezing sound that knew to be his laugh. “Perhaps,” he allowed.

Suddenly, the wind outside picked up, make a slight whistling sound. Kala grinned and clapped in glee. “Did you hear that, Lnoli? that's a yes! Thank you Spirits.”

“My joy is unrivaled,” the black fox said lazily.

Kala ignored him and posed her next question. “Spirits, will the war between the tribes end soon?” Suddenly, the wind picked up even more, taking off a small piece of her roof. She frowned. “That is not a good sign.”

She gently put Lnoli on the floor, and stepped outside her hut, though with that hole in her roof, she could still see inside. She was unsure whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that the Great Spirits said no often, but she did have the means the fix her roof handy. She carefully climbed up and set about fixing it with grass and paste.

When she was about halfway done, she looked up to see Chief Canowicakte making his way into the village. She called out to him as he passed. “Welcome back, Chief! Did you have luck on your trip?”

The setting changes from Imos to Northpass


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Canowicakte strode purposefully into Northpass. His face was set in a grim mask, eyes hard, mouth a taught line. Many tribespeople were still going about their business around the torch and campfire-lit village. Men and women both attended to the preparations of hides, furs and meat. Others knapped the black, glass-like obsidian the tribe favoured for spearpoints, blades, arrowheads and tools. The older members of the tribe, those that were not sleeping, made baskets, blankets and clothing.

“Welcome back, Chief! Did you have luck on your trip?”

Canowicakte did not pause to answer. He turned his head towards the shaman Kalagisa and called out:

"Make your way to the Longhouse with the others of your ilk! I will address the Elders and the council!"

Then he was gone, moving through the centre of the village. The Longhouse, a large wooden structure with walls of oak and a roof of birch bark, was situated at the focal point of Northpass. A great firepit used for feasts, religious ceremonies and communal gatherings was before the great hall. The longhouse was door-less, open to the elements. If any of the tribe who were not on the council or an Elder wished to listen to or take part in any discourse, they were welcome.

Summoning one of his retainers to him, Canowicakte took his place at the far end of the Longhouse. His sat on a woven mat on the floor. Unlike other chiefs or kings he did not sit upon a throne. He was as beholden to his people as they were to him and all were seated in equal standing in his hall. He pulled the wolf-skin about his shoulders and pulled up its snarling visage over his own. It was a ceremonial guesture. Not meant to intimidate his own, but to make it known to all present that the matter to be discussed was a serious one.

"What is it you wish of me, my Chief?"

The warrior was a veteran of many battles. He wore his hair in a mohawk and the customary warpaint of the cheif's honour-guard adorned his body and face. Red and black to signify blood and darkness. The Shapeshifter Tribe's warriors were expert ambushers.

"Summon the Elders and the High Priestess. The Shamans will be arriving shortly. Then gather Hekaha and the rest of the Veterans."

"At once my Chief."

Canowicakte watched him go. He sat mulling over his thoughts in silence as men and women began to make their way into the large room. Someone lit the fire in its centre and soon bestial shadows began to play off of the ceiling and walls. Soul-animals prowled in the shadows, or reclined in the rafters or alongside their human counterparts. Many of the tribesfolk gathered around the entrance-way or the sides of the longhouse, wishing to listen to what was to be said. All was hushed, each awaiting their chief's words. After what seemed an age Canowicakte raised his head and began to speak.

"It has been a lean year for us. The hunting parties have reported that the herds have been thin or non-existant, and the fish have taken different routes to the spawning-pools. We face hard times ahead!"

A murmer of agreement passed through the gathered assembly, then died down as Canowicakte began to speak again.

"We have faced hard times before. Hungry years and bitter winters. We have all lost friends and family to famine, disease and war. And we have prevailed time and again!"

The warriors arrayed around the hall smacked their leather-bound shields with their spears in unison.

"We have always found a way! The Spirits have ever guided us through the worst of times, and never have we broken our bonds of kinship to one-another. Our collective decisions have ensured our survival to this very day, and will do so again!"

A muted cry of assent went up at the back of the hall and was picked up, carried forwards until all gathered were cheering as one voice. Gently, reverently, the chief raised a hand for silence. It was obeyed. He was smiling, as a father proud of his children.

"Ever have you trusted my judgement, and ever have I bowed to your collective will. You all know Enapay, my companion. He has a plan that may indeed save us from the threat of hunger. But this plan may also bring us hardship in the times ahead. So I put it to you all. I shall lay it bare before you, and we shall discuss what is to be done."

The Elders and Councillors began to murmer amongst themselves, the tribespeople waiting in patient silence. Enapay was well-known to the people. The great bear had come to the aid of the tribe many times in the past, and although bears were not usually counted amongst the wisest of creatures his judgements had usually proven to be sound in nature.

"Tell us of your plan, my Chief. We shall listen."

The Elder who spoke was Tunkasila. He had been the finest warrior of the tribe in the days of his youth. His battle-scarred body was becoming frail, but he still bore himself as proudly as he ever had. Canowicakte bowed his head to the old man, taking it as a sign that he was now allowed to speak. The room again fell quiet.

"Enapay has suggested that we illicit aid from the Air and Earth Tribes. Ever have we gone to aid the Earth Tribe in battle, even going to far as to send the best of our young men to fight in the wars that saw the old Lord of the Fire Tribe killed. I led the charge against his personal guard myself, and saw him struck down. For that aid my father Hehaka asked no recompense. A diplomat therefore, should be sent with gifts to discuss food shipments."

There was a clamour of voices from the throng.

"Why should we send them our wares when they owe us a blood-debt!?"
"Where were their warriors when last we were attacked?"
"We should raid their lands, not beg!"
"Would you call down war upon us!?"
"Better war than humiliation!"

Canowicakte listened to the cries and accusations with a calm countenance. He was used to such things. All opinions were welcome, and therefore all were often voiced. Meetings such as this could often take hours, if not days. A voice rose above the tumult of noise. It was Tunkasila again.

"What of the Air Tribe, my Chief? Were not our last dealings with them violent?"

The crowd fell into a hush yet again. This was indeed true. Not a few months previous there had been a border dispute between two groups of hunters from each tribe. One side claimed that a kill had been made on Shapeshifter land without hunting rights being given. The other party claimed that since the animal had been shot and tracked from within Air Tribe territory, the point was moot. Violence had ensued and soon small skirmishes had begun to flare up. Eventually peace was made between the two chiefs, but relations were still tenuous.

"You are correct, of course, Tunkasila. But we have also lent them the aid of our warriors in the past, as well as given them much trade. All our trade to the East first passes through their lands, and they get the better share! So a diplomat, bearing gifts, will also be sent to their chief. We will remind them of their debts to us, and ensure that we wish no harm or ill-will upon their people."

Canowicakte looked out at the shadowy faces. He raised his voice so that all could hear.

"This is about our survival as a people, as a tribe! I would not do this unless I felt that there was no other peaceful solution! But I did not call you here to impose my will upon you! So let your voices be heard! All opinions shall be listened to and weighed! All will have a say if they with it to be so!"

Canowicakte fell silent, looking out at his people, awaiting their response. He hoped to the Great Spirit that they would agree with him.

The setting changes from Northpass to Imos


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Helina Dynaris

"You have a sharp mind," Lord Rostovii said to her. Helina blushed slightly at the compliment, and replied, “Thank you, my lord. I certainly like to think so.” And now it sounded like she was bragging, which made her even more embarrassed.

Lord Rostovii must have sensed her unease, because he moved closer to her and said, "I may have gained my power only recently as your leader, but I prefer to be seen as an equal. All lives are of equal value, afterall."

His words did make her feel more relaxed, and she loosened her body from its stiff posture.

"I would like to ask your opinion on risking many lives to end this war. I wish to regain peace across the land, the most efficient and quick way I have figured out would indefinitely compromise the lives of our people..."

He moved even close to her, and she looked at him straight on, where she would have looked at him in the eyes if she could see them. He continued his speech.

"The job I have for you would be a lot of work. This includes gaining many followers to teach them how to heal others. Of course, those who have gained a considerate healing ability would be sent to the front lines. We simply need more and more healers, more soldiers, more hope..."

Helina frowned in thought. Did she think that risking the lives of soldiers in hopes that they would be able to heal should they incur mortal wounds was worth it? Yes, she absolutely did. If there was a chance for thee soldiers to live long enough to win the war, then it was absolutely worth the risk. Although, it did lean heavily on her teaching skills, for which was up for debate.

The blind man must have taken her frown for rejection, as he proceeded to get down on one knee and bow. "I apologize for any forms of annoyance or inconvenience this has caused. You may decline if you feel as you surely can't."

The gesture put Helina back into a flustered state, as she was not used to such treatment. ”Oh, uh, of course I will do it! Nothing would make me happier! Do you already have people in mind?”

Sholeh Kanaka

Somewhere between leaving the spot where her parents had been and returning the troops, Sholeh had picked up another glass of wine, and was sipping it with one hand and fending off the advances of a comrade with the other.

“Come on, this is a night of celebration! I'm drunk, you're drunk. Spirits are high, and all that. Let's celebrate together!” He tried to cop a feel under her sorry excuse for a top, but she easily batted his hand away.

“One, I'm not drunk,” she said, in a completely steady voice. “I'm only on my third glass of wine, and my limit is in the six or seven range. Two, it is almost unbelievable that your opinion of your manhood is so low that you would bed a woman who not only beats you in hand to hand combat daily, but also one who's fire abilities far exceed your own.”

Her comrade only smirked. “What can I say, I have no pride.” He tried to touch her again, but again she slapped it away.

Just then, Lord Vinicious and General Zaheed made their way over to the troops. Sholeh quickly set her glass on the floor and knelt with the rest of the soldiers. As she was on her knee, she distinctly felt a hand on her rear. She quickly kicked her foot roughly behind her, making contact with a hard body. She was rewarded with pain filled grunt, which made her smile in triumph.

"Who in here is brave enough to challenge Lord Vinicius to a wrestling match? All for good fun of course. Anybody? Anybody with the sheer amount courage and valor?" she heard General Zaheed boom loudly.

Things could not have taken a better turn. A wrestling match was right up her alley. She bolted right up from her kneeling position and pumped a fist in the air. “I challenge him!”

She immediately ran out to the center of the hall and put her hands on hips. “I gladly challenge you to a wrestling match! And please don't insult me by saying you won't fight a girl, because I've taken down most of those men!” She indicated the soldiers by nodding her head to them, then then punched her fist into the palm of her hand for emphasis.


"Make your way to the Longhouse with the others of your ilk! I will address the Elders and the council!"

With a slightly raised eyebrow, Kala watched the Chief disappear into the Longhouse, then jumped down from the roof. She grabbed the attention of a nearby child. “Ero, go tell the other shamans to meet in the Longhouse.” The boy nodded, and scampered off to do as he was told.

She went back inside her hut to retrieve Lnoli, who seemed to be more alert after his quick nap. “Come on,” she told him. “Chief is calling a council meeting.” She exited her hut and started walking towards the Longhouse, Lnoli pattering beside her. He did not stay quiet for long.

“Its about the lack of food.” It more more a statement than a question, but Kala answered anyway.

“Yes, I suspect that as well. I hope a solution is found, because although I know you don't mind eating insects, I would prefer not to.”

They entered the Longhouse ahead of the other shamans, and Kala took a seat as far away from the rest of the tribe as she could, Lnoli curled up on her lap. Its not that she disliked her tribe, quite the opposite, but sometimes they were uneasy around her, so she found it much easier to just keep her distance. It wasn't long before the other shamans had shuffled in around her, and the meeting began.

The Chief addressed the issues of lack of resources like she thought he would. When he mentioned a diplomat going to the Air and Earth Tribes, she became excited. She had been hoping to get out of the village and see the world a bit, and here was the opportunity offered to her on a silver platter. She quickly stood up and said, “It would be my honor, Chief, to be said diplomat to the Air and Earth Tribes. I promise I will broker peace and come back with what this tribe needs to endure.”

The setting changes from Imos to Northpass


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The argument had lasted well into the night. The tumult in the Longhouse would have been horrendous to any outsider, wall of sound, voices battling with one-another to be heard above the din of the linguistic battle. Canowicakte sat in silence. His ears were well-trained for this sort of debate and did not find it difficult to pick out the various arguments that were of the highest importance to the current matter. The main argument was perceptively clear to him.

The current gathering was split roughly down the middle. The one side were worried that by 'begging' (as they called it) for outside aid would show the tribe's weakness to the outsiders and warrant an attack on their land. The other side believed that if food and supplies for the coming winter were not obtained, the tribe would become weak, and therefore open to attack. Eventually the chief raised his hands for silence.

"I have heard your arguments, and have weighed them all fairly! It would appear, my friends, that we are at a stalemate. A half-and-half split. But there are many who have not had a voice. I therefore call for a vote. You all shall speak yea or nay for this matter. If the vote is against, we shall find an alternative solution. If it is yea, then preparations shall me made immediately for the provision of our diplomats and their escorts. So now, who is for this plan, and who is against!?"

The yea vote won by a single voice. The future of the clan was decided. Then, as the tribespeople were considering this fact in silence a voice rose from the shadows off to the left of Canowicakte's place by the fire.

“It would be my honor, Chief, to be said diplomat to the Air and Earth Tribes. I promise I will broker peace and come back with what this tribe needs to endure.”

Heads turned, whispered voices floated on the air. The chief smiled to himself. Kala. Of course it was Kala. The young shaman's growing wanderlust had been marked by many in the tribe.

"Kalagisa, step forward and be known to the people!"

After she had complied, he guestured for her to take a place by the fire. Elders were already shifting to make room for her. The High Priestess, attended by her acolytes, stepped forward with ceremonial paint. A nod from the chief and she began to trace it across Kalagisa's skin with her fingers. Markings to bring luck and protection, and to ward off evil spirits and magicks. Eventually she finished, and stepped back.

"I admire your spirit, Shaman. But we need two diplomats. I will not ask you to travel to both tribes yourself. Besides, we shall need you back here before the first snows begin to fall."

He turned to the gathering.

"Kalagisa will stand for us! Who else shall go as emissary?"

A young man from the back of the hall stepped forward.

"I shall go!"

Hiawatha, a young-blood warrior. He had a good heart, and was trustworthy.

"Step forward warrior and be known to the people."

The ritual was repeated. Kala sat to Canowicakte's left, Hiawatha to his right. The chief rose to his feet and held his hands out to the gathered tribespeople.

"We have our champions, our saviors! Make them known to you! Praise them as our greatest children!"

The uproar was unanimous. Even those who had opposed the plan cheered and clapped. A snatch of song began and was picked up. Soon the entire hall was singing the praise of the two volunteers. Canowicakte waited in patient silence, again smiling in his paternal way. Once the noise had again died down he spoke.

"A guard of ten warriors shall be sent with each. Hiawatha, you shall travel to the lands of the Earth Tribe. You shall take them furs, obsidian crafts and our finest bead-work. Kalagisa, you shall travel to the Air Tribe. Rugs, clothing and hides shall be your gift to them. Speak directly to their Chieftains and allow no others to take the gifts from you. If they offer aid, do not allow them to make promises of sending it at a later date. Leave with what we need, or do not leave until you have recieved it. Remember, we wish only for food. Do not become embroiled in their politicking. If they wish to speak of alliance pacts, aid in war or other matters besides then they may send their own diplomats to Northpass. Or better yet, they may come here themselves!"

This last remark brought forth a peal of laughter from the crowd. It had been a long time indeed since any of the other tribal rulers had seen fit to 'grace' Northpass with their presence.

"I will say this one last thing also. Do not travel through Water or Fire Tribe lands. We have had not had dealings with either, save in war, for many years. I do not know how they will recieve you. Journey to your appointed destinations and then return. And most of all, be safe."

He bowed his head reverently, respectfully to each in turn and then resumed his seat. The gathered people began to file out, heading for home. Canowicakte waited until all were gone and then removed the wolf-pelt from about his head and shoulders. He prayed to the Great Spirit that they would be successful in their mission.