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Don't bare your teeth, 'less you're gonna bite down...Hard.

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¤ Reality Name: Subject - 00
¤ Character Name: Zero
¤ Age:18-19
¤ Gender: M
¤ Theme Song: Blood On My Hands by The Used
¤ Personality: Zero keeps to himself, is usually cool and calm in any situation and doesn't make a scene, unless it involves some wild games that requires the intense use for weapons. In that he shines most, for his cut-throat and brash ways in dealing with whatever life throws at him. Living on the edge, a tendancy to disreguard authority and notorious for trouble, he won't think twice on bending or even breaking the rules just to get to the objective. Sometimes he can't help but not really care much about anything else except for cracking the case he's been given. He's fearless, authentic, compassionate, and ethical. He's fully aware of his purpose for existing: taking out the cause that made the original Bradley Lake drop bis marbles. And if that means cutting some major corners, or sacrificing a few pawns, then what the hell right? Someone's gotta get their hands dirty and he's the man for the job.
¤ Reality Appearance:
¤ Character Appearance:
¤ Super Human Power: Zero has the innate ability to create powerful blasts of fire from his supernatural arm. Using his energies he can create infinite bullets for his gun Ruby Queen, along with enhanced speed, strength, agility, etc. He has a special healing factor, granted he could recover from virtually any inflicted wound faster than normal. However in doing so it can sap his energies if he has to keep healing every time he takes a number. So this is something he's very mindful of.
¤ Equipment: Twin blades. Ruby Queen gun. Rock Salt bullets (just in case). Vial of poison. A glove that houses a hidden poisoned tipped blade that shoots out at the flick of a wrist. Holy water in a flask (don't ask why). Pouch of coins. Lock pick. Throwing knives. A silver ring on a slim silver chain he wears around his neck. A picture of the outside world.

So begins...

Subject -00's Story

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Dyson Pierce watched him carefully. His dark eyes boring into the young man only but ten feet away seated on the examination table. The silver haired human held a youthful, fresh air about him, and almost an innocent face one could gaze at for eternity- at least it appeared for his wife and partner Lisa who hadn't parted from the clone upon his introduction to the world. Her eyes were like a child's, warm and wide and filled with this curiosity. As if she'd never seen anything like their experiment before. Cloning wasn't anything extravagant, it had been perfomed numerous times on test animals. Some successful, others not so much. However this clone was human, not a four-legged-animal. A complete being that was fully functional. All the tests had been run on this one and save for his profile (all of the scientists had been given a heads-up of each fragments individualized specifications on how they should be treated) Dyson felt that his wife was being a little too careless.

He'd remained busy typing up a status report behind the desk. Meanwhile casting quick glances toward the subject and Lisa; he decided for himself he had to be more careful, and when they'd been ordered to gather the fragments he'd somehow knew that things were going to get much more crazier around here. He momentarily hesitated his typing at noting that the clone wasn't actually reacting much to the woman, rather he kept staring at him.

Lowering a hand to the deep pocket of his crisp white lab coat, the scientist made sure that the injection needles he'd picked up (about two) around the same time their experiment was awakening were still there. They weren't lethal, just something to knock the kid out instantly if things took a downwards turn. Given the nature of their special experiment. Finalizing the report as quickly as possible to get it over with he couldn't help but furrow his brows irritatedly at over hearing Lisa's having to explain it all to the lab-rat. He was going to be informed on his purpose later on by the head of this field. It wasn't their business to get involved and start having little chit-chats with the clone anyways. But it was for those little things he adored his wife.

"So basically I'm alive only to solve a problem you poor excuses for scientists have made? This is just stupid- there is a reson people weren't meant to know so much. It screws you over." The clone expressed, his tone smooth, yet toneless and steady. His ocean blue eyes were watching her. And if Dyson hadn't yet noticed he should have, their subject seemed to have found something out of interest in her suddenly.

Zero noticed something thin and reflecting at the light strung around her neck. He wondered what it was, but as his brilliant eyes lowered from her collar bone to the little opening of her blouse he couldn't exactly make out what it could be, save for the circular edge of the object that stuck out. Like a crescent moon. For all he knew, whatever it was had to be something special for her to keep so close to her heart.

"Mhmm, we're just making sure you're prepared for the task before we take you to the-"

The abrubt slamming of a manilla folder against the table made her slightly flinch, and she whirled her head around to see her husband stand, the fierce glare that set his rouged face made her smile uneasily and the clone saw it all there.

Dyson tried vainly to remain calm, but it had been a long hell of a week and he wasn't in the mood for her being so caring and gentle and slow with this case. They just might have already been called and no one had noticed.

"Lisa we need to go now, you don't have to talk him into doing something he's created to do. He'll do as told wether he likes it or not. We're leaving." Dyson commanded, his tone sounding a bit tired but forceful.

Lisa sighed but attempted to look cheerful as she returned her gaze to their subject and told him to follow them.

Zero found himself in just a rough spot as the man in white. Who was this idiot to tell him what he should or shouldn't do? Talk him into what? He was never questioned on his choice anyways and for the moment he decided he didn't want to go anywhere. Especially with that man wearing the unflattering scowl on his face. He did not trust him and he had every right not to. Although seemingly looking distant, Zero had been noticed the man's constant staring and only now did he wonder at the possibility if he served as a threat to them. The curiosity even expanded to whatever that folder contained about him. He could remember when Lisa, the nicer woman had been scribbling in notes in between examinations. He had grown a suspicion about them, they were treating him as if he were something foreign, something you'd see that was so strange yet alluring that all you could do was poke at it with a stick to see what happened.

And he hated that feeling.

Lisa tapped the boy's shoulder, liking the feel of the black, soft oxford the young man never had the bother to button up. She smiled at him but it never truly reached her hazel eyes as she motioned for him to follow their lead. Her husband was already pulling at the ID key card he wore on his lapel to the black square shaped instrument on the wall, which beeped upon sensing the recognized digits of the ID. The door to their exit slid open smoothly like elevator doors.

So it seemed that all was known about everyone he was sure of it but his own.

"I'm not going anywhere, I think I like it here." Zero said his expression calm, certain, as he simply crossed his arms over his chest and shrugged at the unbelievable stares both scientists shot him.

"You have to come with us. Now." Dyson sounded more angry, probably made worse by the fact that he was paired with a clone that not only did he expect would be difficult to handle but lived up to its standards.

Zero turned away from them as his eyes swept across the lab, eying all the fragile glass tubes some empty, others containing liquids of varying colors of reds, blues, yellows and the likes. Along with so many other things he could draw attention to. He only wanted his way after all and even though a small part of him suggested that he should just stay quiet and follow them out, self awareness was one thing, yet being ordered to do something was entirely different. That was which he adamantly refused to accept.

He squinted as he nonchalantly picked up a glass mixing cup with its little mixing stick, examining it as if fascinated, "I have a better idea, see... I can stay here and explore all this crap and you guys can go screw yourselves," he looked up at them with a half crooked smile, "how's that?"

Dyson slipped his hand into his pocket, his mind racing after a quicker and much simpler approach to ending this charade. It was pointless now trying to make him cooperate and he could see that in trying to force him would only give them more of a mess. Sighing he slowly uncapped the needle as he relaxed his features and just as cautiously made his way toward the kid.

"You're right, we could stay a little while..." he told him almost gently, trying to conjure up an image of a cute puppy or child in his head, something he could relate to and feign mild concern for the other, anything at most to seem sincere to the clone. He flickered his black eyes at his wife as she moved toward him, it was all there in his eyes to stay back and try not to make any sudden movement.

Zero wasn't sure how he had realized something was different. Maybe it was the alarming he bells he felt going off, racing with the fierce pounding of his heart at the sound of that glaring man's voice lowering. He pictured a panther in his mind or a lion edging closer and dangerously closer to its prey. Waiting to pounce. A frown tipped his brows and the smile that had alit his features faded as consequently everything suddenly fell silent. Only the faint humming of the overhead bright lights above interrupted the growing silence that weaved around the three, as if pulling them into a scene. In which he was the star, but for all the wrong reasons.

Suddenly Dyson swung his arm up and attempted to strike like a cobra toward the clone's neck.

Zero eyed the sharp needle, its tip catching at the light with whatever drug it contained dripping. All he knew was that it could harm him and that he needed to avoid getting pricked by it. Reaching swiftly for the scientist's wrist he pushed with all his force that arm away, twisting it even to have the man double-over in pain, then thinking quickly, Zero reached with his other hand over the man's back and yanked at the long lab coat, pulling it up and over his head. Using that to cover his line of vision, he bought his knee into the man's gut and finally shoved him into the table. The glass objects there shattered noisily as he fell against them before slumping with a groan to the floor. The injection had slid across the room, a little before Lisa. She was in easier reach of it.

Grabbing a shard of glass from the table, Zero latched his hand onto the man's coat, pulling him up, he placed the sharpest edge to his throat, threatening to slit it if he dared to take another move.

"Zero don't, please!" Lisa begged, her tone high pitched and alarming as she glanced toward the exit, the doors had automatically slid closed.

"Or what huh? What are you going to do to stop me? Obviously if you hadn't noticed I take demands from no one. You can give that thought up." Zero was quite serious as he met her gaze directly.

Lisa watched him carefully, almost afraid to breathe, she didn't move, but her body trembled despite her wanting to remain still. Would he actually kill him? She panicked thinking about that possibility and decided to try everything she could to avoid that outcome.

"What is it that you want? Just tell me and I'll give it to you but please don't do it."

Zero considered, he turned away from her to glare at the man she seemed to care deeply about, now that she was finally asking him what he wanted, maybe he wouldn't kill the dick after all. There would be no need to. But that still didn't stop him from knocking the man out with an angry punch in the face. He'd caught Dyson's hand sliding subtly back into the pocket, about to probably pull another injection out.

"Fine. But if I were you, I wouldn't try it."

Lisa froze, she was already bending over to pick up the injection that Dyson had dropped, she too would have done the same given the chance, but Zero was a step ahead.

He shook his finger, a smile playing at his lips as he clicked his tongue, "Ah-ah. If you want to end up like him I suggest you play it smart and be a little more nicer to me. Not that you haven't been," He glanced back at her, scrutinizing her with wary eyes.

Lisa straightened almost too fast, then wordlessly glared at him, and he tilted his head to the side studying her carefully.

"There is only one thing that I want, and also something that you want as well of all of this. I think we can come to an accordance of some kind, don't you think?"

She exhaled quickly and bit her lip, feeling tears well up in her eyes. This could not be happening, but it clearly was and the frustration of having no other choice but to go along with it was beginning to piss her off.

Somehow he knew she'd be a bit more cooperative than her partner and that was enough for him. He told her that he would like to see her in a much private place so that they could discuss for a bit and finalize his plan. He was aware of the recording eyes around the room watching their every move.

A few minutes later an announcement was made that all staff proceed to the assigned room with their experiments and files that the meeting was about to start.

Dyson was given the medical help needed but nothing would ever heal the dreaded scar of his defeated pride.


"I can't believe I'm being subjected to this crap." Lisa muttered as she walked stiffly, case file in hand, leading her experiment down the hall.

Zero gave her a sideways glance as he deliberately walked one step behind her, "I think it's a pretty good deal. And don't worry, I'm a man of my word, I have no reason to lie. And remember," there was more light in his eyes than the circumstances warranted, clearly disarmingly gleeful that she was complying with him. That they had actually done this when something told him that this wasn't the usual norm. He placed a finger to his lips, "shh."

She hated how he was able to act as if nothing had happened back there, and she hated her inability to calm her beating heart. Was she actually afraid of him? And why did it feel so wrong? He was just a kid, not even twenty yet, or a day old technically. So why such trepidation plaguing her soul?

"Yeah, because I would love for you to throw my ring away," her usually soft voice acquired a note of irritation in its sarcasm. But she tried to keep her anger off her face as they neared the double doors leading to the room. Her gaze flickered repeatedly between his face and the silver chain now around his own neck, she wondered if she could truly confide in him.

The clone snorted dryly, "Hey, it's like I said, this is an agreement of mutual interests," he answered with a ghost of a smirk flitting across his face, but right about now he wanted her to stop talking about it, "now about your husband..." he began, changing the subject abruptly, shrugging and averting her eyes as where they were entering was an even bigger place than were they had been previously.

"I want you to stay far away from him." She hissed, nudging her elbow against him to stress the point.

His smirk deepened, recalling that incident, it was thrilling, although he didn't think he'd admit that to her at the moment. "I can't make you any promises, if he comes looking for me, he'll find me. And if he pulls another trick like that on me I can't tell you how much I would enjoy beating the hell out of him. This time without holding back." There was a level of permanence in his voice, and that hint of expectation. Both already aware of that fact, but not exchanging anything more they fell into a mutual silence as they neared a group of other men and woman in lab coats all gathered around in hushed conversation as they watched the other scientists and their assigned clones walking in.

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Lisa didn't like the look on her experiment's face when he glanced at her, she almost didn't want to ask what he was thinking.

"I thought this was going to be some kind of party, but I don't see any drinks or condiments." He muttered at catching her eyes wondering toward him.

She nodded, "What made you assume it was?"

"Why else would I be needed here? You already told me what needs to be done, why can't we skip to the part where we just jump in and start already?"

"Because you're not going at this alone."

Now he looked at her directly in the eyes, raising a brow, "Oh, wait. You were serious about that? I have to join them on this mission? Wow. That's something."

"Why do I get the impression that you're up to something?"

He offered her that devilish grin he wore so well, "That's 'cuz I am my dear. You only gave me two options, and I'm choosing the third door or option in your case."

Lisa stared at him as if he had grown a giant green head with three horns, almost nervous did she appear, her face tight and eyes wide, "There is no third option."

He wagged his finger at her as he crossed his arms, his eyes swept across the room to spot the group of the other clones a knowing look in his eyes as he figured things were definitely going to change quite sooner than expected. "See, those guys over there will all bend over back wards to please their superiors, but not me. I don't give out my services without a price and you know it."

"What are you getting at and what is this third option you're talking about?" Now she was clearly worried, out of all the fragments she kinda sorta wished she hadn't been assigned to this one.

He sighed, rolling his eyes and shrugged, "That's for me to know and for you to guess. But I doubt you'll ever get it. Just be warned, things are about to get a whole lot interesting around here."

The scientist placed both hands at her hips, a no non-sense look on her face, "What are you planning now?"

He looked at her finally and simply said, "You're the scientist, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out, think woman. What do you think?"

"Oh no." She most have gotten part of it, for that look on her face was priceless. She knew it wasn't going to go well with the higher ups. And she couldn't talk him out of it. Although she wished she knew what exactly it was, yet he wasn't going to tell her, as if she could stop him anyways.

"Oh yes," He walked away from her to approach the rest of the clones, he sized them up guessing which fragment portrayed which emotion, he did notice that a few were missing, what frustrated him a bit was having to wait so long for this to get started. One clone he seemed to have something akin to interest in was the pretty, innocent bird, almost looking like a normal girl that didn't belong here.

Lisa watched him carefully as he stared at the girl with those intense blue eyes, sometimes she felt like he could see right through her whenever their line of sight crossed, could explain why she disliked looking at him directly.

What are you planning Zero? I really hope for your own sake that whatever it is, isn't something too bad.

Zero couldn't help but smile at Ellisia, something about her spiked his interest and he kinda wanted to know her a little more.

"You look like you'd rather be anywhere else but here..." He told her almost in a whisper his tone quite playful, as he smiled at her. He unhooked his arms and slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans he couldn't really take his eyes off her and they held that amused look to them.

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Ellisia watched as one of the other clones left his caretaker, a woman she didn’t recognize, who had the…the strangest look on her face. Wondering what had caused such an expression, Ellisia heard the footsteps halt, directly before her. Turning her gaze from the woman to the man before her, she met his gaze for a second before blushing and looking down. “Oh, no,” she protested. “I am happy to do my duty.” A brief smile flashed across her face, and she added, “And there are many places that I would not rather be, such as in a pit of snakes. I think few places are as bad as that would be,” she added contemplatively, brow furrowed as she thought. “But perhaps it is you who does not wish to be here?” She looked up now, gaze straightforward and honest, albeit a bit confused.

She found his gaze somewhat disquieting, hard to meet, but she had no idea why. Still, she forced herself to look him in the eye, as it was what manners required. Pushing herself to her feet, she smiled again, though this time her face had a gentler cast to its features, no humor in her level gaze. “We have not been introduced properly, no? I am Ellisia Julens. It is a pleasure to meet you.” And it was, for Ellisia found everyone a joy to be with, even the scientists who poked her with needles and examined her so often, to be sure she was healthy and normal, or at least, as normal as could be expected.

She felt the gazes of many, if not all, of the others in the room, focused on the two of them. Turning to the other clones, she said, “Perhaps we should all introduce ourselves? The others are taking a long time…I hope nothing is wrong,” she added, worry coloring her words and clouding her gaze as she bit her lip, letting her curly brown hair fall forward over one shoulder, a curtain to hide behind, the flimsiest of shields. This situation was not the most ideal, and she did not wish others to see the discomfort on her face as she felt the tense atmosphere, the scientists standing around the edge of the room as though they were some strange animals on display. Many of them did not even bother to hide their curiosity, eyes gazing hungrily at their creations interacting. Ellisia, though normally compliant and sweet, hated to be treated like a thing, like some strange being that belonged completely and utterly to another, though she knew that that was not the case. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to lay some claim to her own body, her mind, even her soul. Trying to interrupt those dark thoughts before they blossomed fully, she looked back at the young man before her, gaze perhaps revealing more of her emotions than she would wish to share.

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"Hmm, now, you and I know well. THAT'S a lie." Zero's smile deepened at this girl whom evoked utter sincerity and even a hint of certainty -she kept her eyes steady on him and he was impressed. Lisa always looked so nervous when he stared at her directly, it was a pattern he'd noticed quickly upon awakening. The scientists not only communicated through verbal spoken words, but with their eyes as well. He was never intimidated by such a simple act as holding anothers gaze, so why was it that they felt the need to look away after a mere second? Did the eyes hold a truth only revealed by a long look? Maybe so but when he held her gaze he caught the flicker of a shadow in her limpid eyes, though it was only for a moment. Yet, it was enough to convey her doubt.

"You can call me Zero dear, now why the face?" His tone held a lighter, humorous edge to it, he was fully aware of them all staring at him and her. And it didn't even fluster him in the slightest as he reached out a hand to her sweetness, his fingers gently pushed those strands away from her beautiful face, tucking them behind her ear. His lips widened as he leaned in, he stroaked the top of her head as he whispered in her ear, "Let them watch."

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Eliseo hardly had any time to share a greeting with either of the other two clones when another approached. This clone appeared to be a new fragment, created, like them, solely for this purpose, and had taken the shape of a young man with piercing eyes that made him uncomfortable. He was quite glad that he was not the object of their attention and felt a little nervous for Ellisia, who was. But she handled the stranger’s teasing question with the same unflinchingly straightforward manner that marked her character, and when she suggested that everyone introduced themselves, he followed with a short but declarative “Elis” though judging from the way the clone's eyes were fixed on Ellisia, he doubted the stranger cared.

He continued to observe the clone’s curious behavior, which involved cozying up to Ellisia and... Oh god, is he flirting with her? Eliseo was flooded with the desire to scoot his chair as far away from the spectacle as possible and simultaneously frozen with fascination. Damn man, he thought, control your frickin' libido. He unconsciously leaned his torso away in discomfort and glanced up at Aidan as if to confirm Um, this is kinda awkward, right? … Please tell me I'm not alone in this train of thought.

Mere seconds after sending that look it occurred to him that Aidan probably didn’t care --- the guy was seemingly impervious to awkwardness, safely shielded by his complete and utter apathy --- but Eliseo was feeling it pretty strong, and Aidan could occasionally be counted on as a bro. He needed it to convey it to someone other than the two mass producing the awkwardness (okay, one, it wasn't really her fault), and the scientists around the room didn’t count. He ignored the way they scribbled onto their notepads, recording their every social interaction, and cleared his throat. Loudly. If that didn't work he might have to step up and say something. Poor Ellisia was looking more and more uncomfortable, though whether it was due to Zero's influence or the scientists coldly scrutinizing their actions he couldn't really guess.

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Ellisia blushed, breath catching in her throat, and she could only stare up at him with wide eyes, mind failing to come up with a response. On the sidelines, Dr. Moore started forward, only to be grabbed and held back by another scientist, a woman who’s gaze was fixed on the two of them. He said something to her, quietly, to softly for Ellisia to hear, but stepped back, looking away from them almost ashamedly. Knowing no help was coming, she cast a frantic glance at the others. Steeling herself, she looked at him again and forced herself to take a deep breath. Why was it so much more…difficult to face him, well, petting her, than it was to deal with injections and countless scans and tests?

“You’re doing that on purpose,” she accused quietly. “Trying to…to fluster me.” Meeting his eyes steadily again, she asked, “Why?” And why were none of the others saying anything. Elis had introduced himself, certainly, but they were doing nothing other than watching, also, though they had to be aware of her discomfort. She laced her fingers tightly together, clenching hier fists until her knuckles turned white.

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Why did it bug him for her to react so distrusting toward him? Pulling back to gaze at her, he was met with a not so gentle expression on her adorable face. He wanted to change that, "Doing what on purpose?" He asked, squinting as if scrutinizing her, "I'm being friendly, that's all, and if you're flustered then that may be a good thing..." That half smirk graced his features before his eyes broke contact and lowered to her hands and he involuntarily reached for them, his hold on her ever so gentle, as he pulled her hands apart and simply held them. They were very light and small, he could also feel a little rush coursing through his veins by this simple gesture and he wondered if by being flustered she meant this strange sensation he couldn't bat down. All the while she held his gaze and he dared to stare down at her, half wondering what she saw in his eyes.

Aware of the audience watching him and her, Zero imagined being on some kind of stage where they were the stars of the freak show, as if they'd never seen two people interacting. Or was it the fact that they weren't just people, but clones of the same person? They must have been the first of their kind to have acquired such a high level of interest from these scientists. But none of that really mattered to him, all he cared about right now was this girl, with those eyes that never looked away and her reaction to him which he suddenly found himself actually wondering about, why? That was a mystery even to himself.

Lisa was just as curious about her subject and the rest of the clones as all the others around her, but it wasn't a big deal. They were all going to begin talking to one another eventually, it was just so fascinating to her in the sense that they were actually complete, whole, beings successfully functioning on their own and that was which why everyone seemed so excited and enthralled by the clones. It wasn't everyday that a DNA was extracted from one person and their emotions divided into fragments and embodied by each clone. She half expected this to fail on her first try when she was even given the task to complete. However, now as she watched them, she couldn't help but feed off of the intense wonder and amazement that expanded and filled every scientist standing in the room. Imagine if this were to ever reach the ears of the public how much frenzy and trouble that would cause. But of course that wouldn't happen since this procedure so delicately done was only completed for the sole purpose of the state of emergency the entire world was in. The salvation for the world rested in these clones' hands, it was up to them to decide the future of the world and its six billion people that resided in it. Save it, or let it blow up, their choice.