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Alice Hold

"Never judge a book by it's cover"

0 · 251 views · located in The Zombie Apocalypse

a character in “The Undead have risen!”, as played by SmilingNutella


Name: Alison Hold
Age: 19
Race: I'm an Vampire
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image
Alison is a very determined girl. She'll do whatever she can to save her life and the others. She is also very quiet and shy, but she of course can fight very well. She doesn't talk a lot unless she know you very well. You can trust her most importantly.
A small revolver and two very large daggers.
I'm very fast and flexible.
I can summon natural disasters as in tornadoes,hurricanes and storms. But very small ones.
Alison was born in a very protective family. Her parents are military sergeants and like perfection. She was taught how to shoot a gun from her father and how to use daggers from her mother. Her brother also joined the military. He taught her to survival in disasters. And, that might come in handy now.

So begins...

Alice Hold's Story

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Alice stood looking down at the zombie filled streets. She was on top of a building that she found not as nearly destroyed as the others. The night was very dim except for bright moon and some very small fires. She checked her pistol to make sure she had enough ammo. The building wasn't large. In fact, it happened to be quiet small, but it still kept her safe. She jumped from building landing safely on her feet. Luckily, none of the zombies noticed her. She slipped her way into a alley where it seemed to be clear. While she was once again making sure she had everything a zombie noticed her. It looked as to be a fresh one so it came about somewhat fast-walking towards her. "Crap!" She said in a very low voice trying hardly not to attract any others. She took out her pistol and shot the zombie. The shot was loud enough to attract other zombies. Frantically she looked around to see a half-broken fire escape ladder beside her. She quickly jumped and climbed up. She was safe. Well at least for now.