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Tiffany Whitman

0 · 249 views · located in Whispering Pines Private School for Creatures

a character in “The Unwanted Ones”, originally authored by JacquelineJuliet, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Tiffany Whitman

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Elemental. Tiffany can control fire, electricity, and water. She is able to produce anything in her hand and can throw it at anyone. She can withstand temperatures ranging from 2000 kelvin to -4000 celsius. Because of her stronger hold on fire, she can create electricity particles and play with them to make her glow and heat up, along with other things. By blowing on something, she can cause it to freeze. When in contact with someones skin, she has managed to learn how to make them feel like they are either drowning or burning alive.

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Description/Looks: Tiffany has greyish/white hair that flows down to about right under her chest. She has clear, tan skin with light, icy blue eyes and light pink lips. She stands at 5'6 and is slim, with a toned built.

Usually, she wears whatever she feels like. However, she always has black nail polish on.

Attitude/Personality: Tiffany seems to be quite cocky, but can be nice. She is very blunt and frank, which usually annoys people. She is not afraid to say whats on her mind and doesn't really care what people think of her. When someone gets to know her, she lightens up and starts to take down her walls. It takes her a while to know if she can trust someone or not. Overall, she tends to be naturally a bitch, cocky, and distant, but she's actually a really cool girl.

How/Why they are here: Her cousin found her play with electricity and fire when she was in her room. He freaked out and told his parents, or her aunt and uncle, and they sent her off to the school.

So begins...

Tiffany Whitman's Story

Emma looked up at skylar wondering where she got the passes to begin with. She stood up to get a closer look. "Skylar you are not permitted to give passes out, they are for students who make high grades" her hands pressed onto her hips as her tail moved back and forth. Looking around for a moment and towards Tiffany. "Nor should you randomly pick a captain. They have to want it to be a good leader" she snatched the tickets from skylar.

"Hi everyone I'm Ms. Warshank you fellows can call me Emma. I'll be your biology teacher. " she winked some as the tickets disappeared into her bra."I will allow this game and stand as a ref. sound fair skylar" looking towards her almost in a daring way. Not much she could do Emma was still a teacher.

OOC: okay just wanted to make sure thanks!

Great. Now she was a leader. Keira had never been a team leader ever but she needed those passes bad, and if that meant trying to get a load of social outcast kids with powers to work together then she would do it. This is not going to be easy.

Skylar picked the guy who spoke earlier. Damn! He would have been good to have with running being his strength. How was she supposed to pick a team when she didn't even know anyone or what they could do. Keira scanned the crowd and came across a girl a little younger than herself with white hair, Keira couldn't remember ever talking to the girl but she knew her name was Tiffany. She stood out and from her body language Keira could tell she really didn't want to be here which is just what she needed, someone else desperate to leave.

Keria heard the guy Xavier say something about stretching his legs but before Skylar could answer Keira made her first choice.

'I want her' she pointed at the young girl and smiled 'It's Tiffany right?'