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Jasper Shepherd

0 · 586 views · located in A humble town in the United States.

a character in “They Opened The Book”, as played by Rainbow Sprinkle Cake




Jasper appears to be in his early twenties but he stopped counting several thousand years ago.

~Love Interest~
Jasper is well known when it comes to love, that being said he tends to fall in and out of love as much as someone changes their underwear. As of right now however, he's single.

Jasper is a demon.

~Face Claim~
Vincent Brooks from the game Catherine.

As far as he can tell he's heterosexual, but who knows what the future holds.


155 lbs

A distinct combination of smells is always on Jasper's person. An odd fusion of dewy grass, mud and livestock.

~Physical Appearance~
It's not very hard to describe how Jasper looks. Tall, lanky with a shock of disheveled dark hair. However there are so distinct features, he always appears as though he hasn't slept. Dark circles around his eyes and a tired expression, many might even think he was sickly since he is so thin. Goat legs, and horns there you have it a generic looking saytr.

* Picking his nose
* Smoking
* Skipping out on work

Some would call it a nervous twitch, but Jasper always has to be moving. Whether it's tapping his hoof or fidgeting around, most find it mildly annoying.

* Eating
* Drinking
* Observing the mortals

* Women
* Music
* Wine
* Sleeping

* Doing strenuous work
* Demanding women
* Oats
* Stressful situations

Jasper fears any kind of commitment whether it's to a girl or a job if he can avoid it he'll do just about anything to get out of it.

* Easily Stressed || It doesn't take much to get to Jasper, an angry boss, a woman pointing out his flaws. It all sends him into an emotional frenzy.
* Terrible social skills || It seems like every time Jasper tries to explain something important he always ends up putting his foot in his mouth. He has a talent for offending someone without that intention.
* No originality || Jasper has never had an original idea in his whole life he's a follower not a doer.

* Deceptive || Jasper is good about making something sound completely believable when it's actually a complete load of crap. This typically comes into play when he wants to get out of doing something.
* Good at taking orders || Now don't say it, "You just said he hated work." Yes he hates work but when it will benefit him Jasper will do just about anything.

~Demon Powers~
His ability to enter the dreams of mortals and feed off of their life force ultimately killing the person. However unlike many of his demon kin he does not wish harm to the mortals in fact he envies them. He typically chooses his victims carefully they are usually the very elderly, or someone who is dying of sickness. He enters thrive dreams at night, being to tap into their subconscious he creates a dream world that is pleasant and beautiful for the mortal. Ultimately he does kill the person but he makes their passing pleasant and peaceful.

What is there to say really, Jasper really doesn't have many friends that you could ask "What is Jasper like?" Most think him as weird, unsavory and kind of a dork. Most of the other demon find him odd and detest his affection for the mortals. He on the other hand really doesn't care and prefers to keep to himself. The other demons all seem to busy and self absorbed to him, he'd much rather sit and watch the mortals from a distance, or sit around in his cave. When he does interact with another demon he is often following some sort of plan they come up with. In situations like that he's willing to do what he's told if it's beneficial for him and doesn't take allot of work. However if he thinks the task might be to strenuous he figures a way out, it usually involves him playing dumb. Which has led to arguments with other demons and why many just don't bother with him.

Jasper is pretty lazy, his cave is often unkempt and messy. He smells like a... well a goat, even among other demons like himself he's considered kind of gross. He does nothing to care for himself other than to feed when needed. He has grown to love the taverns were mortals congregate. The wine, music and thick smell of pipe smoke are a treat for him. Using a cloak and pants he stole from the clothesline of a farm house, he'll sneak sit at a table, and just take in the sights and sounds. Making sure to keep up the hood to hide his horns, Jasper will stay for a while, slowly drink a tankard of wine, then leave as quietly as he entered. So far he hasn't been caught.

Jasper is a Dream Eater or The Grim Reaper. His soul focus was his own existence, he typically chose his victims carefully. Not really wanting to harm the mortals he would choose the ill or elderly, and instead of being malicious he would give them a peaceful passing. Giving them visions of loved ones and happy memories. One night as he searched for a new host, he found young farmers daughter. As he looked over her the moonlight illuminating her beautiful form he fell madly in love with her. Knowing the consequences of a demon consorting with a mortal he chose to enter her dreams not to feed from her but to spend time with her and have a romantic relationship.
Appearing to her as a handsome young man, their relationship escalated in a whirlwind. Still the world of dreams and reality always kept Jasper from truly being with the woman he loved. Sadly the beautiful farmers daughter, took her dreams as prolific and when she was swept off her feet by young merchant Jasper became furious. In a fit of rage he found the merchant napping at his stall in the market one day. Having never entered the dreams of a mortal during the day he threw caution to the wind and entered the merchant's dream and turned it into a horrible nightmare. Becoming a large beast he chased the man mercilessly and before draining his life from him made him experience being ripped to shreds. The merchant of course died in his sleep but not in the pleasant way that Jasper had let the other mortals before. Now with the merchant out of the way Jasper was sure the farmers daughter would love him again and completely forgot about the man that had stolen her heart in the waking hours of the day. Unfortunately Jasper was wrong very wrong. The young woman was inconsolable when she found out about the young merchants death. She spiralled into the depths till one day she decided that she could no longer live in a world without the man she loved. Jasper was forced to watch as she tossed herself off a high cliff to her death. Just before she fell she saw a satyr reach out trying to grab her.
Jasper was distraught and had decided that he was better off dead having murdered the merchant and caused the death of his only love he was going to stop gaining life energy and simply fade away. However fate had other ideas, when the book is opened.

I suppose this will be worked out as the roleplay progresses

So begins...

Jasper Shepherd's Story

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ImageIn the forest by the small village of Allorae strolled a stranger. This stranger, dressed in red, was particularly famished. Yes, Fiona Rae was desperate for a soul to consume. At this point, she didn't care what kind of soul she was to consume. Crippled, unripe, burnt; she couldn't care less. A soul was a soul.

Speaking of souls... Fiona's eyes seemed to sparkle as she laid her eyes on an approaching stranger. An old man, who was carrying a heavy looking package. A plump old man, Fi observed. Perhaps a bit too plump. Ah, but what was she thinking? A soul was a soul. And this soul was no exception. Dare, whose eyes were still sparkling, smiled as she began skipping over to the unfortunate soul. A sweet smile crept upon her lips as she called out to him, "Sire! You look awfully tired. Do you need help with that heavy package of yours?"

Just as the old man was about to respond, Fiona felt something tug on the back of her dress. Her head whirled around, eyes expecting to find someone behind her. Alas, there was no one. She sought to blame her imagination... Right before the pull grew stronger. Genuinely suspicious, she fully turned around, only to face air. The moment she took a step forward to investigate the disturbance further, a sudden force pulled the whole of her creation forward. Before she knew what was going on, she slammed face first into a wall composed of solid stone. The world swirled for a split second, though it didn't take long for Fiona to regain her composure... And it didn't take long for to lose it again, realization that this world was not exactly hers.

"Woah, wait a second--- wait --- w-what in hell?!"


ImageAvaline Harp took a deep breath in order to suppress her excitement as she started toward Allorae's library, her hopes set on the case she and her partner were about to pursue. According to the town's residents, mysterious murders had been occurring as of late. Apparently the victims bared no typical murder symptoms; no stab-wounds, no blue lips, nothing usual, only abnormal lightening of skin. This particular case thrilled Avaline, for she hadn't run into an interesting case in quite a while. For a while, she depended on lengthy books and keen observations performed on the side in order to entertain herself. All of these distractions from work were growing quite tiresome. She didn't have the time to mess around. She had to keep up with all of her cases.

So, now that her case was her entertainment, she was quite jubilant that day.

So jubilant, in fact, that she didn't believe anything could increase her excitement. Yet she was wrong. Though she usually hated being wrong, in this particular case, she did not mind.

It all started with a slight tug. It was as if someone were pulling on the back of her dress. Curious, she turned her head to see who it was. Part of her thought it was Zen (who she was meeting at the library), her partner, but it appeared to be no one. Her head tilted to the side. Perhaps a demon with the power of invisibility was messing with her? Not that she minded, of course. What she minded was not knowing. Not knowing who was tugging on her dress, to be exact. She considered asking who it was when the tug turned into a pull. Avaline then reached out to see if she could touch who was pulling on her dress, but was taken by surprise as the pull increased dramatically. She watched as the scene around her shifted, colors swirled, and new surroundings introduced themselves, all within a few seconds.

A breathless gasp escaped Avaline's lips as she was thrust into this unfamiliar setting. She hit the ground with a loud thump, though thankfully through quick thinking her shoulder took the brunt of the hit instead of her face. Of course, nothing could be done to stop the sense of pain that radiated throughout her body via impact with the ground. And nothing could be done to quell the indescribable feeling of intrigue that coursed through her veins as she admired the new world around her.


Wake up call! It's posting time!

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It was a positively beautiful day, the sky was clear, the birds were chirping in the trees, there was a gentle breeze rustling the branches of trees and it was brushing through the thick wool like fleece on Jasper's goat legs. He hated it, the beauty of the forrest only rubbed salt into the deep wound in his heart.

"Damn all the Gods! Can't you see I'm trying to wither and die in peace! I don't deserve beautiful day, or... breathing for that matter!" He held his breath for just a moment, only to gasp for air again. To Jasper it had felt like he'd been waiting to fade away and die for an eternity. When in all honesty he'd been laying in the middle of the forrest clearing wallowing in self loathing and depression for maybe two days at the most. It had been a whirlwind of emotions since he had watched the love of his life toss herself off a cliff, falling to her death on the jagged rocks below. Blaming himself for her death Jasper had decided to lay in the middle of the forrest, starve, fade away, and die. The only problem was... Jasper was a demon and that sort of thing tends to take longer than expected.

Jasper curled up hugging his legs to his chest and sobbing. An exasperated rabbit family looked on at the sight, even they were embarrassed to see a demon act in such a way and they were cute fluffy bunnies. They had lost so much sleep the night before because Jasper had wailed like a banshee the whole time. Jasper's stomach growled loudly, he hadn't fed since sucking the life force out his rival. "Don't you start too!" he bawled up his fist and landed a direct hit to his abdomen. It wasn't a strong hit because..well Jasper hit like weak, baby kitten and even then a kitten could probably still kick his ass. He began to sputter and cough, the rabbit mother was so shocked by such behavior she quickly hustled her six babies back into the hole in the trunk of the nearby willow tree..

This left the father of the family there shaking his head. Honestly he was tired of seeing the demon mope around, and most of all he was tired of listening to him wine and cry. He had never seen a demon act in such a weak and appalling manner. No dignity at all, the rabbit thought to himself before retreating into the tree after his family.

"I could have saved her... if I had just reached out a little further, and grabbed her hand....OH DELILAH WHY!!!! Jasper wailed making the smaller birds in the trees fly off abruptly. All that was left was an owl who had been asleep only to have his ears assaulted by Jasper's bellowing. The owl covered his feathered ears with his wings. Kicking and screaming like a toddler Jasper didn't notice a change in the wind. It began to pick up, the trees whipped around, and it almost started to sound like branches were breaking and snapping. Ultimately Jasper began to feel his body be pushed along the ground in the clearing. "Huh?.... What the hell... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" He clawed and clambered trying to keep himself anchored to the ground, pulling up clods of dirt and grass as the whirlwind began to pull him up into the air. Crashing through the branches of the trees he fumbled around trying to grab onto anything as he was being sucked up into something. Unfortunately the only thing he could manage to get a hold on was the owl. Spinning and screaming Jasper clutched the owl to his chest and found himself flying through... a tunnel? "NOOOOOOOOO!!!! He continued spinning through a haze of colors, making him so dizzy his stomach lurched, and he puked only to watch the inky black substance swirl along with the colors and get sucked through what looked like a drain. "WAAAAAAAH!!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

Jasper felt like his body was being pulled apart and stretched as he found himself going the same direction as what he had just expectorated. The spinning stopped and he flew through the air like he'd been shot out of a cannon, till there was a sickening splat and a crack as he hit head first into the ground. The impact knocked Jasper out cold, leaving a very confused owl to eventually get up and fly off like he'd spent the night in wine barrel.