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Lynx Romulus

"I can't, as my want, to smile in her face, and she did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of her immolation"

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a character in “Things Left Unfinished”, as played by Cayleen


Lynx Romulus

"nemo me impune lacessi - no one injures me with impunity"


Dead 3



Before his and his cousin, Connor’s, untimely death Remus was often classified as your classic “people person.” He was interested, lively and volatile, yet forgiving. He was characterized as having heightened senses that were socially attuned, so he tended to be animated, buoyant, high-spirited, effervescent, imaginative, and optimistic. He was once fun-loving and talkative, and was easily captivated by whatever was new or fashionable.

Although he was typically quite comfortable taking direction as part of a group, Remus also had the ability to be a charismatic and a highly motivating leader. The downside to what once was an engaging and spirited temperament was that he could also be easily distracted, inattentive, lacking in follow-through, superficial, faddish, and forgetful. His sense of humor could, on occasion, get out of hand.

Remus could be a bit of a joker and loved attention. He relished the limelight and liked to think of himself as the "life of the party". He was affectionate, enjoyed social activities, and made friends easily. He was imaginative and creative, and was often the one to enthusiastically promote new ideas. People called him vivacious, generous, and light-hearted. He had a tendency of wearing his emotions on his sleeve, but Remus was always quick to “forgive and forget.” His tendency to want to please others could, at times, cause him to exaggerate when speaking and become overcommitted and disorganized, though his intentions were once good and heartfelt.

But after his cousins death the negative emotions and feelings began to make themselves known. Remus began to snap at his sister and the occasional jab or jeer would make their way towards his sister’s innocent and loving self. But it wasn’t until the day of his death that Remus really lost it.

The past, fun-loving and rather innocent Remus was gone. A new, unstable and violent boy permanently took his place.

Lynx’s mind was warped with malicious thoughts of revenge and murder. Now all he can think about is the death of the one who wronged him. He can’t sleep, rarely eats, and spends most of his time voicing to himself elaborate plans of murder plotted in the late, sleepless hours of the night.

Most likely due to lack of sleep, Lynx has become both mentally and emotionally unstable. The heart that was always worn upon his sleeve is more evident than ever; it practically screamed his feelings at you. Lynx is often rapidly shifting moods and taking strange, impulsive action. He acts in the moment, never thinking twice or looking back. He speaks freely and without hesitation, always ensuring he gets his point across no matter what length he has to go to do so.

Lynx prefers his own company over that of others and will frequently ignore a person if they talk directly to him. Things that once interested him such as music, people, and food no longer ignited the electrical spark as it had in Remus, but instead the only sense of enjoyment he gets is from the thought of Caprice dead and gone.

But as of late it hasn’t been the thought of his ex’s death alone that gets him jazzed. Any death will give him temporary satisfaction. The bloodier the better. Instead of sleep or meals, Lynx feels just as much alive as he was in his old body when he causes others suffering as great as or greater than that of when he was alive. In his new-founded eyes there is no age limit for death and when he gets the chance to kill he will quickly snatch it up.

Remus sprouted from a rather modest height of 5’8 ½” to an intimidating 6 foot 2. His new, sturdy frame is accompanied by robust and carefully toned muscles entwined throughout his entire structure. Broad shoulders serve as the base of his strong, slightly scarred neck and branch out into two equally strong arms. These arms curve and swell in a sharp, angular manner as they reach the biceps and triceps. The toned muscles of his arms sharply recede as they near Lynx’s boney wrists and spread into a pair of calloused hands adorned with long, spidery fingers. His torso is just as muscular as his arms, his chest and stomach wrought with tough, chiseled muscles. Lynx is quite satisfied with his new-found strength as it will give him the upper hand when he is finally given the chance at revenge against Caprice.
Lynx’s hair has gone through a drastic color change, flying clear across to the opposite end of the color spectrum. His once glossy red thatch of hair has been replaced by a thick shock of unkempt and slightly grimy black hair. The new thatch is jet black in coloring, saving for the few patches of lighter, grey-brown hairs irregularly woven into the mess, and if the sun hits just right, the darkest patches gleam a rich green or sometimes a deep blue. This dark hair is seemingly never combed and rarely washed. It is worn long, the frontal “bang” hairs stopping jaggedly at the bridge of his nose, leaving hint as to the rarity of a haircut. The greasy mop hangs wildly in his face, concealing most of the left side of his face. One of the only things clearly visible through the shroud of dark threads is Lynx’s most unsettling feature; his right eye. This shifty orb is a bright, on the verge of fluorescent, cornflower blue containing flecks of pale grey. This eye is constantly darting from person to person, car to car, thing to thing, never once staying in the same place for over six seconds. Within these flecked, unnatural and forever moving eyes, a dark, unsettling gleam is held. These orbs give hint to the murderous intentions flooding Lynx’s unstable mind and frighten the majority of society.

His fashion as well as the rest of his old self also when to the polar opposite side of things. While Remus was very self-aware and cared for his image, clothing himself in the new and fashionable, Lynx could care less about how he appeared to others. Lynx typically garbs in casual attire, once again showing is lack of interest as to what others think. This casual attire is nearly always consists of mismatched clothing, usually found abandoned on the streets. His most recent ensemble collected consists of a dark long-sleeved woven shirt, torn and threadbare jeans, and a vividly colored red hoodie. The jeans are rather awkward in appearance as one leg stops abruptly at the center of Lynx’s strong right knee and the other bunches thickly around the left ankle. The pants appear to have been, at some point in their lengthy existence, to be of a rich, dark coloring but were now faded lighter around the thighs and knees. Holes of various shapes riddle the left pant leg down to the folds of fabric around the ankle, and though most are small, there is one large gap that allows Lynx’s knee exposure to the elements. The right pant leg, cut of at the knee, is free of holes aside from the single, large gap stretching across the center of his muscular and rounded thigh. Following the jeans, a pair of worn, dark leather lace-up boots covers large feet. These boots, if extended to their full height, would reach hallway up his sturdy shins and wrap tightly around his thick, muscular calf muscles. These boots, however, are not stretched upward or completely laced; instead they are only partially laced and because of this the top edges fold over lazily and only cover a forth of Lynx’s robust legs. Covering his upper half, Lynx wears a worn and tattered shirt coupled with a vividly colored hoodie. The sleeves of the shirt he dons are long and tattered, flowing loosely down the dark haired teen’s muscular arm and concealing the majority of his rough hands. The shirt is made of a dark, woven material that had once been soft and warm but was now stiff and slightly caked in filth. Atop this woven shirt the bright hoodie is worn. It is vividly colored and though it is the newest addition to his ensemble it still has tattered holes worn into the elbows and around the wrist area. The blood colored sleeves reach just above Lynx’s boney wrists, revealing much of the dark fabric below the jacket. The hood is almost always drawn up above his head, concealing his face in shadow.

His shadowed face is covered by a thin layer of tight, sun-kissed skin that is, for the most part, blemish free. His nose is average in size and unnoticeably pointed at the tip. Just below this tan nose, thin , angular lips make themselves known. They are naturally darker than most and chapped with unkind years. When parted these lips display a set of a surprisingly lovely teeth. They are white, as teeth are one of the few things Lynx never disregards, and the left canine is longer than the rest, its sharply pointed tip overlapping the lower set of pearls and coming dangerously close to puncturing his lower lip.

Remus’s new appearance, though it does blend in slightly better than his old, earns him cautious, verging on frightened, glances.

Remus had locked himself away in his room for several hours letting the-ever-so-true fact that Connor was dead and there was no possible way of bringing him back settle in. He also allowed the realization that the one he used to love, the one he thought could change, Caprice, was the cause of his cousin’s death.

Slowly as he sat in his room, Remus’s composure began to crumble away. He had to avenge his cousin. There was no other way to please him in the afterlife. With this thought solely implanted in his shattering mind, Remus brusquely fled the enclosure of his room, fists clenched tightly with anger, and into the opening area that was the Kaneko family dining room. Across from him stood his younger sister, Dani, stirring away at whatever she had planned for dinner. Remus took no note of this however, and quickly walked through the dining room and passed through the living room as he made his way towards the garage.

“Remi, where are you going?” A chiming voice chirped worriedly from the kitchen.

The monosyllabic response of “Out.” was the only response the voice got back.

Dani than mused to question where exactly “out” was. A grumbled response of his destination sparked a startled yelp and an alarmed gaze in Remus’s younger sister and she ran up to him, her hands, still clutching the fork she was using to stir the food, pressed up against his chest, shaking her head frantically. “Remi…please don’t do that. I loved Connor too. I feel horrible for what she did. But you will not get revenge on her. Please don’t Remi. As your sister, not as her friend, I am asking, no begging you…don’t do this.” An innocent look of genuine concern adorned her lovely face and a twinge of regret poked at his heart. The fact that she cold so easily persuade him to change his mind angered him nearly as much as the fact his girlfriend killed his cousin.

Remus snapped at the sister he loved, telling her not to look at him like that and shoving her aside, he continued on towards the door.
“Remi stop being a child. She killed him. Your revenge can be letting her suffer in her guilt. You’ve done enough. Leave Caprice alone, she didn’t mean any harm and you’re doing nothing to help her!”

”Doing nothing to help her? Of course I’m not! She killed Connor! Now out of my way dammit! Remus once again shoved his sister, this time with enough strength to knock her of balance, causing her to tumble to the wooden flooring.

He choked back the urge to run to her aid as he heard the loud thud of her tender body crashing to the flooring and began his voyage to the garage once more.

“What the fuck is your problem? Do I need to…shove you back you prick?”

A booming voice, similar to that of his sister’s but different in tone, caused Remus to turn around. His Kelly-green orbs rested on a determined figure just before it violently shoved him. He stumbled forward as the push caught him off guard and nearly bashed his head against the living room fireplace. Remus regained his balance and whipped his crimson capped head around to see Dani, no… Devaki scooping up the fork his sister had dropped as she had previously fell to the floor. Devaki shared the same body as his sister Dani, in fact she was his sister’s split persona.

You see, a long line of mental instability runs strong in both sides of the Kaneko bloodline. Their father suffered from a delusional disorder, their mother of an emotional instability, Dani…or… Devaki… suffers from split personalities, and Remus up until this day, was seemingly the only “sane” member of the family.

”Devaki…” Remus’s voice seethed with hate as he spoke her name. This “other part” of his sister caused his true sister, Dani, emotional distress and trauma, causing Remus to hate her with a protective and instinctive passion. "Get the hell out of my sister you psychotic bitch!”

His “sister” smiled maliciously at his angered figure and spoke, pointing the silver fork in his direction, “Do I need to stab this through you to prove her point? Don’t kill the girl. She screwed you over, get over that. She killed your cousin, move on. Would your dear Connor want you extracting revenge for an accident?” she spat disapprovingly at him, her eyes narrowing into slits.

Remus instinctively growled at Devaki, dark intent underlying the tone of the guttural noise. And his voice held the same tone as he spoke. ” Go ahead. Run me through! How do ya think that’ll make Dani feel hn? Killing her only brother over an ‘accident’…” Remus smiled wryly at the annoyed look he got from Devaki. Why do you care what I do to the backstabbing bitch anyways? She isn’t your best friend.”

Devaki simply smirked at him at took slow, calculated steps until she was an arm’s length away. Then the smile grew wider and the fork plunged into his chest, causing small pricks of blood to stain his designer shirt crimson. A loud and pain filled gasp emitted from his slightly gaping mouth. His heart beat echoed in his ears and he began to feel dizzy. ”Y-you whore...” Remus managed to gasp as he clutched tightly at his wounded chest.

The woman inhabiting his sister’s body smiled mockingly down at him as he sank slowly to the floor along the edge of the fire place. ”You don’t want to know what I plan to do to you if you don’t get your ass back in your gay ass room and die there. Don’t move and I will speed up the process, killing you here.” Her lips parted in a psychotic grin worthy of a madman before she let out a howling laugh and plunged the fork back into his chest, twisting it to draw more pain.

A low moan escaped his gaping jaws as Remus held back the screams of agony, refusing to give the woman any more satisfaction. With his right hand, Remus began searching for something anything he could use as a defense weapon. His slender hand grasped the slender wooden neck of his acoustic guitar and while the eating utensil was withdrawn from his flesh, Remus stood quickly, wildly swinging the beautiful instrument at the psychotic woman. It came in direct contact with the side of Devaki’s head, sending her flying to the tile flooring with splinted wood.

Remus stood, panting heavily and griping his injured chest, the splinted neck of the acoustic still clutched within his hand.

Before he had the chance to catch his speeding breath or slow his heart, now pumped with adrenaline, the fallen girl slowly rose from the floor now splatted with a dark scarlet. She clutched at the left side of her face, now covered in a sheet of liquid red, and instead of an angry glare as what Remus would have expected, a psychotic grin stretched across her face, making it blatantly obvious she was enjoying herself. She mocked and jeered at Remus’s surprised figure and slowly crept towards him again, fork tightly gripped in hand.

Devaki lunged for Remus’s chest again but he spun quickly to his side, narrowly evading the attack. As he moved his body slipped into auto drive. His arms moved on their own accord and plunged the splintering guitar neck into Devaki’s stomach. She howled in pain and anger as the wood was yanked back from her body, leaving behind pooling blood and jagged shards of debris. - Waiting from Freakofnature-

Hex Code

To take revenge upon Caprice, the woman who now carries the burden of three deaths; his cousin’s and, in his own mind, his sister’s and his own.

Get Up! - KoЯn
I am clearly broken
And no one knows what to do
Pieces of the puzzles don't fit so I pound them into you
Itching is a pulse inside
Creeping out to come alive
It's just doing what
It's gonna do

Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It's hard to draw the line

Shut the fuck up, get up [x3]

I can't wait to rip my eyes out and look at you
Peace through pain is precious
'specially when it's done by you

Itching is a pulse inside
Creeping out to come alive
It's just doing what
It's gonna do

Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It's hard to draw the line

And I, I'm hiding in this empty space
Tortured by my memories
Of what I left behind

Shut the fuck up, get up [x3]


Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It's hard to draw the line
And I, I'm hiding in this empty space
Tortured by my memories
Of what I left behind

Shut the fuck up, get up [x3]

Original NameImage
Remus Kaneko

Due to his love of the new and fashionable, Remus was always up to date on the latest fashion and kept his appearance clean and attractive. He clothed himself in whatever was the most popular at the moment or complimented his slight frame the best. Atop his head rest a styled mane of scarlet that gently swooped across his left eye and cheek. His eyes were probably one of his most fawned over feature as they were a soft yet charismatic kelly-green in color. Within this beautiful pool of liquid green, many more shades, spanning from a nearly black forest green to the vibrant yellow-green, swirled and danced. Framing these lovely gems were dark, fawn-like lashes that the average girl envied. His complexion was of that of a child; pale skin and rosy cheeks. His pale skin fit him comfortably and was smooth and soft, telling tales of a lifetime of luxurious and comfortable living. Remus’s nose was slight, curving gently from his forward into an upturned, rounded tip. The sloped bridge of this nose is splattered by a scattered splay of dark freckles that play happily across this bridge to the further reaches of each rose tinted cheek.

Remus had never been extremely tall and stood at a modest height of 5 foot 8. His modest height was also accompanied by a modest build. He was slender, narrow and tightly wrought muscles weaving themselves throughout his frame.

The inviting, almost innocent air that clung happily about Remus coaxed many a girl to his side (of course a little song singing and acoustic guitar playing always helped) and to him everyone one of them were special and that they all had at least a little good inside. Whenever a girl made their way into his love life, Remus always doted on them, giving them his heart and pouring his very being into the insurance of their happiness.

I've come alive somehow.
"For revenge..."

So begins...

Lynx Romulus's Story