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Amelia Earle

"If you think my husband is frighting, you should meet me."

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a character in “This Dirty Old Town.”, as played by LittleMissGeorgia




Mrs Earle is quite possibly as formidable as her husband, if not more so. Her husband may rule the streets but she rules her husband and is the true head of the family; naught passes her by and so you best be warned, she is watching you. Amelia has known her husband for about more than thirty years; they were married and had their first child very young and sometimes she wonders what her life would have had in store for her had she not met Richard. Fiercely protective of her family Amelia will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.

They say that behind every great man there is an even greater woman. But I stand beside him, never behind.

  • LABEL: The Matriarch
  • AGE: 49
  • BIRTH DATE: January 19th
  • OCCUPATION: No formal occupation, but she plays a significant role in the background of her husband's business.
  • FACE CLAIM: Monica Bellucci
  • SEXUALITY: Heterosexual, but she has been known to dabble with women.

  • CRIMINAL RECORD: She's had a number of brushes with the law, but they've never been able to pin anything on her.
  • HOBBIES: Smoking, playing pontoon, sex, caring for her grandchildren, doing business.
  • POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Strong business acumen, protective, determined, maternal, strong, loyal, intelligent, persuasive.
  • NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Insecure and ashamed of her background/past, harsh, manipulative, somewhat aggressive, sometimes smothering of her children, impatient.
  • PERSONALITY SUMMARY:For most who have met Amelia, they would describe her as the strongest woman they have ever known. She is fiery and cold, somehow simultaneously, and will not settle until she has got what she wants. Not only is she hardened against much heartbreak and able to deal with most difficult situations life presents her with, but she is also fiercely loyal and deeply protective of her family, especially her children. She has strong maternal instincts and somehow always seems to know when one of them is in trouble. She has vowed never to let anything bad happen to any of them, and God help any who might mean harm to them. While she would never have favourites and adores all her children, Amelia particularly has a soft spot for her youngest, Henry, and is most vehemently protective of him.

    Despite being a woman, Amelia is highly involved in the family business. Her many talents have brought her far, but by far her most useful one has been her head for business. She has strong instincts, and follows her gut feeling, trusting it impeccably. It has rarely failed her, and whenever she has chosen not to follow it, things have not worked out for the best. She is also persuasive and a little manipulative, which always comes in useful in business deals, and in persuading her husband. Another aspect of her personality that has brought her far in the family business is her ability to be harsh when required. She is cut-throat in her attitude and will not, under any circumstances, stand for people who do not fall in line. She is smart, and understands that many will not take her seriously as a woman, so often goes through her husband as the public face of business, but she does not allow this to leave her any less involved. While her appearance is highly feminine and she knows exactly how to use these attributes to her advantage, she rejects female pursuits such as cooking and dancing, in favour of more masculine pastimes. She is also very sexual, enjoying and needing to regularly engage in such acts And she is not ashamed of it.

    Despite Amelia's poor upbringing, she expends a great deal of time and effort on appearing otherwise. She has observed the behavior of the middle class at length and emulates their appearance, conduct and poise, determined to protect the secret of her childhood. She has taught herself to speak with a London accent, to hide her northern one that reveals the truth about her roots. However, her old accent occasionally shows through when she is particularly angry or upset.

I will do things for my family you couldn't imagine.

  • PARENTS: Lee and Jane Swafton (deceased)
  • SIBLINGS: Lucy Swifton (deceased), Helen Swifton (deceased), Lilian Swifton (deceased) Charles Swifton (deceased) and Catherine Manson (nee Swifton).
  • SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Richard Earle.
  • ISSUE: James Earle, Leon Earle, Nancy Earle and Henry Earle.
  • ANY WANTED CONNECTIONS?: Her estranged younger sister Catherine Manson still lives in the north of England and hates her for abandoning their family and causing their deaths. Men she prostituted herself to in her teenage years/anyone who knows about it.

  • DID THEY SERVE DURING THE WAR?: Amelia's main goal during the war was to protect her two young children, Nancy and [the kid], and nervously await news of her sons and husband. She volunteered in the land army a little, but did not particularly enjoy it.
  • SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS IN THEIR LIFE: Childhood poverty and prostitution, meeting her husband and leaving the north, the death of her parents and siblings, financial rise.
  • THE PAST: Amelia came from total and utter abject poverty. She was the eldest of six children, four sisters and a brother. They lived in Newcastle in the north of England with their parents. Her father was a labourer and fell in and out of poorly paid jobs throughout Amelia's childhood. There was rarely enough food to eat and they found themselves homeless a number of times. At age fifteen, Amelia began selling her body in a desperate attempt to bring in a little more money for the family. This career choice is something Amelia is still deeply ashamed of now and the only person who is aware (as far as Amelia knows) is her husband, and she has killed anyone else she finds who knows.

    However, at age seventeen, her entire life changed when she met Richie Earle, while he was visiting the north. It was as thought they were made for each other; meant to be. They fell into a passionate and intense relationship in a very short period of time and she found herself pregnant, and in an impossible situation. Pregnant, she would soon no longer be able to work as a prostitute, and her baby would grow up suffering the same poverty as she did. So she made a choice to leave with Richie to marry him and abandon her family, for the sake of her child's future. When she returned a year later she found her parents and all her siblings apart from her youngest sister, Catherine, had starved to death without her. Catherine never forgave Amelia and they are now estranged, and most of all Amelia never ever forgave herself. She always wonders if her family would be alive if she had not met Richard, and what simpler, poorer life she would have led.

    She had three subsequent children with Richie and facilitated in the rise of her family to the top of the East London crime scene. Amelia has done everything in her power to forget her beginnings and the family she abandoned. She is ruthlessly driven to make money, by any means possible, to ensure her family never suffer the same poverty she did, and she loves her children fiercely, in a desperate attempt to make up for the family she let die.
  • POSSIBLE PLOT POINTS: are there any potential storylines that you could see your muse following?

Who does not wish to keep the past locked away in a cage like a ferocious beast?

So begins...

Amelia Earle's Story