Zaine Butler

Pick your fights wisely.

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Name: Zaine Butler

Nickname: Z, possibly. He'll accept any nicknames from his gang members.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Gang: Shanks

Love Interest: None.

Power: He can drain life/health from someone or some creature and transfer it to another. When you are being drained, the life is being drained from you. The person who receives it becomes more healthy. While draining, his eyes turn red...the color of blood, life. While draining himself to help another, his eyes and hair turn grey.
Most of the time, his life draining isn't permanent. His skills are not yet that developed, but mostly he hasn't felt murderous rage.
Your life being drained makes you weaker and tired. Though his drain is not permanent, the healing effects do not vanish unless the person gets a different sort of injury, which is an entirely different problem. His drain on smaller or less complex creatures may end their life. He doesn't like having to ever do that to something else, but if someone needs healing...

Personality: Zaine is caring. To put it honestly, he can be very protective. He is willing to do anything to make sure his gang members are alright. He doesn't care if he has to harm another person to keep his friends safe. He is willing to fight hundreds of people to protect them and will even sacrifice himself. Basically, if you harm someone close to him, there will be Hell to pay. His draining abilities and their strength depend heavily on his emotions. An enraged him may go crazy with his power instead of the effects being temporary. He will always, always go for vengeance if anything happens to his chosen family- The Shanks.

Zaine does not forget easily. He is unforgiving and can even be cruel to the people in the other gangs. His role in the gang depends on what they need at the moment- he's willing to be the bad guy who heartlessly destroys another gang or the caring brother type figure who will listen and make you feel loved. He may sometimes seem arrogant in battle because he will do anything to help his gang members. Failure is not an option. He is prone to feeling guilty or useless, as if he hasn't done enough. He keeps these feelings on the inside, he isn't the type to whine about his own feelings to people. When alone or the only one left awake, he may think to himself.

When he thinks, he may become unhappy. He thinks a lot during the day, but especially at night. He is usually calm except when a friend gets injured and he explodes, but he holds a lot back. He doesn't like to upset others. In battle he may get bloodthirsty and fierce, but out of it, he wishes there was peace. He isn't a fool; blaming the other gangs is not how he thinks. He knows they did not cause this. However, the battles rage on and he will not leave his beloved gang. He will have to be with them to try and cheer them up, to watch over them, and to do the things they would rather not do.

Other: His sexuality is undecided. He feels neutral towards the other gangs until they pick a fight.

Theme Song: -goes to look for one-

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