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"Fools always fall for a sob story from a 10 year old."

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a character in “Trails of the Triumvirate”, as played by Glory


"Oh please, I had you wrapped around my finger at the first tear."

ImageBasic Info

Age: 10
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 60 pounds
Kingdom of Origin: Nuemria
Town of Origin: Luin
Occupation: Begger/Petty thief

Personal Info

Is your character a Guardian? No.
If no, does your character support the Vigil or go against them? Support.

Personality:Abandoned as a child, Liet had to grow up very soon, very fast. She made her living in Luin using her sob story to her own advantage, begging on the street. She was quite successful at it to; she only rarely had to go hungry. When she did, she committed petty crimes against the richer merchants of Luin, as to not upset the lower class who were already struggling. She's a nice girl: energetic and fierce. She can also be hotheaded and quick to anger. Although she barely shows it other than standing around him, Liet has built a strong bond and affection towards Warren, whom she joined on his adventure. Though she laughed at his incompetence at first, but the end of the journey he had gained her loyalty.

History: Liet has had a short life, but so much has already happened. She doesn't even remember her parents; she'd been alone for as long as she can remember. As a younger kid, she'd usually manage to get a free hot meal for a charitable family here and there. As she got other and her connections grew, she was able to set up a parly-cozy lifestyle. She had built her own dwelling which she had built meticulously to combat the chill of the winter months. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was home.

Around the time she was seven, she also began taking part in some petty thievery. Usually pick-pocketing, or exploiting the open market and crowds to get away with stolen goods. She made a promise to herself to never steal from the poor, for she knew how hard it was already to get by. Also, she tried to only take things that wouldn't be missed, but it couldn't be helped if she wanted something nice every now and again.

That's when Warren walked down her street. She was getting ready to do the her whole "my parents are dead and I'm all alone" sob routine to get a few coins out of him, when she noticed the Draconic Vigil's crest adorning the hilt of his sword. Her eyes sparkled as she realized he was a Guardian. She had always dreamed of adventuring with dragons, and this could be her chance. She did her whole routine and it worked; she got a few coins out of him. But has he left the next day, she was following silently, hidden by bushes and trees. After a few nights she was caught and brought over to the fire. A few nights later, after continuing to pester Warren and refusing to leave, he agreed to her company. They have been close ever since.

Connections: Warren, the Guardian. A father-daughter relationship.

Special Skills: Street smart (Years as a street urchin)
Quick hands (Pick-pocketing)
Exceptional climber (can climb trees and buildings with ease)

So begins...

Liet's Story