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Vampires: Rats With Wings


Vampires. Total jokes, right?

The ultimate cliche; countless stories, drawings, fanfiction, board games, movies, role-plays, and whatever else I couldn’t think of right now have been created with the classic vampire idea. I mean, why not vampires? They are near-immortal beings; graceful and aristocratic. They are a dark fantasy, incredibly powerful and yet relying on a red substance that any normal human has naturally.

In this world, ‘vampire’ is just an umbrella term for the many supernaturals that just so happen to require liquids in some way.

They are not aristocratic. Heck, most vampires are dirt poor second class citizens.
The humans are afraid of the vampires. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Knowing there’s a creepy monster guy lurking around for someone to be dinner doesn’t exactly make me eager to sleep. And yes, the vampires are stronger than the normal person, in their own way, but they have the same moral compass as the rest of us and most of them don’t even drink human blood. But it seems that the Dracula cliche won over logic and common sense, and segregation, discrimination, and racism plagues the vampire populace.

Any crime a vampire commits is guaranteed to receive much more extreme punishment than if a normal human had committed it. The law system is very set against vampires, and closes it’s eyes to vigilante acts against the supernatural race. Lynching and similar acts are far too common.

Enter Lawrence Yeannes. Your average 35 year old guy, with a nice job, but no wife. One day Lawrence visits his local discount store, with the intention of hitting on the vampire girls that he saw working there last week. This shopping trip would prove to be life changing. After being rejected (twice) Lawrence hangs around, watching the little vampric group as they go about their day, waiting for his chance to try for a third time. While observing, Lawrence sees what it’s really like for a vampire, and he decides to help them, and becomes the first Sponsor.

For all of them.

Enter Lawrence Yeannes. At seventy-eight years old, he controls a business empire of such a magnitude that it has the entire world in a chokehold. He is, in all but name, the ‘ruler’ of our planet. And everyone knows it, who could they not? Everything is manufactured by Yeannes Inc. from cheap knick-nacks to baby diapers to weapons of mass destruction. And yet, with all of this influence, Lawrence knows that just one person cannot force the prejudice away. However, he’s gotten rid of most of the lynchings and managed to scrap the old Vampric Codes in exchange for a set of his creation. It’s not much, but it’s all that’s needed for the stage to be set for the salvation of the vampires.

And who better to trigger a world movement for civil rights than the new generation?

Now for our roleplay, that’s all you’re interested in anyways.

In windy Iowa, there is a school notorious to being free of racism and prejudice. Classes are offered for preschool to college, for all races, all social classes, all genders, and all backgrounds. In fact, the school encourages kids to attend if they have a particularly strange/unusual history. The school is very old, a maze of old brick buildings with the occasional newer patch. It could be compared to a town; this University of Diversity has both slums and shiny new toilet seats. In fact, the University is well known for it’s confusing and rambling layout. But, from the dusty alleyways littered with trash to the soft downy beds of the four-story high dorms, the University has always been a place of higher education and general acceptance for all.

So in order to keep face, the vampires were allowed to attend. Because of this, what little vampires there were left in the world all pooled into Iowa. Though they know vampires exist, people who don’t live in Iowa don’t really care about vampires and regard them mostly as we do today. As a result, they aren’t really up-to-date on the Vampire Codes and the rules of Sponsorship.

Now, like the rest of the world, this school has it’s own social class.

School Staff
The teachers, principal, you get the picture.
Student Council
Manned by a combination of high schoolers and college kids, must be an advanced student to run for office. They are in charge of the spirit days, clubs, and day to day affairs.
Advanced Student
Any kid in the honor role for that trimester. These kids get the best dorms and school equipment.
Normal Student
Your average B's to D's student. They make up most of the student populace.
One could get this rank by either breaking one too many rules or having failing grades. They have academic improvement classes and community service work instead of electives.
The lowest of the low. Vampires are not allowed to take electives or join clubs, and the teachers are extremely hard on all of them. There are a few vampires in every grade, but no more than five. There are even two little preschool vampires. The vampires have a seedy, run down dorm all of their own.

So what’s the point of all of this? Why are you confusing me with your social system?

Well. This story is not about high-school drama or the tensions with vampire/human relationships. No, this is about overcoming stereotypes, peer-pressure, and everything in between. You see this story is about the vampires of the University of Diversity, and their human Sponsors. Throughout the roleplay, I want lots of bonds to be made between character. This is about dealing with the real life problems of peer pressure, stereotyping, and just dealing with other people in general. The civil rights of an entire race rests in the hands of these youngsters.

Are you brave enough to stand up for what’s right, even though it might cost you everything?

Wait... what the heck is a Sponsor?

Good question. When ol’ Lawrence butchered the old Vampire Codes, he managed to replace them with Rules that gave the vampires a shot at equality, if only a handful of humans were willing to give it to them.

Freedom, though, comes with a price.

The Vampire Codes

1. A vampire may only lay a hand on a human if the vampire’s life is in definite danger.
(A human can beat up a vampire and he/she won’t be able to do anything to stop it.)

2. Vampires may not gather in numbers, stay out past curfew, attend political conventions, run for election, or enter a human-only building without a Sponsor.
(With a Sponsor, everything changes.)

3. Sponsors may only be human.

4. Sponsors cannot have a significant criminal record.

5. When a human agrees to become a Sponsor, they have a waiting period of three days where they can revoke Sponsor status. Afterwards, they are stuck with the job for at least a year.

In Exchange for Sponsorhood in the University of Diversity
This applies only to students who wish to be Sponsors in the school.

-Sponsors are responsible for all Claimed Vampires.
They can boss them around.

-Sponsors are in charge of acquiring ‘special’ food for the Claimed Vampires.
Vampire needs blood? Guess who’s stuck with giving it to them.

-Sponsor status is only a little bit higher than the Vampire Status.

-Sponsors are in charge of the Claimed Vampire Club.
Claimed Vampires get to have a club.

-If a Claimed Vampire causes trouble or is helpful, Sponsor takes blame/credit.
Vampire beats someone up? The Sponsor gets punished.

-Sponsors are moved from old dorm into the Vampire Dorm.
Sucks for the Sponsor.

Claimed Vampires
Are the luckiest vampires in the world.

+Suddenly, if someone hits you first, even if they are human, you can beat them up without punishment for you or your Sponsor.

+You get to eat in the cafeteria while the human kids are eating!

+Finally you can have a club, get an elective, and improve the dorm building.

+You can send requests to the Student Council, just like any human kid.

+No more curfew, segregation, or shoddy jobs for you!

Basically, a Sponsor gets a crummy life while the Claimed Vampires get all of their dreams come true.
This is to discourage possible Sponsors.


Nothing much to say here. The characters in this roleplay will either be Sponsors or Claimed Vampires. However, humans can be Gifted with a mild power of some sort. It’s not that unusual.

We can have as many of these as we can. The Sponsors in this roleplay will be just your average kids (Gifted or otherwise), new to the school (or otherwise) and of the Vampire Codes because they come from different areas. The roleplay will start with the kids stumbling (or joining willingly) into Sponsorship. More about that in OOC. One reserved

Human-turned Vampire-
They are basically your average person, but they suddenly feel a little bit stronger and faster. The sun irritates them just a little, and they can only digest liquids. If they drink human blood, they become super-powered for a short amount of time. Animal blood gives them heightened senses. One Available

Witch Vampire-
They can cast ‘spells’ using the energy of the people, plants, and animals around them. Sometimes have an animal familiar. Witch Vampires can eat solid foods occasionally, but they generally only drink liquids. They like the taste of blood, but only need it if they need extra power or recovering from a bad wound. One Available

Shapeshifting Vampire-
Basically they can transform into any one animal, and they retain certain characteristics of that animal (sharp teeth and aggressive personality for a vamp who can turn shark). This is where it’s possible for a ‘werewolf’ vampire to exist. They have a fondness for raw meat and animal blood, but only need it every once and awhile. None Available

Vampire Vampire-
The classic vampire, with extra speed, strength, and stamina. They sunburn easily, and can die like the rest of us. They need animal blood once a week, and human blood once a month, at minimum. Sometimes known to have a weak elemental power. These are the most common. Four Available

Demonic Vampire-
The unluckiest suckers of the lot, these vampires will do well to keep their identity a secret, as humans generally form mobs to hunt them down. They are stronger than normal vampires, and their ‘power’ is too, but they are much much more dependant on blood. They cannot eat solid food, and can only drink blood. They can survive off of animal blood, but they will eventually wither away in three days without human blood, which is best given daily. They need sunscreen for any amount of sun, and they are scared of fire and drowning. One Available, any Demonic Vampire played by an RPer will be the only one(s) in the school.

Feeling Vampires-
Perhaps the strangest, these Vampires feed off of emotions and normal food, rather than blood. Each Feeling Vampire has ‘dominance’ over one emotion, and while they can feed off of any, if this particular emotion is around they can channel it into a physical version of itself. (A feeling vampire with dominance over anger can transform anger into fire, the more anger there is the stronger the fire is) One Available

Character Sheet:

Code: Select all
[right][img](DIRECT ANIME PIC LINK HERE)[/img][/right]
[b]Full Name:[/b] (and name meaning)
[b]Age:[/b] (16-20)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (anything not in the picture, also what people’s first opinion’s are when they meet them)

[b]Race:[/b] (human? shapeshifting vampire?)
[b]Powers:[/b] (makes sure they fit the race)
[b]Personality:[/b] (make your character interesting, and make sure they clash/ meet other character’s personalities)
[b]Likes:[/b] (include the kind of person they like, what clothes they like to wear)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (include the kind of person they dislike, what they are afraid of)

[b]Skills:[/b] (what are they good at?)
[b]History:[/b] (why are they the way they are?)

[b]Character Opinions:[/b] (what does your character think of the other characters? fill out as the roleplay goes on)
[b]Other:[/b] (what else?)

Toggle Rules

Rules? You guys know the rules. Just follow the normal role play code, keep decent sized posts, and post whenever the plot needs your character to post.

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Character Portrait: Ambrogio Ettore
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Character Portrait: Saika Yamada
Saika Yamada

"The pennies I've picked up so far, have never been lucky."

Character Portrait: Ambrogio Ettore
Ambrogio Ettore

''See the innoscence in the not so innoscence and tell them they are innoscent...''


Character Portrait: Ambrogio Ettore
Ambrogio Ettore

''See the innoscence in the not so innoscence and tell them they are innoscent...''

Character Portrait: Saika Yamada
Saika Yamada

"The pennies I've picked up so far, have never been lucky."

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Character Portrait: Ambrogio Ettore
Ambrogio Ettore

''See the innoscence in the not so innoscence and tell them they are innoscent...''

Character Portrait: Saika Yamada
Saika Yamada

"The pennies I've picked up so far, have never been lucky."

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