Aziel Sutton

Don't complain to me unless its important.

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a character in “Vampires Ruling”, as played by HiddenNymph


Name: Aziel Sutton, sometimes his brothers call him 'Aze' but they can just barely get away with it. He thinks its too ... cute ...
Gender: Male
Age: 1002 with the Immortal grace and appearance of a 23 year old.
Species: Vampire
Rank: Kings eldest son and Coven Leader – (Largest coven compared to his brothers since he has lived longer)
Appearance: He stands at a height of 6ft 4" with a sweep of dark black hair framing over his hazel eyes which flicker from brown to green depending on the light that touches them. With a strong jaw and high cheekbones he is considered handsome amongst many.
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Aziel has a laid back attitude to most things in his life; he comes across as serious and uncaring however he is incredibly smart his mind working with logic more than feeling making him well known for his incredible battle strategies. He also always ends up taking the initiative for problems. Including dealing with others problems especially that of his covens, bickering between members is not something he tolerates. He also normally ends up bossing his brothers around which may annoy them.

He likes things done the right way or not at all, if someone messes up he tends to have a rough temper as he can be quite hot headed.
Getting him angry can be quite easy even if it means someone fell over since he thinks its stupid; however that doesn’t mean he wouldn't help the person up while muttering annoyance, really he hates seeing other people hurt especially his coven members and brothers. When his temper does go out of control though he can be rash with objects throwing them with little patience and even lacing deep threats to others, it gets worse if anyone threatens to hurt his coven since his anger can be induced with protectiveness. When this happens he can become quite sarcastic.
Since Aziel became a coven leader he has learned that above all has to put the coven before himself, therefore he has become closed off with his feelings not wanting to become personally involved with something in case it threatens the coven. If something tragic happens he has to stay together to lead his coven through it, so if he worries he will often say the opposite of what he really feels just because he sees it as a bother to make others worry about him instead of themselves.

View towards humans:
As for humans, well he feels that to survive he must kill them that is how it has always been and doubts it will change; he isn't cruel to humans however but wouldn’t hesitate to take their life if it meant prolonging his own or covens.
Otherwise he tries to get out of doing extra activities which aren't expected of him as he is lazy, he also would rather not have more on his plate since he is forever busy keeping an eye on his coven. Because of that however he can become stressed easily and therefore easier to annoy.

Smart and protective
Understanding even if he does get annoyed
Caring without being obvious about it

Hard headed
Easy to argue with
Hates losing – competitive
Get jealous easily


  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Food.
  • Blood
  • Comedy T.V
  • Night time darkness and the sounds

  • Any blood other than AB positive
  • Work done wrong
  • Letting someone get hurt
  • Bugs - can't stand them and kills everyone he see's (gets embarrased about people knowing this)
  • feeling alone sometimes but most of the time he doesn't mind depending on what he is doing

He has the most keen 5 senses amongst the vampires from his hearing to his sense of taste so it is hard to sneak past him as his eyes will catch you no matter what your speed is and he could smell you even if you were in the opposite room.
His physical strength is also above the ordinary being able to outmatch any of the vampires he has met so far providing him with a wicked punch and crushing strength.

His temper getting the best of him if someone knows how to enrage it

Crush: TBD - He's a bit defiant when it comes to his own feelings so don't expect him to realise he likes you until something 'interesting' happens.
Mate: No one has been able to get through his walls yet, or deal with his temper. (love/hate relationship most likely)

Aziel grew up under the care of his father, his mother didn’t pass away she just simply left when he was only 100 years old and no one knows where she is now. Aziel was always made fun of as a child because he was short for his age which annoyed him greatly, however he focused himself on training his body instead as an outlet for his rage and when he reached 400 he suddenly burst in height and strength making those that laughed respect him with awe.
That experience however taught him what it was like to be ridiculed so he has become just with his action against others, at least when he is not angry anyway. During a large battle between the rebellion during his years Aziel also become known for his great sense of battle strategies with his superior logic mind.

Other: Doesn't feed from vampires as he feels as coven leader it is beneath him since he should be protecting them not feeding of them. It’s a pride thing.

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