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Rose Weasley

Remember Roses have thorns.

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a character in “We Solemnly Swear...”, as played by emotionless



{"Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection....Unless you are me."}


Rose Weasley
"Ah poor bird, Take thy flight, Fly above the sorrows, Of this sad night."

Roe || "Roe, if you really feel the additional syllables are too hard to remember."
Posey || ”My dad, and ONLY my dad calls me that.”
19 May
"Lets just not...."

”Age is nothing but a number, you want to talk numbers? Ask me my IQ."

"You have something to say about my blood? Step up."

Hermione & Ronald Weasley
"Yes, thatHermione."

"I am not for the faint of heart."

"I expect the best, because I provide the best. If you are going to show up, fucking SHOW UP."

{"I mean, you could claim that anything's real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody's proved it doesn't exist!"}

"Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince."

Rose does not describe herself as beautiful, in fact she is quite factual about her appearance. She received her mother's strong bone structure, high cheekbones and a firm jaw line. She received her father's token sunset locks, that capture the light in vibrant ruby hues as it flows in gentle, warm curls of lava to her mid-back. Her eyebrows curve in swooping arches over her icy blue orbs. They hold intelligence and serenity. Her lashes are long, and when she looks down, they nearly brushed her cheekbones. Her nose is slender and slightly angled. She has pouty lips that naturally curve up, despite her resting bitch face. Her fair skin has a light dusting of freckles that she detests. She stands 5'4, and is built with the same generous lines of a Renaissance goddess, curvy yet muscular. She has an ample bosom. She has long slender limbs that lead down to nimble nail bitten fingers, the only sign she has anxiety. Rose leans towards comfort when it comes to clothes, her makeup is leans towards the natural side

"Come closer, I'll whisper it in your ear...."
Empathetic || Intelligent || Creative|| Critical|| Hardworking|| Logical

Rose is the ultimate combination of brains and bad-ass. She’s got organizational skills for days, not to mention highly developed characteristics and a dedicated work ethic – all of which ensures that the world will get to see her in action, putting all of her brilliance and talents to good use. She is the women making stuff happen – She is not just all talk. Rose is a passionate intellectual mind, therefore she has a deeply creative streak. Count on Rose to have multiple endeavors going at once, but somehow managing them all to the letter – between her devoted friendships, her impeccable taste, and her thriving businesses, Rose isn’t one to let things get messy or mess around.

How does she do it, you may ask? One clue is to examine her daily planner, which she is never seen without – it will be color-coded, with cute little stickers denoting each of her classes and homework, her gym days, and her free time sessions. (Yes, relaxation is something she plans out ahead of time, too!) Rose is poetry in motion, a portrait in devotion. She can be quite undemonstrative and introverted, she is the epitome of "waters that run deep". Rose has a good understanding of human nature and can effectively help people solve their problems.

Rose is extremely diplomatic and fair, and she hates to see others be unhappy around her due to unequal circumstances. One might call her a warrior of justice. Rose loves physical exercise and she tends to gravitate towards running and marathons. Rose is big on meditation, as this helps her create a space where she can make decisions and contemplate without interruptions. Rose spends much of her time trying to establish an equilibrium between every part of herself, specifically her wild child, and her Goody Two Shoes side. Rose is passionate, independent, and unafraid to blaze her own trail no matter what others think, Rose make a statement wherever she goes. She loves debates, and she isnt afraid of controversy. She also hates people who aren't genuine, and she is are all about being authentic—even if authentic isn't pretty.

Rose's biggest aspiration is to be someone other than herself. She has a hidden alpha female personality. She struggles against her need to follow rules, and her competitive side.

{"Its adorable you think you are on my level."}

10 ¾ || Blackthorn || Dragon Heart String || Pliant

20"She's a beast, like me."

Rose takes a special interest in Care of Magical Creatures, Dueling, and Potions
"I choose to keep my secrets to myself."

Volunteer- Care of Magical Creatures
"I do all the things."

Cat - Charlie
Kneazle - Rowena
"What can I say, I like animals a hell of a lot more than people."

Runespoor -

"Each of the Runespoor's heads serves a different function. The left head (from the perspective of someone facing the snake) is the planner; it decides where the Runespoor is to go and what it is to do next. The middle head is the dreamer (it is common for a Runespoor to remain stationary for days lost in glorious visions and imaginations), and the right head is the critic; it evaluates the efforts of the left and middle heads with a continuous irritable hissing, and its fangs are highly venomous.
"Well, that cant be good..."

Hermione disappointed
"So that's little Scorpious. Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie. Thank god you've inherited your mother's brains."

{"The past is useless data..."}

"I have lived an uneventful life."

Rose was raised like any other Weasley, with one exception, the crushing expectations and hopes of Hermione Weasley. One might say, this is a first world problem. Her mother, as kind and wonderful as she is, had a way of making life feel like it was a competition....and all Rose could do was lose. Now, despite the fact that Rose knew that perfection is subjective - always measured against both personal and culturally changing criteria, she could not help but need to rise to each challenge. With each failure, she climbed the stepping stones to success.

Rose's first few years in Hogwarts where spent reading and learning...and trying to beat Scorpius at everything....until one day she didn't care about winning. She decided she wanted to live, just live. And experience everything, once.

So begins...

Rose Weasley's Story


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Rose Weasley

Image“Head up, good posture is important! Don’t forget your books! Remember, enunciate your spells! Take Notes…” Hermione’s voice was thankfully drowned out by the excited squeals of First years. Rose hurried along the platform, weaving gracefully through the crowds. Finally, finally! She was free of expectations, of pressure, and of her parents.
A metallic shriek signaled the arrival of the decrepit carriage that would take them to the only place Rose felt at home. The doors reluctantly eased open with the force of a stocky station guard. Rose didn’t look for anyone as she boarded the train, not because she wasn’t interested in being social, it was more that she wasn’t interested in idle chit chat. She was more of the philosophical conversation kind of girl.

The train swayed gently from side to side, allowing Rose’s brain time to daydream and rest. Rose rested her head against the glass and sighed in relief. The trees flew by in hues of emerald and jade, mesmerizing her into a dazed state. As if by magic, pun intended, they were pulling into the Hogwarts station. The rest of the ride was uneventful, and quite frankly, boring….and then the fun began.

The invitations went off without a hitch, with a flick of her wrist, beautiful gold script danced playfully in the air. Enticing, emboldening, and everything she could as for in an invite. She grinned as she let the spell go. She watched the ripple of reactions wash through the crowds and almost couldn’t help but giggle. The finishing touches to the party, and protection of said party where already taken care of, the power of careful organization, and teamwork.

Rose entered the party with a sense of anticipation, and dread. What if it wasn’t good enough? That thought was quickly washed away by the lights and deep throb of the music. The lights danced across the dark ceiling, each color slowly fading into another. They swayed and changed, illuminating the world around her. She watched the bodies move around her in time with the beat, and felt her pulse quicken.

Image“Fuck it.” She said with a smile as she made her way in. Kicking her right leg forward with pointed toes and flexed calf muscles, she pivoted in a revolving whirl of sharp precision and accurate grace. The entirety of her being began was absorbed by the entrancing environment. She spotted Kinsley, and Neo, smoking something she was sure was illegal. Delightful. Rose approached with the confidence of a lioness, she plucked the joint from between Neo’s fingers with a grin.

“Hello lovelies, enjoying the event?” She asked with another scrutinizing glance around.

“I mean, I suppose I could have added more lights, or placed the tables differently…” She trailed off in her own train of thought, and took a long deep hit from the joint. She inhaled slowly, her system responding to the smoke. She felt as though her lungs where being wrapped by a warm blanket. She tossed her thick ruby locks over her shoulder as she took small, slow, draws of the joint. She felt delighted as she let the smoke billow between her plump pink glossed lips. Rose turned her attention expectantly back at her two friends.


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Standing on the platform like she had so many times before felt different this time. Maybe it was because after this there was no more Hogwarts? No more seeing or being with her friends for long periods of times because of them all being in the same place or even stargazing on the astronomy tower late nights. No third home to come too when she wasn't in London with her mother or with her father in Japan. Juniper sighed softly as a light wind blew making her hair dance in its presence, pulling her out of thought. Her mother placed a hand on her head and smiled at her. She was really well dressed just to see her daughter off but the truth was that Cho had to be at the ministry for work shortly after. "Ready?" Juniper gave her mom a soft smile, adjusting her backpack. "Yeah."

Once her mother finished her small loving lecture about not doing anything she would and her luggage was put away by paid house elves, thanks to Hermione's dutiful work for the once considered second class beings, Juniper boarded the train like everyone else. Her heart seemed to flutter taking her usual seat in the middle of the train, knowing it'll be her last time but it almost felt freeing as well. Once out she could put all she worked on while attending Hogwarts to good use, maybe even travel and expand her curiosities and knowledge. In her cart joined two more people who found themselves without a seat. A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff, both looking to be 4th years, at least. They both politely smiled. "Are these seats taken?" Juniper gave a smile in return, looking at the empty seats across from her then shook her head. "Not at all, please go ahead." The two piled into her cart excitedly talking back and forth about the new year and Jun kind of already regretted it. Reaching into her backpack she pulled out her iPod that she always managed to sneak into Hogwarts with her and proceeded to place the earbuds into her ears and press play. She had laid down using her backpack as a pillow and sketched away at a manga she was creating. Currently for her own eyes only.

Bubbling chatter was heard from all around, excitement from seeing friends again, the sorting ceremony beginning and the feast outstretched in front of everyone. Also from the older students who just received their invitations. It was the sort of a background noise she was going to miss. At the moment though, Juniper stared at her own invite for a moment before it disappeared, loving how beautiful it looked. Propping her elbow on the table and resting her chin on her hand she couldn't help but admire the redhead a few bodies down from her. Her hair was really mesmerizing but so was her handwriting.

Soon the hours turned to night and Jun found herself in her room, combing out her hair while her earbuds were in. Luckily her roommates were cool and weren't going to run off telling a teacher. As roommates, they've formed a roommate bond of sorts, seen others cry over a break-up or the stress that comes with the owls. They've helped each other through them too, especially Junipers listening and sometimes late night group talks. It always helps to get things off your chest. But tonight wasn't one of those nights. Tonight was a night for partying and settling in on the first day of the last time she'll be attending Hogwarts.

It didn't take long for her to toss something nice on, tuck her iPod away safely under her pillow and be off. Juniper tiptoed down from their tower, through the castle and out with two other Ravenclaws behind her. They nearly froze when a professor almost caught them rounding the corner but with a quick disillusionment charm, the three were able to blend into their poorly lit surroundings, sneaking right by Professor Longbottom. The cool air from outside prompted her to shove her hands into her pockets but it still felt nice on her face. Every step wasn't hurried, like her mates how already passed her and eager to get to the party. No, instead Juniper occasionally looked up, her eyes lighting up with the reflection of all the stars peppered across the night sky. It was calming to her, especially since she was also seeing her friends again that and you can never have too many beautiful things in life.

Making it through the front, her nose was greeted by the scent of sweet alcohol and a mixture of moondew and weed, with a splash of sweat. The music thumped loud and through her, every vibration being felt through her feet and radiating throughout her whole body. It was enthralling how everything seems to catch her attention and senses all at once and she loved it. The colors, music, bodies dancing all bout, and the smell, everything. Her roommates that entered early kept an eye out until Juniper got here to toss her a joint that was already rolled, a nice surprise but the girls often look her out. Nice of them. She placed it in between her lips and pulled her hand in, lighting up her joint as if she was using a light but her fingers instead. A neat little trick she learned her fifth year though it took practice without her wand.

Inhaling the thick white smoke Jun held it in her lungs for a few moments. Her eyes fell on the small group that consisted of Neo, Kins, Rose and Lily. The smoke spilled from her nose like a dragon as she decided to grab a drink first too. Dancing her way through the crowd, Jun poured herself a good shot of fire whiskey and didn't hesitate tossing it back. Oh if her mother or father saw her now, they'd be pretty pissed on how their daughter could knock back a shot like a champ. Especially with that innocent face, they think she has. The liquidy substance burned at the back of her throat accompanied by the taste of cinnamon and she could feel the heat that crept up on her body. Taking another drag from the joint, it topped off the shot like a cherry on top.

Juniper made her way over to the four, her steps feeling lighter and her shoulders relaxed. "Hey guys," she started, one hand In her pocket while the other pulled the joint from her lips, giving them a grin and rose an added wink though she doesn't know what possessed her too. Well, she does but now she wishes she hadn't cause she felt a bit embarrassed. Juniper pushed the joint back to her lips dissipating any awkward feelings she may have had about herself a few moments ago and blew a cloud of smoke into the air above them.


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Rose Weasley

Rose was mid-hit when she spotted Juniper. She bounced through the crowd with such vigor, Rose couldn’t help but watch. A small smile creeped across Rose’s lips as she exhaled the puff of weed. Her hair reminded Rose of the rich soil of the valleys after spring rains, almost black in the shadows, but when she stepped into the lights it was a rich brown. With each stride the strands tumbled, reflecting the colorful glowing lights. Rose’s eyes traveled down the expanse of Juniper’s face, examining every delicate features. Her lips were a pale pink that reminded Rose of delicate hyacinth petals. Her top lip was thinner, but not too thin, and it had a natural cupid's bow; the bottom one was larger and more plush. Her eyes were the color of hot chocolate and when they aimed at Rose they wrap around her like a blanket, engulfing her in warmth. They were deep pools of dark-cinnamon swirls that held the heaviness of one thousand untold stories. They consisted of raw emotion and if you observe closely…and then Juni winked at her, her smile full of mischief and intoxication. Rose felt her face heat, and for a moment she was taken aback.

‘What a minx.’ Rose thought to herself with a grin. She considered asking her to dance for a moment, but as if Kins had read her mind, she was hanging off of Juni like a loose fitting coat…and Rose was not one to compete. She would not be second fiddle to anyone, even the breathtaking Kingsley Shacklebolt, she valued herself entirely too much. Besides, Kins was her girl, she wasn’t gonna step on her stomping grounds so to speak….But Rose also knew Kins pretty well, and she was a beast of her own, and Rose meant that in the best of ways. She watched as Juni and Kins made their way to the far side of the shack and went outside to the romantic nook Rose had set up specifically for snogging.

“Well damn.” Rose blew out a puff of hair in frustration before she took another hit and turned to examine her handy work once more. Juni and Kins returned not long after and it did not take a Ravenclaw to figure out what happened. Things did not go well….or maybe too well? Rose scooted closer to Juni.

“You good?” She asked over the thumping music.

“I mean, really…suck it up buttercup. No Debbie downers at my party.” She said with a playful grin as she bumped Juni’s hip. Rose herself had once had a taste of the drug named Kingsley. She had fancied herself in love with the dark-skinned beauty at one point. It was all heat and rebellion. Silly really, a unruly phase, however it had led to their fairly close friendship though, and for that she was thankful. Kins was adventure in witch form.

Standing there with sweaty palms and her joint almost gone Juniper took a few more puffs to finish it off before making the filter disappear with a pop. Non of that littering, save the planet and all that. She was thrown from fire into water and a drink did sound good right about now or several. From the corner of her peripheral Juniper caught sight of lovely red. It was her roommate and good friend rose. She tried putting on a smile for her but it was dejected. "Yeah.. I'm okay." she commented, before Rose bumped her with her hip.

The contact made her think back to the witch she was just with... Her being with Teddy, Juniper didn't want to come in between that but she also couldn't stay away from Kingsley, it wasn't possible for her. Even if she does have to push down those feelings. Suddenly Roses words rung back into her ears. She does need to toughen up or at least let go instead. Let go for tonight and try not to think of what just happened outside. Her attention was fully on Rose now. Beautiful bright blue eyes and all.

Rose became distracted by the lights again, this time, no scrutiny crossed her mind. She felt at peace as the song’s tempo, and copious amounts of Moondew laced weed, lulled her into a happy trance. A new song started and the music washed over like the waves filling holes in beach sand; the sound rushing in and around every person in the room. Some reacted to the beat, others continue to chatter, and yet Rose could tell it spoke to them in some manner as they swayed gently. Rose smiled, before the notes filled the air every person was an island, as the tempo picked up, it was as if they all moved together and it brought Rose warmth.

A more genuine smile crossed her lips. Rose was usually there for her, usually the last one she'd talk to before bed since they shared the same room. A slim arm reached up gently taking the joint from between Roses lips and putting it against hers. She pulled, held it in letting her head get cloudy then exhaled the cloud high above the dancing bodies.

"Hey you," Juniper said, turning her body completely to face rose, joint once again hanging off her lips with a grin.

"Dance with me rose petal?" Her hand outstretched, wrapping her gentle fingers around the Red heads own fingers and pulling her towards the dance floor.

"I won't bite much, I promise." She half laughed, getting back into the groove of things.

Before Rose could accept the dance, another dark haired beauty stole her attention, wrapping her arms around Juni’s waste. Rose quirked an eyebrow and watched with interest and slight frustration.

"Hey, babes! What'd I miss? You want some Firewiskey? I've got Bungbarrel here too!"She added.

“I am going to get a drink, when I get back you owe me a dance.” Rose said with a quick wink and a playful tap to Juni’s butt as she passed.

Juniper felt the warmth around her waist but could only slightly jump in reaction to Rose giving her butt a little slap. Her face went a bright red and she almost ended up following after the redhead but remembered she was glued in place at the moment. With her head properly floating in happy daze she looked towards Harper, her ex but still considered a dear friend. A playful smile over took her as she laced her arm around Harpers shoulder, letting the bass shake her from the inside out.

"Mmm, why not both?"

(thank you to NotWhatYouThink for the collab)

Piper Longbottom

In the six years Piper Longbottom had been at Hogwarts, she had never, and she meant N E V E R, been to a party. Not because she had no interest, more like because the party throwers had no interest in her. This year was no different, she hadn’t technically been ‘invited’ per say, but she was here, and she was going to have fun. She was not a wild child so to speak, or so she thought, until she entered the shrieking Shack.

Piper stared at the shack in awe; the Ravenclaw, Rose, had outdone herself. The lights where entrancing, like the norther lights had been conjured at her command…and yet it was the music that drew her in, out of her hesitant stance next to the door. The music felt as if it was teaching her brain how to flow, how to be so peaceful. It's as if the slowly changing tones touched different parts, a sort of auditory massage for her mind. The lyrics swam through her cerebral cortex like a beautiful waking dream, the notes relaxed her, which enabled the song to call to her entire being.

She skirted the edge of the party watching the bodies move together in a trance like fashion. She was fascinated. Someone, a Slytherin, approached her with a charming smile, and offered her something that smelled like skunk and freedom all at once. She shook her head, declining politely, however that did not seem to be the right thing to do. As if she had spoke ill of his mother, he grabbed her arm before she could retreat. It wasn’t a painful grip, and yet Piper found herself slightly frightened when he leaned in closer.

“Your Longbottom’s daughter, aren’t you? Here to snitch bitch?” He yelled in her ear, over the throbbing music. Rage reared its ugly head at the name of her father. As if being a Longbottom was a bad thing! She tried to swallow that anger but it grew in her belly until it came out as hot as any dragon had ever flamed. She wanted to burn him to ash.

“How long did it take you to think of that one you decrepit Neanderthal. Remove your hands before I remove them for you, or better yet before I turn your pants into a port key.” Piper snarled in a fashion she had never done before. All her years at Hogwarts where plagued by her Father. She loved him dearly, but if there ever was a helicopter father, it was Neville Longbottom.

“What are you going to do, tell your daddy? I could be your daddy for tonight” he said as his grip tightened, and his smile becoming more menacing. She yanked her arm away with a roll of her eyes. She summoned ever ounce of her courage and glared as menacingly as she could at the offensive boy.

“With no respect, and all offence meant, you literally look like a rat transfiguration spell gone wrong, so if you could please just go insult a Hypogriff or something, that would be great.” She said as she took a quick step back. The Slytherin’s face contorted with rage and he stepped towards her. She backed up a step, and felt a sense of frustration as she did. She hated giving ground and she knew, no matter what she did, this was not going to end well for her.

“Seriously, please just shove off.” She said resigned.


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Even if Harper wasn’t half as drunk as she wanted to be, she’d somehow managed to miss Rose’s presence there. She raised an eyebrow as Rose slapped Juniper’s butt, but Juniper’s reply made Harper grin. “Oh, now we’re talking!” She declared with a grin, handing Juni the bottle of Firewhiskey that was in her hand and pulling out a bottle of Bungbarrel out of her pocket. It grew back to normal size with just a wave of Harper’s wand, and she opened it with ease. She clinked it against Juniper’s bottle. “Cheers!” She declared, before knocking back a mouthful. Juniper gladly accepted the bottle with an added kiss to Harper’s cheek. “Cheers!” she smiled, knocking back a mouthful herself with some additional sips.

The heavy taste of cinnamon burned at the back of her throat but it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it's just what Juniper was looking for. The warm feeling that began to spread throughout her body started at her toes and up to the very pit of her stomach. A sensation she very much enjoyed. “Switch?” she asked, pulling Harper closer. “Or share?”

The mead was sweet and strong enough to give Harper a slight buzz, feeling as if she was just a little bit lighter. God, she’d missed this feeling. She just grinned at Juniper’s question, taking a moment to decide as the other girl pulled her closer. “Switch,” she decided, oddly craving the burn of Firewhiskey. Playfully, she grabbed the bottle from Juniper’s hand and took a swig, relishing the burn. “Did you miss me, Juni?” She asked teasingly as she held out the bottle of mead to her. “Or did you just miss my booze?” She added with a grin and a wink.

Juni grinned watching her drink, a small glint in her eyes. There was something about Harper's smile and little grins that still did something to Juniper. “Maybe.” she practically purred, wrapping her fingers around the bottle of mead. She took a heavy gulp, finding the sweet alcohol way more to her liking than the Firewhiskey at them moment. “I don’t know, your booze has treated me quite nicely.” she smirked, starting to sway to the beat and knocking back another gulp of the sweet Bungbarrel. “Are you just going to stand around or dance with me?” she teased, beckoning Harper closer with her finger as she moved deeper into the dance floor.

The heat of the whiskey was indistinguishable from the burn of the alcohol, the warmth of the dance floor. And Harper loved it, taking another mouthful out of the bottle without hesitation. She didn’t even fully realize she was doing it, but she mimicked Juni’s swaying, the pounding beat of the music starting to feel like her own heartbeat. As Juni beckoned her out deeper into the crowd, Harper followed without a second thought, putting her hands on Juni’s waist as she started to dance, not really caring about… anything right then and there.

Rose found herself at the Bar, ordering triples of Dragon Barrel Brandy. She downed the first two, and turned to face the crowd again as she sipped the third. Her eyes tracked the movement of Juni and Harper instinctually.

Every time she saw Harper’s hand graze Juni she felt a searing irritation. She wanted to hate her… She realized immediately that those feelings were her own problem. It was her envy. All Harper did was stand there looking athletic with a smile that could light up the world. Damn, she hated the prospect of losing, but she couldn’t win if she didn’t play the game. She laughed lightly to herself and tossed the rest of her drink back. She felt the drink and smoke starting to affect her, and she was grateful. It was like liquid courage being injected right into her blood stream – It was just enough to make her tingle and start to move her body, her sensuality bursting through her. She started into the jungle that was pulsing bodies. She spotted Juni through the crowd and grinned devilishly. If she was going to play, she was going to win.

She approached the pair and slid her hands around Juni’s waist, effectively making a Juni sandwich as they moved to the rhythm.

“Didn’t want to wait for me huh?” She called to Juni over the music with a pout before she took the bottle in her hand with a grin. She took a swig of the bottle before making it dissipate. The music changed tempo and Rose grinned.

The feeling of having one body against her made Juniper close her eyes and lean back into Harper. Now that there was suddenly another she opened her eyes to meet with blue ones. Intense and deep… focused. Just looking into them for a few seconds made Juni dizzy but she liked it? “I..I did-” she tried to stammer out softly, underneath the noise around them and thumping bass.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to cut in.” Rose said with a grin as she took Juni’s hand and twirled her out, then back in, directly into her arms. She dipped the dark haired girl, years of dance class ensured it was an elegant movement. She winked at Juni as she brought her back up and swayed with her for a moment.

“But then, it wouldn’t be fair to leave dear Harper out…” She teased with a grin as she extended her hand to Harper.

Okay yeah, Juniper really liked it. That air of confidence that surrounded Rose was stirring up something in her emotions. She couldn’t put her finger on it in the moment but it made her feel bolder herself and incredibly happy. Like if she looked directly at the redhead Juni probably couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

The appearance of Rose took Harper aback for a moment. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, there was a spark of annoyance at the interruption, at someone stealing Juni away from her. But the burn of the Firewhiskey distracted her, mellowed her. But even still, she raised an eyebrow. “I’ve never been the best at sharing, Rose. You might need to convince me why I should,” she said, taking a step closer. In her head, spells and charms were running through her head, just in case. Just in case Rose overstepped a mark.

Rose was slightly taken aback by Harper’s words. Convince her huh? She watched Harper’s face for a moment, recognizing her attempt to be ready for a fight. It almost made Rose laugh out loud. One of the many precautions she had taken before the party was to ward the shack against aggression based spells and charms. If Harper wanted to step to her, she would have to do it the old fashioned way.

The beat changed again, and Rose made a mental note to slow down the rotation for the next party. Music poured into the room, sounding like the most beautiful noise she’d ever heard. He closed her eyes and fell into the music, momentarily shutting out the world around her and she just... Let go. Of everything. She allowed the darkness she felt swallow her whole for a little while. The music felt like it was flowing through her veins. When she opened her glacier blue eyes, they focused solely on Harper.

“Oh baby girl…” Rose said, amusement seeping into her voice as she felt her inner Alpha flex her well-kept claws. She shook her head with a small laugh.

“A few things boo, I can see on your face you think the offer was to share Juni, but I can’t make that offer, you know, since it’s her body and all.” Rose said as she flipped her bouncy vibrant red curls over her shoulder and nodded to Juni out of respect before she focused on Harper again.

Seduction was what Rose did best, moving into Harper's personal space with just the right look of heat in her eyes. She didn't just look at her prey, she looked into her, as if she knew her desires. She ran a delicate finger down the length of Harper’s arm. Rose was poised, just the right blend of being relaxed and yet full of sexual tension.

With a quick movement, she had Harper in her arms, she spun her delicately out and then back in, so she was pressed tightly against Rose’s body, curves against curves.

“I don’t ‘prove’ myself to anyone, you either know my worth or you don’t boo.” She breathed into the other girls ear as she dipped her, much like she had Juni, though she held Harper a minute longer.

“but next time you think about me, remember, redheads do it better.” Rose said her voice taking on a hard edge and her eyes darkening like an arctic blast. She brought Harper back to her feet and stepped away. She tapped a well-manicured finger on her bottom lip as if thinking.

“But if you don’t want to play Harper, Honey…That’s a damn shame, and a waste of a perfectly good opportunity” Rose said with a fake pout on her full lips.

Harper had known from the moment Rose had flipped her hair what her tactic was going to be. That spark of annoyance flared in Harper’s stomach again, but before she could say or do anything, Rose had Harper in her arms. Harper wasn’t into Rose like that. She was too uptight, too rigid. In fact, Harper relished in ruining Rose’s day from time to time. But the way she looked at Harper, as if she was searching her, figuring her out… well that nearly made Harper change her damn drunk mind.

And then Rose’s tone changed and she was put back on her feet and brought back to her senses. She took one look at Juni and deciding it wasn’t worth it. But it didn’t mean she couldn’t play. She took a step closer to Rose, so their bodies were touching again. She could stare directly into Rose’s eyes, and she held that gaze for a few seconds, before running a finger along Rose’s jaw, landing on her chin, as if to tilt her head. Then Harper grinned.

“Oh, honey,” she mocked. “Did you plan all that out in that little diary of yours? I’d hate to… ruin your plans. But darling... you’re just not worth it.” On that note, she blew a kiss, winked at Juni, and strode away, taking a mouthful of Firewhiskey as she did.

Watching things unfold from front row Juniper stood a step back. The tension she felt now, she didn’t want a fight to maybe break out at the party. Especially on its first day. Or was that a good thing? A party to remember, right? There was a student walking by with three shots. Of what Juniper didn’t know. She just reached out and plucked the one he held in his left hand then shot it back.

The unexpected harsh burn at the back of her throat caught her off guard. It was white rat whiskey with a little something else. Juniper gave out two small coughs and the guy stared at her wide-eyed. “You just drank my pixie-rate bomb!” he shouted over the music. The boy honestly sounded and looked more surprised with a tinge of awe than angry like she thought he’d be. “It was mine but it looks like you're gonna have a better night.” he laughed, pushing his way through the crowd to where he was originally going.

Suddenly colors were much more vibrant, a beautiful kaleidoscope of different hues and dancing bodies in her vicinity. The music shook her body to the core and it was amazing. Pixie dust was one hell of a drug Juniper rarely messed with. She was more of a weed person but the shimmering dust was something else. By the time Juniper broke out of her high wonder Harper was on Rose.

Mine. It was a feeling that came out of nowhere but she didn’t question it.

Taking a step forward and with the bass in her ears, she was going to reach out to Harper but stepped back instead. At the moment she thought it. Harper ended up turning to leave, the wink and kiss still making Juniper smile a little, enough. She blinked twice her eyes focusing the firey red in front of her.

Rose laughed, a deep belly rolling laugh, the hilarity of the situation getting the best of her.

“Oh dear, Juni your Ex is just delightfully adorable,” Rose said, meaning it as a compliment. She truly admired the other girls gumption, however, she was aware the Harper was no real threat to her.

That laugh, with the background pulsing to her and the colors, really getting to her, especially Roses, that laugh made her feel ...happy and bold. “Mmm, yes she is.” Juniper agreed. Harper is both adorable and delightful when she wants to be, but right now her full focus was on the Weasley in front of her. Juniper came in close, loving the little height difference between the two. She placed her hands on Roses sides before sliding them down to her waist, pulling her in. “So about that dance?”

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Rose Weasley

Juni had shot something then approached Rose with a mischievous aura. Juni placed her hand on Rose's hips and Rose grinned down at the shorter girl before signing and shaking her head no. It would be best if they didn't dance. It didn't take a genius to see Juni was inebriated, and though it pained her to admit, she was a true gentlewoman.

"Maybe a walk instead?" She suggested gently as she took the other girls hand.

Juniper relished in the contact while it lasted. She smells nice, Juniper thought to herself nodding along in response to Roses question. A walk did seem nice. The air would do her good. Especially since her stomach was starting to feel a bit ill. Maybe the weird mix of everything she drank tonight was finally hitting her.

Instinctively she intertwined her fingers with Rose. She leaned into the other Ravenclaw so their arms brushed against each other as they walked.

"You smell good." Juniper blurted out in her high/drunken state.
Rose giggled at the compliment. Silly girl. She looked down at her and grinned.

"Thanks, I showered." She said as she led Juni through the crowd and out the door. The cool air danced along her skin and she shivered, not cold, simply surprised. The night sky twinkled above them, as if the stars where dancing just for them. Fog swirled thicker than hairspray in a beauty pageant prep-room, and under that, was damp grass. Rose paused for a moment before she slipped her heels off and threw them aside. She would retrieve them later...or not. Whatever. She picked Juni up bridal style and grinned down at the girl.

"Don't you dare throw up on this ride." She said winking down at her as she started walking towards Hogwarts at an easy pace.

Rolling her eyes, Juni half laughed out a "Good to know.".

Once the fresh air filled her lungs her stomach lightly settled with just a couple of even breaths. Juniper found the crisp air as a relief, cooling down the burn within her. She was a little more awake now than she was a few moments ago, but certain things still stuck out to her like the purple from the blue up in the night sky or the glowing blue mushrooms that sprouted in little patches across the green ground.

When fiery red caught her eyes again she was removing her heels and getting ready to toss them. Juniper arched a brow,

"What are you doin-" but before she could finish Rose swept her up, causing Juniper to make a sound she wasn't even used to. The blush on her face had to be noticeable because she felt the renewed heat up to her ears. She was way out of her element.[b/]

Rose mentioning her not to throw up pulled up the dull nausea that was still lingering at the pit of her stomach. She swallowed as a gauge and didn't want to gag so that was always a good thing. "I think I'll be good," she assured, looking up at Rose. Bright blue eyes catching her attention. Even though it was dark out her eyes still looked as if they almost glowed. Juniper smirked, "I think I could have handled walking." then it softened into a soft smile. She leaned her head against Roses shoulder, "Thank you.. anyway. " she mumbled.

"its my pleasure." Rose said with a small smile.

It wasn't hard to get back to their room, a few charms, and secret passages later, they where there. She placed Juni down in front of her bed.

Finally reaching their room Juniper gave out a little yawn. Her jaw clicked very subtly like it always did since she took that soccer ball to the face in her second year. Being on her feet again made her realize just how tired and dizzy she actually was. "You need to get some rest." Said Rose and Juniper smiled back giving her a slight nod.

"You need to get some rest." Rose said with a smile as she patted Juni's head gently, then turned to leave. She made it a few steps before she stopped and shook her head. Suddenly, she turned and strode back to Juniper with purpose.

"Yea I think I'm gonna marry my bed tonight." She began to softly laugh when a force pulled her in, making Jun take an involuntary small step forward.

"Fuck it." She breathed as she pulled Juni close, her hand rested below her ear, her thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. Rose kissed Juni and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, and it conveyed things words would never be able to. She pulled away, and pressed her forehead to Juni's.

Rose felt warm and comforting... Juniper could have fallen asleep there if her eyes weren't staring into focused but gentle blues. The warm hand on her cheek and sudden closeness snapped her back into reality. Her head still swimming between being buzzed, high and somewhat sober. In all, way more alert.

There was nothing but silence in those few moments. Her head was freaking out a little. Does Rose really like me? Does she share similar feelings? Bloody hell, I hope my breath doesn't stink! But her heart welcomed it. Warm soft lips on her own with a quickened pulse. Jun would be lying if she said she'd never thought about kissing her roommate before.

Juniper didn't even realize she was playing with the Weasley's hair until she pulled away and she felt the soft tickle from the tips of Roses hair through her fingers. Now forehead to forehead, it brought back memories from earlier in the night. Brought Junipers mind back to Kingsley for a few seconds. What was she gonna doing? What did she want to do?

"Sleep well." Rose whispered, before she went to her own bed across the room.

Mentally sighing Juni managed to whisper back a "good night." Instead of pulling Rose back in. She didn't favor the loss of warmth at the moment but could barely keep her eyes open any longer. She was too spent, psychically but emotionally especially. She crawled under her blankets and only managed to unbutton her pants and a few buttons on her shirt before passing out for the night.


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