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Alexis Swirsky

"Don't even try to figure me out, I'm a special kind of twisted."

0 · 1,360 views · located in California

a character in “Welcome Back to Hollywood High”, as played by TvJunkie19


Full Name
"Well, I guess we're just diving straight in, huh? If you've must know my full name is Alexis Lauren Swirsky."
Alexis Lauren Swirsky

"With a name as short as Alexis you don't have a lot of options when it comes to nicknames. At least not nicknames based around your actually name."

Birth Date
"Trick or Treat Bitches! I was born on Halloween."
October 31, 1997

"I'm a straight girl who has had a lot of lesbian experiences. What?! I'm young. Get off my back!"
Claims to be Straight when she is really Bisexual

Relationship Status
"Who has time for relationships when your busy climbing up the social ladder. Not I."



How old do you look?
Late Teens - Early Twenties

5 foot 7 inches

112.5 lbs - 115 lbs

Body Build

Dress Size

Shoe Size

Shape of Face

Eye Color

Glasses or Contacts

Skin Tone
Fair or Light Skin

Distinguishing Marks

Hair Color
"Light brown is my natural hair color. I've dyed my hair in the past. From a darker shade of brown to red. Although I have nothing against dying my hair I do prefer my natural hair color."
Light Brown

"Am a model so as you could imagine I've done a ton of different things with my hair. If, however, we are speaking in terms of my everyday life I don't tend to doing anything really outrageous with my hair. My hairstyles tend to change with the outfit. So, one day I'll wear it straight and the next it will be in a pony or a bun or some other updo."
Changes Daily

Physical Disabilities
"I am lucky enough to not have any."

"My style changes with the wind. My style is fashion and fashion is always evolving and changing. Which is one of the great things about fashion in general. Trends come and go and everything is always changing and that is something that I love. While I do own a lot of designer labels am not a label-whore. I'll wear just about anything if I like it. I could make a trash bag look fashionable."
Fashionable Fashionista

Favorite Outfit
"I don't have that one outfit that I love better than all the rest."

Jewelry or Accessories
"When it comes to jewelry and accessories I think whether or not you wear one or the other or both all depends on the outfit and the sort of look you are going for. At least that how it is for me."

Overall Attractiveness
"I've always been told that I have an "exquisite" look. People have said that I look like a cross between a young Brooke Shields and Natalia Vodianova or a pale Adriana Lima."


Good Personality Traits

+ Focused & Ambitious

+ Unflinching

+ Faithful

+ Intuitive

+ Trustworthy

+ Independent

+ Loyal

+ Resourceful & Knowledgeable

+ Sharp-Eyed

+ Dynamic

+ Attractive

+ Indomitable
Bad Personality Traits

- Jealous

- Secretive

- Resentful

- Manipulative

- Envious

- Unyielding

- Obsessive

- Suspicious

- Temperamental

- Stubborn

- Malicious

- Dominating
"If you show me you don't give a fuck, I'll show you that I'm better at it."

Alexis Swirsky is loyalty personified. Loyalty is one of the most dominant traits of Alexis’s personality. Nothing can push her from her ground. Be it with her friends or the man she loves, she perfectly knows where her loyalty lies. Loyalty is in her blood. She will never cheat. She is one of those few people in the world who can really be trusted blindly. This is because she is not someone who believes in making fake promises.

Alexis is neither the kind of girl who needs to be attached to someone’s hip or want’s someone who’s gonna be attached to hers. She doesn’t need someone to constantly be there to look after her and watch her back. Even if she seems tiny as a mouse, she has the strength and courage of a lioness. It is because of this strength and courage that she is very much capable of looking after herself. She loves her freedom and hates to be told what to do. She does things that she thinks is right, instead of blindly listening to others.

An extremely keen observer. Alexis has a sharp-eye for detail. She tends to get into the minute details of any issue or a person in such a manner that she pick up on subtle changes in a person’s body language and mannerisms that may not be visible to others. A person can say whatever they want with they’re mouth but in the end it’s they're overall body language that gives off how they truly feel. This part of her nature has been used for both good and evil purposes. Whether she exploits someone's vulnerability or simple nurtures them all depends on her relationship with that person.

If the size of a person’s heels determined to what extent a person stands his or her ground Alexis would be wearing 10 inch pencil-pointed stilettos with super-strong cement covering the soles! This clearly describes her determined and indomitable nature. She is someone who puts her mind to achieve something, and then forgets everything else till it is finally hers. No one can shake her, no matter how hard they try.

If she loves someone, she’ll do all it takes to see them happy. Hence, Alexis is an amazing lover and reasons other than just because she is phenomenal in bed. However if she hates someone, she won’t leave any stone unturned in order to make their life miserable. Whatever she does, she gives her whole and soul to it. Whether it is in a relationship, her career, hobby or anything else, she performs with immense passion and zeal.

Do something sweet for her, and she'll never ever forget your act of kindness. She perpetually will be thankful to you. But do something really mean to her or betray her in any way, and she will hate you till she goes to her grave. Such is her memory. For the better or the worse, she is gifted with an extremely sharp memory. As a result, she tends to remember most of the things happening around her for a very long time compared to any other person.

Alexis's motto is “I desire.” If she feels something, she acts. If she wants something, she takes it. She is very ambitious and believes in dreaming really big. And why not? After all, she knows that she very well possesses that kind of ability to reach and get anything that she desires.

Who doesn’t want to have the power of intuition? However not everyone is blessed with it. But Alexis very well is! She is naturally blessed with this unique trait. Her deep sense of understanding people and situations makes her a master at predicting what is coming next. As a result, it is very difficult to catch this smart lady off guard.

We all know how important it is in life to be able to take the right decisions at the right time. However, often we find ourselves stuck in a huge web of problems just because we take hasty and foolish decisions. This is where Alexis stands out from the rest. She is famous for her smart decision making ability. She carefully watches and analyzes every situation before she takes her step. As a result, most of her decisions are worthy of praise. It’s also why she is one of the best schemers at Hollywood High. What can she say? She was a wannabe at one point.

The mind of Alexis Swirsky is no open book. No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to understand her. No matter how long you've known her, there will always be something more to her persona. Her personality is mysterious and deep. There is always so much to learn about her. This when paired with her magnetic personality makes her all the more interesting. For this reason, people always seem to get gravitated towards her. She’s just a magnetic person. It should be noted that she has a little ego problem. But, what guy doesn’t like a girl with confidence. Right?!


Greatest Joys in Life
"The greatest joy of my life is getting to live my life. I enjoy both aspects of my life. I like the normal side of my life where I can just be a normal teenage girl. I cheerlead, go to school parties and just get to be a normal girl in high school. Then you have the more glamorous side of my life in which there are photoshoots and interviews and doing runway shows. In the words of Hannah Montana, "I've got the best of both worlds." Only I don't need a secret identity to live out my life."

Greatest Fears
"I am deathly afraid of sharks. I know that the likelihood of me ever being attacked by a shark is slim as ever but it's still a fear of mine. It's the reason why while I will go to beaches and get in the ocean I will only wade out so far before totally freaking out. If I can't feel the sand underneath my feet than we have to go back because I just can't handle it. I also have this thing with rodents that is really weird. Like I can hold and pet and will play with like hamsters and stuff. But let's say if I dropped the hamster accidentally, the second it hits that floor it because another mouse or rat and I am terrified of it. Like I am screaming and up on tables and chairs and anything that basically gets me up off the floor."

"My current priorities at the moment are simple. For one I want to graduate school. I haven't sent my entire life dealing with teachers, cramming for exams and giving up my spare time for homework just to pussy out at the finish line. Or in my case the homestretch seeing as am only junior. I'm not a hundred percent sure if college is in the cards for me but at the very least I would like to say I had the option of going to a good college if I really wanted to go. So, along with graduating I want to graduate with my above 4.0 average. On of my biggest goals right now is becoming a Royal before my senior year. I haven't been working my ass off this much to get into the A-Listers and stop at the bottom of A-Lister barrel. Schooling aside, my career will always be a huge priority in my life. If I don't end up going to college my modeling career is the only real thing I have going for me right now. While I do plan on branching out and getting into other things, as of right now, my modeling career is one of the biggest priorities of my life."

Life Philosophy
"I'm the kind of person who does things based on what I want and desire at that moment. So, with me being me, I've always related to this philosophic saying because I can't say that I've ever regretted anything that I've done. Because at the time when I did it I was doing it to get something that I wanted in that moment."
“Never Regret Anything, Because At One Time It Was Exactly What You Wanted.”

Favorite Color
"I love the colors red and blue. Red is just a really sexy color and I think all shades of blues are pretty."

Least Favorite Color
"Oddly enough while I like the colors red and blue I hate the color purple. Or at least dark purples. Light purples are okay"

"I would say that I mostly listen to mainstream music but that doesn't me it's the only kind of music I enjoy. The only genres of music that I cannot stand are opera, metal and those in languages I don't understand."

"I think Italian cuisine is some of the most fatten food in the world and sadly it is my favorite kind of food. Whether were talking breakfast, lunch or dinner if I had to choose something to eat it would be a dish that originated in Italy. Using yesterday as an example; I had mini frittatas for breakfast, orecchiette with tomato sauce for lunch and while I did end up skipping dinner I did have some scrumptious cannoli for dessert. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it."

"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal. A pretty face can only get a girl so far. If one is to truly stand out in the world they must be the total package. Beauty and brains. And in the words of a very wise Tyrion Lannister, "A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep it's edge." I read books as much as your average Brain, which I guess seeing as I use to be one shouldn't come as a surprise. At this point of my life I can say that I have probably read thousands of books. Nowadays most of the literature that I read is purely for my own pleasure and enjoyment. Over the course of the summer I've finished Dance of Dragons and am currently awaiting the release of the Winds of Winter along with the rest of the game of thrones/ asoiaf fandom. I made to read Mockingjay and Insurgent as I wanted to read the books before the movies came out. And I also read the entire 50 Shades of Grey trilogy as I was just really curiosity as to what all the hype was about when it came to the E.L. James series. It was by far a very...interesting read."

Form of Entertainment
"I hate being bored so you know I always have to find someway to entertain myself. Like the rest of my generation I find that social media is probably the first thing I go to when am bored. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat. I have an account on all the social sites and let me tell you they are all far more addictive than Flappy Birds or Candy Crush. I also like to take a step back from technology every once and the while and I'll go do some shopping on Melrose or head down to Venice and go rollerblading around the skate park. One of the perks of living in Cali is that you never have to go far to find something to do."

Most Prized Possession
"I don't know if this is going to sound egotistic of me but my most prized possession is my collecting of magazines that I am featured on the cover of. I've had them all laminated and made into this sort of scrapbook that I keep in a safe that is hidden inside my room. When it talk about it out loud it sounds like such a nutty thing to do but I don't care. It is not easy to land the cover of a magazine and when I do it just feels so amazing because it's just another step forward in my career. My weirdo scrapbook is just something that I can look at every now and again to remind myself of how far I have come and how much more is left for me to do."


"Does plotting and scheming count as hobbies because I find I do those two a lot in my spare time. You can't succeed and thrive without a masterminded plan and you couldn't get as far as I have up this social ladder without some major schemes and underhandedness. On the less devious side of things I find that when am not being a manipulative scheming little bitch, I indulge in the usual girl stuff during my leisure time. I like to shopping, hanging out with friends and just being a genuine goof ball. This might come as a surprise to many but I do also like to dedicated my free-time to helping those who aren't as fortunate as I am. I've been giving two humanitarian awards for doing such acts of kindness. Not that I do what I do for the awards, but I will admit that it feels good to get credit when you do something good. Of course I've never been known to turn down any kind of credit. Credit is credit after all."

Do you play a musical instrument?
"I wish. Maybe someday."

Do you play sports?
"I'm a Devil Girl so obviously I do cheerleading. Outside of school I play a ton of sports. One of my favorite things to do is go down to the beaches and join in on volleyball games that are going down. If cheerleading wasn't a year long commitment I'd definitely be apart of one of the school's other sport teams. However, in the fall we're performing at the football games, in the winter it's basketball and when spring rolls around we have our own season to worry about."

How would you spend a rainy day?
"One of my guiltiest pleasures and secrets is that I am a huge fangirl. So, on a rainy day the thing I love to do...outside of planning out my next move a couch potato. I will grabbed every snack in my house and just spread it all out on my bed. I'll spend the entire day from sun up to sun down watching shows I have taped on DVR or if I've watched everything on my DVR I'll re-watch seasons of my favorite shows on Netflix's. Boring I know but it's what I like to do. We don't get much rain in California so when we do I like to enjoy it."

Spending Habits
"I will admit that I have terrible spending habits. I can be crazy careless when it comes to money and the things that I want. I have literally spent a quarter of a million dollars on one bottom of nail polish. In my defense it was the Azature's Black Diamond Nail Polish and that stuff is infused with 267 carats of black diamonds. Like literal diamonds! I mean I could have been a bit more frugal and gotten the $25 department store version, but that one only has one black diamond in each bottle. Why would I go with one diamond when I could have 267 carats?"

"I'm a model. My looks are what brings in offers and the checks. So, no, I don't smoke. Am not trying to do anything that will speed up the aging process or mess up these ravishing good looks."

"A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. It's a stupid saying but it's one that I do indulge in. Am not a fan of hard liquor, although if I do go out to a club or a party I will have at least one cocktail just because I wouldn't want to be a debbie downer."

Other Drugs?
"Am not a drug person. I don't smoke or pop pills or anything else like that. I am very aware of what the Hollywood party scene is like and the last thing I ever want is to get lose in it and become another washed up forgotten model."


Drives & Motivations

"If your expecting some kind of tragically sad underdog story to be the key to my determination and drive then you don't know anything about me. There is no tragic underdog story that motivates me to do better or work harder. There is just me. Neither of my parents ever pushed me into modeling or have ever told me that I have to reach for the stars or anything like that. The beauty of being the baby of the family I guess. All their dreams and goals got pushed onto my older siblings which left Alexis Swirsky to do whatever she damn well pleased. Fortunately for parents, what I please to do is thrive.

Which I guess has to do a lot with my twisted mindset of getting whatever I desire and want. Which when I think about is the root of my drive and motivation. I am driven and motivated to get the things that I want because I want them. If I want something I don't need someone in my ear telling me and pushing me to go after it. Am a go-getter. I push myself to go get the things that I want. It's just that simple with me. What I want I go for. No if, ands or buts about it."

Short-Term & Long-Terms Goals

"My list of goals and my list of priorities kind of go hand and hand. A lot of my current priorities are goals that I want to accomplish within the current year. Some things I think I can get done within the 2014/2015 school year and others may take a lot longer. One goal that I have for the school year is to raise my grade point average. I currently have a solid 4.0 but I want to graduate with at least a 4.5. Nerdy? Yes, but I've never liked that stereotype of all models being the equivalent of "dumb blondes", so I make sure that no one can ever call me stupid. I can't really say that going to college is a current goal of mine as am not entirely sure if I want to go, but who knows, I've got at least two years to figure it out. For right now I'll list it as a possible maybe.

Keeping with the school-oriented goals I also plan on climbing the rest of the way up the Hollywood High social ladder and gaining the status of Royal. This is the goal that I've been working towards since I first entered Hollywood High and I haven't gotten this far not to get it done. This has to happen by the end of this current school year as I don't want to still be working my way to the top when my senior year falls around next year. I'm not trying to maintain my social status am trying to move beyond it this year.

Now moving outside of school, the things I have in motion for my career comprises of both short and long-term goals. My goals generally speaking is just to book as much work as possible and not to fade into the background. Right now, I am really hot in the modeling industry and I am one of the most sought after models in the business. My overall goal is to stay relevant and just keep taking my career to new heights."

How do you plan to accomplish your goals?

"If you know me than you know that I am always scheming and that I have some kind of plan in motion. Even if you don't know exactly what that plan is you know that I know what that plan is and that's all you need to know. The key to is to always have a plan B. And if that fails, a plan c, then a plan d, and...well we all know how the alphabet works."




"I may live in California now but at the heart I am still a New Yorker. I grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As much as I love Cali nothing can compare to the Big Apple."
Manhattan, New York

What was your childhood like?

"Well I have an two older siblings; Julian and Sarah. Growing up our parents were both some extreme work-alcoholics so we had nannies. We each had our own individual nannies because my mom wanted to make sure that we all got the undivided attention that we needed. As a kid I was very much a homebody. I would finish my homework in like ten to twenty minutes flat then I'd just sit in front of the television most days watching nickelodeon. I did take interest in hobbies and stuff as a child. I was a girl scout and I was also apart of a varsity all-star competitive cheerleading squad. I had started gymnastics when I was a little over a year old, then I started dance lessons at three and by the time I was five I cheerleading competitively. The same year I started cheering I got into scouts. I dropped out of scouts when my family left New York so I never got to be an ambassador, but I was a cadette. So, there's that. I'd be lying if I said as a kid I wished my parents were around more but I can't say that they were bad parents or I had a terrible childhood because they weren't and I didn't. I got everything that wanted. I had hobbies and a 24hr nanny that is still taking care of me till this day. My life isn't perfect but it's perfect for me."
Happy, Content & Wanted For Nothing


"We had one dog when I was growing up. It was Samoyed that my dad spent ten grand on and it lived for thirteen years. We had gotten Sammi the Samoyed the Christmas the year I was born. He died in 2010 a week before we moved to California. I cried over that dog for like two to three weeks after we moved. I really miss that dog."
Sami the Samoyed

Childhood Hero or Idol

"I would say that Eliza Thornberry was a childhood hero. I know it might sound weird that a cartoon was actually my hero but you have to understand that I was a nickelodeon brat as a child. Like I would come in from school and just plant myself in front of my television and watch the one channel all day. Screw disney and pbs kids, nickelodeon was the shit. Back in the day we had the good programs like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, All That and The Amanda Show. There shows just made me feel so empowered as a kid and out of all the shows I loved I liked the Thornberrys and Eliza the best just because unlike Debbie I though they're lives were pretty damn cool. Plus, who wouldn't want the power to talk to animals. Like, seriously?"
Eliza Thornberry

Dream job

"When I was a little girl my dream job was to be a cheerleader. I didn't really realize back than that there was a stuck thing as being a professional cheerleader as I didn't really know about sports, but I did know that I wanted to be a cheerleader. I really just wanted to keep winning trophies. In girl scouts all you got was badges...which don't get me wrong that was cool, but the trophies I got from cheering were far better. In my opinion anyways."


"Well from what I hear a lot of the kids who go to Hollywood High now all use to attend the Buckley School. Seeing as I lived in New York City up until after my eighth grade year I obviously didn't attend Buckley. I went to the Birch Wathen Lenox School. It was a school on the Upper East Side that a lot of the kids of women my parents knew went to. It was a preppy school like most private schools are but it wasn't an unbearable school. I was extremely popular at the Birch Wathen Lenox Schoool and I really enjoyed it there. Can you imagine what it was like for me coming from a school where I was at the top of the social ladder to showing up at Hollywood High and being placed at the bottom because I was smart?! Ugh, sooo annoying."
The Birch Wathen Lenox School


"Neither of my parents made nearly as much money back then as they do now, but we still lived a pretty lavish life even back then."



Currently Living With?
"My parents divorced shortly after our move here to California. I don't know if someone cheated or if they just for out of love or what. I just don't know. All I know now is that I basically go back and forth between they're two places. Because the headquarters of the Universal Music Group is located in Santa Monica, my mom doesn't really travel much, but she does work long hours so when I stay at her place she's rarely there. My dad as he puts it is a manic expressive person; which just means that he's also never home. However, at least with my mom she's still in the same state. With my dad one day he's here and the next he's not. It's whatever I guess. Two pads. Two places to party."
Goes Back in Forth between Her Parents Separate Places

"In 2011 my parents got divorced. About a month before the told me about them getting a divorce just out the blue one day my dad comes home with this puppy that I swore up and down was a damn wolf. Sammi had just died last year, both of my older siblings were out of the house and my parents were filing for a divorce behind my back. I honesty feel like my dad brought me the dog to cushion the blow when I found out him and my mom were divorcing. Anyways, to put this long and depressing story to bed, I have a Czechoslovakian Vlcak. Costed thirty grand to buy and my dad had to go all the way to the Czech Republic to get her."

"From the moment I debuted on the Prada runways, it was clear that I was destined for greatness. I have more than proven my worth in this industry, with a client list that reads like a who's who of fashion's top tier: Chanel, Armani, L'Oreal, and Calvin Klein have all been smitten by my charms. In a few short years, I have become the face of youthful, elegant beauty and that adds up to big bucks."
Agencies: New York:IMG; Paris: IMG Paris; London: IMG London; Barcelona: Uno Models; Sydney: IMG Australia; Tokyo: Bon Image Corp.

"I started modeling when I was thirteen back in 2010. That year I had only made $1,212,121, but during that year I was noticed and after that year my fame really began to rise. In 2011 I made $5,128,205, in 2012: $6,779,661, 2013: 8,333,333 and this year I made 2014: $9,090,910. $12,068,275 if you count the money I made from the events I did for L’Oréal Paris, Pull and Bear, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Armani Exchange, L’Officiel, Vogue Russia and Glamour Hungary. From contracts only I stand to make ten million dollars this next year."
$31 M ($31,997,599 in the bank)

Alexis Mom's Home
Alexis Dad's Home

2015 Maserati Granturismo MC Cabriolet
X - X - X - X

Seth Swirsky
"It's been months since the last time I saw my dad in person. Which I know probably sounds horrible, but, what are you going to do? My dad is a pop music songwriter, author, recording artist, filmmaker, political writer and baseball memorabilia collector. Doing all of that is hell of timing consuming. I suppose. I do want to be on better terms with my father and actually build some form of a father-daughter relationship, but in order to do that I would actually have to spend time with him. Which isn't something I do often because he's always one place while am somewhere else. It's just really hard."

Jody Gerson
"My mother as of right now is an executive who is at the pinnacle of the A&R executive ranks at Universal Music Publishing Group. My mother can negotiate with the best of them, she is also well known for spotting talent early on, often before a songwriter's career blooms. Among the songwriters she has signed during her career are Lady Gaga, Norah Jones, Odd Future, Jermaine Dupri, and a then 15-year old Alicia Keys. While it has been announced to the public yet, Zach Horowitz, who led the company for the past two years, will be stepping down from his position and my mom as of Jan. 1, will be taking the reigns chairman/CEO of the company. Universal Music Group is the world's number one music producer with more than 30% of the global market. It produces artists such as Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Catalina Perez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fergie, Jasmine V, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Unlike my dad, my mom isn't necessarily "musically gifted", but she is crazy busy savvy. I hate all the hours she spends working but I can't say I have a problem with all the benefits that come with her job. I have meet and befriend a ton of celebs because of her. While my mom has been busy working her way up the ladder I've been working my way down. Screw the suits! I wanted to meet the artist and producers. And I did. Jay-Z, Beyonce, RiRi, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Kayne, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, et cetera, et cetera. There is a good and bad side to everything and I take the bad with the good when it comes to my mother's job. Outside of my mom's work I would say that we have a decent relationship. Were not as close as I would like us to be but it's not a bad relationship. We don't get into those teen vs mom arguments that you see on tv where there is a bunch of screaming followed by door slamming and I hate yous'. Which I like because I never wanted to be that bratty primadonna that people can't stand. I rather be a bitch than primadonna."

Julian Swirsky
"My twenty year old brother, Julian, is a songwriter and producer known as Julkeyz. In 2013, he co-wrote and produced the #1 song "Rollercoaster" for Justin Bieber. He has also written and produced for Mike Stud, Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls, and Bow Wow. Personally, I feel like my brother can be a bit of groupie, but I myself have exhibited some groupie like behavior in the pass so I've granted him a pass. At least for now. Because we are both so busy living our separate lives and doing everything we can to be successful we don't get to see each other a lot. Which is crazy seeing as we both living in the same city, but that's life I guess. When we were younger I hated his guts because he was the only older brother who would like pick on me and just do stupid annoying shit that got on my nerves. In the case of our relationship I will say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, because when I go a long time without seeing him I really start to miss him. However, after about a day of two of being around him I'm annoyed by his presence and I just want him to go away. I guess you could say we have a love-hate relationship."

Sarah Swirsky
"Sarah is without a doubt the person I'm closest to in my family. Like with all the other members of my family I don't get to see her as often as I would like but at least we share some kind of bond. My parents sometimes feel like strangers to me and my brother I often can't stand but with Sarah it's all love. Sarah is right now going to school in New York. She plans on becoming a doctor. Unlike my brother and myself she has no desire for the spotlight, fame or any of it. She just want's to give back and help people which is something I really admire about her. I really do love my sister to pieces."



How did you spend your summer?
"I spent my entire summer working. I walked the runway at the Moschino Mens S/S 2015 in London. Which was beyond awesome. Throughout the course of the spring and summer I did four advertising campaigns for L'Oreal, Gas Jeans, iBLUES and UT S/S. I landed the cover of Harper's Bazaar Spain, along with editorial in the magazine. I also got an editorial in Vogue Japan. I also got the chance to participate in the LFW SS15 Mens Street Style by Melodie Jeng. So, yeah, my summer was crazy busy work wise. I was jetting all over the place. I accomplished all of that in June and I got to just turn up all of July. So I went to a lot of parties, screenings, social events and all that jazz. And of course I had to work in some volunteer work over the summer."

What grade are you in?
"So close and yet so far."

What clique are you in?
"I honesty don't understand why were called Devil Girls, but I guess that's better than bobble heads."
Devil Girls

Where are you on the social ladder?
"Am higher than all the B-Listers and non-metionables, but am at bottom of the A-Listers."

Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
"Considering where I started out you'd think I'd be happy just being another Devil Girl. However, am not. And if you knew anything about me than you'd know that I won't be happy until I make it to the top. Now am not saying that am going after the crown because am not. I want the power without all the weight of a crown. I've gone from being a nerd to drifter to wannabe to a devil girl. And am not done yet. I will be a Royal."

If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be? Why?
"In this case it isn't a could be but a will be. I will be a Royal because a Royal is what I want to be. Simple as that."

Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
"Obviously if am apart of the Devil Girl clique than I have to be a cheerleader. The same way you can't be a jock you doesn't play sports you can't be a Devil Girl that doesn't cheer. I also signed up for the fashion club. Am looking forward to it. I just hope between modeling, scheming, cheerleading, homework and having a social life I'm actual able to stick with it."
Cheerleading & Fashion Club

Best subject
"I'm good at school in general. I've always aced all of my classes. You can't have an average like mine and be a slacker when it comes to hitting the books."

Worst subject
"Haven't we already been over this!"
Doesn't Have One

Pd 1 - AP US History
Pd 2 - Studio Art
Pd 3 - Dance II (The Clark Dance Company I)
Pd 4 - AP Statistics
Pd 5 - Accounting & Finance II
Pd 6 - Physical Education II
Pd 7 - AP English Language & Composition
Pd 8 - Lunch
Pd 9 - AP Chemistry

So begins...

Alexis Swirsky's Story


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Turning the shower dials off the water came to a trickle before shutting off completely. Stepping out of the glass shower and onto the the white towel that greeted her feet she did a quick pitter pat on the towel then slipped on her flip-flops that were placed right in front of the floor towel. Walking over to the towel rack that was situated by her bathtub she took her body towel and wrapped it around her waist. Walking in the direction of the door she stopped at the sink and got her toothpaste and the dental floss down out of the medicine cabinet. She flossed her teeth first (which took about four minutes) then brushed them (which was about six minutes) before finally swishing 2 teaspoonfuls of Listerine Total Care Plus Whitening in her mouth for a minutes and spitting into her sink. With her oral hygiene taken care of she moved on to her morning skincare regime. Recently Demi Lovato had sent her the products from her new skincare line; Devonne. Jasmine absolutely loved the products and she used them every morning. Her morning skincare regime took about twenty minutes every morning. She used the deep facial cleanser, the hydrating radiance mist and the 3-in-1 moisturizer primer. The Devonne scent left her face smelling like a delicious mix of vanilla, lemon and lavender and she just loved the smell. Along with the how it made her face feel and look.

Opening her bathroom door she walked out of the bathroom and started walking towards her bed when she noticed her phone sitting on the small table in front of the couch. "So that's where I left that." She said speaking her thoughts aloud. Picking up her phone she saw that she had a message from Stella. "Here's the address. Btw, she's gonna record a cover or two before we start dancing, so if you wanna do something, you're more than welcome." Putting her phone back down after reading Stella's message she walked over to where her clothes were all laid out on her bed. She put on her bra and panties and then walked over to her vanity. She put on her deodorant, lotioned her body with her bombshells in bloom body lotion and spritzed herself with her bombshells in bloom perfume.

Going back to her bed she put on her American Apparel long sleeve crop top, her Young & Reckless 86 Bonnie No Clyde sweatpants and her Nike Air Max that were white, pink, grey and black. Part of Jasmine wanted to go downstairs and have breakfast put she already had close to half a dozen donuts to work off so she opted against it. She walked over to the couch and grabbed her phone off the table. The second she had her phone in her hands it began to ring. The background photo was of Jasmine and Alessandra at the Cosmo For Latina’s Fun Fearless Awards that they had gone to in New York over the summer. Tapping the green phone button she answered the call and placed her phone to her ear. "Shouldn't you be asleep right now?" Jasmine asked knowing it was around five in the morning and Sunday in Australia. "As if I could sleep. Aaliyah and her shiny plaything of the night fuck louder than fucking monkeys and while this hotel is beautiful - the walls are thin as shit apparently." Jasmine laughed as she sat down on the couch.

"I considered drinking a bit more in hopes of passing out like Alex, but I really don't want to experience the kind of hangover she will come the morning. Or mostly likely the afternoon." Jasmine pondered for a quick second before asking, "Who's Alex?" She could hear the sound of a fridge opening and than closing on the other end of the line. "Alex is Alexis. Apparently she is this model who surprisingly enough goes to Hollywood High. Crazy, right? Well Ali noticed her on the runway and after the show she ran into us at the afterparty and - well let's just say this bitch knows how to party. Like when I say the girl get's turnt up ... she gets turnt the hell up." Jasmine mused at the thought as it sounded like Alessandra had taken a moment to take a drink of something. "Anyways, speaking of parties and turning up ... how was the prep party?" What to talk about first? Jasmine thought to herself before just spilling everything. "Well for starters ... I met these twins." Chiming in before Jasmine could go any further Alessandra asked, "Those french speaking twins?" Jasmine didn't know what set of twins Alessandra was talking about. "No. What french speaking twins?" Alessandra did say anything at first as it sounded like she was drinking something again. "Never mind. Not relevant to the story. Go on with what you were saying." Jasmine just chuckled as she went back to what she was originally saying. "Okay, well, there is I guess now a second pair of twins attending Hollywood High because last night outside the club I met Tyler and Taylor. There both crazy hot and are transferring to Hollywood High. I'll point you in there direction at school."

"Looking forward to it." She could hear Alessandra yawn before her sister's voice came through the phone again. "Well I know that's not everything. Come on. Give me the dirt." Jasmine laughed as she rolled her eyes. "Also was Shay good last night? She wasn't like trashy or sloppy or anything like that right?" There was a mixture of tiredness and concern in voice when she asked about Shailene. "Shay was fine from what I saw. I'll be honest and say that I wasn't exactly babysitting her all night like I know you probably wanted me to, but I got distracted --" "By the hot twins." Jasmine laughed again. "Yes. By the hot twins. Hashtag sorry not sorry." Both girls laughed and Jasmine could hear Alessandra yawning again as the laughter died down. "I may not have been babysitting last night but it seems like Shay was. Every time I saw her she was with Linnaea. And your girl wasn't looking to be having all that much fun. Granted if Honey approached me the same way it looked like she did Linn last night I think my night would have been shot too. You know how I feel about drama."

There was a pause on the other end and just as Jasmine was about to ask if Alessandra was there thinking her sister had dozed off Alessandra spoke. "What the hell happened between Linn and Honey?!" Alessandra sounded a lot less tired and more angry and curious now. "Chill Allie. I'm sure it was nothing and if it wasn't I can't tell you what it was. All I know is Honey seemed to be in some kind of a mood last night. When I first got there it was her and Chad talking with Stella. Chad pretty much left the second I arrived and went where ever he went and Honey just seemed really pressed about something. Anyways, when Shay and Linn hit the dance room Honey excused herself leaving me, Stells and the twins at the bar and she went and said something to your girls. I'm not sure if she came back to the bar after that because I had walked the twins over to the body painting area. All I know is I got a goodbye text and I didn't see Shay or Linn until I was going home outside the club."

Jasmine wished she could see the look on Alessandra's face as she so wanted to know what was going through her sister's head at the moment. "Jazzy am tired. It sounds like Aaliyah and dude have stopped smashing, so I'm gonna try and get to sleep before they start round three. I may call you later on today. Or yesterday. I don't know with these damn timezones plus am fucking tired. I'll talk to you later. Have a good day and please do not stay in the house all day. We live in Cali am sure it's fucking beautiful outside." Jasmine giggled as she just nodded to her sister's words. "Yes ma'am. Now go get you some sleep. I'll talk to you when I talk to you. Love you Allie." "Love you too. TTYL." The line clicked and there was silence. Putting her phone down Jasmine just sighed. She hated drama and she hoped that telling Alessandra about last night wouldn't lead to any. She was just glad the conversation had ended before Allie could bring up Isaiah and his date with Angelina. Grabbing her laptop that was also on the small table she kicked up her feet onto the couch and went online to surf her social media.
Jasmine's Outfit