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Christian Wilds

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a character in “When Everything Changes”, as played by CreativityIsPower


Christian Wilds


Name: Christian Wilds
Nickname: Chris
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual


Complexion: Olive Skin Tone
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145lbs


With a background like his it is no surprise that Christian isn't the most trusting person in the world. He hides the pain of his past behind a fake smile and downplaying everything. On the outside Christian seems numb to negative feelings always displaying a laid back front always making a joke out of serious situation. This serves as his defense mechanism as he now shields all of his negative emotions with a nonchalant demeanor pretending not to feel the things that he feels. Despite his past Christian does know how to have a good time and when he is happy he is really happy. He has no problem expressing his emotions of happiness and joy, and although he doesn't trust many he has learned how to trust a few of people that have come into his life. When he can't mask his emotions with a fake smile and humor he turns to alcohol and drugs to make him numb to the world. Christian is a nice guy who just wants to be happy, but the past events in his life at times make that difficult for him to be.


Like most kids in the system Christian has a rocky past. He is a troubled and headstrong seventeen year old who has faced many hardships growing up. At the age of ten, his mother suddenly passed away and he was placed into the foster care system because there were no other relatives who was willing to care for him and his father was out of the picture. He was forced to grow up quickly and became distrustful after moving in and out of so many foster homes. He never stayed at a particular foster home for more than six months because something bad always ended up happening. Before being put into the orphanage, Christian lived with a man who was very abusive towards him. One day, his foster father tried to assault him in a drunken rage. He attempted to defend himself, Christian tried to stop his foster father, but he just ended up getting beaten till he was bloody and bruised. To spite him, Christian took a baseball bat to his foster father's car completely destroying it in his own fit of rage. When the police arrived, his foster father claimed that Christian had gone crazy and wrecked his car before attempting to turn the bat on the man. In his own self-defense he claimed was how Christian had sustained his injuries. Instead of listening to his side of the story the police locked him up in a juvenile facility. After his release the foster system wanted nothing to do with him as no family wanted to take in a kid with a record. So Christian's only other options were the orphanage or a group home. He went with the orphanage.

So begins...

Christian Wilds's Story


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"I can't really stay in your room forever, can I?" Lucas gave a soft shrug "No. I guess you can't. But that doesn't mean you can't visit.", he said with a small smile taking a seat in the swing next to her. With him finally having a place to seat it was a lot easier for him to eat his food. Looking over at Alyson as he did he couldn't help but feel bad for the girl. Her world had just been turned upside down as she left the life she knew to be dumped into a small little house full of messy little kids and rude ass teens. Living in an orphanage of strangers was far from the life she had probably pictured for herself. Than again who ever pictured themselves living in an orphanage.

"She's new too?" Lucas just nodded in response as he stuffed his self of more food. "What, he took all the meanness out on me so he can handle being civil towards her?" Swallowing his food Lucas just shrugged "I guess not even Blake can be a dick all the time. Then again when it comes to Blake and his niceness there always seems to be some kind of ulterior motive behind it. What that would be only someone with the mind of Blake would no."

"My own room? Is that possible?" Lucas couldn't help but let out a chuckle at how excited Alyson got when he mentioned the possibly of getting her own room. "Well I can't guarantee anything but I figure if Blake could do you should be again to too. I mean if not that possibly a change of roommates. As long as you don't mind sharing your space with a bunch of little girls." Finishing up his food he put the empty plate on ground near him.

"Hey, you might want to rethink talking to me. Zach damned himself, I don't want you to do the same." Lucas took a moment before responding acting as if he was actually debating keeping the small relationship he had developed with the girl. He let out a laugh before looking at Alyson "Alyson I rather be damned for the rest of my time in this house than submit to the bidding of the Dark Vader. This may come as a shock to you but I surprising don't fear Blake our minions. Besides if being friends with you gets me damned than am gonna be damned regardless. I mean honestly if I don't hang out with you and Zach that the only people I have left is Blake and your bitchy roommates. None of them which I would ever actually be able to have a meaningful relationship with."


As the police car drove up to the front of the orphanage Christian sighed. He had run away from this place about a month ago and after living on the streets for all that time the cops had finally caught up to him. He had spent the last couple of days in holding and after much hard work on his social worker's behalf she had gotten replaced back into the orphanage. Of course there were many conditions to which he had to agree to although whether or not he'd actual follow them only time would tell.

The police escort wasn't something that he felt was needed but the cops decided to make him a special delivery. As the one of the officers opened the car door Christian climbed out, "Damn, am really gonna miss having my own chauffeur." The cop just rolled his eyes "Move it smart ass!", with a smirk on his face Christian led the way to the front door of the house waving to Lucas who had noticed his old friend's return. Time passed as the police and Ms.Morgan shared some words before finally releasing Christian from their boring conversation. Walk over to where Lucas and an unfamiliar face sat he smiled standing in front of Lucas "So how much did you miss me?"


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Lucas & Christian

"Didn't think I'd ever see your ass again." Lucas said as the two boys clasped hands in a form of friendship. As his hand fell back to his side Christian shrug "I honesty didn't plan on coming back. But the cops had other ideas and it was either come back here or be placed in a group home. Wasn't no way in hell I was going to group home."

Christian took a seat in the grass looking over at the mystery blonde who didn't wasn't around last time he was at the orphanage. "So, who is this?" he asked his hazel brown eyes looking directly at the blonde on the swing. "Christian this is Alyson. Alyson this is Christian." Lucas said making simple introductions between the two. "She just got here today. Along with our other new blonde.", he said looking over at where Sasha and Blake were sitting at his tree. Christian gaze shot over to where Lucas was looking and he just shook his head. He was very familiar with all that was Blake and while Alyson seemed to be making the right choice of picking quality friends this other newbie, not so much.

With another shrug of his shoulders Christian looked back at Lucas "Any chance in my absence he's become a human being with heart." The two laughed as Lucas shook his head "No not really. Just ask Alyson. She was on the receiving end of Blake's not so welcoming welcome committee act." Christian looked at Alyson "Don't let him get to you. He's just an ass."

"He's not the only ass. Leta and Jane are back and they've been totally bitches." Lucas said recalling the way the girls treated Alison earlier. "Wow, so you've just been having a crappy day all around." Christian couldn't help but feel bad for the poor blonde. She had been here not even for a full day and it seemed to him that her hours here so far had been full of hell, "At least you've got Luke". "And Zach." Lucas added.

"Switching topics now. Where we going tonight?" Christian said looking over at Lucas. Although Christian was currently on probation set by his social worker he knew Lucas and the dirty blonde despite his sneaky boy image was always sneaking to go here or there. "Meeting up with Cassie tonight and were going to this party." Christian nodded and smiled "You really know how to welcome a friend back Luke." Lucas rolled his eyes with a chuckle "You haven't even been back an hour and your already looking to escape."

"Not escape. Just sneak out. This time I do actually plan on coming back."
he said with a smile. "So, do you party?" he asked looking at Alyson.


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"I think I'm going to go walk around. Is there any place I should probably avoid?" Lucas looked around the front yard and saw that Blake was still preoccupied with the orphanage's newest arrival. "I think you'll be good for now. I mean Blake has found a new interest for the time being and I don't see either of your new roommates in sight. Just try to keep your head down." Lucas couldn't help but feel bad for Alyson. The girl had been through so much in such a short period of time. Her life had taken a complete 180 and no one seemed willing to cut her any slack outside of himself and Zach. Christian had been cool so far but it's not like him and Alyson had really just gotten to know each other with Alyson being somewhat stand offish. He watched as Alyson wandered off to sort out her emotions and whatever else was going on in her head.

"Well. She's hot. Kind of quiet but still hot." Christian said watching the disheveled blonde walk away leaving just the two guys. "You may want to pump your brakes on that one. Something tells me she's already spoken for and if am right you won't have a chance in hell." Christian shrugged nonchalantly, "I said the girl was good looking. Not that she was my soul-mate Lou. Besides we both know am not exactly the relationship type." Lucas just nodded in agreement as the conversation changed back into the topic of the party. Once Lucas had finished with his food the two got up off the grass and headed into the house. "Well Alyson maybe out but I am betting Raquel will be in. I'll go fill her in and you can go eat."

The boys separated as Lucas handed Christian his garbage to take to the trash as he ascended up the stairs to see what Raquel was up to. Going to the kitchen Christian put the trash in the garbage can then grabbed a plate and went out into the dining room to make his food. A couple of the youngsters wrapped their arms around his waist and hugged him while welcoming him back as he made his plate. Laughing he sat down at the table where Alyson, Zach, Alice, Jake and some of the other kids where sitting. "What's going on people?"

Lucas walked up the first staircase that landed him on the second level of the house than went up the second flight of stairs that went to the attic. The attic was where Raquel laid her head down at night. When the house was less crowded she use to stay on the same floor with all the other kids but eventually it had all become to much for Raquel and she converted the attic into her own personal loft. Ms. Morgan hadn't been thrilled about it at first but when Raquel set out to do something it got done. She had wanted the attic and she had gotten just that. "What's going on bombshell?" Lucas said as he made it up the last step. "Chris is back and Cassie told me about this party happening tonight. You in?"


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"What's going on bombshell?" Raquel face lit up in a smile at the sound of Lucas's voice. "Nothing much. What's going on with you hotness?" She flipped the cosmo magazine she was reading closed grinning as she rolled over onto her back. Leaning back on her elbows for support she smiled as she took in a better view of her hot friend."Chris is back and Cassie told me about this party happening tonight. You in?" 'As if you have to ask' Raquel thought to herself as her slick grin spread across her face. "Are you kidding me?! Pretty boy is back!" Raquel didn't have many friends at the orphanage. In fact she only had two. That being the hotness that was Lucas and pretty boy Christian. They were all she had and all she needed which was why when Christian dropped off the face of the earth she found herself with mix feelings of sadness and hate. She was glad to hear he had returned.

Yes. By the way. Of course I'll go to the party." The last couple of months Raquel had been doing everything imaginable to keep her nose clean and stay out of trouble. She had even begun studying to get her GED. It wasn't as great as getting a diploma but she wasn't going back to high school and in two years she would be out on her own. She had to do something and this was the only logical thing she could come up with. Getting up out the bed Raquel ran over to Lucas and jumped up on his back. Giddy up cowboy! Take me to see Chris. I need to kick his ass before we go out tonight for leaving us like that."