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Felix the Fabullama

"Baaaaaa..... Ha fooled yah dip shit! Thought I couldn't talk didn't yah!"

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a character in “White Picket Fences and Apple Pie”, as played by Skinamarinky



So my name is the most awesome, most unique, most beautiful name ever to be uttered on this plane of existence and in some other dimensions. And that name is Felix the Fabullama! Yes, all of that! Don't shame it by shortening it to just Felix, it must be spoken in its full awesomeness!


My age you say... well this world was blessed with my beautifullness nearly seven years ago this spring. But that just a number, I am ageless, one could only wish for such... perfectness.

I am indeed a male,
however most other males just don't appreciate my beautiful flowing rainbow locks,
sleek sparkling glitter coat and my graceful long legs. Not to mention I can fly too, Hah! Take that evolution!

I am the only one! The great and majestic Fabullama!

Let's just say, Ladies I am single!!!!!


I am basically the most awesome, most perfect being you will ever meet. Forget all these stupid self centered, Greek Gods and Fairy Queens. I am the funniest, most generous, most loving, honestly who could resist this face, this hair, this Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!! Yeah they're are some that might say I'm conceited, and that I'm basically useless. But I can tell you one thing, They're just Jealous!!!!!


There was a flash of rainbow sparkles that formed a portal under a cherry blossom tree in the center of the forest in Bluffington. Then a little adorable creature Moi stepped out. I immediately headed into town where the towns folk were awed by adorableness! It was always so easy to give the cutest look ever and get my staple food, which is cotton candy. As I grew the people learned that I was not only going to be cute and adorable, I was going to grow into the greatest most awesome thing ever! I quickly learned the language and that is when I chose my own name, the most perfect name ever Felix the Fabullama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So begins...

Felix the Fabullama's Story


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Felix the Fabullama

It was another glorious day, in such that it was another day that the most awesome creature in the universe breathed another breath. His waking from his lovely bed under the cherry blossom tree where he had come into this world, was something a kin to watching a Disney movie. Birds chirping and flying about, the petals of the tree floating on the sweet spring breeze. As he stood up from his mossy bed Felix the Fabullama tossed his lovely, sparkling, rainbow locks, it was magnificent so magnificent it was like he moved in slow motion. After which gracefully trotting over to the near by stream, to take a drink from the clear water.

Now typically he would make a voyage into town to go to the taco place and partake of his preferred beverage of pink lemonade. But that required allot of work at times, depending on what kind of mood that the Minotaur is in sometimes he's generous and gives freely what is deserved to Felix the Fabullama just for his sure awesomeness. Other times he is a cruel, cold, creature that Felix the Fabullama is just unable to communicate clearly enough with. Such is the state of the world sometimes, when the lower life forms are just so awed by the greatness of something so inspiring. Being so grand can be a blessing and a curse at times.

After he finished drinking he went over to the spot next to his tree where his stash of life giving cotton candy was hidden. This being another arduous task, the sweet fluffy goodness always seemed to attract other animals in the forest. Especially those worthless, ants Felix the Fabullama wished at times he wasn't so loving and kind or he would make sure that every last one of them were going to think twice about stealing his sugary confection. But he wasn't a malevolent creature so he would never sulley his hands with the blood of another being... or whatever's inside of an ant... maybe not blood... isn't it like squishy, gooey..... Bleh! stop thinking of that it's just not.... not! awesome.

Felix the Fabullama soon found that he was down to the end of his large bag of cotton candy. "Oh no! I have to go to the witch again. This is not good... not good at all... she has all of those horrid little.... cats... and not just that the tiger!!! I am not living in National Geographic I shouldn't have to be subject to such things!!!!", after pacing around and almost having a melt down in the middle of the forest.

He finally took in a deep breath, and calmed down, "I need to calm myself all this worrying will give me wrinkles, just maybe you can avoid an encounter with the tiger. One of these days... I'll be really awesome, Grow opposable thumbs and get an iPhone!!! Then all I have to do is call the hag, make my order, and pick it up. Genius!!!!!".

After making sure he was totally, utterly awesome to behold he started to make his journey to the little old witches house.