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World 386

World 386


--Private RP for DeathScythe386, SkyCladSaya06 and Guardian Aelita--

12,102 readers have visited World 386 since DeathScythe386 created it.

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can't provide you a link, but this is a roleplay that crosses over all roleplays that i've created. you can always check out my profile for said roleplays.


"A crossover of all the roleplays DeathScythe386 has created!!"


Oh, 'sup, your friendly neighborhood Scythe-kun here. This is supposed to be a private RP between me, Saya (SkyCladSaya06) and Guardian Aelita. It's basically a crossover of every world I've created here, all taking place in the same universe. The idea has been brimming in my mind for weeks? Months? Now and since Guardian finally suggested it, I'm making it. But first, let me take a selfie-- Nah, I'm kidding ya. First, let's get a summary of the roleplays to be mentioned.

Setting Sun:


My first roleplay, taking place in Evening Star Academy. One of your basic high school romance roleplays, but died when someone stopped posting altogether. I only have one character in this and you'll find him in my profile, the only guy who's laughing.

And You Are..?:


One of my proudest roleplay creations, taking place in Crescent Academy. Another basic high school romance roleplay, and this is where me and Saya met Guardian. (Haaa.... Good times, good times.) I guess you guys already know who I used in this?

Unhappy Refrain:


The longest roleplay I have up to date, and where Guardian suggested that I make this crossover in the first place. The main place is Heavenrend City itself, and centers around a group of children that are unhappy and, as I said in the brief overview, stuck in an Unhappy Refrain. (Also centers on Ataro trying to get a harem--//shot)

A Game of Light and Shadow:


My first- maybe?- fantasy roleplay that also crossed the borderline of sci-fi. However it didn't get as much attention as the other roleplays I had, but it sure had potential. Of course, this doesn't fail in my sights to not get mentioned in this crossover, though.

The Night's Dance:


Home of our beloved Spirit Dancer, Yoru Yurasaki! Takes place in Taketori City, and The Abandoned Theater. You already know the roleplay's basics, so....

I'm gonna quote myself.

"Taketori City (The Night's Dance) and Heavenrend City (Unhappy Refrain) are neighboring cities. Crescent Academy (And You Are..?), Evening Star Academy (Setting Sun) and Resonate Hearts (Take Me Away, DJ) are also in Heavenrend, but The Abandoned Theater (Again, The Night's Dance) is of course, in Taketori City. And since Heavenrend and Taketori are closed off cities, they don't know that out there, the world has evolved and it is now officially Chiascuro.

And basically, this is Taketori City characters taking a vacation in Heavenrend City and encountering most of the other roleplays that all actually took place in Heavenrend.

Anyway, I'm not even sure if we have to do this, but the character skeleton basically consists of a picture, a link, and a summary of the characters you're gonna use. Physical descriptions are okay and such, but....ya get my point, right?

So, Saya, Guardian, welcome to World 386, where you'll find all the strangest things.

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The girl shut her eyes to enjoy the warmth radiating off of the male holding her.

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He just held her close to his frame.

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Soon, she began to glow and her soul had returned back to normal. However, her heart was still erratic and she needed to remain in the hospital for a while.

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"You okay?"

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"Yes. Well, my soul is back to normal anyway. Your love must have helped me recover my missing half of my soul. My heart still feels weak though..."

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"Then you should rest a bit more."

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"Only if you remain by my side..."

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"Of course I will, Princess."

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She smiled, feeling relief.
"I'm glad to hear that my prince..."

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"You still have to get some rest though."
Orpheus pointed out.

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Nodding, her eyes closed as she fell asleep.

Kumano was fighting against the black figure. She had lost her left arm somewhere in the fight but she was determined to get the souls back. Kicking the figure to the ground, she kicked the helmet off. Blinking, she recognized the figure as Alexa Flarea, one of the girls who had recently gone missing. She narrowed her eyes at the girl kept pinning her down. She noticed that Alexa's eyes were empty and blank.
"How odd... I'll have to take her back to analyze the situation. Still, the arm's going to be a pain to replace..."

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"You finished over there?"
Seiren called.

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"Yeah. Have you found my arm?"
The girl dragged Alexa by her hair.

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"I think I have."
He shrugged.

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"Then give it to me. Also, the culprit ended up being Alexa Flarea. Her eyes are weird though. I think she's under mind control."

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"Or a clone."
Seiren tossed an arm at the girl.

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She in turn tossed Alexa over to Seiren.
"That's a hell of a coincidence if she is a clone. Alexa did go missing a while back. Same with Siren, Amiya, Amune, Mikuru and a couple of Nightmares."
She worked on repairing her arm.

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"Jesus Christ those girls again? I'd appreciate a bit of change. God knows the fragile state of the minds of those who care about them. Bastards must be trying to commit suicide at this point."
Seiren snapped.

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"Actually, looks like it was just Alexa. Those other girls that I mentioned were trying to find her but only came back recently. Alexa on the other hand seemed to have disappeared off of the face of the planet. We may have found her but it's still too soon to tell."
Kumano sighed, running her fingers through her hair.
"In any case, it's only my problem when they make it my problem. Otherwise just stay out of it."

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World of 386....

World of 386.... by DeathScythe386

Oh, hey there..

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"Haaahh...Oh, it's just you."

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Kanzaki Tachibana

"Ironic isn't it? I serve the Vatican, the faction most hostile towards Psychics like me..."

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DeathScythe386's Characters


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SkyCladSaya06's characters part 2

A Game of Light and Shadow and The Night's Dance

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Setting Sun, And You Are and Unhappy Refrain

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Sora Kyousuke

"Haaahh...Oh, it's just you."

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SkyCladSaya06's characters part !

Setting Sun, And You Are and Unhappy Refrain

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DeathScythe386's Characters


Character Portrait: Kanzaki Tachibana
Kanzaki Tachibana

"Ironic isn't it? I serve the Vatican, the faction most hostile towards Psychics like me..."

Character Portrait: SkyCladSaya06's characters part 2
SkyCladSaya06's characters part 2

A Game of Light and Shadow and The Night's Dance

Character Portrait: Guardian Aelita's Characters part 1
Guardian Aelita's Characters part 1

Goes over Unhappy Refrain and And You Are...?

Character Portrait: Guardian Aelita's characters part 2
Guardian Aelita's characters part 2

Covers A Game of Light and Shadow and The Night's Dance

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Setting Sun, And You Are and Unhappy Refrain

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SkyCladSaya06's characters part 2

A Game of Light and Shadow and The Night's Dance

Character Portrait: Kanzaki Tachibana
Kanzaki Tachibana

"Ironic isn't it? I serve the Vatican, the faction most hostile towards Psychics like me..."

Character Portrait: Guardian Aelita's characters part 2
Guardian Aelita's characters part 2

Covers A Game of Light and Shadow and The Night's Dance

Character Portrait: Guardian Aelita's Characters part 1
Guardian Aelita's Characters part 1

Goes over Unhappy Refrain and And You Are...?

Character Portrait: Sora Kyousuke
Sora Kyousuke

"Haaahh...Oh, it's just you."

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Re: World 386


Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Drip, drop.

Akeno was breathing heavily as she glanced around at her surroundings. There were so many fragile dolls that were now in pieces. The cloth ones were dismembered with the cotton strewn about everywhere, the plastic ones had caved in a little and was starting to wear down and the houses that once owned these dolls were broken into planks. But the ones that were the most unrecognizable were the porcelain dolls; the ones made out of clay and only existed to be displayed. No one really played with the porcelain dolls otherwise they would break. She glanced down at the now damaged baseball bat clenched tightly inside her left hand. Akeno needed this feeling, the rush of doing something horrible like breaking things.

Her need really began when her mother and father began to fight. At the time, Akeno really didn’t know that her father wasn’t really her father. He was just another puppet for her mother to have; arm candy that existed only to be displayed for the world to see.

“My husband is actually a physical therapist. Yes, Kouta is a very stable husband to be around indeed. Oh, and our little Akeno is passing all of her classes and getting along just well with her classmates. Hopefully, she’ll become a fine young lady~”

Her mother would say such honeyed words to the public around her. Her friends weren’t truly aware of just how meaningless they really were to her. In reality, her mother was selfish. Akeno wouldn’t come to learn about the depths of her selfishness until she turned 16 and the truth came out. Or at least, Akeno had solid proof to show how awful her mother was. Even when she was younger, Akeno felt as though her mother wasn’t exactly the nicest person.

While she didn’t beat her or emotionally scar her, Akeno was still denied all of the pleasures that life had to offer her. She wasn’t really allowed to eat any sort of junk food. After all, “only the best foods can be consumed by my little girl and what better food than Mommy’s cooking?” While Akeno was sad at the time because of her friends getting to eat yummy chocolates or delicious sweets, she now considers herself lucky that her mother didn’t just inject the nutrients in her body.

Akeno also wasn’t allowed to be friends with certain people like boys. She was never really given a straight answer but was told simply that “boys will only be cruel to girls like you.” As such, Akeno grew to be afraid of boys since she was six up until she was ten. She was denied electronics, video games and any sort of virtual fun. “You can have fun doing other things like reading and writing~” While Akeno did read a lot, it wasn’t really that fun and Akeno wanted to just once be able to play a video game with her friends, but of course her mother refused that for her as well.

While all of those things confused her back then, it was crystal clear to her now that the only reason why Akeno was denied those things was to make a good impression for the neighbors. Her mother can show her off as a beautiful doll of a daughter; untouched by any sort of evils in the world and practically perfect in almost every single way. Akeno didn’t want that kind of life. She just wanted to have friends and have some fun in her life for once.

Her father had picked up on the signs though. He knew that Akeno wasn’t exactly happy with the way her mother was treating her so he took Akeno to a small room that she would sing with other people when she was ten years old. When she got there, Akeno was a little apprehensive. There were quite a few adults that she hadn’t seen before and that made Akeno very nervous but there were other kids her age that were really kind to her. There were even a few boys that treated her really well. As such, Akeno was happy to be in a little safe heaven where she could be herself. She could be a happy go lucky girl with a bright smile that enjoyed singing her heart out to other people. She was free to snack on pizza that the other parents brought on important days like birthdays and celebrating a giant victory like winning a championship or performing in important areas. Her father was still a little apprehensive to show her the rest of the world but at the time, Akeno didn’t care. She was just happy to have something that she could call her own; she was following her own beliefs and not her mother’s.

Of course, in order to maintain that happy place, when Akeno was at school or at home, she had to bring back straight A’s on her report card. Otherwise, her mother might get suspicious, dig into what Akeno is doing other than her studies and find out that “father and daughter bonding” time was spent on doing something that guaranteed no secure future and was just a fruitless hobby at best. So Akeno had to work day and night on homework or read if there was no homework, keep on top of her classes and go on to college where she can get a job, find a nice man, marry him, bear perfect little children and live a happy little life doing the exact same shit to her children.

If Akeno was being honest with herself, the idea of doing that sickened her. She wanted to go perform on the stage. She wanted the crowd to cheer her name as she and some of her other friends from the choir practice would join her in a band. She was unquestionably the lead vocalist while another girl would take the second lead vocalist. One of the boys would take on guitar and piano while the other boy would take on drums. They never quite figured out a name for themselves but they knew they were going to be something the second they graduated high school. Akeno was completely excited for the idea. She would explore the world and discover all the things her mother never allowed her to do. Or she would have if someone didn’t record her performing with her choir friends and post it on the internet.

When her mother found out, she was livid. She yelled at Akeno and her father, saying how foolish they were for doing something so completely idiotic behind her back. Akeno just shut her eyes. She was all too used to hearing her mother and father fight when the night passed on. She had nothing to say. She knew she had messed up and her father was getting increasingly angrier at his wife. Work was piling up more and more and her mother was demanding more from him to ensure her financial future. Then, the news hit. In a moment of rage, her mother confessed that her father wasn’t actually her father. Akeno almost couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The dam broke further when her mother confessed that she was cheating on her father with the real man that fathered her. Akeno was trying to comprehend the situation when she felt her air get cut off and her head getting hit with something hard. An unfamiliar man came in to save Akeno but by that time, she blacked out.

After she blacked out, Akeno got the news that she was hit pretty hard and suffered some trauma and it was uncertain if she was ever going to talk let alone sing again. When Akeno tried to speak, all that came out was incomprehensible noises. It was a nightmare. It was a horrible, horrible nightmare that Akeno needed to wake up from. Her father was her father and her mother and him were going to get divorced and Akeno would live happily with her father and succeed in her dream to form a band with her choir friends. It was only when Akeno sat in court to watch her father get sentenced to ten years in prison for almost killing her.

Throughout the trial, Akeno never held anything against her father. She was struggling with the news as well. How could someone lie about who her parents were for 16 years? Apparently, her mother figured out a way how to do it and showed no remorse for playing with her father like he was her second favorite doll. Two years later, her mother married the man who birthed Akeno (Akeno still refuses to call the man who birthed her “father”. She knew damn well who her father was.) and forbid Akeno from any contact with her father. She withdrew her from public school to homeschool her. Well, her mother called it “homeschooling” but it was reinforcing Akeno of the belief that she was just a doll and needed to be absolutely perfect to make a good impression for her mother and the man who birthed her.

For four years, Akeno had fury building up inside of her. The rage that coursed through her body couldn’t easily be satiated and she only started to mutilate and destroy dolls a month ago, to try and calm down. So far, it was working. In a twisted way, it was almost self-harm. Akeno was seen as the perfect little doll that her mother could show off to see how perfect the family was. By breaking the dolls, Akeno was breaking the perfect illusion and allowing the real girl with unending rage, stolen passion, agonized screaming and fragile mindset to break free. She hated everything that her mother did to her. She hated being locked away from the real world, she hated not experiencing bad things and good things for herself to form conclusions for herself, she hated having the one thing that made Akeno herself stolen and she hated that she was never allowed to see her father again lest she somehow trigger him into a rage.

Drip, drop. Drip, drop. Drip, drop.

Tears were rolling down Akeno’s cheeks now as the memories rushed back inside. She growled angrily and looked at one of the many full body mirrors. It showed her for who she was; a husk of a girl that was deprived of any form of being due to the selfish wishes of her mother. She scowled at her own reflection.

“I-I h-ha-ate y-yo-you…”

Akeno winced at her own words, not because of what she said but because of the stutters that got out in order for her to say it. She was teaching herself how to talk again but she still couldn’t really say words without a stutter. She hated that she didn’t have the strength to even speak correctly yet. She wanted her voice back. She wanted her friends back. She wanted her father back. She wanted her life back! A primal scream escaped the broken girl as she started to hit the ground with the baseball bat. She was taking out her rage on an invisible target that could never feel even a single iota of pain she felt. After a few more hits, the only sound that remained after the clutter of the baseball bat hitting the ground were the tears that hit the floor with it.

Akeno didn’t have much hope for the future at all, or at least, she didn’t have hope for a future that wasn’t predetermined and approved by her mother. Any dorm mates she found either babied her because of her accursed naivete to the world around her, ignored her because of said naivete or just kept neutral ground with her. She didn’t want any of it and she hated that her mother denied her the chance to ever truly be normal. That was all she wanted; to be normal. She wanted to have dreams, she wanted to do bad things once in a while, she wanted to make lasting friends like the ones she had in choir, she wanted to fall in love with a man she cared about, she wanted to do a job that seemed like fun for her; all of these things were things she felt she could never achieve and all that was left was the bitter taste of what could have been.
Akeno’s thoughts were cut off when she heard a small jingle come from her cell phone. She checked her phone only to realize it was the alert for her to go. It was nearing four in the morning and Akeno quickly got out her plastic garbage bag and gathered the broken dolls inside it, tying the bag to keep it nice and steady. Akeno then looked at the area on the hard wood floor that she had beaten. To her relief, nothing was damaged. She took a glance back at the choir room of St. Gabriel’s with small tears in her eyes before sneaking out of the window and closing it. She then threw the trash bag into a nearby dumpster and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

No one wanted to deal with the real Akeno, not at this early in the morning. So, when she got back to the dorm, she put on her normal and happy go lucky mask. Noa was still asleep and Akeno felt relief knowing that Noa still didn’t catch on to her destructive habits. Still, maybe one day someone would discover the real Akeno. Maybe someone would try to reach out to her and give her some sense of an identity for her to grasp on to. That day was not today, nor would it be tomorrow though. As far as Akeno was concerned, she felt the idea was just a simple pipe dream. It would never happen at the moment. With that last bleak thought, Akeno closed her eyes to take a small nap. Tomorrow, she would remain innocent to the world. Tomorrow, she would still go to school and get good grades. Tomorrow, she would still be babied or ignored. Tomorrow, she would still not be allowed to see her father. Tomorrow, she would still be made of porcelain rather than flesh and blood.

Re: World 386

More To It

Throughout most romance novels, you almost always see the weak protagonist with a best friend. The best friend doesn't get to do much of anything. She just exists as a support for the protagonist. Sometimes, the situation turns around and the best friend separates from the protagonist out of jealousy or spite. Other times, the best friend will leave for whatever reason. However, Hotaru felt she was more than all of that.

Hotaru was someone who understood who she was perfectly. In the world of the visual novel or romance novel, she was just the best friend. She would only exist to support Yurin through troubling times or she would exist as a romantic rival if the time came. She would be a static background character who existed as a foil for Yurin Akizuki. But there was more to her than that.

For one, Hotaru actually came from a mixed background. Her father was Icelandic while her mother was Japanese. Her full name was Hotaru Emirsdottir and she's getting a bit sick of everyone asking her how to spell her last name. She has no other siblings but it's not from a lack of trying. Her parents are simply too busy but they do wish to have another child. Hotaru would appreciate the sibling as well. If anything, it would make the household a lot less lonely. Still, despite the annoyance over having to spell her last name, Hotaru was proud of her Icelandic background and could speak a few Icelandic phrases. One day when she graduated from high school and got enough funding from her future career, she wishes to travel to Iceland and discover more about the native country of her father.

Another thing Hotaru opposed was the title of Yurin's best friend. It isn't because she hates Yurin, that wasn't the case at all. She utterly adores the timid and fragile girl and was willing to do anything to keep her safe from all kinds of harm. She'd be there if Yurin ever needed a listening ear or any kind of advice from the view of a best friend. On the other hand, Hotaru felt she needed Yurin as much as Yurin needed her. If Yurin wasn't around, Hotaru would have done so much stupid stuff in her life and would have made so many mistakes. Yurin was Hotaru's voice of reason when she needed it just as Hotaru was Yurin's rock when she needed it. The two were close, almost like sisters, and Hotaru wouldn't have it any other way.

As for if she would be a romantic rival for Yurin, such a thing was completely out of the question. For one, Yurin was too much in love with Ridou to even consider another possibility. Hotaru honestly found that kind of admirable. She knew who she wanted and was faithful to him. Hotaru wished Yurin all the best. Lord knows the girl deserved some happiness. Her only wish for Ridou Masahiro is that Yurin makes her the maid of honor when they eventually get married.

No, the man Hotaru desired was Shingen Yoshiharu. Desired, yes, but she was almost certain she could never have him. For one, Shingen had his heart set on Yurin and Hotaru refused to hurt anyone. It was one of her greatest weaknesses, she was too much of a pacifist. If ever there was a conflict, Hotaru would try to difuse the situation peacefully unless she was brought to a rage breaking point. Still, she was almost certain Shingen wouldn't see her romantically. After all, she was only the best friend. She was never meant to have focus be on her. Still, she felt there was more to her than just a best friend. Whether Shingen would realize that was up to him but for now, she would be content with just his friendship. She would put aside her feelings for him, purely for his sake and comfort Yurin to the best of her abilities. Did she wish she was the object of Shingen's affection? Yes, almost every day, but this wasn't the fate she was granted. Perhaps in another life, she might win his heart but for now, it wasn't the case.

However, she wasn't just static to a support for Yurin and her unrequited love for Shingen. She had more hobbies, a job even and a complex personality. Her hobbies included sewing, shiny hunting, designing and even reading. Sewing was a hobby she picked up on when she was little. She would sew old hand me down clothes and transform them into new outfits. Sometimes they would be fashion disasters but she wore them with pride. Other times, they would be transformed into toys that Yurin could have or small patches that Shingen could attach to his jacket. She felt happy whenever she sewed up something new and creative. It took her mind off of the loneliness and pain.

Her other hobby, shiny hunting, came from playing Pokemon Emerald one time and discovering a cute light green Marill found on route 117. She was very lucky to have caught it and got a rush of excitement, even adding it onto her team. He even had Huge Power so it was more competitively viable for her. Ever since then, she wanted more Shiny Pokemon. It was one of the main reasons why she spent so many hours on Pokemon games. She wanted to find more shiny Pokemon and spent hours and hours roaming the grass. She found a shiny Sentret in Soul Silver, a shiny Banette in Platinum, a shiny Wurmple in Emerald that became a shiny Beautifly, a shiny Basculin in Pokemon Black and her latest shiny was a shiny Smeargle she found in Soul Silver. When she got older, she learned how computers work and started up a Let's Play/Shiny Hunter channel under the username CandySlayerPhantom. As weird as her username was, she was proud of it. It was her second name almost and referred to herself as Phantom online. She found much more shinies with the encouragement of her steady fanbase and even played through a few games with their support and kind donations. She wasn't the best gamer around but she certainly wasn't the worst either.

Her most useful hobby was her being able to design things. She was a competent interior designer and wouldn't rest until a house was just perfect. It was one of the reasons why she was a fan of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer; she would spend lots of hours on the game designing each cute animal's house until she deemed it completely perfect. It was something she also did to take her mind off of the loneliness. It made her feel appreciated to get comments from the animals on how perfect their new house was after spending all of that time making it just right. Though she knew she could have put the least amount of effort in and they would praise her just as much as long as their favorite items were included, it was nice to hear praise for her hard work. Honestly, she would redesign her room once a month if she felt the layout was getting a bit too stale and old. It confused her parents and Yurin whenever she would have a sleepover but she felt happy redesigning her room and home. Honestly, she was considering getting a career in interior design due to how much she loved it.

The final hobby she had was reading. Once she found a good book, she would absorb herself in the world it had to offer. She would even pretend that she was inside that world sometimes. Dreams of the world danced around in her mind as she slept, or rather if she slept. She would draw the characters and share her drawings with Yurin if they were reading the same series of novels. She wasn't as big on romance novels as Yurin was but if the plot was interesting enough, she would read it at least once before finding another book to read. One would assume with how much she read, her grades would plummet but she kept average enough grades so that way no one would judge her.

The main reason why her grades weren't higher than an C average was mostly because of her job. She worked for a maid café and was one of the main maids working there. Her boss was a bit of a slave driver and would sometimes expect too much of Hotaru but she would toughen herself up and get to work. She did the best she could do at her job to make as much money as she could for the hours she worked. She would sometimes take unimportant days off from school and cram for tests due to how determined she was to get more money at her job. While she has a cash settlement her parents mail her every month to pay for important things like food, bills and the monthly house loan, she wanted some spare cash to buy things she wanted like more sewing materials, games, the latest book or just to add on to her college fund or her car fund.

As for Hotaru's personality, she would be considered strong by Yurin. She keeps on a brave face during school and doesn't really let any teasing or bullying get to her. She was someone who could laugh off a bad day at school and was even someone who tried her best to be as reliable as possible for her friends. Internally, she was feeling lonely. She knew she wasn't alone, no human being ever is alone, but the loneliness of seeing her parents leave for month long trips always got to her at some point. She would call up Yurin for sleepovers often or just to talk to her to distract herself from the loneliness she feels at her house. She was also pretty selfless, almost to a fault. She was willing to put anything aside for the sake of Yurin. If Yurin ever needed someone to comfort her, she would drop everything and go to her. She knew this will bite her in the ass and has even been warned not to do that too often by her boss. But Yurin was her top priority and she wanted to show Yurin that she wasn't alone just like Yurin showed Hotaru she wasn't alone. She also refused to let her romantic feelings for Shingen get in the way of his quest for Yurin's heart. She wouldn't break his heart by forcing him to be with her and she would just be by his side as a friend if he wanted it. The selflessness of herself was arguably her worst trait as she never got what she wanted in the real world due to her feeling someone else deserved it.

However, she still loved herself a lot. Despite her negative traits, she still loves who she is as a person. She wasn't arrogant about herself nor was she narcissistic. She just recognizes her flaws, hobbies and personality and loves all of it. It's one of the main reasons why she refuses to become a romantic rival for Yurin. She loves herself too much to stoop to such a low point. The loneliness never really got too bad for her either because she knew she had enough good qualities that she could get more casual friends if she wanted them. While she is selfless to an extreme, her boss, her fanbase and her friends are there to remind her that her own self has worth as well. She may not have the heart of the one she loved now but who's to say in the future that her love being unrequited would still be the case? She has a clear goal in mind in the future and she was going to go achieve that goal. Of course, those who are looking skin deep in this tangled up romance story would assume these things weren't the case and that Hotaru was just another best friend character. But Hotaru would always know that she had more to her than just that title.

Re: World 386

Evenings with You

It was the middle of the afternoon and Kurenai was still working on a new sewing project of hers. This one would be a school uniform to give out to a new school that wanted cute uniforms for girls. She was currently at 200 uniforms made and her eyes were getting a bit blurry from lack of sleep. The girl was keeping a steady hand though as the sewing machine stitched together the fabric. However, she nodded off for a second only to feel a bit of pain on her finger. Stopping the machine, she saw the small drops of crimson come down from her fingers.
"Damn... Where did I put the band aids again?"
As she looked around her apartment, she ended up finding them and wrapped one on her injured finger. While doing this, her cell phone started ringing. She looked at it and saw that it was her girlfriend, Akari. Smiling a little, she answered the phone.
"Hey, Kurenai. I was wondering how the uniform project is coming along."
Kurenai laughed a little.
"It was going pretty good but I'm a bit tired and ended up pricking my finger with the sewing machine."
"Ouch. That doesn't sound too good."
Kurenai smiled a little at the sympathetic tone of her girlfriend.
"It's alright, Akari. It'll heal but I do need to take a bit of a break and a nap at the very least."
"Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Hey, while you're taking your break, wanna go out tonight?"
Kurenai blushed a little, still a bit unused to dates with Akari.
"Sure, that sounds great. Where are we going to go?"
"Well, I know how you get inspired by colors around you when we go to the park so how about something that will turn off your creativity for a spell?"
"So, dinner and a movie?"
She heard Akari laugh a bit.
"Alright, that works. I'll pick you up around 5. Get some sleep."
"Will do. Love you, Akari."
She heard a loud woof on the other end of the phone.
"And I love you too, Rusty~"
Akari giggled a little.
"Yeah, we both love you too, Kurenai. See you in a few."
Kurenai hung up the cell phone and immediately took a quick nap. After an hour, she started to get ready for her date and when she was finished, a knock was heard on the door. Opening the door, Kurenai was greeted by a grinning Akari.
"Someone looks great~"
Kurenai blushed at the statement.
"Thank you. You do too."
Akari stretched a bit.
"Welp, let's get going. We have a reservation at Olive Garden to get to."
"Olive Garden, huh? I didn't peg you as someone who liked pasta."
"Eh, I'll eat it if it's available. Plus, I know it's your favorite food so I figured I'd treat you."
Kurenai blushed harder.
"Akari, how did I get so lucky with you?"
"Not fair, I'm supposed to ask that question."
Kurenai smiled and rest her head against Akari's shoulder. Akari had moved her arm to wrap it around Kurenai's shoulders as the two walked in the cold winter air. When the date ended, Kurenai went to Akari's house where Rusty was there waiting for them. This was a ritual of theirs as they would visit each other and stay the night doing whatever seemed like fun. Tonight, it was watching archeology documentaries and getting excited over the white bones discovered in the dirt. Kurenai admitted that she didn't expect to have this much fun over archeology much less have a girlfriend who was this caring, but life just happened to work out that way. One thing was for sure, she certainly enjoyed her evenings with Akari and hoped for many more evenings to come.

Re: World 386

Rainy Days

Yumei cursed to herself as she walked on home from an outing. Her brother and his girlfriend long since left her to go out on a date somewhere. However, on the way home, Yumei noticed that it started to rain. Luckily, it was only a light drizzle but Yumei felt like the drizzle was going to get worse as time went on. Pulling up her hoodie, she sprinted over to her house, green and blue eyes a bit angry from being ditched by her brother. When she got home, she noticed Sachi’s shoes were on the floor. She shook her head a bit, figuring that Sachi was in her room or somewhere in this house. She searched everywhere she could until she saw a giant bundle of blankets on her bed. Yumei shook her head.
“Sachi, what are you doing?”
Sachi poked her head out of the bundle, pink eyes full of slight fear.
“I don’t like the rain…”
Yumei relaxed a bit and sat beside her girlfriend.
“Really now? Why don’t you like the rain?”
Sachi sighed a bit.
“It makes me sad and wet…”
Yumei chuckled.
“Well, cats typically don’t like rain.”
Sachi pouted a bit at the comment but her cat ear hoodie being up only proved Yumei’s point.
“Still, come on now, let’s not focus on the rain.”
Sachi tilted her head.
“How will we do that?”
Yumei hummed a bit before grinning.
“Bet you my Platinum team is stronger than yours.”
Sachi soon adorned a challenging smile that Yumei secretly thought was adorable.
“Is that a fact? Let’s see…”
The two girls soon started to play Platinum before Sachi was coaxed out of her blankets. After a few matches of Platinum, they moved downstairs to play Mario Kart, Minecraft and a Pacifist run of Undertale. The two girls were so engrossed in the games that the fall of rain that was upsetting Sachi earlier was soon forgotten. As Yumei got to Hotland, she soon felt Sachi’s head hit her shoulder. Glancing over, she noticed her cat like girlfriend had fallen asleep. Yumei put a blanket over Sachi’s body, kissed her forehead and slept on the couch beside her.


It’s a very common rule in Seikagamine Academy that students are restricted to being in their own dorms. The dorms are separated by gender and by grades. Students that accel in the class are in Grade A dorms while students that are failing are in Grade F dorms. Grade B dorms are for students who are doing well but not as well as Grade A students, Grade C dorms are for the average students and Grade D storms are for students who are doing bad but not quite as bad as the Grade F students. Each dormitory has one side for boys and one side for girls. Students from each class can interact during class time and meal time but students are forbidden from entering dorms that don’t belong to their grade. However, students of the same gender but different grades are allowed to visit each other in different dormitories. One time, Hideki was playing a small game of truth or dare with his friends. It was his turn and Hideki decided to choose dare this time. Yumei hummed a bit, thinking of the dare.
“I dare you to go over to the B dorm and confess to Honami.”
Hideki’s face burned a bit red.
“N-No way! No way I can possibly do that!”
This elicited a choir of irritated groans from most of the males. Isshiki was the first to speak up.
“You’re seriously irritating us all. It’s obvious as fuck that you’re into that girl so go ahead and confess.”
“Like it was so easy for you to confess to Amagase!”
Isshiki kept quiet after that while Hibiki laughed a bit at Isshiki’s misfortune. The unruly haired man was rewarded with a punch to the jaw. Shingen smirked a bit while Hokuto was just busy working on an assignment. Sakito looked over at Hideki.
“Look man, if you don’t do it, someone else will.”
Hideki froze, adopting a scary glare.
“Over my dead body, they will.”
“Where the fuck was this confidence earlier?”
Hideki glanced over at Shingen.
“Just do it, you pussy.”
The male just looked around and sighed irritably as he stood up.
“If I get in trouble, it’s all on you guys.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just get a condom on the ready.”
Hideki was close to throwing a pillow at Hibiki but held in his anger and left the dorm. He looked around for Dorm B and found it. He remembered that Honami was in room 2 and just took a deep breath to steel his nerves. He eventually grabbed a pebble and threw it at Honami’s window. After a few seconds, Honami opened her window to see Hideki standing outside. Curious, she motioned for him to go over to her door and let him in once she was certain the security guard wasn’t around to see her do it.
“Hideki-kun? What’s all this about? You know we aren’t allowed to be together inside, right?”
Hideki cleared his throat.
“Y-Yeah… I actually have something to tell you, Honami.”
Honami smiled a little.
“Okay. What is it, Hideki-kun?”
Hideki took another deep breath before facing her.
“I like you, Honami. I like you a lot.”
Honami’s face was bright red and she played a bit with her lavender hair.
“I’m really glad you told me, Hideki-kun. I like you too.”
She kissed his cheek before smiling warmly at him. Hideki was a bit unsatisfied with the kiss and moved in to kiss her. She kissed him back, starting to lose herself before she heard her roommate Inari start to stir awake. She pulled away and moved to hide Hideki under the bed as Inari turned on the light.
“The hell…? It’s late, Honami, go to bed.”
“Ah, yeah, sorry Ina. I’m just having a bit of a hard time getting to sleep.”
“Why’s your hair all messed up?”
Honami froze a bit.
“Um… I was jumping a lot to try and get energy out.”
Inari blinked once.
“You’re weird, you know that?”
“Yeah, a little.”
“Usually I read to go to sleep. Maybe you can try that? Just try to keep the light down.”
“R-Right, will do.”
Inari fell back asleep after and Honami sighed in relief as she got Hideki out from under her bed.
“Sorry, Hideki-kun. If Inari saw you, she could alert security…”
“Yeah, I got it. I should probably get going-”
Before he could leave, Honami grabbed his wrist.
“You don’t have to leave just yet… I was hoping we could cuddle together…?”
Hideki was a bit worried as it was quite a bit risky but seeing how adorable Honami looked right now as she asked him to cuddle melted his resistance almost instantly. With a reluctant sigh and a soft nuzzle, he led Honami to her bed where the two cuddled together. They would worry about not getting caught cuddling in the morning. For now, the two slept together peacefully, comforted by the knowledge that their feelings were mutual and that they would be together for a long while.

Re: World 386

Morning Rituals

Before Chidori met Hibiki, her mornings were often quiet. Her abusive brother was almost always asleep as was her ailing mother. So, Chidori had two hours to prepare for the classes to come. She would almost always without fail make breakfast first. The breakfast would either be dry cereal, burnt toast or the occasional overcooked egg. Chidori would always fumble her breakfast because of fear that her brother might wake up and might take his anger out at her for no real reason. After quietly eating her breakfast, she would step in the shower and cry in it. Her crying was never loud enough to wake up any of her family members and it was always a good way for her to get out her emotions so she wouldn’t disturb anyone during school. Once she was cleaned up, she would dry up, get dressed and go to school an hour earlier than normal. Sometimes it was to get homework done before class started, sometimes it was so she could meet up with an associate to talk to, but it was almost always because she wanted to get away from her brother before he attacked her. Chidori was making breakfast today as well. She was being ambitious a bit, cooking some steak to go with fried eggs with small potato pieces cut up and seasoned with salt. For a moment, Chidori hummed a bit, daring to take a small risk to break the monotony of it all when she suddenly felt strong and warm arms wrap around her tiny waist and a small kiss get pressed to her head.
“Mm… Smells great, Chidori.”
Chidori smiled widely at the smooth sound of her boyfriend’s voice. True, she did have a new ritual but it was one without fear and with someone who cared greatly for her wellbeing. She giggled a little.
“Chidori is trying her best for Hibiki-kun.”
“It’s appreciated. Still, how come you weren’t in bed when I woke up?”
Chidori hummed a bit, remembering the new ritual. Usually, Chidori and Hibiki would wake up at the same time, before Chidori made breakfast on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays while Hibiki took Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. After breakfast, the two would shower together… which more often than not led to a rather passionate lovemaking session. The two would walk to school together, not really caring if they were late or early. It was a much better morning ritual but Chidori felt like surprising her boyfriend for once by making him breakfast.
“Chidori wanted to break the ritual a bit. Does Hibiki-kun like it?”
“Heh, well variety is certainly appreciated but I like waking up next to my adorable girlfriend.”
Chidori’s face grew red as Hibiki chuckled at her statement, kissing her forehead.
“Still, you can do what you like. Just as long as I’m here with you.”
Chidori nuzzled Hibiki affectionately as he said that.
“Of course… Chidori wants Hibiki with her for the rest of her life.”
A serious look was in his eyes as he kissed Chidori, keeping his plans a secret for now. Months later, Hibiki had proposed to Chidori who said yes without a moment’s hesitation and the two that were assumed to be married a long time ago were now officially married. It was only a year later when the morning ritual broke as Chidori felt sick and threw up in a toilet. Checking a pregnancy test, she smiled widely at the result. Looks like their morning ritual was going to include one more person.

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And we are done~! Here's a link to Miura's outfit and now I'm just gonna enjoy my Halloween~ ... height=665

“Alright… There we go.”
Miura had finished fastening her hair in its usual pigtails. She took a look at herself in a mirror. She was wearing a grey jacket, white blouse with yellow trim, yellow skirt with floral pattern, dark brown tights with light brown hearts on the sides of her thighs and light brown boots with dark brown heels. She nodded silently to herself. Today was going to be the day that she finally confronted her father, Saizo Arakawa. She deserved to know why he abandoned her long ago. Nodding to herself, she entered a restaurant where he was sitting alone. She recognized him by the picture her mother had kept of him.
“Excuse me, I’m with that man over there.”
Miura pointed at him and the server led her over. Saizo’s eyes widened as he saw the girl.
“Hey, Dad.”
Miura felt a bit awkward around her father but she was mostly determined to figure out the truth.
“Miura? Is that really you…?”
Saizo couldn’t believe it when he saw his daughter. He felt guilt rush back to him as she spoke up.
“Yeah, it’s me. It’s been too long…”
Saizo winced a bit.
“It has… Miura, I’m so sorry for abandoning you.”
Miura frowned.
“You weren’t sorry enough, otherwise you wouldn’t have done it. Dad, why did you do it anyway? Was I really that annoying to deal with as a baby?”
Saizo shook his head.
“It was for my own selfish reasons. I was terrified of your mother, Ami. Your mother was not exactly right in the head.”
Miura frowned. She gathered that much after getting told over and over again that it was her fault her father left her.
“I didn’t see it at the time but your mother was suffering from schizophrenia. She was taking some medication when she and I were dating and even when I found out about it, I still loved her at the time and thought we could work through this. After the wedding and the honeymoon, your mother stopped taking her medication. She would get really bad mood swings and I was starting to be abused by her.”
Miura listened to her father carefully and absorbed every word he said. The girl felt some pity for her father but was also somewhat bitter due to the abuse he got being transferred to her after he left.
“At one point, while she was pregnant, she took a knife and almost carved you out of her stomach since she thought you were a devil.”
Miura winced.
“I would believe that she would do that…”
“But after she gave birth, she tried to smother you many times. I had to stop her but then that would result in her turning her rage onto me. Eventually, I couldn’t take it. I left her and I never looked back. But I did think of you every day. I tried to write you letters to try and establish some form of connection to you. Your mother must have destroyed them. Eventually, I gave up and moved on. Now I’m married to another woman and have two kids.”
Miura was silent for a bit and shaking a little. He sent letters that her mother destroyed? Did she truly hate him that much? What cut her to the bone was how quickly her father moved on from her.
“… I don’t suppose there’s room in your new life for me.”
Her father winced.
“I’m sorry, Miura… But I don’t believe there is… I don’t want to risk getting abused by another crazy person again-”
Saizo covered his mouth upon realizing what he said. Miura’s eyes filled with tears.
“You really think I’m as bad as my mom?!”
The girl was close to shouting.
“Miura, I’m so sorry…”
“No, no… I-It’s fine… Honestly, you have every right to be scared of me because of my mom…”
Miura wiped away her tears, still in pain.
“I’ll leave then. It was nice to finally see and meet you. Good luck with your new family.”
“… Right. Thank you, Miura…”
Miura left the restaurant and finally allowed herself to cry when she got back on the train. She cried alone on the way back to her hometown and wondered what to do now that she was alone and homeless.

Re: World 386

It was painful for Emiri every single day that she first got the news. Her heart didn’t necessarily stop beating but it did slow considerably and hardened as well. “Hajime Katsuragi has a girlfriend.” She shouldn’t have really been surprised. After all, she was almost entirely convinced Hajime wouldn’t see her as anything more than just a friend. However, she felt that maybe if she had just confessed to him at some point before meeting the new student at their academy, maybe they could have at least given it a shot. Maybe they could have been good as a couple, maybe it would have led to the two getting married. Marriage was always something sacred to Emiri, she felt that a wedding was the most important day of someone’s life. They would share their eternal love together. It was something to be glorified. However, her heart was broken upon seeing Hajime holding the hands of another woman and introducing her to Emiri as his girlfriend. Emiri felt like an absolute idiot for her anxiety. She wished she had given it a shot and just confessed to him to try and at least get her feelings out. Even if she was rejected, if she had confessed, she felt it would still be okay. But she never confessed and now his heart belonged to another.
Things only got worse when Emiri had to attend her sister’s funeral. She had fought her illness for so long but it ended her life just before it could really begin. Emiri completely distanced herself from Hajime at that point. She felt he would have wanted to comfort her but her version of comfort would bring nothing but heartbreak on his and her ends. For Emiri, it was better this way. He would most likely forget her existence and she would move on in time… Or such was the theory at the time. Unfortunately for Emiri, she never did move on. She just watched Hajime be happy with his girlfriend and every time she saw him smile so tenderly at the other girl, she swore her heart broke a little bit more each and every time. As she holed herself up in her room, she hugged her dog Richie closer to her as she cried. She was stupid. She was completely and utterly stupid for not saying anything to Hajime when she had the hundreds upon hundreds of chances to do so. She supposed this was her punishment, and she would accept it. No matter how much it hurt her, Hajime’s happiness meant more to Emiri Fujitani than anything else.
Emiri’s pain dulled considerably as she was taken to another world. She met Runa, Tsuru, Kotomi and Makoto. The four were always by her side, trying to comfort her through various different means. Eventually, the pain was almost completely forgotten. Until they tried to fulfil their destiny and go against the Ragnarok. He proved to be a powerhouse in his own right and almost killed the five girls. However, as Emiri suffered by watching her friends slowly die around her, he decided to torment Emiri more by breaking everything about her. He broke her bones, he shattered her hopes, he stole her innocence; he did everything he could to break her for seven long and agonizing days. Each day, Emiri was reminded of Hajime and she cried out for him to find her somehow and save her. But she never did see him and was brought into a further depression. When he had his fill of her, he sent her back to her homeworld where she fell into a coma for five days. When recovering from her injuries in the hospital, she thought she saw Hajime trying to get a better look at her in the hallway but she couldn’t really tell. Even then, she didn’t want to be reminded of the person she couldn’t have anymore. Her pain disappeared when she got released and saw her precious friends were alive and that their deaths was just a cruel trick using mind control. As they got together and removed the source of Ragnarok’s power, it was still too strong for them to contain. This force would not only doom the world they had been trapped in for seven months but potentially any other world. Someone needed to absorb it. The man who talked about absorbing Ragnarok’s soul promised that whoever did so would be forgotten, as if they never existed in the first place. Tsuru was the first to offer her life but Emiri stepped forward and wordlessly took Ragnarok’s soul, absorbing it into her body. She only thought of ending her pain at any cost. If it meant becoming a goddess to protect the newfound world she was in, so be it. She just wanted to end her pain and let Hajime be happy…

“Tch… Rotten bastard lied to us…”
Tsuru cursed under her breath as she watched a wedding alongside her three companions. There was a figure floating behind the four with long black hair and red eyes.
“He promised that we would forget Emi. No way in hell we forgot, did we?”
The girl with black hair stared at Tsuru unblinkingly. Runa glanced over at Makoto who was trying to hold back her tears and failing. Kotomi just watched the wedding with a bittersweet smile. The four didn’t really know who Hajime was. They didn’t even really know his last name. All they knew was that he was important to Emiri and they wanted her to at least get some closure by seeing a Hajime get married. The goddess stared at the scene unblinkingly as a man and woman were pronounced man and wife. Makoto sniffled sadly.
“I’m really sorry, Emi… I know you liked Hajime…”
The goddess turned to Makoto with blank eyes.
“I know not of Hajime. Am I supposed to?”
These words broke the four a little. After hearing Emiri speak so fondly of this Hajime, now hearing her say that she doesn’t know him in such a nonchalant way hurt them a little. It really drove home that their friend was no more. Runa sighed softly.
“No… I don’t suppose you are… We thank you for your time, Goddess of the Aeon…”
The goddess nodded and vanished with no trace, slightly pondering over the strange Hajime person before shaking her head to clear her thoughts. Such a thing couldn’t interfere with her protection of Aeon. With a small pang of sad nostalgia, the goddess that was once called Emiri Fujitani resumed her work on rebuilding a broken world.

Well, this was a thing that I did. Um, it got inspired while I was fooling around on Dream Selfy and made a pic of Emiri in a wedding dress looking upset. Think of it as an AU of sorts and if you want to write anything accompanying it like Hajime's thoughts on the whole matter, more power to you. For the ending, I left the couple ambiguous. The four could have been lucky and got the right Hajime or they got a wrong person entirely. XD So, here's the Selfys I made for Emiri. XD
Sad Wedding: ... height=665
Goddess Form: ... height=665
And that's that~ Don't think too much on it, It was just a thing I was thinking about and finally got around to writing. XD

Re: World 386

Okay so since I’m a bit obsessed with doing these one off short rips, I’m going to do something that’s a tad bit different. I’m going to do one rip by myself and then have one of my characters from Soulverse do a rip on their own. The characters of Soulverse being Beatrice the Songbird Soul Wielder, Shuri the Shy Little Mermaid, Clara the Adorably Innocent Mage, Asura the Loudmouthed Yankee Ramen Shop Owner, Nakae the Mischievous Kitten and Ruri the Farmer with a Pure Heart. The rips are going to be on “Who’s on the menu?” par request from Sai himself, “My name is MCCP” because it made my friend threw shit when I showed it to her and I just need someone to rip it somehow, “playtime” because I remember watching someone read it and I thought that it needed a proper rip, “Alone” because this weird second person thing should stop and it really goes nowhere, “Animal Crossing City Folk: Sparkie.exe” because FUCK YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR SHITTY EXE SHIT IN MY PURE ANIMAL CROSSING- *deep breath* Okay, I’m calm again… Two more to go… After that, we have “Alyssa” because it gave me cancer and finally, there is “KILL GUY”… There are no words… With that being said, I’ll have Nakae go first and tackle “Who’s on the menu?” So let’s go!

*Footage from ten minutes ago*
“I call him Jeff because I really liked this CreepyPasta called ‘Jeff the Killer'”, (There we go~! From what I heard, if you like Creepypasta, you’re automatically a serial killer in these types of stories.) I said, “and-”
“Why is a girl your age reading horror like that?” (Because her parents don’t know how to use safe search and don’t know how to block websites that share bad stories. She should actually be reading stuff like Stephen King~)
“Don’t interrupt me.”, I said, “But, to answer your question, I love the CreepyPasta stories by Mr. CreepyPasta. His stories are the best!” (But like… Mr. Creepypasta is just a narrator…)
“Okay, but you say you can see this demon?”, he asked.
“Yes…”, I said, “He’s my best friend…” (Apsaras is my semi best friend too but I don’t go around telling of her existence! I’d be giving away my identity as a Soul Wielder and I’d sound crazy!)
I looked over in the dark corner of my house.
“Hey Jeff.”, I said. (Jeff the Killer? Oh boy… Why does Jeff care about a little girl?)
The news reporter and camera people looked around, but couldn’t see him. He was right there. How come they didn’t see him? (Because they don’t believe in bad story monsters, nya.)
“Where is he, uh…”
“Cynthia.”, I said, crossing my arms.
“Cynthia…where is he?”, he asked.
“Over there in that corner…he’s smiling at you right now.”, I said.
I notice the reporter sweat, and his hand holding the microphone trembling. (“Dammit, Johnny, that’s the third time this month! Your anxiety is damaging all of our equipment!”)
“Uh, c-could we talk to your parents?”, he said.
“Well, they’re not here.”, I said while smiling. (Jeff the killer killed her parents, didn’t they? And now she’s insane? Oh my god… Why would he let her live when she seems like she could do nothing for him?)
“Then, where are they?”, he said.
I looked at Jeff, and smiled.
“Where are y-”
Before he finished, all the doors in the house opened and closed franticly. (Nya… I’m so bored… I want some fries at Jiro’s pub when this is all done, nya.)
“They died….because of Jeff.”, I said.
The reporter and camera man looked at each other, and chuckled.
“Well, then.”, he said while chuckling, “What does, ‘Jeff’, look like?”
“He’s Tall, but not as tall as Jeff the Killer. He has gray skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes.”, I said, “He also has sharp nails. Sharp enough to KILL someone.” (So not only are you a fan of Jeff, you’re a bad fan. Jeff has white skin and singed black hair… However stupid that is.)
“Okay…but really, where are your parents?”, he asked.
I looked at the camera, and laughed like a mad-man.
“Foolish people!”, I laughed, “You’ll never make it out of this house alive!!!” (Um… They can call the police, nya. There’s a crazy little girl here who’s trying to kill them…)
I took out my pocket knife, and made a signal for Jeff to come over.
“T-That’s enough, sw-”
Before he finished, Jeff cut off his hand, and the man screamed in pain. It was music to my ears… (That’s a really sharp knife to cut through bone with no problem, nya. Maybe I should get it as a present for Jiro. I heard his knives were breaking.)
“Ahhh! Son of a-!”, he shouted.
I grabbed his face, and opened his mouth. I cut out his tongue, and through it to Jeff, who instantly ate it up. (But… Jeff never ate anyone in the story… I highly doubt insanity causes people to do that, nya. Especially without chewing his food.)
“You should never swear in front of children.”, I said.
I looked at the camera man, and stabbed him in the stomach.
“I hope your hungry, Jeff.”, I said. (I know I am. I’m too bored to get invested in this story, nya.)
He instantly appeared, and I turned off the camera.
“I’ll have to burn it to a DVD, and delete the footage afterward.
“Ha ha ha! That’s my girl.”, he growled in a deep voice. (Um… when did this little girl become so endearing to you? We barely know a thing about her.)
“Learned from the best.”, I said, “Now, help me put these in ‘The Frezzer’, or you won’t get any dinner.” (It’s spelled freezer and that’s the scariest thing of all, nya… Missing out on dinner, I mean. Not any of the gore.)
*Turns off TV*
“Wasn’t that fun Jeff?”, I asked.
“Yes…it was…”, he said.
“Oh, looks like someone joined us for dinner.”, I said.
Jeff looks ahead, and smiles.
“That’s right, we’re talking to you.”, I said, “Would you like to stay for ‘dinner’?” (No thanks, nya. I only eat chicken, not beef or human.)
“Ha HA HA!”, Jeff laughed.
“Well, for dinner…you’re on the menu…” (Well, I wouldn’t taste very good. I’m pretty thin so you wouldn’t have that much to eat, nya.)

Alright, now up next is MCCP and the one who will tackle this is Asura~ This one is special in that I showed a video of this to my friend and she just threw a lot of stuff everywhere and I mean everywhere! She kept on saying “What the fuck” over and over along with “This is bullshit”. So, I wanted to give it a proper ripping. So let’s go~!

I am test subject MCCP. I used to be an ordinary teenage girl. (We’re only two seconds in and already my Mary Sue alarm is blaring. Also, what the fuck does MCCP even mean? I’m pretty sure that doctors give their test subjects numbers too.) I started having weird dreams, they made me insane. So insane, that I killed someone. (… Fuck it, I already need booze. Seriously, why in the fucking hell did you just up and kill someone over a weird dream?)

I have short brown hair, with a purple streak. I have bright blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles on my face. I’m kinda tall for my age. (Guess what. No one gives a shit. Where’s the fucking Creepypasta?) My hobbies include gaming, creating music, and of coarse ….killing people. (Oh of fucking course, that automatically makes you much more unique than any other Mary Sue bitch ass killers that exist.)

The scientists and docters have tested me to find out what’s wrong with me, but, they didn’t find anything. They injected me with a liquid that was supposed to kill me, but, my body bonded with it. It turned me, into..a monster. (You’re apparently an attractive monster going on what was posted earlier. Also, what kind of liquid is it? Is it bourbon? Or is that just what I want right now? Yeah, I want some bourbon to forget the pain.)

Whenever I kill someone, my eyes turn a blood red colour, and I get stronger , and faster and smarter. (So you go from dumbass bimbo to Albert Einstein on steroids whenever you kill someone? Yeah, that’s totally how brains, brawn and speed work.)

One day, I escaped the test lab. I killed a lot of people to get out of that hell hole. The only thing of value to me was my chainsaw. (When in the fuck did you even get a chainsaw?! Do all mental patients get a free weapon? That’s pretty fucking dumb!) It was black in colour and it had a white panda sticker on one side. It had silver blades and it would glow a pretty blue colour. (*head desk* Why in the fuck does the chainsaw glow and why does anyone care about what it looks like?)

The police were after me. I ran and ran. They lost me in the woods. I walked for while. My blue converse shoes were all muddy, and my black skirt and white panda hoodie were all bloody. I need to clean up somewhere. (No fucking shit, dumbass. Seriously, why are you obsessed with fucking pandas anyway? You’re more hilarious than scary.)

Suddenly, I was tackled to the ground.

A boy wearing a white hoodie and black jeans held a knife against my throat. I looked at his pale white face.His eyes where black like the were burnt, and he had a smile carved into his face. (I want to fucking throw up. Everyone keeps force feeding that fucking killer down my throat and I just want him to fucking die already and become irrelevant.)

(Jeff the killer) Go to sleep.

I push him off me.

(MCCP) Now why do I have to kill such a sweet little boy ? (YOU DON’T KNOW IF HE’S SWEET OR NOT YOU DUMBASS FUCKING BITCH!!!!)

He stabbs my leg, I don’t feel it, I am a monster after all. (You’re such an edgy teenage monster in your goddamn panda hoodie!)

I push the chainsaw against his neck.

(MCCP) I’m not so innocent now. (But… We always knew you were a skank, no need to point it out.)

Someone grabbs me from behind.

Slendy: Jeff, are you ok ?

Jeff: I’m fine slendy. She caught off guard. (I used to be kinda afraid of Slenderman. Now apparently, he’s a fucking fruit cup who can be called Slendy. Also, how does one speak without a mouth?)

Slendy: and who might you be.

MCCP: I’m, MCCP and I was born a killer. (THAT’S HOW THIS BULLSHIT SERIOUSLY ENDS. Yes, there is a sequel that exists fucking somewhere, but fuck you all, I’m not reading anymore. Ryusei, I want some booze and I’ll make you and I some spicy ramen!)

Up next, we’ll have Shuri take on playtime. Playtime is a strange creepypasta as there’s a lot of awful in this but it feels slightly mundane to me. It’s Jeff against an OC. Why do a lot of bad creepypastas have Jeff the Killer in it?

max was laying in his bed half asleep, staring at the ceiling, (Erm… Most stories I read have capital letters in them. You usually need to put a capital letter at the start of a sentence.) we was trying to just close his eyes and drift away. (Why did you write it as we? It should be “he was just trying to close his eyes and drift to sleep.”) he went to look at his clock, it was 2am, he saw something, he couldn’t really make it out. (This is a run on sentence. You know, your sentences can be short as well. Or you could have separated it into two sentences.) it looked like two white eyes. suddenly a hand came over his mouth and heard these words, “shh just go to sleep.” (Eyes have more than just white in them, sir. Was there anything else in those eyes?)
a rusty, blood stained knife came down towards max. he managed to jerk his head to the side and kicked the figure in the stomach. “now now, that’s not how you treat a guest.” (You’re correct on that, Jeff, but you aren’t exactly a guest in this situation. Also, I’m pleased that Max at least knows some self defense but how did he learn it?)
max then recognized the person.”you’re Jeff.” (“I’ve read your origin story almost fifteen different times. I’m such a huge fan, will you let me be a part of your killing adventures?”)
Jeff left out a crackling laughter and lunged towards max. max dodged the knife, but soon after Jeff slashed at him and cut him in the stomach. max made a run for the door, but was tackled by Jeff. Jeff’s blade had pierced max’s arm. (It pierced through the bone as well? Arms aren’t just pure muscle, there’s bones to help keep the muscles up.) max screamed in agony as Jeff started walking towards him, max manged to pull the knife out and run downstairs, but to his shock, found his parents with multiple holes in their chest and bloody writing on the wall spelling “GO TO SLEEP”. (Stabbing someone does not make holes appear in them. If you wanted to put holes in a person, you shoot them with a gun. Stabbing someone just makes cuts appear.)
max’s terror now turned to rage, every he had left was now filled anger. (He said that “every he had left was now filled anger.” Erm… May I ask what he had that now turned to anger?) max turned around but saw Jeff’s smile. Jeff kicked max onto a glass table. max got up, shakes it off and lunged towards Jeff. (No, Max should have some glass digging into his body and be somewhat weakened. You can’t just shake off being kicked onto a glass table so easy unless you’re a super human or a robot.) max pulled the knife towards Jeff’s head, Jeff dodges the knife, grabs a piece of glass and shoves it into max’s eye. max threw back as he screamed in agony. as max jumped back he dropped the knife. (Why did Jeff drop his knife? Doesn’t he realize that now he’s at a disadvantage thanks to Max being able to kick or punch him?) max pulled the shard out of his eye as blood spurted from his eye, Jeff picked up the knife and slowly walked towards max. max got up with the shard (which has his dismembered eye on it) and readied it. “playtime’s over” max growled. (How is Max able to do this with his depth perception now incredibly skewered? Also, the glass shard would cut into his hand and make him feel even more pain than before. It’s more practical to use a gun in this situation but then again, these writers need to have unique weapons for their terribly clichéd original character.)

“yes,you must be sleepy”
Jeff mocked. Jeff slashed at max, max dodged and stabbed Jeff in the shoulder. “you’re a tough one aren’t you” Jeff said. (He must be tough to coherently fight Jeff the Killer when he’s this incredibly injured. The other two options are that he doesn’t feel pain or that the writer wanted his original character to seem strong.) he drove the knife into max’s thigh. max screamed and started punching Jeff in the face. Jeff grabbed him and threw him into the kitchen.
Jeff jumped onto max and wrapped his hands around his neck. “playtime’s over” (But Max had already said that before. Playtime was over before but your fighting capabilities were no stronger.)
max kicked Jeff off of him and shoulder bumped him into the wall. Jeff grabbed a bottle of whiskey and smashed it over his head. max fell backwoods onto the kitchen table. as he lay there drenched in blood and whiskey,Jeff crouched in front of him and pulled out the blood stained knife. “you know, you are my toughest kill yet, congrats” (I don’t know, Jeff. You say this quite a bit to other clichéd killers that follow in your footsteps.)

Jeff pulled out a lighter and threw it on max. a huge flame burst from the whiskey. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHH”.
Jeff ran out of the house as max burst out of the window, one of the curtains caught on fire which soon lead to the house burning down. (If you’re burning down a house, wouldn’t it require gasoline to be used instead of whiskey? Also, just burning a curtain doesn’t equate to burning an entire house. There has to be multiple fires set in different corners of the house for the entire house to burn down.)

as max ran through the woods behind his now burned down house scorching the forest behind him. he eventually fell into a river, putting out the flame, as max emerged from the water he had a severally burnt face with an eye missing. a chip of his face had been removing, showing his brain. (Erm, nowhere in your face can you actually see the entire brain if it were chipped off. Also, if your brain was exposed, that would mean that killers have an easier time to kill you with no effort. Just damage your brain somehow, watch it bleed out and then you’re dead. You should really think of covering it up or something.) he stared down into the water…smiling, laughing uncontrollably. every fragment of his sanity was gone. all he wanted… was the death of Jeff, he didn’t care how long it would take or how hard it would be. (I’m not insane so don’t quote me on this, but wouldn’t being insane completely disorient your thoughts so you can’t focus on a singular goal?)

as max stumbled out of the woods, he saw a man, he wore creased striped shirt and stained pants. (I’m going to pretend that this man is an off duty clown, which is the scariest part of this supposed creepypasta.) max walked up to him quietly until the caught sight of him, he gasped as he saw max’s face. “h- hey buddy, you alright” (Part of his brain is showing, he’s been badly burnt and he’s laughing maniacally. Of course he isn’t okay! Call the police!)
max burst into an uncontrollable laughter and ran towards him. the man started to run but was tackled by max. max shoved his thumbs into his eyes and gauged his eyes out, max then snapped his arm and to end it all, twisted his head around until it tore off. (I don’t think you can twist a head off… Also, this is why I asked you to call the police, sir. Now you’re dead.)

max stood up with his blood burnt, blood stained shirt and said. “playtime’s over” (I guess all Creepypasta have to hammer their catchphrase for the original character near the end, no matter if it makes sense or not.)

Up next we have “Alone”. We’ve all felt alone, haven’t we? This person tries to describe what it’s like but why don’t we ask someone who’s actually been alone for most of her life? Take it away, Beatrice~

Have you ever had that dream where you’re all alone? (I don’t need to dream it. I am alone. Well, at my house, I’m alone. My parents died in a car crash and I only survived because of my contract with Lillith. The only time when I’m not alone is when I’m at my classes since I’m surrounded by people who care for me.) The emptiness you feel without anyone around is terrifying. (It’s only terrifying if you make it that way. Some people actually like being alone. I know it’s a tough concept to wrap your head around. Me personally, I prefer company but I know plenty of introverts who prefer their own company and no one else’s.) You can’t laugh or cry or hate or love because…no one is there. The quiet scares you. (Again, some people prefer quiet scenery. I dislike how you’re generalizing every single human being as if everyone has this similar mentality.) you need to hear someone’s voice. You begin wishing anything could happen, but theres nothing. (But when you’re breathing and moving and panicking, something is happening. Your life is what you make it out to be and if only you are involved, you have to take action and live out your life. Also, you’re missing an apostrophe on there’s.) You need that annoying person, (No, you don’t.) the bully that hurts you, (You especially don’t need that person.) youre parents that you thought you hated. (You’re missing an apostrophe on you’re, but that’s beside the point. That situation honestly depends. If you “hate” your parents because they’re being strict on you, then yes you do need them. They’re just trying to help you correct your behavior in the past. However, if your parents are genuinely hurting you and you do hate them for it, then you don’t need them either. There are foster homes out there that you can go to.) Your dream stays this way until you finally wake up woth tears running down your face. (What kind of a word is woth?) running to your parents, you tell them that you love them and you feel safe. (You only feel safe when you’re with your family? Some people may feel that way but others don’t. Also, you missed capitalizing the word running to start the sentence.) The only reason the dream scared, (… Scared what? What did this dream scare? It certainly doesn’t scare me.) is that this could happen to you. (Oh I know it can because it already does happen but then again, I’m not necessarily alone. I’m still surrounded by friends who genuinely love me, a kindhearted and loveable boyfriend and while my foster parents are strict, I know that they love me and want me to succeed in life.) *long pause* and you know it. (You actually wrote long pause in your story. This isn’t meant to be a script, love.)


I remember about 5 years ago when I had an incident with an copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk. (It’s incident with a copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk. Christ almighty, this is going to be a fun one if the author can’t even use proper grammar!)
Now, back then, I was learning how to hack games, and hacked a few of my own, like Sonic Adventure 2, and Mario Kart Wii. One I really wanted to hack was Animal Crossing: City Folk. That game was very popular at the time, and having a hacked town made it FUN to play the game. (You would think that but some glitch towns are actually quite messy and ruin your game. Also, it’s boring to have everything just handed to you. Part of the fun of Animal Crossing is finding all of the stuff you want because you spent time and effort into getting it.)

I was looking up hacks for ACCF, when I found a Page on google (How do you miscapitalize two words? Page shouldn’t be capitalized but Google should!) with a list of hacks for ACCF. I saw lots of hacks, some of which I've never even heard of. (Well of course you didn’t hear about them! Hacks are getting made almost every day so new ones are bound to appear somewhere.)

I came across an interesting one. It was called "Sparkie.exe". (God, every time .exe appears before a file name, I automatically cringe. I can’t help it!) I was too curious to even read the description of the hack, so I really never knew what it was supposed to do. (This is going to be the stupid author’s downfall, I can fucking feel it.) Once I finished downloading the hack into my Save Data of ACCF on an SD Card, I turned on my Wii and began to play.

The first thing I noticed is that Rover wasn't...himself. He was kind of off-character at certain times. By this, I meant he would sometimes ask off-character questions, like after finished making my profile, he said: "Do you really think life is still worth living for?" (No, Rover. No it’s not. That said, of course he’s going to do off character shit! It’s a hack!)

I thought that was really odd, but it gets even more weird later. You'll see what I mean. (Don’t do this shit. Don’t just break “tension” in the middle of your story by saying stuff like “weird stuff will happen later”.)

Anyways, when I came out of my character's house, (Or Billy's dubbed to my character.) (Wow, you named your character Billy. I so needed to know that. But you could have just said “I came out of Billy’s house” and we’d have known that it was the name of your character!) and I checked the map, one of the Villager's Names was Sparkie. (Oh shit, so a file with the name Sparkie on it means that a new character named Sparkie will show up! Gee, I couldn’t have fucking guessed~!)

I'll try to describe Sparkie the best I can. Sparkie is as you'd expect from a name like that: a dog. (Yeah well some people named their cat Sparky. Also, that’s not the right way to spell Sparky.) He looked like a Dalmatian, and the expression on his face was sad-like. Like the ":c" Face. (Alright, so don’t use fucking emoticons in your story unless it’s a chatroom based one. It just takes the “tension” out of the story again.) He had a Blue Shirt with the Number 79 on it. His house was empty, so it seemed like he had barley moved in. (B-A-R-E-L-Y. Barely; there, I spelled it right for you. Next time, write this on a word document so you can used spell check!)

At this point, I thought the hack simply gave me a Custom Villager. I talked to Sparkie, but he wouldn't reply back. Instead he would reply: "..." (This would be unsettling if this wasn’t a hack! Some people hack games to make weird versions of them all the time!)

Well, eventually I got him to talk, and he just said: "...Hi..."

I tried to be really friendly around him, but nothing bought him to talk back. He just did his first reply all over again. (Well, Sable didn’t become your friend until many days of talking. Some people are just like that. Maybe this custom villager is like Sable and he’ll give you shit after you talk to him for many days.)

On the 2nd Day, I got up, and got into my first fight. Someone wanted to change my name into Pee-B, and I did NOT want them to do that. I started putting pitfalls under them over and over, until I ran out. (You can always just tell them no. It’s hard for me since I want my villagers to be happy but it’s an option. You don’t have to be an asshole to people that do things you don’t like to do!) That's when I encountered Sparkie for the 2nd Time. He automatically talked to me:


What the fuck? He spammed the same number on his shirt." Then I had two choices:"..." or "..." I didn't know what was going on here, so I picked the first one. After that, the game froze. Maybe from data corruption? (I hate how you’re trying to act like the game is just naturally acting weird when you hacked the game yourself! If you had just read the fucking description, you’d know this is what was going to happen!)

I turned the game back on, and was greeted by Rover, who said this time: "Why live life knowing you will die?" That was a statement by Kefka in a Final Fantasy game, but it was creepy still. (… Oh my fucking god… THIS IS A SPINOFF OF THAT STUPID EXE THING!!! Sorry, sorry… Just, that shitty fanfiction that won’t be named did the same exact thing when it came to referencing shit from other games!)

When I went into the game, it was Grey and Stormy. There were no trees, even though there were some before. All other villager houses were gone. As I went closer to Sparkie's House, the game began to make loud buzzing noises. Eventually, when I was at the front door, it was so loud, so I covered my ears as I went inside. (HOW? How were you able to use the controller if you were covering your ears?! Did you use telepathy or some shit??)

At first, it was pitch-black. Then the screen turned barley (Fuck you, I already corrected you. Not my problem if you decided to throw out what I told you.) visible at least so I could see my character. I moved around until I saw Sparkie. His entire appearance had dissapeared, and now he was just a bunch of glitchy pixels. (Why yes, this should happen. It’s a hack, you moron! If you had just read the description, we wouldn’t be in this mess, now would we?!) Also, the number 79 was spammed all over the house. (Okay, how? I mean, did he have custom furniture with 79 on them along with 79 floor and wallpaper?) He started slowly approaching me, and I couldn't get out, stating: "Let's pretend we didn't see that,Shall we?" with every attempt. (Every attempt at what? Also, need a space between that and shall and shall shouldn’t be capitalized.) Finally, I was caught in a corner. As he approached me, the buzzing got so loud, I felt my eardrums pump with blood. (Wait, what? If blood is starting to pump in your ears, it’s time to mute the volume of the game!)

Then a text appeared on the screen: "Hello again, Billy. I'm going to enjoy playing with you."

All at once, the screen took me back in front of Sparkie's house. It had started to rain harder. (Oh my god…I don’t think the rain can get harder in Animal Crossing. There’s no light rain or heavy rain. It’s just rain.) I noticed Sparkie coming out of the house, too. He approached me, and I couldn't move again.

"Let's play, shall we?"

The game started spazzing and glitching. The graphics were so distorted I couldn't make out anything, also that awful buzzing noise pierced my ears at the speed of a bullet. (Get a doctor, you need to fix your ears. If they’re pierced by noise, how can you still hear the noise?) I covered my head with a nearby pillow, and cried out in pain. (A pillow’s not gonna stop the bleeding, mate.) As I whatched, There was a bunch of red pixels that had begin spreading from the pixels of my character, to the entire screen. (OH FUCK OFF. I get what red pixels means but you know he just wanted to say hyper realistic blood so fucking badly!)

Then, all at once, everything stopped. The game had turned off. I noticed a circular scratch on the disc when I took it out. (You take care of your games in a really shit way. I don’t know what else to tell you.)

After this incident, I mailed the game to my friend, who disposed of it, by using it as a Shooting-Target for his new BB-Gun. (THAT’S NOT HOW YOU TREAT A VIDEO GAME. You were able to hack the game so just hack it again to remove the exe file and get that video game fixed up!) I don't know what happened to it, but i'm pretty sure that it's probably destroyed, since the BB's my friend uses are metal. (No one fucking cares about your friend’s BB gun.)

One year later, I successfully Hacked ACCF, making what I named: "Epic Town". It was fun to play around, but it eventually got boring having all the items and all that, so I put it up for sale on E-Bay. (One: How did you get another Animal Crossing City Folk? Two: If it’s the same game, then I thought your friend ruined it by shattering it? Three: What did I fucking tell you? Having all of the items without earning them is just boring and stupid. Four: You have a lot of money to burn to buy two copies of Animal Crossing and then sell them. Five: Just stop writing Creepypastas. You aren’t good at them.)

Even though it's been 5 Years, I can still remember this entire incident. And Sparkie too. I wonder if Sparkie was even real? (Let me answer that for you; no. No, Sparkie is not real. Don’t waste your time thinking about a stupid hack.)

What if he wasn't all what he was meant to be? (… What the fuck does that sentence even mean?)

Up next is Alyssa. I’m still annoyed by Sparkie.exe so Ruri should take over. Don’t mess up, Ruri.

(Before I start up, sorry for the cancer that is a bunch of run on sentences with no separation in between paragraphs. Also, sorry for lack of quotation marks and periods, I can’t exactly fix stupid.) Hello this is caprice (Hi, Caprice. Did your parents get inspired by Capri Sun in order to get your name or capris pants?) and I’m here to tell the tale of what happened to my friend the reason why he is not telling the story is because he is traumatized from the accident but I will tell just in case if anyone catches this killer (Why exactly am I supposed to hear this? I gotta make sure the turnips and potatoes aren’t going to rot away today. You should be telling this to the police and not some random stranger.) anyway going on with the story (Why call it a story? Isn’t a creepypasta supposed to be centered in realism? Calling it a story takes the realism out.) it was mid July in 2013 it was a musty night and apperrently my friend was asleep when he heard a simple female voice saying, you must feel the pain too in a sudden whisper my friend looked and said he saw a girl no more older than about 15 she was holding a sledge hammer in one hand and in the other a knife (The sledgehammer that I use needs two hands, sweetheart. No one is so strong that they can use a sledgehammer with just one hand.) but the thing that intrigued my friend were her eyes all there was were two unusual large empty eye sockets (Good luck when dust gets in your eye sockets and you end up getting an infection somewhere.) she was wearing a black shirt with a gray hoodie and black tights along with black boots with a sandy brownish blondish hair (I’m thinking this person wants fan art of her oh so awesome character. Why else would she describe her and describe no one else so far?) she knocked out my friend with the sledge hammer and later he woke up in a hospital bed with a bandaged wrap around his heart area (It’s called a chest, idiot. Research is everyone’s friend.) wha-what happened? He asks his mom and dad were sitting there crying his mom then puts her head up from her sobbing face and says sniffling your heart it’s-g-gone… (*laughter* Oh god, I’m getting a headache. So, here’s how this doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t have a heart, then there’s no organ to pump blood into other organs to keep them working properly. Without a heart, you’d be fucking dead!) What!? My friend says how!? Well his mom started off we found you in the bed with a gash in your upper chest area and we noticed it was your heart area so we rushed you to hospital and here you are… Taylor could not believe it how did he not have a heart and survived? (Because the author wants a bloodier death for this innocent bystander.) He knew that killer was gonna come back so Taylor waited.. The next day the cops came with the newspaper saying that they think they found the killer Taylor searched through it and found a very interesting article about a girl named Alyssa… In the newspaper it read young teenage girl found dead in a chest by doun swamp! (Wait, what swamp? Doun? The fuck is a doun?) When found the girl was wearing a gray hoodie with a black shirt and tights with black boots! When found she had no eyes and was apperrently stabbed to death! These words made Taylor shudder at the sight of that that sounded like the excact same girl Taylor saw the other night! (It’s the same girl that attacked you, you moron. It’s just her ghost is all.) Taylor needed more information so Taylor went on the computer and searched up the name Alyssa a description was found and told the whole tale about it so now we are moving along with the actual story (… THEN WHY DID YOU FEEL THE NEED TO HAVE TAYLOR WANT TO KNOW HOW ALYSSA DIED IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO SHOW IT?) Alyssa had just moved in because her dad got a big promotion in the city of Ohio she was the new girl (Oh, let’s shut up everyone. Killer’s origin story is being told.) and Alyssa saw a boy walking by himself and asked hey can you show me around? I’m sorta new here you know sure the guy says (This is why you need quotation marks and punctuation. I’m getting the impression that you wrote this all on your phone.) I’m Dennis you?Dennis asked my names Alyssa nice to meet you Alyssa thanks nice to meet you too Dennis they both shook hands and Dennis showed Alyssa all around the high school soon the two were the best of friends considering Alyssa didn’t have any friends (Why? Was Alyssa just this angsty and edgy little puke?) and soon after that they were dating (Welp, that escalated quickly. You know, if I knew anything about them, I might be happy that they started to date.) and everyone at school new about Alyssa and her relationship with Dennis when they were ready tthey were boyfriend and girlfriend and soon they were taking local bases with echother… (Local bases? You mean they were going to first, second and third base? Jesus Christ, proof read your shit.) But one night after when they had hung out Dennis was acting strange really strange Alyssa was curious so thinking Dennis needing a little cheering up Alyssa made her way to Dennis and said hey honey maybe we should go to the next level and meet my parents (Pfft. Wow, bitch. You want him to meet your parents when he’s feeling sad. That’s usually the most stressful part of the relationship and you’re probably making him feel worse.) Dennis though was not pleased at all and said Alyssa I have something to tell you.what is it? Alyssa asked I have been seeing another women and I like her way much more then you I’m sorry Alyssa but its over… (Hahahaha~! Oh my god! He’s like the fucking player of Huniepop! Also, why is cheating even a thing? If you didn’t like Alyssa then just break up with her and date this new person.) Bu-but honey you can’t we are a couple now and I already told you that I wanted you to meet my parents! Sorry Alyssa but I am with another girl now and I really don’t like you anymore it’s over ok?! (Yeah, I’m kind of not liking Alyssa either. Don’t be pushy with it. If he doesn’t like you, then he doesn’t like you.) Alyssa could Tell that Dennis was getting annoyed by Alyssa’s statements but Alyssa kept coming on to him come on baby please?! NO! I DON’T GIVE A FRICK ABOUT YOU! (Frick? Really? You know, a lot of teenagers say Fuck like it’s a period.) Oh come on baby Alyssa was on top of Dennis but dennis was angry enough and threw her off and said GET OFF IF YOU COME ONTO ME AGAIN ILL BUST YOUR LIGHTS OUT OK?! (Wow, okay, asshole. Wanna pull the anal beads out and not be a woman beater?) Alyssa started to cry she couldn’t help it one moment your having a good time with your boyfriend then all of a sudden he’s saying he’s cheating on you (Alyssa, you weren’t having a good time. You were forcing yourself onto him.) Alyssa then said PLEASE YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! Finally Dennis had enough and went to the kitchen and had a knife in his hand when he came back Alyssa saw the knife and said wh-what’s that?! Oh this? Dennis said you’ll see he then began stabbing Alyssa in the chest 37 times (That’s a very huge overreaction. I mean, I’m annoyed with Alyssa too but fuck man.) Alyssa struggled and kicked but it wa no use Alyssa was dead. Briefly after that Denis threw Alyssa in a chest and dumped her in doun swamp the night after that at the stroke of 12:00 (The pumpkin turned into a carriage and- Oh wait, wrong story.) Alyssa popped out of the chest anger and hatred rushing in her even after death she rememberd her boyfriend Dennis,killing her she than found a knife and a sledge hammer in the chest and thought it would be perfect to kill Dennis with (Just in case one weapon breaks, you can use another one. But then how are you going to cover up the murder, derp?) Alyssa got out of the chest and started crawling out to seek her boyfriend soon she found him in a car talking with another girl the girl screams and runs away at the sight of seeing Alyssa (Yeah no shit, there’s a girl walking around with 37 stab wounds and missing eyes, I’d freak out too.) Alyssa ignores the girl and turns to Dennis who is also looking at Alyssa now then it was a long awkward silent moment between Alyssa and Dennis they were just staring at echother in disbelief (You know, if I saw someone I killed come back to life, I think I’d run or call the police or do anything than just sit there and stare at them.) then finally Alyssa broke the silence and said NEVER FORGIVE! And stabbed Dennis in the heart and took his heart out because Dennis broke Alyssa’s heart (Because symbolism I guess. How sharp is this knife that it can carve open his chest and rip out his heart? Also, Taylor lives without a heart but Dennis doesn’t??) so soon to this day Alyssa looks for men to kill when they cheat on thier wives so let this be a lesson to you If you cheated on your wife and never cheat again (Wow, those are some powerful words that mean things. I feel like some angsty teenager wrote this to get over a breakup because her boyfriend cheated on her.)

We’re finally at the final story! Clara will be tackling KILL GUY… There are no words…

THERRE WAS ONE TIME A GUY WHO WAS A MURDER. (Eep! H-He was a murder…? But how did he get murdered? Or is he a murderer?) HE THOUT TO KILL LOTS OF GUYS SO HE DID. (I guess he put his mind to it, so he wanted to kill a lot of people…) 1 DAY THE MAN TRYD TO KILL A GUY BUT IT WASNT A GUY. IT WAS RELLY A MONSTER! (How did he end up killing a monster? How did he confuse a man for a monster??) SO THE MAN WENT HOME AND WAS SAD FOR HIS MURDER. (Why is he feeling remorse now?) HE SAID NEVER KILL MORE GUYS SO HE DIDNT EXEPT ONE GUY. (You failed really badly at your commitment, sir.) IT WAS HIS GIRLFREND WHO WAS NOT KNOWING ABOUT HIS CRIMS. (If she didn’t know about your crimes, you didn’t have to kill her.) AND THEN SHE WAS DED SO HE HAD BLOOD ON HIS SCARF. (Wait, when did he have a scarf?) IF YOU EVER SEE A MURDER GUY RUN OR HE MIGHT GET YOU. (… Saki, I’m scared of badly written stories!)

Wow, that was quite an adventure, wasn’t it? Thank god it’s over… Hope you enjoyed it~

Re: World 386

I have just had an encounter with Jeff the killer I guess I should tell you it but be warned this is not for scardey cats. (… Uh, okay? Well, I certainly am not a scardey cat or whatever the fuck you want to call it. I get adrenaline when I get scared so this better make my heart race, goddammit.)
I have a daughter in the USA her mother got killed by Jeff the killer (Pfft. XD Well, that escalated quickly~ So was the mother killed in the USA too or was she killed in Canada?) I had a Guess he would return and boy was i right. (You might be wondering why there’s a capital G on the word guess. Well, I wanted to make it somewhat legible but someone pressed the enter key in the middle of the sentence. As a semi writer myself, I know not to do this shit! It’s basic writing 101.) It all started when we brought that apartment that God dam apartment i thought we were safe. (One, it’s spelled goddamn. Two, that’s a run on sentence you have going there. Three, I thought you were always supposed to capitalize I when you’re speaking about yourself. How do you purposefully not capitalize it?) On the first night I heard a banging in my daughters bedroom so I went to investigate. (Oh come on, Dad, let your daughter get laid at least once before Jeff the Killer kills her or makes her Mary Sue the Killer.) She was just liying (*laughing* What?? Were you trying to spell laying or lying? If it was lying, that’s the wrong word to say. To be lying means that you aren’t telling the truth about something. If you were saying laying, then the a key and the I key are two very different keys! Oh my god…) there so i rolled her over to check on her and I almost fainted. (Mate, I know she has a face that makes even the Elephant Man look handsome but it’s not worthy of fainting over.) Her eyes had been cut out a smile had been carved on her face and on her forehead it read the words GO TO SLEEP! She’s so pretty (One, that’s a pretty cliché way to go. Two… I hate incest in anime. Please do not put incest in your creepypastas okay?) when she sleeps (Oh, you meant to say “She’s so pretty when she’s asleep”. That’s still incest but, are you completely stupid or something?? If your eyes are cut out and there’s a smile carved into your face, then there’s a high chance that she’s FUCKING DEAD.) i heard behind me. (Oh… Jeff the Killer was saying that she’s so pretty when she’s asleep. … You know, there’s something that you can use called Quotation Marks that can make me figure out if someone is talking in the story or not. Just press the shift key, go over to the apostrophe key while holding shift key and boom. You have successfully made quotation marks which symbolize someone talking in a story.) I turned around to find Jeff the killer behind me. Now your turn! Never! I shouted at the top of my voice. (Quotation marks are your friend. Because you didn’t use them, I can’t tell who said what exactly.) He struck at me but I dodged and ran for my shotgun. (You keep a shotgun? You know, if we had some development on your story beforehand, I’d know this shit in advance!) I aimed it at him but he hit it out my hand. But what he didn’t know was i always keep a pistol in my pocket. (Always, huh? Even when you were making sweet, sweet love to your wife? I guess she got turned on by always being in danger because what if the safety switch was switched off when you two were close.) Time to die he sung as he aimed the shotgun at me i closed my eyes. Click. Click. I opened my eyes the shotgun had run out of ammo (Motherfucker, when did anyone even shoot the goddamn gun?! I don’t remember reading someone shooting the gun! If you just keep an empty shotgun just laying around the house then what’s the point of even owning it to defend yourself? Is it just to show off your second amendment?) i immediately took my pistol and shot him in his stomach he fell over not dead just hurt. (“Lolololololol, look how awesome I am. I single handedly killed Jeff the Killer, one of the most iconic Creepypasta characters ever created, with minimal effort. Lol, I am the greatest!” What is it with these Creepypastas where people who go against Jeff who aren’t iconic Creepypasta characters already, those people either get slaughtered or somehow become powerful enough to kill him somehow?) I aimed it at his head and said you’ve been working all day I think it’s time you went to sleep. (It’s funny because catchphrases.) I pulled the trigger. (And that’s how the story ends. Did Jeff live? Did Jeff kill unnamed Gary Stu? I don’t know! But yeah, decided to do a short rip by myself so hopefully you liked it. Also the name of this story is Sleeping so gently on the Crappypasta website. I'll do more of these short rips on Friday and Saturday. Gotta pass the lonely time somehow. XD)

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Alright so I'm pretty sure that this is going to be awful but fuck it, here they are! This is my part of the touching drabble challenge. They're short because I'm running on low sleep and sickness so if they suck, sorry and I tried my best. XD

MiyaKa: Touching the waist

“M-Miyane, stop- Ah!”
Sayaka’s cries of protest were interrupted as Miyane continued her slow and sensual massage. The smaller girl was working too hard for Miyane’s liking and she decided to give Sayaka a different form of punishment. The massage was painful but Sayaka still liked the pain. She soon heard Miyane chuckle.
“Aw, but you seem to like it, don’t you Sayaka? If you didn’t like it, you’d try harder to get me off.”
Sayaka huffed but she supposed the other girl had a point. More pained and pleasured moans escaped from the smaller girl and when it was all over, she felt herself being held by Miyane around the waist.
“Now was that so hard?”
“Hmph… You do realize that when I recover, I’m going back to work.”
“That’s fine. Just as long as I get to stay with what’s rightfully mine.”
Sayaka shook her head but smiled regardless. That was one quirk about Miyane that she feared and loved; her possessiveness.

RitsuAsu: Pat on the head

Asuka was humming a bit to herself as she continued to draw on her table. She seemed really happy with the picture. It was of her big brother Arcanine and her mama Ritsuko. The picture seemed realistic as well so that made Asuka equally as happy. She soon heard Ritsuko open the door.
“Asuka? I’m back.”
Asuka hugged Ritsuko, smiling happily.
“Mama good job?”
“Yes, Asuka. I did a good job today. I ended up saving a Purrloin who was trapped in some bushes.”
Asuka smiled and tried to pat Ritsuko’s head. Ritsuko tilted her head.
“Asuka, are you trying to do what I normally do.”
“Yeah! Mama did good work!”
Ritsuko chuckled and let Asuka express herself by patting Ritsuko’s head.

HiNami: A beautiful girl

Honami had smiled a bit as she finally finished putting on her dress. It was a purple dress that was long and flowed to the floor with purple heels to match. Honami thought that she looked fantastic for her upcoming date with Hideki. She soon walked over to Hideki and the dork could barely breathe. Honami tilted her head.
“What’s wrong, Hideki-chan? Don’t I look beautiful?”
Hideki noticed the girl looked upset and tilted her chin up to kiss her. Hideki stammered a bit when she pulled away but eventually cleared her throat.
“H-Honami… You always look beautiful. To me at least…”
Honami smiled warmly and Hideki looked away with a bright and red blush. The two had wondered how they got so lucky in the first place.

AtaLexa: I’ll love you forever

Alexa shivered as Ataro continued to drink from her. He had gone too long without drinking blood from her, still believing that he was nothing more than a parasite and a monster. Alexa loved him regardless but he still had yet to believe her. When he finished, Alexa was noticeably paler than usual and he sighed.
“I’m sorry…”
Alexa shook her head with a small smile.
“It’s okay. I know you won’t drink enough from me to kill me, Ataro.”
The male sighed sadly. Alexa soon placed her hand over his heart.
“Ataro, I know you would stop if I told you to stop. Would a monster stop at a girl’s request?”
Ataro looked over at Alexa and shook his head. The girl smiled.
“Exactly. You aren’t a monster, Ataro. You’re my black knight.”
The girl yawned a bit and hugged him close. He shook his head with a small smile and stroked her hair as she fell asleep.

SiRu: Annoyance

Siren had been annoyed by Yoru all day. He kept on poking her nose and she grew more and more irritated with him. He soon appeared before her and Siren just sulked, mad at him.
“Aw, come on, Siren~ You know that I love you.”
Siren huffed.
“I know which is why you keep annoying me by poking my nose all the time.”
Yoru blinked before laughing.
“Siren, you’re an idiot sometimes.”
Siren’s eye twitched.
“And how am I an idiot, Yurasaki?”
He grinned.
“It’s simple. A poke on the nose means that someone finds someone else cute.”
Saying that, he poked Siren’s nose again before stealing a kiss from her.
“And I find you absolutely adorable~”
He laughed and disappeared, leaving Siren with a red face.

TsuMiya: Yearning

“Tsubaki-chan, that was a really fun night at the Karaoke bar!”
Amiya giggled as she and Tsubaki walked over to Amiya’s house to spend the night. Tsubaki would have refused if Amiya didn’t use the face. The two girls arrived at Amiya’s house and Amiya pulled out two futons and squished them together.
“Ami, what are you doing?”
“Tee-hee~ I want to cuddle with you, Tsubaki-chan.”
The other girl got flustered but was soon dragged down onto the futons. Tsubaki sighed softly.
“Seriously, Ami…”
“What? I like cuddling with you, Tsubaki-chan…”
The other girl got more and more flustered until Amiya fell asleep. Tsubaki touched Amiya’s cheek and sighed.
“Ami… If only you knew how I really felt about you…”

HiroHito: Touch on the thigh

Every mother’s worst nightmare was happening for Hitomi. Shiori had gotten lost in the playground and Hitomi was worried sick every night. Hiroshi was equally as worried and was rubbing Hitomi’s thigh as she expressed her concern.
“Hiroshi… I just don’t know what to do…”
“It’ll be fine, my dear. I’m sure Shiori knows her way home or knows how to get in contact with the authorities.”
Hitomi sighed sadly as Hiroshi continued to rub her thigh more. Soon, they heard a small knock on the door and their worries were quenched. Shiori had indeed found her way home and the three decided to stay indoors for some family time.

SuzuKuru: Support

Mikuru had woken up with a frightened start. Another nightmare had occurred about the time loops. She tried to keep her breathing and tears quiet but it startled the male beside her awake.
“Hime-sama…? Is it those loops again?”
The girl nodded slowly and he sighed, reaching to pat her knee.
“It’s alright, Hime-sama… I’ll always remain here. You can’t exactly kill me so easily. Besides, I’ll be here to stop you even if you do become insane from those loops again.”
Mikuru sniffled and hugged her wolf, crying against him. After a while, her tears stopped and she smiled warmly at the wolf.
“Thank you, Suzuki-kun… Thank you for always being there.”
He laughed.
“Of course; I always have to be here for my Hime-sama, no?”

Re: World 386

“Dammit, Hideki! Who the fuck said this was a good idea?”
Sayaka Kirigaya shouted at her pizza obsessed friend. Said girl had been raving about a pizza place that was supposed to serve the most amazing pizza on the planet. The two had been riding on a dinky little ship for three days straight and water was at an all time low.
“It’ll be worth it once I get my hands on that delicious tasting pizza.”
Hideki’s mouth watered at the thought of tasting it for the first time. Ritsuko and Sayaka sighed in a mixture of disbelief and annoyance. Ritsuko soon noticed something in the corner of her eye.
“Guys…? There’s a giant wave coming towards us!”
The others looked up in disbelief and saw the giant wave crashing down on the three.

Sayaka groggily woke up in an underwater kingdom. She felt panic rise up but soon realized that she could breathe under the water somehow. Looking she saw a mermaid with long silver hair swim towards her.
“What in the hell…?”
The mermaid giggled softly.
“Ah, so my prince is finally awake. That’s good.”
The mermaid swam closer to Sayaka.
“My name is Miyane. I am your princess, the one person who truly loves you.”
Sayaka raised an eyebrow.
“Seriously? This has got to be some kind of joke. Let me go now. I need to get out of here so I can go do my job in the morning.”
Miyane’s eyes turned dark as she stared down at Sayaka.
“Oh you aren’t going anywhere. The seaweed I bound you with is quite tough, isn’t it?”
Sayaka tried to swim up but found herself bound by the seaweed to a table so she couldn’t go anywhere.
“I told you, you’re my prince and if you try to get away from me, I’ll show you a pain even more unbearable than the worst of tides. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll do it anyway~ After all, you enjoy pain, right?”
Sayaka felt a bit of fear roll down but tried not to show it. All she was thinking was ways on how to get out and back to the safety of her boat.

“What are we gonna do?! This is all my fault, Ritsuko! I should’ve just ordered it and have it get delivered!!”
Hideki was a panicked mess but Ritsuko was no better. Ritsuko paced back and forth, trying to think of a way to get Sayaka back. She then heard a small song being sung and decided to find the source. She was stunned to find it coming from a girl with long and messy blonde hair singing. However, her arms were deformed and shaped more like a predator’s arms and her teeth looked quite sharp. Ritsuko noticed that the girl was singing a song about loneliness and started to approach her. The girl noticed, hissed and her legs morphed into a tail before she dived behind a rock.
“It’s okay… I’m not planning on hurting you.”
The girl let out a low growl in response.
“It’s the truth. I’m not going to hurt you. You have a really pretty voice…”
Ritsuko sighed in relief as the siren poked her head out a little.
“That’s it, come here. I’m not going to hurt you.”
The siren warily swam closer, whimpering like a lost puppy. Ritsuko smiled sadly and hugged the siren.
“There, there… Were you lonely? What’s your name?”
“… Asuka… monster…”
“No, you aren’t a monster. You’re really cute actually.”
“No monster?”
“Nope, you aren’t a monster. Asuka, I’m looking for a friend of mine. Can you help me find her?”
Asuka shook her head and hugged Ritsuko tighter.
“Erm, Asuka…? Please let me go…”
“No… prince helps me… You prince…”
Ritsuko whimpered a small help before Asuka dragged her down to the waters.

Hideki seemed more than on the verge of a breakdown. Both of her friends were now missing and she felt it was all her fault that they disappeared. She whimpered more and more until she found a girl with short lavender hair approaching her.
“Hi there, miss. Why are you crying?”
Hideki’s face burned bright red. This girl seemed like the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Hideki stammered some unintelligible words and the girl giggled.
“My name is Honami. Who are you?”
“Pretty lady… Ah, I’m H-Hideki...”
“Hideki is a nice name, pretty lady~”
Hideki’s face burned red as Honami teased her. She then realized what happened.
“Ah, m-my friends went missing! I don’t know where they’ve gone…”
“Oh, that’s no good at all… Maybe I can help you out with finding them.”
“A-Are you sure? I don’t want you to disappear after all. Maybe all people close to me vanish.”
Honami nuzzled Hideki, causing the girl to blush madly.
“You’re silly, Hideki-chan. I’m not going to disappear as long as I stay close to you.”
“A-Ah, right! Let’s go find my friends.”
Honami nodded, hiding a small smirk. She, Miyane and Asuka had found their princes and they had no plans on letting them go anytime soon. Miyane would keep her prince by force and break her until she recognized Miyane as her princess. Asuka would just hold onto Ritsuko until she felt Ritsuko belonged to her. As for Honami, she didn’t believe in any of that. She would just let her friends keep Hideki’s friends for a while and bond with Hideki as much as she could. Either way, they were lost at sea and are now trapped in a sweet and sour dream.

Re: World 386

Happy Valentine's Day!! Now this was originally going to be a short one shot along with a Creepypasta riffing but I felt like doing a list like this would be a lot more fun and somewhat out of the realm of the ordinary~ Now, we all have those moments in the Pokémon world. The ones where you wake up one day, realize that you had forgotten to get your loved one something from the holidays and are rushing to catch something nice and special for them. However, some of these are not very good Pokémon to catch for reasons we'll be getting to as we write them down. Welcome to the Top 10 Worst Pokémon to Give for Valentine's Day!

10. Aromatisse

Now, I've seen some people give perfumes or colonges for gifts during the special time for lovers. Some having very sweet smells, some are musky but overall they smell good. And it just so happens that if you catch a Spritzee, it will produce a very sweet smell that always makes whoever smell it happy. So you catch it and you give it to your girlfriend. Wait, did you happen to see the Spritzee holding a Satchel by any chance? If so, congratulations! You just gave your girl an Aromatisse! Why is this a bad thing? Well, according to the Pokedex "Its scent is so overpowering that unless a Trainer happens to enjoy the smell, he or she will have a hard time walking alongside it." It also happens to have a variety of different scents, some good and some not so good. But when a smell is too strong, it doesn't smell good at all.

9. Munchlax

So we all know how baby Pokémon are utterly adorable to cuddle with, play with and be around in general. You have Pichu, Togepi, Happiny, Magby... And then you get to Munchlax, the baby form of Snorlax. Now it does look absolutely adorable do not get me wrong at all but never give it to someone if they work in a restaurant because it eats pretty much everything in sight. It always eats almost all the time and then it evolves into the huge normal type known as Snorlax. Yeah, Snorlax is a great wall and can withstand any type of attack almost no problem but good luck getting it to attack since it sleeps all the time. If you want a cute baby, go for a Togepi. They're known to bring good luck to trainers~

8. Buneary

Buneary is a pretty interesting Pokémon in my opinion. You catch it when it knows Frustration and you pretty much have a nuke for the first half of Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. Why? Well Frustration works better the less a Pokémon likes you. Buneary's base happiness is zero. So when you first catch it, it hates your guts no matter what. You could be the cutest, sweetest and nicest person to be around and Buneary will still treat you like garbage. Aside from that little bit of depressing, going through the Pokedex reveals that it hits people with enough strength to make even grown men cry. So giving an unhappy yet adorable bunny to your girlfriend is pretty much gift wrapping an abuser. But if they manage to stick with the bun-bun, it does evolve into Lopunny when happy enough.

7. Purrloin

What's worse than gift wrapping an abuser? How about gift wrapping a thief? Purrloin may look adorable on the surface and it may be cute and asking for quite a few pets but do not be fooled by this thing. Its cuteness is all a rouse and it will loot your house for all valuables the second you turn your back on it. So yeah, giving someone a Purrloin means giving someone a guarantee that they need to pawn their home just to buy food sometime in the near future.

6. Banette

I'm guilty of finding Banette cute but I know what it is. Banette is a ghost of a doll that was thrown away and now it seeks to find the child who threw it away to curse and haunt them for all eternity. If you give this to your girl, you're essentially giving her a thrown away doll that nobody wanted. What an awful way to say I love you to someone! Unless they're a ghost fanatic who happens to know how to keep a Banette nice and happy. Otherwise, just buy them a doll! Or make one yourself but that's just my opinion~ :)

5. Murkrow

I don't get why some people like birds but some people really like birds. There certainly are a lot of pretty birdies out there, more common than other animals actually. But for those who want to get their girlfriend a bird that's not common but they don't have enough money for a Chatot, I don't think you should set your sights on Murkrow. For one thing, they're said to bring bad omens to whoever owns them and as such are shunned from society. But maybe you think that they're just misunderstood and want to prove that they aren't all that bad. Well, persistence gets you nowhere in this case. One Pokedex entry says that if you chase after a Murkrow it will make sure you get lost in the mountain trails! YEP! But don't worry, I'm sure someone will come and rescue you... Eventually...

4. Budew/Roselia/Roserade

We all know the classic of giving your girlfriend roses for Valentine's Day. Sure the flowers wilt after a while but it's still sweet to know that your boyfriend cares about you to grant you a small little bud of happiness, two big and beautiful flowers or a bundle of roses just for you. But wait, what's this? After touching them, the girlfriend's suddenly pale and feels ill. She's suddenly taken to the Pokémon center for intensive care and Nurse Joy is working very hard to keep her alive. Congratulations! You just gave her a Pokémon with Poison Point. Sure, Poison Point is useful in battle but it isn't so useful for hugs and cuddles. Beautiful but deadly indeed...

3. Houndoom

Poison is bad but at the end of the day, we have medicines that can take care of poisoning. You know what we don't have? Medicine that can cure pain that last for all eternity. Thanks a lot, Houndoom. Puppies are very cute to have and everything but Houndour spells trouble right out of the gate by releasing howls that are ominous to let people know this territory is theirs. It gets even worse when it evolves into a Houndoom. It lets out eerie howls that make everyone scared, it's highly aggressive so avoid bringing it anywhere near kids and to top it off, if you get burned from a Flamethrower or Fire Fang from this thing, the pain lasts for all eternity and never goes away! Bottom line... Stick with a Lillipup.

2. Gardevoir and Gallade

We all heard of the legends behind Gardevoir and Gallade and what amazing Pokémon they are for whatever reason or another. But if you take a look at some of their Pokedex entries, you'll quickly see that it's scary to own one of them. Gardevoir is so overprotective that if she happens to sense that her trainer is in danger, she'll either hit you at full force with psychokinetic powers or create a mini black hole just to keep you safe! This is the ultimate Yandere, people! No other competition here! As for Gallade, if he thinks his trainer is in danger, his elbows become swords and he slices at the enemy like there is no tomorrow. What would happen to you if you were to get a Gardevoir or Gallade for your girl and then sometime in the future, you would have a trivial argument and they thought that their trainer was in danger from you. Yeah, instant death.

1. Alolomola

How on earth is Alolomola the absolute worst Pokémon to give someone on Valentine's Day? It's not a Luvdisc nor is it the evolution of one. Luvdisc represents eternal love and is supposedly granting couples who see it eternal love. Now, you might think Alolomola, a fish that looks REALLY DAMN SIMILAR TO LUVDISC, might grant eternal love as well. Nope, it's just a healer and it is nowhere near resembling Luvdisc aside from a really awkward design. So, just go to Hoenn and look for a Luvdisc and don't be lazy and find Alolomola in Unova.

Re: World 386

Well, I’m pissed off that I can’t beat Crasher Wake. So I’m going to take it out on this poem I found. Who else is sick of Jeff the Killer? I am! So, I’m going to do another Creepypasta riffing on this stupid as hell Jeff the Killer Christmas poem. Just pretend it’s Christmas instead of your birthday. XD With me are the girlfriends of TTK and the girlfriends of Sonata. Enjoy your other birthday gift!

Well, hello there,
Readers young and old, (“(Teruki) Already I want to tell the author to go fuck themselves.” “(Miyane) Honey, don’t kid yourself. No one past middle school is going to take this or Jeff the Killer seriously.”)
You're in for quite a treat,
A true tale to behold. (“(Guardian) Spoiler alert: it involves lots of gore, going to sleep and making a serial killer seem cool and edgy.”)

As you can see,
With a title such as this,
I will tell you the tale,
Of how Jeff killed Christmas. (“(Honami) Piss off.” “(Miyane) Wow, Honami… You aren’t usually this angry.” “(Honami) Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and now Jeff the Killer has to invade it.” “(Miyane) Oh dear… Honami, you do know Jeff the killer isn’t real, right?” “(Honami) He’s not…?” “(Miyane) No, he’s not.” “(Honami) Oh… Well, he’s still a bad person.” “(Miyane) He sure is, Honami…”)

It all started late,
On a silent Christmas Eve,
And our favorite killer, Jeff,
Had something up his sleeve. (“(Inaho) About fifteen different cuts on each arm.” “(Teruki) *harshly glares at Inaho*” “(Inaho) What? It’s obvious that this teenager wants Jeff to be edgy.” “(Teruki) You’re just goddamn lucky I’m not suicidal anymore.”)

Seeing that it was Christmas,
Jeff wanted to do something new,
Something extra special,
But, what was he to do? (“(Tsugi) Watch the Peanuts Christmas special? It’s a really good special.” “(Asuka) No… He’s not doing that…”)

Just then, he heard something,
His feet made him pause,
He slowly turned to see,
A fake, drunken Santa Clause. (“(Honami) *teary eyes* Santa’s not real…?” “(Asuka) He’s real! This guy is just dressed up as Santa!” “(Honami) *sniffles* Miyane-chan…?” “(Miyane) E-Er, Asuka’s right. Santa’s real…” “(Honami) *sighs in relief* Thank goodness…”)

The wheels started turning,
Jeff had a plan,
He clutched the knife in his pocket,
And that's when it began. (“(Guardian) ... uote-1.jpg This is my face at the moment.”)

Old Saint Nick saw Jeff,
Heading strait his way, (“(Tsugi) That’s not how that word is spelt!” “(Inaho) Trust me, that’ll be the least of this story’s problems.”)
Maybe he could get a dollar,
From Mr. Jeff today. (“(Guardian) Oh my god, this drunken fuck sees a kid with pale skin, stringy black hair and a smile carved into his cheeks and he thinks ‘Maybe I can rip this fuckhead off and get some more booze.’ He either has the biggest death wish of all time or he is really damn drunk.”

"Hey, buddy, wanna help me out?
Now, don't go bein' cheap." (“(Tsugi) But the previous stanza said he only wanted a dollar…”)
Jeff lunged at the man saying,
"Go to sleep." (“(Asuka) Trademark.” “(Miyane) Well, that’s once that the catchphrase has been used. Let’s see how many more times.”)

He slit Santas throat, (“(Tsugi) You need an apostrophe on Santa’s.”)
While he squirmed and thrashed,
But there was no escaping,
Being cut and being slashed. (“(Inaho) Kick him in the balls and run. Use your red coat to stop the bleeding and run. Overpower this 14 year old kid since you’re a grown man. Come on, I’ve been mugged multiple times and nearly killed many times. You have no excuse.” “(Tsugi) Maybe the man was too drunk to think of all of that?” “(Inaho) Even then, he could just faint on Jeff and crush his neck.”)

The drunk fell to the ground,
With a noticeable thud
His pupils started to widen,
As he choked on his blood. (“(Teruki) See? He’s dead already so nothing could be done.” “(Inaho) *heavy sigh*”)

Jeff grabbed Santas suite,
Soaked with crimson water,
That's when he knew,
He could start his Christmas slaughter. (“(Guardian) Hang on, when is this? Jeff is a madman; he shouldn’t care what Christmas is anymore if all he knows is how to kill in his backstory. Is this like his first time doing this kind of thing? How old is he? If he’s older, why wouldn’t he kill people on Christmas? To avoid suspicion? Yeah, that’s a crock of shit and everyone knows it. This story makes no sense.”)

When he achieved his looked,
He was on his way,
But not before he hijacked Santas car,
Or, I mean, his sleigh. (“(Tsugi) *very sarcastic laughter* It’s like they’re scraping at the bottom of the barrel.”)

He drove threw a small neighborhood,
Rather quiet and kind,
The perfect setting for what,
Jeff was planning in his mind. (“(Tsugi) Guys, I’m a little bit nervous. What do you think Jeff’s going to do?” “(Guardian) Oh, fair warning in advance, if it gets too gory, I’ll edit it into my own form of this poem. I’ll provide a link to the original after this ripping is finished.”)

His plan was to sneak into each home,
All of the parents he'd kill,
Murdering almost the whole neighborhood,
To get his holiday thrill. (“(Inaho) If Jeff is so insane that all he can think about is how to kill people, why care about the holidays at all?”)

Jeff chuckled maniacally,
Stopping at the first house on the block,
At how upset this town would be,
Boy, would they be in for a shock. (“(Teruki) Oh now you’re just using poor English. Stop fantasizing over a serial killer during your English lessons and maybe you’d stop getting F’s.”)

He could just imagine it,
All of the children on Christmas day,
To see that mommy and daddy,
Were some twisted psychos prey. (“(Miyane) Why would he spare the children? Is it to create more Mary Sues and Gary Stus who try and become insane to get revenge on him? Is this just a cluttered and muddied up backstory to a Mary Sue Jeff the Killer reject?” “(Guardian) Personally, I’m glad he’s at least sparing the children but this also causes confusion. I think he would kill everyone, child or no. It’s sick but it’d be consistent at least.”)

He got out of the car,
And trudged through the snow,
Then he scaled the side of the house,
Up to somebodys window. (“(Tsugi) This author keeps forgetting apostrophes and it’s really frustrating. She knows they exist but she doesn’t seem to know where they go. Ugh…”)

Through the window, he saw the parents,
Dreaming their Christmas dreams,
"It's a little too quiet in there,
Let's see if I can't get 'em to scream." (“(Guardian) Alright, here we go guys~”)

He snuck through the window,
And crouched by the bed,
He withdrew his knife,
And balanced it on daddys head. (“(Teruki) Oh wait, it’s okay. He’s just doing a balancing act using different knives.”)

He poked at daddy dearest,
Who awoke to the face of evil,
The man let out a gasp of fear,
"Yeah. I have that effect on people." (“(Guardian) Author, do the world a favor and stop. You aren’t funny at all.”)

Jeff slammed the knife through his skull,
The mother screamed and tried to run,
But Jeff caught up and gutted her,
He seemed to be having a lot of fun. (“(Teruki) Yeah, no shit. It’s almost like he’s a psychotic serial killer or something.”)

When he was done with the mother,
He wrote his slogan on the wall,
But then he heard little footsteps,
Making there way down the hall. (“(Tsugi) No, that’s not the proper use of their! The version you’re using is pointing out where something is.” “(Inaho) Tsugi, shut up.” “(Tsugi) No! It annoys me!”)

He shot out of the room,
Then he slammed the door,
He couldn't let the child see,
His masterpiece of gore. (“(Guardian) Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard… Yep, Jeff apparently cares about preserving the innocence of children. Oh my fucking god…”)

In the hallway he met,
A young little girl,
With eyes a bright blue,
And hair of blonde curl. (“(Miyane) Oh god, she already has two Mary Sue traits! Quick, contain her and try to get her to behave like a normal person!”)

The girl looked at Jeff,
All dressed in Santas gear,
Her eyes lit up with excitement,
And her voice filled with cheer. (“(Teruki) How does she not see the blood or the fact that “Santa” doesn’t have a big white beard?” “(Inaho) This author wants us to believe that children are morons which is completely false.”)

"Santa! I can't believe it's you!"
This was the best moment of her life,
Then she looked to his side, and asked,
"What are you doing with that knife?" (“(Honami) Is this… Are they ripping off the Grinch? They are, aren’t they?!”)

"It's, uh, for cutting the turkey.
I'm making sure it's fresh for tomorrow."
She glared at the knife again and said,
"I've got a better one for you to borrow." (“(Asuka) *whimper*” “(Miyane) God… This kid knows what knives are and how to get them… What kind of shitty parents does she have?”)

She led him to the kitchen,
And opened up the drawer,
His eyes were fixated on a knife,
That he just couldn't ignore. (“(Miyane) It’s the Mary Sue version of a knife.”)

The monstrous knife with a serrated edge,
Put his bloody weapon to shame,
He pulled it from the drawer thinking,
'This will be better for my reindeer game.' (“(Miyane) I’m not that far off.” “(Tsugi) Please stop with the horribly bad Christmas related stuff.”)

"Will this work for you Santa?
Did I help you out?"
Jeff patted the girls head with praise,
And said "Without a doubt." (“(Honami) And then she became Creepypasta Mary Sue number 259 when she found out what she actually did.”)

He sent the girl back to bed,
And made his way out of the door,
He hopped in his car and continued,
With his night of unspeakable horror. (“(Miyane) Yet you have the courage to write about it, author. How suspicious…”)

From home to home he went,
Having a ball with his slaughter,
Leaving behind a special present,
For every son and every daughter. (“(Guardian) Remember the gory stuff? Yeah, it’s starting. Let me just write something down…”)

The man with the pale face
And a smile that was insane
Carried on with the night
Doing things that weren’t humane

As Guardian Aelita continued
To read this awful trite
She hoped her friend appreciated
Her anger and strife.

By the time he had finished,
He could see the early light of day,
He ditched the costume, got in the car,
And ended his night of horrid play. (“(Miyane) Yes, that was a horrible play of the Night Before Christmas. I want my money back.”)

His first annual Christmas killing,
Was very brutal, I must confess,
But we all know, that in his eyes,
He saw it as his greatest success. (“(Guardian) Narcissist.” “(Honami) Aren’t all killers narcissists by nature?” “(Inaho, Teruki and Tsugi) *glare at Honami*”)

That small town won't be the same,
They will forever live in fear,
Because in the back of their minds, they know,
That he'll do the same thing every year. (“(Asuka) How bored is Jeff?” “(Miyane) Apparently bored enough to target the same exact town each and every year. It must be boring to kill people all the time WHEN YOU’RE A GODDAMN PSYCHO.”)

So, for those of you who live,
In a town of small population,
Be warned and prepare,
For a night of gore and devastation. (“(Guardian) Or just be prepared to shoot whoever comes near your house that looks like a bloody Santa Claus. Or laugh at how stupid this story is and then get drunk on eggnog.”)

Sleep with a gun, lock everything up,
And don't forget this little thriller,
If you don't want to be the next victim,
Of the infamous, Jeff the killer. (“(Honami) *giggles* Infamous is right… Have you seen his original story? It is bad…”)

And that was a thing I did. Hope you appreciated this on the fly extra birthday gift~ Here’s a link to the original if you’re so curious to read it: ... -340775554

Re: World 386

Welcome to yet another one shot from me. This one is going to be a little bit different in that it's actually about Ayame and her newest Pokémon, Michiru the Zangoose. It's also about how Ayame grows to overcome her fear of Zangoose through Michiru or at the very least learns to not fear Michiru. Well, enjoy~


Ayame had been in fear for seven days now. Ever since the Zangoose appeared in the Safari Zone and ever since Ayame caught her, Ayame kept on feeling the same fear every single day. She refused to leave her home in Cherrygrove at all whenever Michiru the Zangoose was in her team. She knew her parents were looking at her with sympathy in her eyes. She knew that her original team was concerned for her in a number of different ways. She knew the babies were really confused as to why their trainer was so scared of what was considered to be their den mother. Most of all, she understood that this was harming her Zangoose most of all. Ayame had seen the way the Zangoose had looked at her whenever Ayame flinched in fear; there was a clear as day pain in her eyes as well as a faint desire to know what was going on in her trainer’s head. However, Ayame was just too scared to move forward with the Zangoose constantly wanting to help her out so no progress was getting made. All that was happening was Baboa calling her to update the Safari Zone and constantly trying to make the babies get stronger and stronger. The SS Anne was still waiting to sail the shores for Ayame to take a new challenge in the Kanto region.

It was Idate’s idea from the start. None of the original team wanted to go through with it but they were all tired of seeing Ayame and Michiru in pain. Idate turned to his friends who were all looking over at them. Hamuko spoke up first, incredibly worried for her surrogate daughter.
“Idate-kun, are you sure about this?? Ayame-chan is really scared of Zangoose, you know. If we do something this extreme, who knows what could happen.”
Idate sighed at Hamuko’s concerned voice.
“I know, Hamu. But… I’m sick of seeing Aya and Michu being hurt. I want everyone to get along for Kanto and I want everyone to have a chance to shine. Maybe I’m stupid for wanting it but I don’t care. Aya deserves to be happy and Michu deserves a chance to redeem herself.”
Reido was silent as ever while Miura grinned.
“I personally enjoy this idea quite a lot~ It will give Ayame a lot of time to get to know the Zangoose and see the exact same thing that we’ve always known; that the Zangoose isn’t bad at all. Besides, Ayame should overcome her fears in one way or another or at least see that not every Zangoose is the same as that bastard that attacked and scarred her.”
The other Pokemon nodded slowly in agreement. This would be for Ayame’s benefit. Whether Ayame would see it or not was uncertain for now but they had to at least try.

Ayame slowly woke up from her slumber. She had rented a hotel room in Goldenrod since she didn’t want to bother her parents with screams anymore. Looking around, she only saw Michiru’s Safari Ball on the desk and a note. Confused, Ayame read the note.
Dear Ayame,
This is Miura writing this. Sorry but we’re tired of seeing you be so afraid of Michiru. Michiru’s not a bad Zangoose but your trauma is making you unable to see this. We don’t want to be disobedient but you leave us no choice. All of us are taking the babies and going over to Blackthorn City to train them. Right now, you would probably be too scared to even train them correctly so one of us will go into the PokeChanger and train them up. In the meantime, walk around with Michiru and try to have fun with her.
Your other family
Ayame flinched and worriedly sighed. Her team may have their hearts in the right place but Ayame was too scared to move forward. Still, she really didn’t have much of a choice. She took Michiru to the Pokemon Center and placed her in the PokeChanger. After five minutes, a beautiful girl with white hair, darker skin and glowing red eyes emerged from the machine. She was wearing a long white tunic with red trim, white pants, white boots and red gloves. Michiru looked around until she saw Ayame who despite still having some fear was much more relaxed than before. Ayame then handed Michiru the note wordlessly who read it and sighed.
“We’re in quite the predicament huh, Trainer? Well, there’s not much we can actually do to avoid this so… let’s go to the Game Corner first.”
Ayame blinked. She expected the Zangoose to hate her for shutting her out but she noticed Michiru seemed really happy to be alone with Ayame. Maybe this was what Michiru wanted all of this time. Ayame just slowly nodded and went over to the Game Corner to play the game. Michiru watched Ayame play and get really into figuring out where every multiplier was so she could get a huge amount of coins. Ayame would fail multiple times but every time, Michiru would grin and clap for her getting this far anyway. The scarred girl would offer a shy smile in return and continue to play the game. Eventually, they got bored and left the corner. Michiru grinned over at Ayame.
“Trainer, what do you want to do next?”
Ayame flinched.
“U-Um… I-I… I want to go the department store.”
“Department store it is! Let’s get going.”
Michiru then walked over to the Goldenrod department store with Ayame trailing behind her. The two browsed around the sections for hours and Ayame was slowly but surely getting better with the interactions. They decided to end their shopping at the Daily Drawing.
“Congrats, Miss Ayame! You won the number two prize~”
Ayame was then handed a Nest Ball. Michiru grinned widely at Ayame.
“Hey, Ayame? When we’re done in Goldenrod, let’s go to your home and fish. I wanna help you catch something.”
“O-Okay... Where should we go next?”
“Hm… I’m kinda hungry for some Aprijuice I keep hearing on the radio.”
“Y-You listen to the radio, Michiru??”
“Of course. I like to hear the music on there but sometimes I’ll hear this commercial for Aprijuice and I really want to try some and watch one of the relays.”
“W-Well… I’ve never been to one of the relays but I want to see one too.”
Michiru grin got wider. Finally she was getting somewhere with her trainer! Maybe now she can stop being so afraid. Michiru and Ayame then walked over to the Pokeathalon dome. Ayame stared up at the dome before Michiru called her over.
“Hey, trainer! Which Aprijuice should I get?”
Ayame checked out Michiru’s stats and looked at the blenders. “Try the power juice, Michiru… I think you can get stronger.”
Michiru bought herself one power Aprijuice and walked over to Ayame.
“Hey, trainer? Can you try a sip?”
Ayame looked over at Michiru, confused.
“E-Eh…? O-Okay.”
After one sip, she coughed. Michiru panicked and rubbed Ayame’s back. Ayame backed away from the touch as soon as she felt it. Michiru’s heart twisted but she sighed.
“Sorry… I guess this stuff isn’t meant for humans.”
Ayame nodded slowly and watched Michiru drink a sip herself.
“This stuff is pretty good to a Pokemon. Come on! The speed relay’s about to start.”
Ayame nodded quickly and ran in with Michiru. The competition started and both girls cheered for the lass with a Sunkern, Pichu and Eevee. Michiru was drinking her Aprijuice while Ayame enjoyed some cotton candy instead. By the end, the lass won but it was a really close call. Both girls had finished their treats by then.
“Trainer? Did my stats go up?”
Ayame checked.
“Well, your power is now at five stars and the stars are much bigger.”
“Yes! Maybe I can participate in the power relay at some point!”
Ayame giggled, feeling more at ease.
“Michiru? Um… Before we go home, can I walk around the National Park? I like looking at all the flowers there…”
Michiru slowly nodded as Ayame went to the park. She turned off the running shoes and walked with Michiru. It was a silent walk at first until Michiru spoke up.
“Trainer, I have a small question… Why do you hate me?”
This startled Ayame.
“H-Hate you? I don’t hate you at all. You’re really nice to me. It’s just…”
“Just…? Please say it. I don’t like looking at you flinch away from me every single time I try to talk to you.”
Ayame wearily sighed.
“I know and it’s incredibly unfair to you. I… I have a small story to tell you.”
Ayame then told Michiru everything that happened in her childhood that led to her being terrified of Zangoose completely. After a while, Michiru softened completely and hugged Ayame tightly.
“Trainer… I’m really sorry about what my species did to you but I don’t want to hurt you at all. All I’ve ever wanted to do was help you get better and help you improve your skills as a trainer and if you keep denying me that chance, I’ll always feel lonely and unable to help. So please, give me one chance to prove myself. I promise that you won’t regret it at all…”
Ayame was silent for a while before nodding.
“O-Okay… I’ll give you this chance… We’ll catch a Pokemon together with this Nest Ball and I’ll see if you’re a good Pokemon or not.”
Michiru smiled.
“Thanks, Trainer. You won’t regret it.”
With that, the two walked back to New Bark Town and Ayame soon started to fish. Soon enough, a wild Chinchou appeared. The Chinchou moved first by confusing the Zangoose via confuse ray. Ayame looked panicked but Michiru avoided hurting Ayame and instead landed a false swipe on the Chinchou. Ayame then threw the nest ball at the water electric type Pokemon. One… two… three… The female Chinchou was caught. With a grin, Ayame named her Rin. Michiru then snapped out of confusion and cheered happily. Ayame smiled back warmly and shakily hugged Michiru who hugged back with her claws. Ayame then went to professor Elm to heal Rin as Michiru fidgeted somewhat.
“What is it, Michiru??”
Michiru then grinned and handed Ayame a small orange flower, putting it in her hair. Michiru seemed proud of herself. Ayame felt happy tears appear in the corners of her eyes as she hugged the Zangoose. Finally, she understood that Michiru never wanted to harm her at all.
“Michiru, I’m sorry for hurting you all of this time. From now on… I’m putting you on my team. I won’t be afraid of you anymore… Thank you for showing me how kind you truly are…”
Michiru nodded and hugged back happily as Ayame cried. The two then felt sleepy. As Ayame and Michiru had dinner with Ayame’s parents, they noticed that Ayame seemed more attached to the Zangoose. They were both really proud of her daughter for finding the strength to accept all kinds of Pokemon and hoped that she could continue to move forward. When the night came, Ayame got into bed and fell asleep with the Zangoose curled up next to her.

Re: World 386

Welp, this is what happens when you feel inspired after playing a video game for a few hours. The story doesn't have a title and I'm not sure if this is an AU or not but I felt like writing a thing. So I wrote a thing. Enjoy.

During the years of the 17th century, multiple royal families existed in the world of Falactae. Two of these families were the Kirigaya family and the Sakuraba family. These two families were at war with each other for quite some time. Multiple lives have been claimed to this war and it got to the point where something needed to be done. One day, a decision had been made; the heirs of the Kirigaya and the Sakuraba family were to marry in order for peace to be obtained. However, the heirs could not stand each other and wanted to avoid marriage as much as possible. This was the tale of how the two managed to avoid their fates.
Shiki Sakuraba sat alone on his throne, sighing heavily to himself. He had earlier taken a huge gambit that nearly cost the family their heads. He had challenged them by holding a ball on his eighteenth birthday to determine if he could fall in love with someone else. However, the prince had a reputation built upon him that he was cold hearted and only defiled women; never truly falling for them. The irritating rumor started from Sayaka Kirigaya; he was almost certain of that. Though his rather crass and rude nature towards people didn’t help his side of the story. The man glanced over at his guards and slowly nodded as he started to dress in a tuxedo. He needed to look his best for the ball. Besides, falling in love can’t possibly be that hard… he hoped.
Meanwhile, deep in the streets, a girl with messy purple hair, grey eyes and dressed in rags was begging for money. She had lived in the streets for quite some time and was used to being ignored. However, she noticed that everyone was feverous about the ball that was coming up. Mukumi had never been a fan of balls, however this one seemed interesting. It was only brewed as a challenge against the Kirigaya family so that Shiki Sakuraba could get out of his arranged marriage to Sayaka Kirigaya. She snickered to herself as she recalled the gossip by the people who passed by the corner on how much the two hated each other. Part of her was somewhat curious about the prince. Alas, she could not go to the ball. She never received an invitation as peasants weren’t considered to be people at the time. Just filthy rats who people sometimes pitied. However, Mukumi was interrupted by the frantic footsteps of someone who considered Mukumi to be a person. Grey eyes locked on to frantic sapphire ones as Megumi Otonashi spoke in a rushed tone of voice.
“Muku! Kaneko’s fallen ill. The plague finally got to her.”
That made Mukumi grow pale. Kaneko was one of Mukumi’s greatest friends. They met one day when the winter was far too cold for Mukumi. She knocked on the door to Kaneko’s house and she graciously let her inside. After that, Mukumi became close to Kaneko, Megumi and their father. They had offered to make her part of their family for a long time, however Mukumi declined every time. She felt that she only belonged on the streets. However, lately she had been staying for longer periods of time due to Kaneko’s frail health. Her father and sister felt it was a matter of time before the recent plague reached her. Now, it finally has. Mukumi finally caught up to the house and was gasping for air as Kaneko coughed while her father was holding her hand.
Mukumi approached the sickly girl. Kaneko’s brown eyes lit up a little.
“Mukumi… I want you to listen to me…”
The street rat nodded slowly to her.
“I want you to go to the Moonlight Ball.”
Mukumi was puzzled.
“Kaneko, I was never invited to go.”
“But I was and now I can’t go… It sounds bad now but I want you to go instead. It wouldn’t be fun if I just kept the invitation all to myself.”
“Still… I get nervous around big crowds and I’m probably a clumsy dancer…”
“Even so, there’s still a lot of fun to be had there. Besides, it’s a masked ball… No one will notice that you live on the streets. Besides, maybe you can meet and fall in love with the prince.”
She winced at Kaneko’s statement.
“Are you positive on this, Kaneko? You have heard the rumors about the prince? On how he sleeps around with multiple women and regards everyone that isn’t royalty as filth. Do you really wish for me to love a man like that?”
Truth be told, Mukumi always found those rumors to be based on pure stupidity. Women were held in high regard as well as men. They weren’t allowed to work but their opinions still mattered in this country. Certainly, someone of royalty had to have known this. However, Mukumi still held a low opinion of herself and felt that someone of royal blood couldn’t love a mere street rat like her. However, Kaneko’s eyes were pleading to Mukumi. The girl sighed heavily and agreed to go. It was just for one night anyway and then Mukumi could make Kaneko feel less guilty.
The ball was rather uneventful for Shiki. He looked over at the women and mentally groaned to himself. Most of the women had tried too hard to somehow please him and those who did look pretty had ugly personality traits. At this rate, he would end up losing the bet to the Kirigaya family and he and Sayaka would be doomed to a horrific fate. Just as he was ready to crawl into his chambers and pray that no one noticed him, he noticed that the Otonashi girls had arrived. He had recognized Megumi instantly. She could do if no one else caught his eye. However, as the thought crossed his mind, he saw a beautiful purple haired girl. Her hair was tied to the right side and held up by a star covered blue ribbon. She wore a blue dress with a purple petticoat that went to the floor along with light blue gloves and heels. She seemed rather beautiful to say the least. However, so did the other women who caught his attention and they ended up being horrid people. He watched carefully as the purple haired girl motioned for Megumi to have fun before finding a corner and staying there. The girl seemed rather nervous about the situation. Frowning a little, he approached the purple haired girl.
“A corner is no such place for a lady who wishes to dance.”
She seemed somewhat startled and glanced up at Shiki.
“I had to want to dance first.”
“You do not wish to be here?”
“Well… I do want to be here but at the same time I don’t. I want to be here to try and have fun. Then I remembered that I don’t like huge crowds.”
“I see… Perhaps we can move over to the royal garden then.”
“Yeah… That’d be nice.”
Shiki led the maiden out of the party and into the field of flowers.
“Do you feel a little more comfortable?”
“I do. Thank you, sir. So, would you happen to be the prince?”
A feeling of dread emerged in him as he sighed heavily.
Mukumi smiled a little.
“Oh, that’s pretty cool. So, how do you like being royalty?”
Shiki blinked. That certainly was not the answer he had expected. She was treating him as if he were any other man. Normally, his guards would be calling out this woman for treason but after every single woman practically sucking up to the male, he found himself grateful for her actions towards him.
“Well, it’s not quite as I expected. I enjoy some parts of it however it’s mostly about customs and reputations.”
“Hence why people wanted you to marry the Kirigaya heir, right?”
“Please don’t remind me of that brute of a woman.”
“Heh… Has anyone caught your eye yet?”
“The women who did only prove to be nothing more but power hungry harlots. You seem different though.”
“Well, you helped me be more comfortable so I’m trying to do the same for you.”
“It’s working.”
The male smiled at the female. The two then talked for hours on end and ended up learning more and more about each other. From parents to pets to fears to desires to even likes and dislikes. The two soon ended up laughing over a joke made over Sayaka and how she pranked Shiki.
“Hee-hee~ You know, for a brutish man who sees only women as objects, you have quite the silver tongue.”
“And you may say that you’re nothing more than a street rat, yet you are more angelic than I anticipated.”
She blushed a little. Shiki smirked a little to himself. He found the blush… cute. It was something he hadn’t seen from her.
“Thank you… Oh! We have yet to dance.”
Shiki blinked and realized the same thing. However, the second he did, Mukumi seemed to get second thoughts. He took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.
“I’ll be beside you every step of the way so there’s no reason to fear. If you still feel uncomfortable, think of it as if we are the only people who are inside of that building.”
Mukumi nodded slowly.
“Alright… Well, then hopefully my dancing is satisfactory.”
“I’m sure it will be.”
With that, Shiki led the purple haired girl into the ballroom. The crowd stared at them. The girl shivered slightly however Shiki acted first and held her close to him. She in turn got into position for a waltz. The two soon began to dance slowly to match the song. A few seconds of silence passed until Mukumi heard Shiki chuckle.
“You lied earlier when you said you did not know how to dance.”
“I wasn’t lying though. You’re the one who’s amazing at it. Anyone would have their dancing skills improved if you were their partner.”
“Well, your moves are angelic nonetheless.”
“Thank you very much.”
He noticed that she still seemed slightly stressed so Shiki nuzzled into her hair a little.
“Was that too uncomfortable?”
“No… My mother used to do this to calm me down all the time…”
“I see… Well, I’m glad I managed to help you feel better.”
Her smile came back as the dance continued.
“… You know, it occurs to me that you don’t know my name.”
“Ah, right. You never told me, fair maiden.”
“Fair street rat is more like it.”
“You degrade yourself too much. Now, may I have your name?”
“… It’s Mukumi.”
“Mukumi… Quite the lovely name.”
“Why thank you~ Shiki’s a handsome name as well.”
The two shared a small laugh.
“Hey, Shiki? I’m a little sad that this has to end when the ball ends.”
“… Who said it had to end?”
Before Mukumi could question him, Shiki’s lips met hers. Her eyes widened a little but she melted into the kiss. The surrounding people soon clapped for the two as they broke apart for air.
“… I take it that I’m going to be the bride of the Sakuraba heir then?”
“What gave that away?”
The two grinned and nuzzled each other happily. It was a rather brief night of the two knowing each other, but the night felt magical to them.

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This post is something different. Earlier today, I asked Sai to draw me something and in return, I'd write a drabble for him. So, here it is. I don't have a title but I hope I did a good enough job. It features a certain group and their respective girlfriends. XD

The three girls all collapsed onto their respective chairs in the student council room. All three of them had a really rough day. Ordinarily, they’d be trying and failing to get homework done due to a snark war but none of them felt up to even that. There were five minutes of silence, save for the occasional grumbling of how shit their day was. Sayaka was the first to speak up.
“So, how bad was it, Tachibana?”
Ritsuko groaned a little and spoke up,
“I guess my day was the least terrible but it was still bad. Someone thought it would be a great idea to vandalize the school campus with spray paint. They got punished for it but I feel really awful.”
Sayaka raised an eyebrow at her cousin so Ritsuko had to speak up.
“Well… Asuka started learning how to draw and she said she had a surprise for me on one of the campus walls. I figured I could take a picture of her drawing but it was all covered in spray paint. I don’t know how I’m going to apologize”
Sayaka sighed.
“You have to stop coddling her.”
Hideki spoke up from a corner.
“You’re just mad at her since she bit you that one time.”
Sayaka narrowed her eyes at Hideki.
“You’d be mad too if some crazy person bit you.”
“She’s not crazy! She’s just feral. She’s not like you or me…”
Ritsuko spoke up to defend her kind of girlfriend. She then spoke to Hideki.
“How about you?”
“Well, the clones decided it would be a great idea to not only proclaim their dominance on me through flooding my locker with love letters but now I’m in deep shit with my math teacher due to the clones deciding that any grade I get on a test has to be perfect. They threatened him with blackmail in order for me to get a good grade and now I have to convince him that I wasn’t responsible for their stupid actions.”
Sayaka sighed.
“Jesus, those bitches can be annoying. Why can’t you just show off your girlfriend?”
“I will when you show off yours.”
Sayaka went pale at the implication of Miyane and placed her head on her arms. She then cursed and got up, rubbing her bruised forehead. Ritsuko was the first to react.
“Are you okay? You look like you got run over by a truck.”
“Funny, I feel that way too. Some group of seniors got cocky and decided that I couldn’t take on a group of five all at once. They were half right. I knocked two out but three of them got the jump on me so now I have a ton of injuries I have to explain to Miyane. God, I just know she’s going to want to murder everyone in this school.”
Hideki mimed shivering.
“Can I move to Unova then? I don’t want to be there when the Miyane Massacre of 2015 starts.”
Sayaka let out a dry laugh as the bell rang. The three girls sighed. It was time to face the music.
Sayaka arrived home. Luckily enough she was able to get the day off due to her injuries. Miyane was understanding about it but the look in her eyes when she dismissed Sayaka told her that Miyane was going to confront her about it later. Sayaka spent her day like a normal weekend day; get some bits of homework done, mostly play her RPG, troll that bastard Shiki for a while and munch on the occasional sweet every now and then. Soon, she heard the door unlock and open. She glanced over and saw Miyane walk inside, stone faced. Sayaka sighed and logged off.
“So, who did it, Sayaka?”
Sayaka blinked.
“Nothing. These bruises must have been from last night-“
“I’m not like those idiots at school. I know for a fact I didn’t give you a black eye or those bruises on your legs. Now who was it?”
Sayaka sighed. Of course nothing would get by her girlfriend.
“If you must know, some seniors decided to beat me up today because I insulted their pride.”
“I’m going to kill them.”
“Miyane, no. You can’t.”
“And why not? No one will miss them and I’ve learned how to hide bodies.”
“From where, Death and Consequences? Everyone knows that series is fake. Look, those guys aren’t worth being thrown in jail.”
“They’re worth it to me. They hurt you, Sayaka…”
Sayaka collapsed on the couch. Ayaka’s shiny head popped up from beside the couch and she worriedly cooed at Sayaka. Sayaka weakly rubbed at the Tyrunt’s big head.
“Look, I’m right there with you on the murderous rage thing but I don’t want you going to jail. You still have a hell of a life ahead of you. Meanwhile, I-“
Miyane cut off Sayaka with a raise of her hand.
“You have a life out there too, you know. You have more potential than anyone I know. You’ve repaired technology so many times. Sure it seems boring but we need people like you around. More importantly, I need you. You help me keep calm and help me out with so much stress. You’re important, Sayaka.”
Sayaka felt her face heat up.
“W-Wow… That’s a little bold of you.”
Miyane smiled.
“I had it saved up for our anniversary but I guess now will do.”
Miyane then stood up and kissed Sayaka’s forehead.
“Now get to bed. I’ll make you some dinner and patch you up.”
Sayaka nodded and flashed Miyane a rare smile as she walked up stairs. Ayaka followed her mother up the stairs and Sayaka carefully lifted the Tyrunt up to carry her a little. Miyane soon called up to Sayaka.
“Oh, and no punishment tonight! You suffered enough for one day.”
Sayaka mentally celebrated her victory in that aspect before climbing into bed and anticipating Miyane’s cooking.
Ritsuko came home and saw that Asuka was playing with the small Lillipup they rescued a while ago. She felt her mind race as she slowly snuck away. Maybe Asuka forgot the drawing or maybe she wouldn’t ask her about her day or-
“Mama home.”
Dammit… Ritsuko sighed and turned to see Asuka smiling at her.
“Y-Yeah, I’m home, Asuka.”
“Welcome. Mama see picture?”
Ritsuko froze a bit.
This was bad. This was really bad… Asuka looked at Ritsuko while Ritsuko scrambled to come up with an excuse.
“Asuka… I appreciate-“
“What mean?”
“I-I liked that you drew for me… but, it’s not good to draw on the school walls…”
“But draw on concrete is fine.”
“That’s on our home. Some places are pretty on their own and while your drawing might be nice, the school is pretty too. So, you shouldn’t draw on it.”
Asuka frowned a little.
“Okay… Still see it?”
Ritsuko froze again.
“Well… The thing is…”
Asuka tilted her head.
“I kind of didn’t…? It wasn’t my fault though! Some of the students decided to draw on the walls with paint which is harder to come off than the chalk I gave you. Still, I really, really wanted to see the drawing, don’t get me wrong. It’s just-“
Ritsuko continued to babble as Asuka found a paper and drew on it. She then tapped Ritsuko to stop her and handed it over to her.
“Now you see drawing.”
Ritsuko’s hands trembled as she looked at the drawing. It was scribbly but it seemed to be a picture of Ritsuko and Asuka holding hands while they smiled at each other. Underneath, she saw “Love you, Mama” was written underneath.
Asuka smiled proudly as Ritsuko hugged her.
“I love it, Asuka. I love you too.”
Asuka smiled and hugged her. Ritsuko sighed. Even if Asuka didn’t understand how much Ritsuko loved her yet, she still felt that Asuka felt the same as her. They then let go of each other when Asuka yawned.
“Did you not get much sleep, Asuka?”
Asuka nodded.
“Well, go take a bath and then come downstairs for some dinner. Then we’ll get some sleep early tonight.”
Asuka gave Ritsuko a friendly kiss on the cheek and walked upstairs to take a bath. Ritsuko sighed softly and smiled as she prepared dinner for her feral girl.
Hideki opened the door and heard Honami crying. Her eyes widened as she flew into panic mode. She dashed through the house.
“Honami?! Honami, are you okay?!”
She got to the living room and saw Honami crying with her Treecko over a cheesy romance flick.
“Hideki-chan… He loved her so much and he still had to go…”
Hideki weakly laughed in relief. She then sat beside her girlfriend.
“You really scared me back there, you know? I heard crying and I thought something bad had happened to you.”
“It’s okay, just don’t scare me like that.”
Hideki kissed Honami’s forehead gently. The action caused Honami to lighten up.
“How was your day, Hideki-chan?”
Hideki sighed.
“Not that good. Do you remember those girls I keep telling you about?”
Honami soon sat up and started to massage Hideki.
“Uh-huh… Did they do something to hurt you?”
“Well, they hurt my reputation. I got a perfect score on my Math test.”
“That’s good. But, I didn’t see you study for it.”
“That’s the problem. Those girls blackmailed the teacher to give me a perfect score. Now he thinks I set them up to do that when you know I don’t even like talking about them much less to them.”
Honami frowned a little.
“That is pretty bad… Why don’t you tell them that you didn’t do it?”
“He wouldn’t believe me at all.”
“Unless you have witnesses that can defend you. Plus, Akise has a lot of cameras. They can show that you weren’t anywhere near them.”
Hideki smiled weakly.
“Thanks, Honami. Ugh, school has been really stressful lately.”
“I can tell… Well…”
Hideki curiously looked up at Honami.
“Think of me as a safe haven, okay? I’ll try to be as cheerful as I can around you and make life a little bit easier for you so that way you won’t be so stressed.”
Honami smiled widely as Hideki nuzzled him.
“I’m holding you to that, you know. Still, thanks for the offer.”
“Of course. I love you too much to let you get too stressed, Hideki-chan.”
“Heh, I love you too, Honami.”
The two girls shared a kiss before cuddling up together and watching anime. Hideki did feel a lot better being around someone she genuinely loved. In fact, Hideki, Ritsuko and Sayaka all felt much better despite the day being bad. It really did go to show how being around someone you loved makes the entire day feel so much better.

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I got inspired by Sai and needed to take out some rage. So, let’s take a Pokémon OC story that absolutely no one knew would be good and rip it apart. I have three guests with me today. Amaya Okinawa; the socially awkward vigilante, Saori Otonashi; the Pokémon trainer who once lived in a basement, Ayame Kotomine; a scarred Pokémon trainer who has a fear of the color red and Ibari Yamaoka; a girl from the girl idol group MASORI who loves taking photographs. We have our players, so let’s get this shit started. The title of it is called Atlas Obscura. I won’t say the author’s name but oh god is it a doozy. Let’s deal with chapter one.

Chapter 1: how it all begins part 1

Chapter 1 how it all begins part 1

“Child of light you sure you’re sure you want to do this?” “I’m fine arceus just a little worried it’s been so long since I saw the others and… him I’m just worried how they react when they see me” I said as I straightened out my wings (still haven’t gotten used to them) (Disclaimer: Almost half of the “I”s that are mentioned in the story are lower case and since I can’t copy and paste from, I can’t exactly capture the awfulness of that blatant mistake. Luckily enough for me, the grammar of the fucking paragraph is enough to show that this child really has no clue how to write. Speaking of which…) (“(All five) … *stunned silence*” “(Guardian) … FIRST… FEW… PARAGRAPHS…” “(Saori) First of all, I believe that all of us can read the chapter, author. There’s no real need to post the same chapter number and name of the chapter twice.” “(Amaya) Arceus isn’t capitalized, the run on sentences are atrocious and I highly doubt the author even knew what commas looked like.” “(Ibari) Also, why the hell does she have wings?! How does she know Arceus?! Why are they talking like they’re good friends?! Who does she want to see?! How did it take you this little to establish that you’re going to be either an angel or a Sue by the end of this story?!” “(Ayame) Guys, I’m scared… Are all Pokémon stories like this…?”)

Hey there my names Madoka now you’re probably the heck I have wings or why im talking to arceus, It’s a long story but I got plenty of time. (“(Ibari) I don’t.” “(Amaya) Please for the love of Arceus himself, proofread your story. Seriously, im? “You’re probably the heck I have wings”? No one should ever talk like this.” “(Guardian) Madoka and she has wings… Ahahahahaha~! *breaks down sobbing*”)

When I was 7, I decided I still had not decided whether I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer or a pokemon coordinator. (“(Ayame) W-Well, not everyone can decide on their life goals at age seven…”) When I was a bit more grown up, and when I had started Pokemon school, I decided that I didn’t want to be like any old trainer. I wanted to be special, important or maybe… I don’t know but didn’t want to be like everyone elese. (“(Amaya) Elese… Elesa’s younger Mary Sue twin sister.” “(Ibari) Oh god, what if she tries to take away Gai-kun?! We know how hopeless Shigeru-kun is with Elesa, what if Gai-kun ends up being just as hopeless with Elese?!” “(Amaya) Calm down, it’s a joke.”)

But… Since I really wasn’t special, (“(Saori) Aw, but don’t you see, Madoka-chan? You are special~ You’re a goddamn special snowflake~ I nearly gagged…”) this meant that my Pokemon had to be. That initially got the ball rolling. I could go out and search for the rarest, most valuable Pokemon I could think of but in reality I knew that it would be a poor thing to waste my time on. (“(Guardian) No that would make for a highly interesting story. Also an unrealistic one at that. Seriously, no one lets you go in the tall grass unless you have a Pokémon with you. The games tell you that, most of the trainers already know that but nope. You want to be special and have a special Pokémon by your side. So does every trainer but that doesn’t happen.”) So I was smart, for once in my life and would pick a regular Pokemon to be my starter, and just train the heck until it became special and strong and amazing things I could never dream to be (“(Saori) YOU HAVE WINGS. HOW DO YOU NOT CLASSIFY YOURSELF AS SPECIAL?”)

I spent most of my day thinking of what starter Pokemon I should pick. I didn’t know what species it would be, (“(Amaya) Grass type, Water type or Fire type. You only have those choices whenever you receive a Pokémon from the professor. It’s not always the same in some cases but they get their Pokémon through Mary Sue means so…”) but it would be strong , to say the least. (“(Ayame) T-That’s really insulting… Each and every Pokémon have their own strengths and weaknesses. I-I wouldn’t use every single one of them but they all have their own uses…”) I didn’t want any old starter Pokemon, to be sure, but I needed something that would be easy to train. (“(Guardian) Spoiler alert for the next chapter; she gets a Mudkip for her starter. Now you get to understand our frustration at her inability to choose later on.”) Eventually, as I aged, I stopped building up my Pokemon and instead concentrated on deciding what kind it ought to be.

I visited the library every day in search of a species, and then proceeded to research those I deemed ‘interesting’ on my own. (“(Ayame) T-That’s really insulting!” “(Amaya) Yeah, it’s okay to have favorites among other Pokemon but if this chick really wants a Pokemon that damn badly, any single one of them would do!”) Occasionally I would ask either of my parents about them, too.

“Mom, I want a mew.” She nearly choked on the coffee she’d been drinking as she spat it out. (“(All five) *frustrated sighs and facepalms*”)

I gave up wanting a mew after that. (“(Ibari) Good thing her mother has common sense. At least she doesn’t get a Mew for a starter after that… But what does she think her parents are made of? Is she so spoiled that she thinks her parents can go out and just capture a legendary? There’s only one Master Ball, honey and it won’t be wasted on your desires.”)

I made a list, so to speak, and whittled it down as I approached my tenth birthday. After several questions, such as the one above, my parents helped with this. They occasionally suggested, after shooting down one of mine a Pokemon. “How about a nice skitty? They’re cute, and safe.” I wasn’t pleased with their selection. (“(Guardian) *hears a Skitty sniffling in the background* Yeah, congratulations kid. You made Kiyori and all other Skittys in the world cry. I hope you’re proud of yourself.”)

“Can I have a milotic?” (“(Amaya) That’s about as bad as wanting a Mew for a starter! What’s next? Larvitar??”)

“That would be a febas first. Why don’t you want something like a sneasel?” (“(Ayame) *small whimpers*” “(Saori) It’s okay, Ayame… The Sneasel won’t hurt you.” “(Ayame) *small but deep breath* O-Okay… But yes, u-unless you were doing a randomizer like I heard some trainers tend to do, you would have to have a Feebas first in order to get a Milotic… T-Then you would have to raise up their beauty level in order to get the Milotic…”)

I didn’t want a sneasel because they were dark, creepy little things, and they reminded me too much of my crazy guy with a chainsaw in a horror movie I watched before. (“(Saori) Sneasels primarily have claws on their hands and they somehow remind her of a crazy man with a chainsaw… I see absolutely no flaws in that logic~”)

“I want an absoul.” (“(Guardian) What?! Okay, so you didn’t want the Sneasel because it’s creepy and dark but Absol is also a dark type! Also, did you not see the giant red flag when it was called the DISASTER Pokemon?!”)

“Those are too dangerous for trainers to start with. It could hurt you.” (“(Amaya) Thank you parents for having common sense. Seriously, what’s wrong with just getting a normal starter at the lab?”)

“some kids at school start out with them.” (“(Ibari) What kind of parent lets their child start out with a freaking Absol for a starter?!”)

“Not often.”

My list was growing smaller as the day of my birthday grew nearer. In a way, I was able to appreciate this fortune, since it meant I had less to choose from. But it also meant just that- I had less to choose from! (“(Amaya) You had less to fantasize over. Just stick with a choice of the normal starters already…”)

“How about a magmar ? Those are pretty cool.” (“(Saori) And it’s also got a body temperature of 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit so good luck hugging the damn things.”)

“Why not a nice Pikachu?”

My parents (dad especially) seemed bent on giving me a very lame starter. (“(Ayame) Y-You really are mean… Every Pokemon has potential… Plus, Pikachu is the mascot so you should be happy they’re offering a chance to get you one…”)

“A Ditto? This way, it can turn into any safe Pokemon you want.” (“(Guardian) Now that’s actually an interesting idea. Having your starter as a Ditto could mean a lot of good things.”)

“Yeah, and you wouldn’t choose any of those.”

Then, all at once, it was my eleventh birthday. Unlike many of my friends, I didn’t get a starter as a gift- mostly because I hadn’t decided on one. I was fine with this. If anything, it made me more excited. I announced my desire to start on my journey, and my parents gently rebuffed me. They said I needed more preparation- and, of course, to pick out a starter. I could see the logic in this at first, so I was content to wait and think. (“(Amaya) Considering that your previous choices for starters were Mew and Milotic, be prepared to wait for a long time.”)

“A dragon Pokemon, that would be awesome!”

“They’re expensive,Madoka. Why not something that’s less violent?” (“(All five) WHAT?!” “(Guardian) Okay, outside of the very few times where you could buy yourself a Pokemon from some random stranger and the game corner, I don’t think the Pokemart just sells Pokemon like that!” “(Ibari) Also, Dragon Pokemon really are expensive if you’re going in the game corner and some regions don’t even have game corners. Also, where exactly are you anyway? You never established this.”)

“An Ekans?”

“It could bite you!” (“(Ayame) S-So can any Pokemon with fangs… Just like any Pokemon with claws can claw you… I-I understand their fear though. I remembered that when I was recovering from my trauma of all Pokemon and getting clawed at by a Zangoose, I was really hesitant to choose any kind of Pokemon in fear that they would hurt me… B-But, I’m glad I managed to push it down for the most part… I-I got to have my first friend, Idate and so many other friends who want to help me a-and my first love, Johann… I-I feel really grateful for all the trouble…”)

As the months slowly passed, I was beginning to sense that my parents weren’t exactly keen on letting me go.

“Can you two just draw up a list of the Pokemon I can have? I’ll pick from that!”

“That would be very difficult to do. Can’t you decide on your own?” (“(Amaya) Your daughter wanted a Mew as her starter Pokemon. I think it’s time you made up a list for her.”)

Every time I suggested a Pokemon, however, either my mom or my dad would have some reason I couldn’t have it. By then, I was more than frustrated. Especially because I was now over ten and a half; (“(Ibari) Wait, weren’t you eleven? You said it was your eleventh birthday a few paragraphs ago so what happened there?”) soon, I would be eleven when I started training! Almost all of my friends were already off training, even a couple of the younger ones, and my parents were bent on keeping me at home for the rest of my life. (“(Guardian) Well, some people aren’t meant to be Pokemon trainers. Bianca’s story from Black and White was literally a journey of self-discovery. Sure, she wanted to become a strong trainer to prove herself to her overbearing father, but eventually, she decided that she couldn’t be as strong as Cheren or the player character. So, she decided to become Professor Juniper’s assistant instead. Hell, one of my own characters nearly drowned due to her own cockiness and because she got saved, she stopped her Pokemon journey and went to become a police officer. Sure, we all have dreams and expectations in our lives but sometimes we can’t exactly fulfill those dreams. It’s about knowing your limits and your parents are in the right for keeping you away from Pokemon.”)

Then, it was two days before my eleventh birthday. I was getting my things together to run away at least my parents had been helpful in preparing material things for my journey. I was fully intent on it, too. I wasn’t sure how I would get my Pokemon, but I would, and we would make an amazing team. (“(Amaya) Wow… I have no words…” “(Saori) Let’s just shit on the advice your parents gave you and go into the wild without protection. I don’t see how anything could possibly go wrong!!”)

That was part of my plan, in fact I would be the best trainer or coordinator (still haven’t decided yet) ever with only one Pokemon. It sounded fine If I only had one, I could spend all of my time training with that one, right? I could concentrate solely on it, and build up its strength until it could overpower any weakness it might have had. (“(Ayame) U-Um… I-I had this mindset too… I-I thought that I could only use Idate to defeat my enemies… T-Then Whitney proved me wrong. You need to have more than one Pokemon on your team… Sure, you can always grind that Pokemon to high levels but what if you’re running low on moves? You have to have more Pokemon to prepare for anything.”)

But First I just had to get that Pokemon.

If I ever got the chance of course… (“(Guardian) Considering that you’re running away from home, I highly doubt you’ll ever get that chance. I tried that once and I got yelled at and grounded.”)

Disclaimer:sadly I don’t own pokemon if I did why would I be here? (“(Ibari) Thank god you don’t own the Pokemon franchise if you think getting a Mew for a starter is that fucking easy…”)

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Ey. So today I had literally nothing to do and was browsing through some Pokemon sues. Now I found a story in which the reviewer said there was another story made by the same author and I was like, "wow it's about dragon-types let's check it out and see if i can rip it :D".

So here I am. I'm only going to rip the fight scene of Chapter 2 of this story because it's what pissed me off the most. And for fun I'll drag some of my dragon-users along, namely Shiina, Sayaka, Nanami...fuck it let's just grab all the girls and let's go through hell:

"Ok, go Aeroblaze!" Said Sean as a large lizard Pokemon took Sean's side. ("(Sayaka) I can predict this.")

Quickly, Choco's PokeNav identified it as a Charizard, a flying fire type (Pokedex entries on the bottom if interested) ("(Sayaka) Called it.")

"Go Bagel!" ("(Shiina) Bagel? What a cute name!")

A Shelgon appeared on Choco's side of the field. It had probably evolved from a Bagon and had quite a lot of training, probably with wild Pokemon. ("(Sai) WHAT THE FUCK THIS WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER-- IT'S IMPOSSIBLE THAT SHE CAUGHT A SHELGON WHILE TRAVERSING ROUTE 1 WITH ONLY AN EEVEE AND NO POKEBALLS WHAT THE FUCK.")

"Aeroblaze, Flame Thrower!" ("(Nanami) Oh please, Air Slash.")

"Bagel, use Rollout to protect yourself!" Called Choco. ("(Rhia) Um...she'll be doing damage to Charizard but what happens if Charizard has a powerful Dragon move?")

Bagel's body hardened itself and started to roll towards Aeroblaze at a speed most Shelgons didn't even dream of reaching, ("(Dharc) OH OF COURSE HER SHELGON IS SUPER SPECIAL.") ("(Sayaka) What are you doing here?!") ("(Dharc) It just so happens that I'm a Salamence trainer, so of course I'm here!") making a direct contact with Aeroblaze's stomach. Despite of the pain, the large lizard launched out a impressive blast of fire also hitting Begal head on, but with the hardened body and a type disadvantage, Bagel barely took any damage and hit Aeroblaze again, harder this time, causing it to roar in pain. ("(Nanami) Oh goodie, she pays attention to Rollout striking several times! :D")

"Aeroblaze, Dragon Rage!" ("(Sayaka) I'm calling bullshit in three, two, one...")

Aeroblaze's mouth opened and it let out a huge blast and in its position, another critical hit to Bagel, making it stop momentarily. ("(Sayaka) FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Dragon Rage only hits for 40 damage, no crits or STABs!")

"Now Bagel, Rain Dance." Said Choco and a dark cloud surrounded the field, making Areoblaze take a step back from being wet. (Everyone snickers at the innuendo.)

"Aeroblaze, don't worry about it, use Wing Attack!" ("(Nanami) I SAID AIR SLASH FOR MAXIMUM HAX!!!")

Aeroblaze let out its huge wings and flapped up into the sky.

"Bagel, protect at will!" Said Choco. ("(Rhia) Um, wha--?")

She knew Aeroblaze couldn't stand the rainy weather for long. She just didn't know how long. Bagel closed its eyes and listened for any change in the air current. Suddenly, it opened its eyes and a green shield surrounded its body as Aeroblaze was sent back with recoil. ("(Sai) I'll have a problem with this if it was implied that the Charizard took damage from PROTECT.")

"Aeroblaze, Dragon Breath!"

"Bagel, Hydro Pump!"

A green and blue blast met each other in the middle of the battlefield, both very strong until Aeroblaze was winning. ("(Sayaka) Yeah, go Charizard!!") ("(Nanami) You're cheering for Charizard?") ("(Sayaka) Well at least it's not haxing the place up.")

Choco's fists tightened. Sean was a great pokemon trainer, probably expected out a professors son.

"Bagel, Rock Slide!" ("(Shiina) But that would mean you canceled out your Hydro Pump, therefore meaning that Charizard's Dragon Breath hit!")

Bagel, even though surprised at his trainer's command, let out a roar and rocks fell onto Aeroblaze just as Bagel was hit with the Dragon Breath, both pokemon taking heavy dmage but Aeroblaze had taken too much, and fainted. ("(Shiina) *sighs*")

"Nice try Aeroblaze, go Snowy!"

A Snorunt appeared on Sean's side of the field. Normally, he wouldn't bother to pick type advantages but Shelgons weren't 'normally' that quick, or that strong. ("(Dharc) Oh look, more special Shelgon!") ("(Rhia) I think if he evolved into a Glalie or Froslass he'd have a better chance...")

"Alright, Bagel! Let's try a Fire Blast!"

"Snowy, dodge, then use Powder Snow!"

Bagel let out an attack of a HUGE burst of flames, too big for Snowy to dodge ("(Sayaka) News flash, bitch, Fire Blast has low accuracy!") and got burned but it also let out its attack. As the attack drew nearer, white light surrounded Bagel that reflected attack and… (obligatory drumroll from everyone)

Bagel evolved into a Salamance. (Everyone groans. "(Shiina) That's unfair!") ("(Nanami) Pokemon only evolve after battles! And evolution doesn't automatically cancel out attacks!!")

"Bagel, that was great!" Said Choco running up to her pokemon and giving it a huge hug,

Sean cleared his throat.

"Sorry, can you keep going Bagel?" Asked Choco and her pokemon gave a grunt.

Snowy was already burned and it was taking serious damage from it. All Bagel needed was a time to attack, but Bagel was also tired out from the last battle, giving it minimum strength. ("(Sai) At least she's mentioning her Pokemon's condition.")

"Bagel, Flame Thrower!"

"Snowy, dodge, then use Blizzard!"

Snowy's small size dodged the attack and a devastating Blizzard froze Bagel, ending the second match. ("(Sayaka) OH AND SHE DODGES FLAMETHROWER THIS TIME?!")

"Bagel, you were great, now, go Crystal!"

This time, a majestic Dragonair with sparkling crystals took Bagel's place. ("(Nanami) I remember Sorata as a Dragonair...wasn't the prettiest time for me...")

"Snowy, Blizzard again!"

"Now Crystal, Flame Thrower!"

The flames immediately vaporized the snow and hit Snowy dead on. It recoiled to the head nad to its burn, going down onto its 'hands' (or those arm things). ("(Sayaka) Uhh...what?") ("(Rhia) I find that offending to all Snorunts! Take it back! *huff*")

"While its down, use Fire Blast!"

Again, Snowy was too slow to dodge and was critically damaged, causing it to faint. This time, Sean was the one to grip his pokebelt with anxiousty ("(Sai) *shrieks in terror*") ("(Sayaka) WHOA WHAT THE FUCK!?") ("(Shiina) Sai is a grammar and spelling nazi...") and finally released a pokemon. The pokemon Choco never, ever wanted to see again. Crystal growled at the pokemon hated so much. The Misdreavus. Not just any Misdreavus, it was that Misdreavus, froma long time ago. ("(Rhia) Ah! Like the one that man uses at Zenith?") ("(Shigeru) *looks in briefly* No, Rhia, the one that the scary man uses is a Mismagius.") ("(Rhia) But you're not in Zenith! How do you know? *tilts head*") ("(Shigeru) My Bisharp.")

--Flashback omitted, blah blah some Misdreavus attacked her and her Dratini which she had since she was five but for some reason this Dratini was not mentioned in the previous chapter--

Choco took a deep breath and called out her attack:

"Crystal, Dragonbreath."

"Misdreavus, Night Shade!" Shouted Sean and and the ghost pokemon launched its attack at command, but not before Crystal's Dragonbreath hit. ("(Shiina) Oh no, Misdreavus is losing!")

"Now Crystal, Iron Tail!"

"Misdreavus, don't worry about it." Said Sean confidently. (More drumroll)

A bit too confidently as Crystal approached with a shining tail and was about to hit Misdreavus when: (DRUMROLL INTENSIFIES)

"Now, change to Hyper Beam, Crystal!" (Everyone groans again)

Crystal stopped its attack mid-way and its close distance to Misdreavus gave it a clear shot. A huge orange beam came out of Crystal's mouth and hit Misdreavus in the head, severely damaging it and causing the ghost pokemon to faint. ("(Sayaka) We hate to cut it here, but Sai's had enough.") ("(Shiina) I-I...I don't even...") ("(Nanami) At least she had one of her Pokemon faint.") ("(Rhia) B-But you can't beat a Ghost-type with Hyper Beam!") ("(Dharc) Oh lordy...")


*sighs* And there you have it. If anyone's interested in me ripping more of these- or if you want to rip them yourselves- here's the story. For now, I need a fucking drink.

Re: World 386

Tonight is the night where all of the scary stuff happens. That's right, it's Halloween~! Tonight, I grant a very special ripping. It's a Creepypasta I wrote when I was twelve. Hooray....

The girl quietly sits in her room. She was once again listening to her father cheating on his wife with that stripper. (“(Komaki) While it does not follow the cliché of her parents being abusive, it is still highly unrealistic. Why would her father cheat on his wife out in the open? Why would he do it when the child could easily over hear it?”) The red head slowly closed her laptop. ‘Idiot…’ she quietly thinks to herself. A sigh escapes her throat as Amaya brushed some orange dyed wisps (“(Eradicator) Wait, is her hair red or orange?” “(Amaya) Actually, now I have burgundy red hair as well as light blue eyes.”) out of her brown eyes. Chocolate eyes… That’s what her father always called them. (“(Guardian) Geez, that doesn’t imply incest or anything… *shivers*”) Things were simple back then. Her mom wasn’t horribly sick and her dad wasn’t a cheating piece of shit that berated her all the time. (“(Eradicator) CHOO-CHOO! ALL ABORAD THE ANGST TRAIN!!” “(Komaki) I must ask what you were thinking at the time of writing this, Guardian?” “(Guardian) I don’t even know myself… I think I had wanted to create a different form of abuse? Like, psychological. But this just comes off as angst for angst’s sake.”) Well… to be fair, he didn’t berate her all the time. It was only when she dared to call him out on his cheating behavior when his wife was still dying. (“(Komaki) I can agree that such an act is considered entirely unforgivable. But what does this add to her character? We barely get an introduction to her character and the only details that we have received thus far are design choices that are irrelevant and the fact that she listens in to private affairs.” “(Amaya) Going to have to agree with the AI on this one, Guardian. You are going to make me have more of a personality, right?” “(Guardian) Well… I’m at least keeping the apathy part. I’m not sure what else to keep… But at least I’ll give you more than one characteristic!”)

“Honey, I still love your mother but she’s in no condition to fit our needs. Trisha here will fulfill those needs for us. You need to get used to that.” (“(Eradicator) This guy certainly is being a douche for douche’s sake. And here I thought I was the asshole~” “(Amaya) You still are an asshole. This guy just happens to be a little bit higher than you.” “(Eradicator) Yes! Score one for the split personality~!”)

The words still echo throughout her head as the slut reached her climax. ‘No goddammit… That’s not how it’s supposed to go…’ (“(Guardian) … What the fuck did I just write? How exactly was it supposed to go then? Was he supposed to go first?? Or are you referencing the father cheating thing?” “(Amaya) You better have my thoughts and actions make more sense than this. Or at the very least, you better have learned to write better.”) Amaya shook her head. Her father was pointless, cheating was pointless, and the world was pointless… Pointless, pointless and useless idiots populated this earth. (“(Eradicator) Christ, we get it! You’re an emo bitch who hates everything about the world but what else do we really know about you? All we know is that you peep on your father, have a dying mom, have hair and eye color that isn’t even on you anymore and that you hate everything and everyone. Emo Mary Sue if I ever saw it~” “(Amaya) … Honestly, Sins, if you weren’t right, I’d be stabbing you in the chest right now.” “(Eradicator) But you won’t~”) She honestly pitied the suicidal people. It’s obvious that they just wanted to shake up the world. But everyone just ignore them or even worse, encourage it. They said that nothing is wrong and everything is fine. Yeah? Screw them. They don’t know shit. (“(Komaki) Guardian…? I believe that this is just a venting piece masquerading as a Creepypasta.” “(Guardian) I honest to god would not be surprised if that’s the case.”) And if they do get to the revelation, they start praying to whatever deity exists that the truth isn’t real. (“(Amaya) What revelation? What truth? If you’re going to be philosophical, have your writing make a tiny bit of sense.”) Amaya herself was once part of that crowd. She prayed in the bluebird of happiness. She heard all the rumors that it was real. So she prayed and prayed for her mother to get better. (“(Komaki) Correct me if I am incorrect but I do not believe that is how the blue bird of happiness works. I believe that the blue bird of happiness only works if the bird in question flies by you or lands on your shoulder. You cannot pray to it as if it were a deity.” “(Guardian) I think my mind at that time was ‘Hey!! Remember When Crook’s Laugh?! It mentioned the Bluebird of Happiness!! I’M referencing the Bluebird of Happiness too! Please pay attention to me, senpai!!’” “(Amaya) That’s the only logical explanation I can find to that idea.”) It didn’t work. It didn’t fucking work because the next moment she died. (“(Eradicator) So the moral of the story is to be an athiest~”) She died and then Trisha had to steal her father away. That bitch deserved nothing from him. Something needed to be done. (“(All four) … Wat?” “(Komaki) Why would you need to murder Trisha? Why not simply try to convince him that he should not date this woman?” “(Eradicator) Also, the most harm this guy did to her was say that she has to get used to a woman being her new mother. Yeah, that’s totally a valid reason for murder! Christ, even with the OC ripoff sues, they had at least a very valid reason to murder the abusive garbage.” “(Amaya) This is getting fixed, right?” “(Guardian) Yeah, now you killed them because you could.” “(Amaya) Hm… This motivation pleases me.”) Amaya then got up and walked over to the kitchen. The knife was clutched in her hand so tightly. (“(Eradicator) Was she gripping it so tightly that hyper realistic blood started coming out of her-“ “(Amaya) *smacks Eradicator*” “(Eradicator) Guardian!! Amaya hurt me!!” “(Amaya) He deserved it.”) It gleamed under the setting sun. Then Amaya walked into the father’s room. The woman of a pig in the nude was under him. (“(Komaki) Is this another reference to the song, Guardian?” “(Guardian) Yep. And a bad one at that. I think it was a pig of a woman or something…”) She then got angry and stabbed her in the heart, making sure she died instantly. (“(Amaya) I appreciate the subtlety but it’s too little to actually make people fear me. At the end of the day, I’m just a teenage girl with angst ridden issues in this story. Oh so spooky.”) Her father got scared and backed off. Amaya turned to him and said “I just have one thing to say to you. Die.” (“(Guardian) *bangs head against wall* Oh my god… I couldn’t write for shit…” “(Eradicator) Yes, old man! Die! Die because you called me out for being a bitch!!”) She then stabbed her father to death and ran out into the night, sighing about how it wasn’t satisfying enough but letting out a laugh at the fact that the bitch is dead. (“(Amaya) Yes, just take our word for it. She’s a bitch. Let’s not give her any details of her personality or why she was dating this man. She’s just a bitch who deserves to die because anything the author says is the truth.”) During her run, a tiny flower in the street got crushed underneath her. She looked at the fallen petals and shrugged. No one would miss it anyway. (“(Guardian) GET IT?!” “(Komaki) This was not a very good Creepypasta at all.” “(Eradicator) I’m disappointed though. It’s not hilariously awful like some other Creepypasta. It’s just bad all the way around.” “(Amaya) Next time you base an entire drabble around a song, make it good and readable.”)

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Today’s episode is much more of a gem than usual. We’ll be tackling a story called It Will Get Worse. Today, MASORI will be tackling this thing down. As for what it’s about… Well, let’s just say it’s a self-fulfilling title and go from there~

One night I was really bored (“(Mukumi) Oh good, we’re already off to a fantastic start. Hey, writers, let’s not start off your story with the main character being bored. It makes the audience bored as hell too.”), I had nothing to do so I put on my TV. (“(Asako) Shouldn’t it be “I turned on the TV”?”) I took control and set me on the couch. (“(Ibari) Oh it’s going to be a Google Translate Creepypasta today~”) I could not find a good program so I thought I would go to bed. (“(Rei) Why make it sound like you were already taking the controller for the game console?!”) I could put on my Playstation 3, but the only two games I had were a few Call of Duty games and Tekken Tag tournament (“(Saori) Funny, last I checked, a few was more than one.” “(Oharu) No, Saori, Call of Duty is essentially the same game so he counts it as one whole game. Either way, the sentence makes no sense.”) second I really had no desire to play games has reached the judgment (“(Saori) Wat?” “(Mukumi) Apparently the games have reached the judgement, guys. Every single video game we play now is silently judging us for playing them. In that case, I’m the most boring person alive while Oharu’s a fucking serial killer.” “(Oharu) *blushes* N-No I’m not! Just because I like playing shooting games doesn’t mean I’m going to shoot people in real life! Not only would I not get away with it but Senpai wouldn’t like me…” “(Mukumi) Sheesh… Still, tell that to the government nowadays who are convinced that video games are the cause of every shooting ever.”) so I went into my room and would sleep when I saw my Mario toy that I had found at a garage sale. (“(Asako) That’s a rather strange sleeping ritual you have. Then again, I usually can’t go to sleep unless I’m holding the Sharpedo plush that Mako gave me so to each their own.”) It reminded me that I had a Gamecube in the attic. (“(Rei) Wait, how? How does a plush toy remind you that you have a game console in the attic??”) I opened the door to the attic and climbed up lit the lamp (“(Mukumi) What fucking lamp?! You didn’t bring anything!!”) and started looking for my old console. After about ten minutes I find a cardboard box and on it stood the Gamecube with accessories. (“(Rei) That sounds incredibly stupid. You’re supposed to put the game console in the box to avoid dust and what not getting inside. I don’t even play video games and I know this!”)

I took down the box and packed it up. (“(Saori) No you idiot, that’s how you put the game away!”) I found many games I remember that I had played when I was younger, (“(Mukumi) I remember all the video games I played back when I was three years old.” “(Oharu) That’s mean, Mukumi!” “(Mukumi) Aw, Oharu, with the way this story is written it’s either by a foreigner or from someone who’s five and is writing baby’s first Creepypasta.” “(Rei) *eye twitches* I’m right here…” “(Mukumi) You’re half Italian, Rei-chan, but we still love ya~” “(Rei) *sighs irritably*”) but what caught my attention was Mario Sunshine. (“(Asako) To my knowledge, there is no game called Mario Sunshine. There’s a game called Super Mario Sunshine but not Mario Sunshine.”) I brought the game and the console and connected up it to my TV. (“(Saori) Considering your idea of getting things out of boxes is putting them back in, I’m going to imagine that a hammer was involved in the process.”) I was worried that it would not work for the console was so dusty, (“(Oharu) I wonder way. Perhaps it has to do with how you left the console and video games out of the box for god knows how long. No wonder they were so dusty.”) but when I started it worked fine except that it sounded a bit more than what I remember it would but it did nothing. (“(Mukumi) A little bit more…? What?? Little bit more anxious? Little bit more dangerous? Little bit more monotone? This is what happens when babies write Creepypasta.”) The well-known Mario sunshine title appeared on the screen before I played, I ran into the box (“(Mukumi) Hah! Five year old author confirmed!” “(Saori) If not then he must be really tiny to fit inside a cardboard box. Or it’s ripped to oblivion in which case no more video games.”) and dug out my memory card so I could play the same track that so many years ago. (“(Asako) The same track that so many years ago… You know, I’m starting to wonder if the author is missing words on purpose now.”) I pushed in the memory card and started on the console but all the saves were completely empty and had 0 stars I did not care so much (“(Rei) No, that’s something to care immensely about. The memory card is either damaged beyond repair or haunted. Either way, figure it out and don’t just play the stupid game!”) I just started. There was no cutscene the beginning but just went straight to the game. (“(Ibari) Oh dear god, this story is so horrifically broken that I’m starting to feel dumber reading it. I need Gai-kun here now…”) But then something strange happened when I tried to move Mario came up (“(Mukumi) Why yes, pushing the up button makes Mario go up. Way to go, Einstein.”) a text that read GAME OVER, and after that I came to the menu again the same thing happened, (“(Saori) Maybe that’s what happens when you leave a console and a bunch of video games out in the open where dust and water can get inside and make them glitch and unusable.”) I would just turn off the console, but then it came up a text and it stood. Do not turn you will regret it! (“(Rei) Yes, never turn into the vampires from Twilight! You’ll sparkle and mope all day long!”) I got scared so I turned off the console, but the game did not shut it got a new text it said you can not win (“(Oharu) *shiver* This reminds me of that one Australian Nintendo commercial I found…”) it stood for about ten seconds and then I saw Mario on the screen and strangled peach. (“(Mukumi) Whoa, Mario! I mean sure Peach gives you cake instead of an actual reward for saving her over and over and over again, but that’s a bit too far there!” “(Asako) I’ve hated Peach myself but I wouldn’t wish for her to go through that.”) Mario just looked at me. (“(Oharu) I-Is this that kinky roleplay Miyane keeps telling me about?? Because I don’t want Senpai to ever do that to me…”) Peach then start asking Mario for mercy. Then she started started (“(Saori) As opposed to stopped stopped.” “(Rei) Seriously, why is this a thing? Did you even try to proofread your story before submitting it to the Creepypasta Wiki?”) screaming in panic when Mario started to smile at me peach spat out blood (“(Ibari) That escalated quickly. Seriously, how hard to you choke someone to spit blood?”) and then there was the screen black. (“(Mukumi) Oh goddammit, the water got into the TV now.”)

I could not move I was frozen with fear and shock. after five minutes, I was able to touch me, (*everyone starts laughing for five minutes straight* “(Mukumi) Well, now we know what his preference is.” “(Asako) Oh dear, the way that was worded was just amazingly awful.” “(Saori) And just like that, the guy became a very popular meme on the internet.” “(Oharu) *still giggling*” “(Rei) You couldn’t have worded that even a tiny bit better?” “(Ibari) Someone get the camera, I need to record this beautiful moment!”) I noticed how sweaty I had become of fear so I decided to take a shower. (*more uncontrollable laughter*) I had showered in a few minutes it became current interruption (“(Mukumi) Wat?” “(Oharu) Seriously, does the author even know how to write in English?”) everything became dark and the shower stopped working. (“(Asako) Okay, this makes no sense. If the spooky ghost’s intent was to simply cut the power then why turn off the plumbing too? Your long and grueling task is going to end soon if the guy can’t even have a glass of water for a break.”) I took a towel dried myself and would go to the cabinet. (“(Ibari) He would go to the cabinet but he had to make sure he could still touch himself.”) But I saw that from another room came a light. It was the room I had my TV in. I walked into the room and my TV was obviously on. (*slow and sarcastic clapping* “(Rei) You aren’t allowed to say the word obvious in this story.”) On the screen I saw Yoshi. He lay down on the ground in muscle cramps, (Seriously, getting cramps is an absolute bitch. Also, Yoshi is now a girl.) he rolled over and vomited up a yellow and red pine. (*more laughter* “(Saori) Merry Christmas kids! The pine tree is now red and yellow!”) Yoshi's mouth began to move and he said with a silent and painful voice, you would not have turned just do as he says. (“(Asako) No, he would say “Yoshi” over and over again.”) Then there was black screen and a text which it stood. We told you to change your mind, the next time it gets worse. (“(Ibari) I have no idea how this story can get any worse but I’m getting out my camera for any more stupid moments.”) Then it popped up a demonic face of Mario with no eyes and a sick twisted demonic smile. (“(Oharu) Did hyperrealistic blood come out of every hole in his body?”) Then I saw myself from behind like there was a camera Behind me, I turned around but no one was there, then I looked at the screen again, it was like someone had at a webcam on the forehead camera bobbing up and down like that with the camera ran. (“(Saori) Oh yes, change absolutely nothing about that sentence, it’s perfect and beautiful the way it is! It’s totally not a run on sentence or anything!”) I saw how he ran into my room and sat on the bed. I turned off my TV and ran into my room on the bed sat my Mario toy but now, it was not a nice smile like before now had the same demonic face on my television. (“(Oharu) Wait, this is a spiritual successor to Sonic.exe! Only a lot more funny!”) I fell down on the floor with fear and shock. I took Mario toy and super Mario sunshine game and they threw in the woods, (“(Mukumi) Oh well, problem solved. They knew that they were unloved so they saw themselves out.”) it may have been my imagination but I thought I saw a figure with a red hat and red clothes who was watching me behind a tree. (“(Oharu) Don’t be mean to Slenderman when he’s cosplaying as Mario!”)

I went back into the house and looked at the clock I saw that it was half past 12. I went into my room and fell asleep. I woke up at 12 by the doorbell rang, (“(Saori) Wat? So apparently you froze time and rewinded it until it was 12 again to somehow get a doorbell to ring.”) I thought it was strange that someone rang so late but I went and opened the door. There was no one out there but it's in a box. (“(Asako) Oh my god someone’s in the box!! Get him or her out! How long have they been in there?!”) I took no thing. On the box it said From Mario: I opened the box there was Mario toy that I have just thrown away and a Mario disc but it was not super Mario sunshine instead it was Mr Blood Shine (“(Oharu) So is this the new DLC for Super Mario Sunshine?” “(Ibari) Yep! Nintendo took the idea Scott Cawthorn had and made a Halloween patch of Super Mario Sunshine where you shoot out blood instead of water and everything is hyperrealistic. They lost a lot of sales that day.”) and during the game there was a note on it was what we said it will get worse! (“(Rei) In retrospect I’d say it got better, actually. At least, it got better for us in that it was much more hilarious than any other Creepypasta.”)