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[Necropolis] Fayt Nightwind

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[Necropolis] Fayt Nightwind

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Zhelir Darkfall on Wed Jun 14, 2006 2:10 pm

OOC: Three things before I get into the profile region. Firstly, I'm only posting that which might be in some sort of public profile of him. With this character, if you wanna know specifics, you'll have to find out firsthand.

Secondly, I'm working under the assumption that Psionics, specifically Telekinesis, are allowed in Necropolis. I'll clear this with Master when he's available.

Thirdly, for the record, Star Ocean III stole his first name from me, not vice versa. Check AnimeMetro's old archives for activities of Fayt predating SOIII's release. >_>.


Name: Fayt Nightwind

Physical Description: Fayt is a little on the short side, standing at 5'8. What little muscle his body has produced is well toned, presumably through preset exercises. His face is devoid of all hair, save for a longish set of eyelashes. Circling his head, just above his ears, is a crown-like tattoo, composed of four serpentine dragons, each running about a quarter of the length of his head before winding around the next in order. The one s in front-right and back-left are varying shades of dark gray and black, while the remaining two are a bright white with a black outline.

He is never seen in what would be considered "typical" clothing. All he has ever been spotted wearing is a set of deep purple robes, the only markings on them being a trio of black dots on the back. One on each shoulder, and one on the small of his back, each the size of a quarter.

Equipment: Fayt is never witnessed with any sort of long range weapon. On occasion, he has been spotted wielding a short viper blade, sitting a little over two and a half feet, hilt included, and is pitch black.

Notes of Interest: Fayt appears to have extreme telekinetic abilities, and vague rumors even exist of him flattening several city blocks in one move within a city he previously inhabited.
STAVE: Commala-come-ki,
There's a time to live and one to die.
With your back against the final wall
Ya gotta let the bullets fly.

RESPONSE: Commala-come-ki!
Let the bullets fly!
Don't 'ee mourn for me, my lads
When it comes my day to die.

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