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[Naruto Universe] Kanzaki Onihe

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[Naruto Universe] Kanzaki Onihe

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Wed Sep 20, 2006 12:50 pm

Name: Kanzaki Onihe, the Beast Ninja of the Shadow Village
Rank: Jounin and member of Shadow Village Black Ops (The Shadow Village doesn't have enough Ninja to have a seperate team of Black Ops Ninja yet)
Age: 26
Village: Hidden Shadow Village (Originally Konoha, Hidden Leaf Village)
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 160
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Short and ruffeled
Eye color: Dark Blue normally, red when Sharingan is active
Clothing: Black ANBU pants, black sleeveless shirt, white arm guard on his left arm, black gloves with metal plate over the back of the hand, black mask covering his nose and mouth, blood red robe (worn during formal occasions such as when the council of shadows meets)
Scars/Tattoos: Three long claw marks running from his left shoulder to right thigh. A result of poor judgment when dealing with a Tiger. ANBU tattoo in blood red on his left shoulder, swirling black tattoo running from his right wrist up to his right shoulder and all around the arm (think pure black flames) Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix in a pyramid formation on his back.
Weapons: Six Kunai, eight shuriken, one demon wind shuriken folded up and strapped around his right forearm, ten exploding notes, and Tokijin, a sword with a fifty inch blade.
Personality: Kanzaki has two different faces, the serious face which he wears during missions and anything else that requires him to be serious. His second face is a more lax one, one that he wears around the village. The second face isn't a joker but every now and then he has a few good jokes. His sense of humor is a little dark, he takes almost no interest in the lives of humans in general, but he will go out of his way for his friends and students.
History: I was born Kanzaki Uchiha, but was sent off to a different village as a small child. I, along with the children from many different villages were brought together in an attempt to ally all of our countries together to form one giant Empire. The only problem was, the children had different plans. Once all of our training was completed, we banished our teachers and used the village we had been trained in to start a new Shinobi village. Our village, the Village Hidden in the Shadow was the end product. By our law any run away Shinobi can seek refuge here, so long as they are not a criminal ranked B or above.

When I was a child, I was given to the great beasts of the jungle; much like the Aburame clan of Konoha does with bugs. The first five years of my life I spent with the animals, with only minimal interaction with a Konoha Jonin to learn to speak and do the basic Jutsus. Other than that I was on my own, like most of my Shadow Village comrades. By the time I was ten I had perfected a number of transformation Jutsus based on the numerous animals I had grown up with. As a side effect the abilities of my Sharingan are a little different from the average Uchiha, well, what's left of them anyways. My Sharingan has all the abilities of the original, but it also allows me to see Chakra. Not to the extent of my Byakugan using comrades, but I am able to chakra much like a snake would see the heat of a human's body. On the negative side, I will never be able to achieve the perfected Mangekyo Sharingan.

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