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A list of fictional characters written by ShieldMaiden as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Rebecca Howlett

Rebecca Howlett, located in Marvel Universe

as part of No Mutant Left Behind

"In all my years of age, the patterns of violence and destruction have never been more blatantly obvious. With every solution I find, another problem rises. When will it end?"

Character Portrait: Colette Rockefeller

Colette Rockefeller, located in Beverly Hills, California

as part of Summer Reunited

"I have an evil twin. One that probably looks and feels like anything but evil... It's complicated."

Character Portrait: Lily Luna Potter

Lily Luna Potter, located in Hogwarts 2021

as part of Outcasts and Owls

"Some say I'm lively like my mother or brave like my father. What if I'm just myself and only have myself to be?"

Character Portrait: Annabella Vitale

Annabella Vitale, located in Italy

as part of Bitten | The Rivalry Reborn

"You've definitely seen me. I'm always around, simply lurking. Let's just hope you don't recognize me because if so, then you're going to die."

Character Portrait: Amaterasu-Omikami

Amaterasu-Omikami, located in Japan

as part of Revival: Book Zero

{Major WIP}