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M.A.R.K.01 Open

Things can happen when you have two men with time to waste and a hunger for knowlage to satisfy, espscially when a book with ancient secrets over 2,000 years old is involved...

MARK.02 Open

After the disapearance of his father, Nikolas serches for this "book" he has been talking about just before his disapearance.

Sonic Portals Open

Make your own team (or use SEGA's) and discover different dimensions and other worlds! :D

~Youkai Wars~ Ballad of Youkainova Open

Two Sides: Rivendale, the capital of knowlage, or Phantasmorgia, the capital of magic. Who will win and take all of Youkainova? Which side are you on?

Transformers: Another Side Open

The war on Cybertron still wages with Autobots vs. Decpticons, as a new type of alignment is on the rise, one that may end all of Cybertron, both Autobot and Decpticon...