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What do you get when you cross bored gods, magical orbs, killing games, acid, and a bunch of confused people from across Entirety...?

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Setting: Castle Oress2010-11-28 06:22:24, as written by Zetta
--Vers Andorae XII---
Castle Oress

Vers stretched, taking a good long look at the list of Oress holders that he had compiled.

If only I had a partner who had some skill in marksmanship. Then everything would just roll smoothly.

Nothing too much was happening, mostly others socializing. Vers sighed, snatched one of the papers, labeled "About Us," and walked out the door. He'd need some answers before he could start the ass-kicking. If those boring history courses at Greyholm's military academy had taught him anything, it was that blowing places to bits without answers often did little good. Aside from the euphoria of things exploding.

--Durnam Andorae III---
Somewhere Outside
Durnam slowly walked down the labyrinthine roads, making his way towards the designated area. Finding a proper area to build the workshop wouldn't be a problem, just the entire building process would be too much of a pain. Not to mention the explosions that would ensue as Vers performed a multitude of experiments to optimize the oh-so-lovely boom-to-mass ratio. Considering that a fair amount of the basement of the Andorae manor was converted into a personal lab, Durnam assumed that Vers would require an equal space, spanning about a block and a half. A shame that they couldn't have taken some abandoned building.

Not to mention, he'd need to find a store or some shade. The black-and-gold armor was converting the sunlight into heat (probably the reason why his family changed the colors of their crest to white and gold), which definitely was not comfortable, even for a seasoned soldier like himself. Drawing the heat away from his body with the aid of Fyel, Durnam pressed on, looking for some place that was open. He did, thankfully, see a nearby store with the sign flipped to open.

Now, all he had to do was take a break there, and continue his search for a proper place for the workshop. The distinctive clamor of the armored boot against the pavement resonated through the still morning air.