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located in The 4 Kingdoms, a part of The Last Thing I Never Wanted, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Xavier frowned at his father's request and sat on the floor. He hated being the youngest one in the family, that always meant he had to stay with his mother. He was worried about his sister, he always was when it came to her. He might the baby of the family but she was their only princess, he felt like it was his job to make sure nothing would happen to her. But here he is, sitting on the carpeted floor of his parents' grand room; instead of protecting Mirabella, he was waiting with his now awake and worried mother.

He looked up at her with worry filled eyes. "Mummy," He whispered not wanting his father to hear him. "Can I go out and play too?"
"They're not playing Xavier," His mother replied with a cold stare. "this isn't play time."
"I know but I want to help too." He looked at the double door that held him back.
"No, your father said to wait here."
"But sissy might be in serious trouble!" His voice started to gain volume.
"I said no, wait here with me."
"What if something happens to sis? What if she's being taken away? What if I'm the only one who could save her?"
"Blake is out there, he can handle it, baby."
"Stop calling me that!" He yelled enraged with his mother now standing. "I'm not a child anymore, alright! I'm not going to sit around and wait anymore. I'm going out to help them!" With that statement he ran through the double doors and running to find his siblings.

((O.O not exactly sure where they are >.<;;))